Episode 18 - Pack on size and muscle

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw on the daily podcast that provides you with the proven growth path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the You Can Do this podcast there. Super team. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast today.

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We’re going to talk about pack on size and muscle. So today we’re going to talk about packing on size and muscle your, so today I’m going to start you guys off with a story. Uh, I was training a client probably, uh, 15 years ago and he was an 18 year old kid that came in and says, Hey, I’ve seen you do bodybuilding.

I’ve seen you workout with different guys and build them up and build muscle and put some size on them. I literally can’t gain weight. I eat everything in sight. This guy’s about 18 years old. He was passionate about, Hey, I have a super fast metabolism. I just can’t gain weight. I struggled with putting on size and just nothing ever sticks. And so I eat, I eat all the time, ate all the times. I said, you know, you just cannot put the muscle on.

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So I said, I don’t think you eat. Would you say you think you eat? And I highly encourage you to come with me and we will go eat together. And so I did. I took him to eat at a golden corral and I sat down with him and we both started eating away and he eats like one plate and then gets in.

The plate isn’t like full, full, full, but he’s one plate and he eats another little half a plate or so. And then he goes get some dessert. Well, while he’s doing this, I’m about on my eighth plate of like six, four or five chicken breasts, a pile high of vegetables, another five or six chicken breasts pile high vegetables remind y’all about two 75 to two eight about two 78. About that time I’m six, four two 78 probably 8% body fat or less. Um, so I am huge.

And I said, here’s the deal. Like I literally eat a thousand grams of protein a day. And, and I, and people, you guys may not understand that. That’s like, that’s like, uh, like I would eat pounds of meat at a city. I literally could put a hole like, like seven or eight massive piles of chicken breasts and vegetables and steaks and so, and I could eat all of it in front of me in one sitting.

I literally ate so much food. He was sitting there looking at me and Sears at me and he’s like, you’ve eaten more right now than I do in the last three days. And this guy’s like a six foot one, six foot two 160 pound, 18 year old real. And he says he eats everything inside and he eats all the time. He just, there’s no way he gains weight. He’s like, you ate more than I do at the OKC gyms.

Like in three days in one city, like literally in about an hour to an hour and a half. I eaten more in front of him and, and he does in three days. It’s just insane. So he quickly thought, I really am not eating that much. I highly encourage any young guy who’s like, I just can’t gain weight. I just can’t get him. They come out and eat with me. I’m almost, I’m 38 now, but I even to this day can out eat almost anybody around me and any young guy that’s like, I just can’t gain weight training at the OKC gyms.

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They realized that they really aren’t eating that much, but, uh, they do eat small amounts all throughout the day. Um, they snack on stuff. They may eat one large meal, but then they under eat the next day. So anyways, uh, I took this guy from about one 60 and about a two year period of training him and working with him, he went from one 60 to about two 46 foot one one 60 took them to about 240 pounds.

He competed on some body building shows and gotten like the top four. He just got insanely big and he was a hard gainer. So he couldn’t gain muscle. Uh, but he was super disciplined. He was the type of kid that he did exactly like I said, no more, no less than exactly what he said. He was super successful and really got into fitness and, uh, got hooked on it. So, um, I think it’s insane that you could, uh, and now, Oh, I was going to say for me it 38 now.

Uh, it would be really nice to be able to eat junk food. Like I really eat clean. Even when I was back then I was eating really, really clean but tons of volume cause I wanted to keep my body fat levels low. But my like, it’s like my daughter, she’s 13 and she’s just, she’s like growing like a weed.

She’s like probably five, nine, five, eight, five, nine at 13. And she literally eats junk and there’s, she can’t gain any body fat and she just gets tall, tall, tall, tall. So it’s a, it’s got to be a blessing. So, um, it’s gotta be a lot of fun to be able to eat junk whenever you want and get away with it. Um, man, it would be so nice for me to have the problem of this young kid or like my daughter to be 38 and eat junk food and still keep my body fat little low. I do eat a lot, but I have to eat strategically.

The foods that keep me lean and I have to train, um, uh, really hard to keep the good muscle mass on my body, um, as I’m getting older. But anyways, so I just think it’s like as far as a joke, I can’t believe that you can eat tons of crap and still stay lean working out at the OKC gyms.

