Episode 17 - Top Fitness Facts Of 2020

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Hey there, super team. This is Charles Colaw with the Colaw fitness. You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to tell you about the 2020 top fitness facts. So number one on these fitness facts. First I’m going to kind of give you a little bit of motivation and then I’m going to tell you about these facts. And then I had a little bit of a story about myself. I used to be over 300 pounds and I lost 83 pounds and got shaped. And I’m going to give you some great action steps so that you too can be successful. Um, and you’re a fitness journey and we can help at the best gym in Arlington TX.

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So without further ado, the, uh, 2020 top fitness facts. Fact number one is a physical activity. Um, for, uh, for adults has risen to 31.9% of Americans. There’s a study out that’s showing that, uh, in 2020, there’s a rise from a 20.1% up to 31.9% of healthy people, um, have reported a rise in adults who now meet the guidelines for daily aerobic activity and strength training activities.

So it’s showing about a, uh, a 10% rise in, uh, activities that’s becoming popular. Physical activity is actually getting popular with adults 18 and older. Um, and which is great, which are showing that more people are going to the gym where people are exercising more people are interested in getting fit. So that’s an awesome thing and I’m super pumped about that. Um, we’ve definitely noticed year over year growth in our clubs that uh, they’re getting busier.

It is definitely getting more popular, um, for fitness and yeah, so it’s pretty motivating to see that. Um, number two for the 2020 top fitness facts is uh, engaging in wreck. Irregular exercise can actually lower your risk of disease by up to 50%. And in this, uh, article, they talk about incorporating regular exercise routines allows you to decrease your body fat percentage considerably. And it cuts the risk of type two diabetes in half.

Um, and then also reduce the risk of dementia by 30%. So diabetes in half, that’s 50% reduced risk in diabetes with exercise, um, dementia by 30%, and uh, lowers your chance of heart attack and stroke and diabetes where heart disease by 20%. So this is awesome, is going to add years to your life and quality to your years. But exercise is showing in studies to reduce disease by up to 50%. So that should motivate you to exercise regularly at the best gym in Arlington TX.

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So it’s not just the time that you spend there, you’re adding years to your life. If you go for an hour, um, on a regular basis, your ad going to be adding years to your life. So highly encourage you to start your routine. A number three 2020 top fitness fact is that high intensity interval training is the most popular form of train. So as of right now, surveys are showing from the a C S M it’s American college of sports medicine.

That high intensity interval training is maintaining number one spot for the preferred form of training among young adults. So people like the group fitness classes, they like doing the free weight training, they like doing personal training and body weight training, um, with like rounds and different methods. Like what I would like to do is I’ll set up about three or four different exercises and then I do those in a row and I take a rest.

I call it giant sets or super sets or giant sets and tri sets such as like four exercises all group together with no rest. And then I rest. So like chest incline, chest flat, she has declined chest fly and then I arrest three minutes and that’s hitting a super giant set, not a supersize supersize just to exercise, but a giant set is four exercises or more. So I do a giant set on a muscle group rest, then do another giant set of three intervals of that.

And then I moved to the next muscle group and it’s a killer way to get a lot done in a short period of time and really develop a physique, especially when you’re targeting certain groups that you’re wanting to tone up or build up. Um, it’s great for that. So high intensity interval training has been very popular. It’s number three in fact for 2020 a number for fitness fact is wearable technology is now leading the trend in exercise. So stop waiting and start training at the best gym in Arlington TX today.

So chasing down the physical benefits alongside extended health benefits of exercise. It’s created a new line of technology demand that allows us to measure these in numerous ways. So a lot of people are like getting watches or count and different things like their heart rate. They’re doing all this kind of stuff where they have tech on their phone that allows them to get feedback to see that how effective the exercises are.

I really like the old tried and true actual calipers. I take calipers, put it on that fat roll. If it’s going down, people are generally pumped because what most people want to do is drop the subcutaneous, the ooey-gooey body fat. And uh, so I like all that technology is great, but I always talk about the truth is in those calipers.  I’m also too, once you get the caliber measurement to the weight, you can actually tell how much fat is actually being lost, how much muscle is actually being gained.

And so that’s what I really liked. The most. Technology is awesome, but most people want to look better in the mirror and in their clothes. So you got to see that in those calipers. So that’s what I like to look for. Number five, only 10% of people are successful losing weight through diet alone. You need to visit at least three times a week the best gym in Arlington TX for better results.

