Episode 15 - Mind blowing fitness facts

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Welcome to the you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven growth path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast. Hello A-players. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this. You can do this podcast.

Yes. And I am going to go over the, uh, mind blowing fitness facts today, mind blowing fitness facts. So without further ado, I’m going to jump right in here and get started. Um, the, uh, the mind point fitness facts are regular exercise, sorry, regular physical exercise combined with a healthy diet can prevent and manage type two diabetes. I’ve actually worked with thousands and thousands of clients, over 5,000 clients and I have got clients that have been on like an insulin pump and reduced by like 80% insulin usage and uh, uh, the circulation has improved.

Um, and they have lost tons of weight. Um, have had people in type two diabetics, uh, completely get off of metaformin. And so far as regular exercise, a diet that actually, um, gives them just enough carbohydrates, their pancreas isn’t overloaded, can actually reverse ate about 80% of type two diabetics that I’ve worked with completely reverse that whole disease completely with property attrition exercise.

So you do not even have to take any medication. They ha they basically didn’t even need to go back to their doctor. So, um, tons of weight loss, tons of circulatory health benefit, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, um, all of that is directly related to the circulation health and it is totally reversible. 80% of diabetics are type two. So 80% of diabetes I believe can almost be cured, maybe 70 to 80% by just nutrition and exercise. And I have done it with clients.

So, um, in my opinion, uh, regular physical activity far as an exercise, cardio, weight training, um, and a stricture diet where you’re eating every three or the two to four hours or about every three hours, you can actually reverse all of those effects and have a completely normal life. Again, if you’re type two diabetic. Okay. Another awesome fact about an hour of exercise a day at the best gym in Oklahoma City.

Best gym in Oklahoma City

Um, uh, there’s a lot of different studies out on this, but about an hour exercise a day goes a long way. Um, you can actually reverse the plaque buildup in the artery and veins. You can pee. There’s some studies that show, um, you dropped the chance of heart attack and stroke by up to three fold by exercising at your target heart rate, at least 20 minutes. That’s just 20 minutes, three times a week at your target heart rate, which is like basically mind blowing to say one hour of exercise, even of week can drop the chance of heart attack and stroke.

But an hour of exercise a day drops your body fat, increases your circulatory health and drops the chance of the number one, number two, and number three killers in America, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and you can be successful on this. And at the end I’m going to give you a mind frame, simple template journal to follow that you can be successful on. So visit the best gym in Oklahoma City today to get started on your plan.

Okay. Uh, another awesome mind blowing fitness fact. Uh, uh, th without further ado, uh, regular physical exercise can help you sleep better. Regular physical exercise can help you sleep better. Absolutely. I’ve trained thousands of clients and they all basically they fall asleep faster. They go into a dive deeper REM sleep. Also, the diets that I give have less of the refined based carbohydrates in them. So ends up happening is whenever insulin is high, your body actually, uh, is low in the HGH pulses as human growth hormone.

Human growth hormone helps with that REM sleep cycle that is so needed to get proper rest and recovery because your body has a bunch of different hormones that release through that REM sleep cycle that allows your body to heal reprep repair and rest. So regular exercise will help all of those natural cycles so much better and I get better sleep. So don’t miss the opportunity to improve your fitness at the best gym in Oklahoma City.

Okay, number, uh, the next one is going to be a mind blowing fitness fact. Uh, number five, only 10% of people are successful at losing weight through diet alone. Only 10% of people are [inaudible] through diet alone. What happens is, is I have noticed that when people are working out and dieting, they kind of motivate each other and the combination of the two definitely works better. But second to that, it also holds you accountable the food. So I’m working out and I’m wanting to eat better if I’m eating.

Also want to work out more consistently. So they all are hand in hand. And so the goal is is get that mind frame template. I can start you on. I actually had a guy yesterday come in, he’s lost about 20 pounds of body fat, five pounds of muscle gain in 30 days. And this is somebody who’s already been working out is not a fit or as veteran and not quite a beginner, but just somebody who needed some sort of structure.

And I gave him that and he lost 20 pounds of fat, I think of like a one pound container of butter. 20 of those in 30 days and five of those have muscle added to the body. So think of a chicken breast, cause that’s a muscle, that’s a three pound bag of chicken breast in the freezer department. Almost two of those have muscle gains. So he’s a smaller, more toned version of himself, not a smaller ooey-gooey version of yourself where you just lose weight and you’re not actually working out and telling it up.

So smaller, more toned fit. That’s the point. Okay. Next fun fact. I’m number six. A quarter of adults aren’t active at all. A quarter of adults aren’t active at all. Um, and so I’m trying to say is that that is a major issue. I think it’s like 13% of men are actually in shape.