It’d be nice to be that way at 38. So the real problem here is the problem is that some people have really fast metabolisms and they can’t eat enough to gain weight and I’m going to give you some solutions. So the problem is that some people have very fast metabolisms and they can’t eat enough to gain weight. The solution for that is number one, lifting weights, lifting weights will actually stimulate the muscle to grow cause it was the most of the people, whether you’re a girl or a guy, they are really, really thin.

They want to put on a little bit of muscle or tone up or have a little bit, even though some of them are uncomfortable being so skinny and, uh, with training clients, lifting weights stimulates the hunger response, stimulates the growth of the muscle tissue. And so I think lifting weights is a huge thing to help making sure that what the weight you do gain is going to become more tone, solid weight, and it’s going to look very pleasing aesthetically on your body.

So number one for a solution is lifting weights. Number two on the solution is eating six or more meals a day in a meal could be a combination of like a solid meal, like a protein and a carbohydrate meal, like a chicken and rice or chicken and green beans or, um, a steak and asparagus or a steak and a potato. But I’m using three of those meals and then spacing between those like three protein shakes. And so I have learned I can get clients to be able to eat a lot more when they use liquid calories.

So I highly encourage clients to basically drink their calories. So, um, I give them a Colaw shake at the OKC gyms. I tell them this is, uh, like a peanut peanut butter Reese’s cup, drink three of these a day and then eat pretty much whatever you want. I prefer you to eat like a protein with it, like a, like a chicken and vegetable combo or chicken and rice combo or steak and, um, potato combo, um, on your sit down meals.

And then the rest of the time just do lease these three Cola mass shakes and they put on a lot of, a lot of size and they put on primarily muscle, especially with fast metabolisms. So I kind of basically do a shake meal, solid meal, shake mill, saw mill, shake mill, solid meal, um, back and forth. Liquid meals pass through the intestinal tract, GI track faster. Um, so quick facts. Liquid calories are easy to digest and solid meals. You can eat more in liquid shakes.

They’re faster to pass through the stomach. Think about a baby drinking milk, liquid calories digest quick. If they permeate into the a good, they get through the stomach in the small intestine, um, absorbed through the small intestine, the little, uh, basically a little through the test wall and your body actually gets hungry again faster. Um, so that is a great method to uh, putting weight on.

Also think about like a calf, like a cow, a calf, a baby calf drinks a lot of whole milk from its mother and it grows into this massive cow and that’s all they do is just drink these calories. So I kinda think the same way I make our own kind of Homebrew, high protein, high calorie weight gainer shake and I have them drinking calories all throughout the day and then needing whatever else they really pretty much want.

I just, I’d rather have it be a protein or type food when they sit down and eat, but they’re just basically drinking calories all day long and that is a great solution. Um, I actually went in high school, I was the same situation when I first started getting into working out at grow. I got all my Heights before eighth grade and then through high school I started putting on weight.

So I was one 35 at six foot one when I was in eighth grade and I really didn’t feel comfortable being that thin. I was really lean and I just wanted to put on some more muscle shoulder lifting weights. And then I finally got into a weight lifting class, had a really good coach, he gave it, we got into this a weight gainer shake stuff and came up with different concoctions.

But I gained 90 pounds in one year by doing this Cola mash shake and I’m going to give it to you for free. So the call to action is if you’re trying to gain weight and gain size and mainly muscle size and just basically put on some good solid weight and you’re thin, whether you’re a girl or a guy, this is like a peanut butter [inaudible] smoothie and I highly encourage you to try this.

Um, so the colon mass shake, this is the call to action. Try the Colaw mash shake what you want to do. A couple of components you want to get the diamond ties as a brand. It makes a chocolate whey isolate. So diamond ties type in diamond ties into Google, D, Y, M a, T I, Z E a whey isolate protein and get the chocolate flavor and uh, that diamond ties chocolates. One part of the shake. Um, then also get creamy peanut butter, creamy, not chunky, creamy peanut butter.