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Only 10% of people are successful at losing weight through diet alone. What happens is his diet centers that proven plans that recognize this level of commitment and how it can hinder a client success. Now, many of the most popular diet companies incorporate exercise to a clients with weight loss. So it happens when you exercise, you reduce serotonin and dopamine. Um, working out and diet kind of go hand in hand.

A lot of times when people are working out they start eating better. Uh, this is what I have noticed. I’m a big believer that they both go hand in hand very, very well. Um, and when one starts falling off track, then the other one starts falling off track. So if I’m not going to the gym that I’m not wanting to eat as good, if I’m not eating as good, I don’t want to go the best gym in Arlington TX as much.

So eating good and exercising are the secret method of super success and I’ve got great templates for that. We also have free templates of a diet and workout programs that are really simple to get started on in our colon fitness clubs for totally free and we give those out. Um, number six, a fitness fact. It’s a 20, 20 top fitness fact is it takes the body about six to eight weeks to adapt to an exercise program. For those chasing the specific goal of lifting X amount of weight or shredding a certain amount of body fat percentage.

And we want to understand it takes the body time to adjust to the new exercise plan. If you don’t see results in the first week or two, that’s okay. Take your time and stop jumping from plan to plan. The results are going to come. So if you follow a set program I’ve seen like I’ve stayed tons of different diets.

I’m a fitness trainer to work with other 5,000 clients in my life and my fitness career. I’m on one on one basis and if you do like a uh, like a lower carb, high protein, South beach, paleo makers point systems, all these types of programs work very well. If you actually fall into a T, it’s just most of the time people fall in somewhat and then they kind of start creating their own version of that program, which then kind of screws it all up.

So stick with the plan and you will be successful. I liked the plans that primarily, um, that are like the similar to, uh, like the lower carb higher protein that are like paleo South beach makers, um, high protein diets, bodybuilder type diets because it reduces the fat and actually builds muscle at the same time. So you become a smaller bore, more muscle toned version of yourself here at the best gym in Arlington TX.

So you look better, not just smaller. You actually look better and more fit. So you’re a smaller, more fit and more toned, ripped up tone. And I mean not rip it just more solid version of yourself, not just a smaller skin hanging on a skeleton ooey-gooey version of yourself. So, um, like to do the weights, like to keep that protein in the diet. That way they’re losing weight, but they’re actually becoming more solid and more fit in the process. So, um, yes, number seven, fitness fact, muscle mass diminishes at a rate of 1% a year in middle aged men.

So if you’re, uh, getting it past your 20s and you’re in your 30s and forties, you’re going to start having a harder time maintaining or building muscle. Weight training and eating a higher protein diet is great for that. So fitness fact is you’ve got to stick with the muscle, uh, prior protein and higher protein foods and weight train, um, that actually helps to build the muscle mass, strengthen the body and uh, this will minimize that fat quite a bit as you’re getting older.

And for me, I’m, I’m almost approaching 40 and still trying to maintain about 250 pounds of lean muscle. Uh, and uh, I’ve done pretty well with that and that’s a big part. It’s harder. I’ve been up to to two 87 was my biggest and lean and it was still relatively lean and, um, it definitely is harder as you get older to maintain that muscle than you were in your 20s. And so on. Um, number eight, fitness fact, men have two thirds more muscle mass than women.

Men have two thirds more muscle mass than women. It’s no surprise that men can pack on muscle way better. The endocrine system, testosterone and other hormones function to build muscle way more efficient. If I take a woman and train her just like a guy, or even like a bodybuilder, she hardly builds like a man at all. Like her body does not want to build muscle.

So if you’re a girl and you’re working out, you’re like, I don’t want to look like a wrestler or a muscle guy or a bodybuilder or something like that. I’m like, I could promise you something. It is going to be a very, very farfetched thing for you to just quickly build up and gain all that muscle mass, if anything, are you just going to tone up and look fit? So I highly encourage girls to start doing weight training.

And, uh, that’s one thing I liked about, uh, seeing the CrossFit craze kind of take off is that girls started actually lifting weights when that got popular and you see a lot more, uh, real fit girls that are into weight training now. It’s actually made women’s weight training extremely popular, um, here lately. And now there’s a lot of girls that like to do more weight training than just cardio.