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Only 13% of men. That’s like, you know, basically almost like 90% of men are out of shape. It’s like 90% of guys and dudes are not in shape. So, um, they’re not exercising. People don’t exercise. People don’t eat good. So we, this is a major issue, um. To get people exercising mind blowing fact number seven, every 10 minutes of exercise will help you raise your heart rate and maintain your fitness level. So even 10 minutes working out at the best gym in Oklahoma City.

So, uh, there was a study that I looked at years ago when I went through the Cooper Institute and it was 20 minutes, three times a week. That’s basically an hour a week drop the chance of heart attack and stroke by threefold and actually showed, some studies have shown that the plaque buildup in the artery and the veins actually reverses. So you can reverse a lot of high blood pressure, hypertension.

So your body needs exercise. You have to exercise if you want to stay along with healthy and so on. It doesn’t need to be super intense. It’s just moderate active activity helps us dilation of blood veins, kind of like, like rotor Rooter cleans out the plaque buildup, strengthens all of the circulatory system, which basically distributes all, um, uh, oxygen, cellar, respiration nutrients to the body has to all come through the bloodstream. We’ve got to keep that healthy walking at a brisk pace.

It cannot burn almost as many counters as jogging in the same distance. So even a good walk is a great way to get started. So mind blowing. Fact number eight, uh, my [inaudible] just go for a brisk walk. Start there, boom. 20 minutes, three times a week, dropped the chance of stroke, a heart attack, a stroke, threefold. Bam, mind blowing. Fact number nine, swimming is a great form of exercise because it incorporates both cardio and strength training.

So swimming is great. It is very, I remember as a kid I’d swim and I was fricking smoked after all afternoon of swimming and I was in shape. So swimming as a great form of exercise. It definitely incorporates cardio, heart health and it also incorporates the muscles strength training. It is a great form of exercise and it’s completely non-impact mind blowing. Fact number 10, it takes six, I’m sorry, it takes the body six to eight weeks to adapt to an exercise program.

So it takes the body six to eight weeks. So most of you guys don’t stick to anything for six to eight weeks. When I tell people to keep it simple and the same and you’re going to do really, really well at that point, then you can start making some adjustments. So find something that you know you can stick with. And I’m going to give you a mind frame, simple template to follow at the end so that you do not have to take guess it is at work.

I will show you hundreds of reviews of people that have done these things and men’s shooter successful. So a mind blowing flag number 10 takes six to eight weeks to adapt an exercise program. So keep it simple in the same and just do it. Um, fun fact number 11, the core of the body includes the any muscles that that active that attached to your pelvis, spine and ribs. So the core is any muscles that attach to your pelvis, spine or ribs. So, um, we uh, those are a whole bunch of different muscle combinations and we’ve got some of those exercises in our plan as well.

Um, regular weight training. Okay. I’m sorry. Mind blowing. Fact number 12, regular weight training increases the number of calories burned during normal activities. What happens is, is regular weight training. When you do weight training, you do the workout to actually burn calories then, but it takes up to 72 hours for those muscles to recover, which means your body is at a higher metabolic rate to wreck to basically heal, repair, and develop that tissue.

When you do cardio, you only burn calories, right? Then weight training actually burns more calories over an extended period of time, not just it does during the time that you’re doing the exercises, but also for an extended period time. So cardio may do more that one short burst, but it’s not going to do as much. That’s the reason why you are looking at the best gym in Oklahoma City.

You see a lot of people overweight doing quarterly to do a cardio and they’re always kind of overweight, but you’ll see a lot of people that do the weights and they’re actually more of that leaner fit tone physique. So there’s value to both, but don’t forget the weight training because it increases the number of counties burned during the rest of the day during the next 72 hours. Okay. Now I’m going to go quickly over a story about myself. And back in high school, I was a three Oh three, a 303 pounds.

I was obese, I was obese. I did not feel comfortable in my own skin. When I lost 83 pounds with the trainer by eating better and exercising at the same time I was reading the book of Proverbs totally transformed my life. So my faith changed. My fitness changed. I lost 83 pounds within nine months of being three Oh three basically obese, fat, self-conscious. I ended up doing a fitness bodybuilding show and got second place. Super confident, changed my life, got my life right, got my priorities straight by reading.

Book of Proverbs, followed my mind frame templates to follow, totally changed my life. I highly encourage you to get our CF 30 journal. A lot of the information is in there. You’ll hear from me on a day to day basis and you’ll be a super successful. So action step for you guys is get the CF 30 plan, the Colaw Fitness 30 day plan, CF 30 Colaw fitness 30 plan.

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