And that’s the reason why you see girls that actually look more like collegiate athletes and stuff that are just gym goers as they’ve gotten into doing the weights. So a number nine trick is fact. People work out with a partner are more likely to stick with the routine snow. It’s no, it’s no question that it’s easier to go do that workout and that regular routine when you got a buddy to go with you on a regular basis.

And uh, what we’ve done at Colaw fitness is we’ve actually for as low as $5 a month, we’ve got memberships that you can use everything in the gym, all-inclusive fitness, Tannig and massage. If you get free trainers direction, you get nutritionist direction, you get free diet plans, you get all that stuff for as low as $5 a month. But we also add in where your friend can go with you every day.

You can bring a friend, you can bring a different friend every day because you want to use somebody else. So it’d be your wife, could be your brother, it could be your sister, could you be their buddy down the street, but you always get to bring a friend for totally free and they get to you not just use the gym or the weights like a lot of other gyms that you go to the limit your friend that they can do.

Just a very minimal amount of what the main gym floor is to the workout floor. We let your friend actually tan and massage and do all the accoutrements that are extra all-inclusive. We do no upsells at Koa fitness. So, um, your friend can come. It just keeps that routine where you want to go on a more regular basis. It’s easier that you can just always ask a friend or a coworker or spouse to get with you.

But we want you to be successful. We encourage people to exercise more. It’s a part of our business models. We highly encourage more frequent genuine gym use, but people who work out with a partner are more likely to stick with the routine. And that’s why we’re having such great success at Colaw fitness. And if you go on our line and look at our YouTube, go to Colaw fitness the best gym in Arlington TX, YouTube, Colaw fitness, YouTube.

So Colaw Fitness reviews on YouTube or Colaw fitness, testimonials on YouTube, you’ll see hundreds and hundreds of clients that have lost a lot of weight, um, at our gyms. Number 10, fitness fact, over 60% of physical active adults are reporting better sleep. So if you’re working out, you’re actually going into REM sleep, harder sleep cycles. This is not anything new. It’s actually been out for a while, but this made it into this article for the top 2020 fitness facts.

If you have a hard time sleeping, if you’re not, you feel like you have bad routines. Exercise. Actually when you work out hard, your body, when it gets late at night, you bought it. Your body wants to crash hard. It hits the REM sleep, the deep sleep, rapid eye movement, um, and your body has higher HGH pulses. Your body feels better, rest better. Um, so your body, God created our bodies that we want to do physical activity. And with the modern society, with technology, we just don’t do a lot of that. Um, so, uh, you’re going to sleep better.

So said it’s nothing, uh, crazy. That’s probably why it’s also getting more popular. All this tech people want to exercise more, you know. Um, number 11, a fitness fact is the final fitness fact as America is now has about 34,000 fitness centers. It is the leading the world in the number of fitness centers presently in this country.

And this numbers continue to grow in daily. We actually have two more clubs opening in the next few months. And some new markets, uh, Oklahoma city and uh, down in Dallas, Texas. Um, we’ve got some new clubs coming up, uh, coming open. Um, it’s definitely getting more popular. Fitness is a great trend. Not even just young, but old people are really picking up fitness and we’re ready to leave. My parents in their mid sixties, they are wanting to exercise more regularly.

They used to barely ever go. My dad never did for like 50 years. And now he’s like really looking at, really enjoys exercising regularly. I have my, I have one grandparents still alive. She even goes in an exercise and she’s in her upper eighties. So just amazing for, so fitness is for everybody. Um, overall, uh, you want to be a sticking with these plans, uh, getting into working out more regularly at the best gym in Arlington TX.

A lot of people don’t know what to do. So what I want to do is give you as a really simple to follow action step. If you go into Colaw fitness, we give your first three days a month for only $1 down. And if you follow that, you’ll see amazing results. We’ve got tons of testimonials of people losing a lot of weight and getting in great shape. I highly encourage you to go to Colaw Fitness, YouTube, type in Colaw Fitness and go to YouTube.

Um, and then like, type in reviews, Colaw fitness reviews in YouTube, and watch all of these hundreds of testimonials with people losing weight and getting in great shape though. So anyways, that’s your action step. This is Charles Colaw, a Colaw fitness. You can do this podcast. These are the 20, 20 top fitness facts. Uh, we want to see you soon and you want to see if you losing weight and getting in great shape. This is Charles Colaw. H  ave a blessed day. Bye bye and see you soon at Colaw Fitness the best gym in Arlington TX.