I’ll talk about that in a minute, honey. Uh, then also milk, preferably whole milk, high calorie milk. Um, and then you just need ice and then you need to get a big tall blender, like the biggest blender you can, um, to fit all this stuff in. And so colon mass shake is basically four scoops. That’s 100 grams of protein of the diamond ties way isolate four.

So four scoops approach of the diamond ties, whey protein powder. It goes in the shake then for heaping tablespoons of creamy peanut butter for like what you do is you take a tablespoon, this is how I would do it. And you get like a big container of I’d always got great value or cheap cranium, peanut butter, let’s just try to gain weight when I was young, but that’s a, you get like Peter pan or whatever, but just a creamy peanut butter. Take four huge heaping tablespoon.

Sometimes I actually just grabbed a regular spin but I just got a huge spoon like huge and threw it in there and for those suckers. Um, but the serving that I’m telling you is about four heaping tablespoons of cream, creamy peanut butter, four tablespoons of honey. So just take your honey, squeeze it on a big tablespoon and let it kind of run over and then it and then do it again and dump it and do it again and dump it.

Um, of honey, it’s going to be an insulin spiker to shuttle those calories to stick in. And then two cups of whole milk. Um, I do encourage you to put the whole milk in first. It’s better when you do that. Then the powder, then the peanut butter, then the honey, and then about two cups of ice or crushed ice. Sometimes it blends better if, if crushed ice, if you don’t have a high powerful blender, but uh, two cups of crushed ice and then you blend it all tools, uniform texture.

So I’ll go through it real quick again for skew. Basically two cups of milk, uh, four scoops, diamond ties, whey isolate for heaping tablespoons of creamy peanut butter, four tablespoons of honey, four cups of milk. I prefer whole milk. And then two cups of ice or as much ice as you want to kind of make it real cold and then blend it.

And I like to push it for about five seconds. Let up kinda let any air bubbles come back out. Push it again for five seconds. Just kind of pulse at five. Pulse at five Mar pulse at five and that until it’s all uniform and texture and it’s like a big Reese’s chocolate Reeses peanut butter type shake. And then what you want to do here is your, the goal is to drink three of these massive blender fulls a day. Okay.

So what you want to do here is drink half the shake and then three hours later drink the other half the shake. Then three hours later drink the other half the shake. So every three hours would Rican, half a shake and you want to work up to doing three whole shakes. Like you do a whole shake at one time. Um, so the goal in the long run is three shakes a day.

You gotta get down half a shake at a time. If you can’t do the full shake, cause you may get sick if you had a whole shake right off the bat. So, um, and then eventually you want to work in three meals on top of that. So any three meals that you really want that have some sort of meat or egg component to it. If you have a sit down meal. So you might look like mash shake, you know, you know, a chicken and rice and then it could be like another mass shake.

Then it could be like a steak and a potato, uh, like a six ounce to eight ounce of potato and then another mass shake. And then like a meat Zilla Turkey sandwich, then another mass shake before bed. But the big thing is, is lots of quality calories, high density calories, lots of protein and rotating liquid meals, solid meal, liquid meal, solid meal, liquid meal, solid meal.

I’ve done this with hundreds of clients and put a ton of size on a lot of guys. Um, uh, myself, 90 pounds in one year of other guys, 40, 50, 60, 70 pounds within a year. You had got them masked up and then dyed him down for bodybuilding shows with a lot of new clean. Um, so, and then also on top of that, the shakes, three shakes a day, getting them down, getting three meals a day, rotating them lifting weights every day and doing the compound movements first.

And I’m not going to go on to the workouts now, but lifting weights daily for anywhere from eight to 15 repetitions. Um, starting off with fifteens and working closer to eights for your heavy sets, that would be what I recommend. And a compound movements first. So like squat, dead lift, bench press, and uh, those types of exercises at the OKC gyms.

Big compound movements. Start off each workout day and uh, rotate in those for about five to six days, five to six days a week of lifting. You do that, you will be on track for gaining massive amount of size. And I’d put on literally 90 pounds completely naturally.

I did put on some body fat, but I put on all the size I wanted that I trimmed it down and got in great shape. So that is the Charles and Amber. You can do this podcast with Colaw Fitness, and this is the method to solving the problem of, uh, putting on some size. So do the colon mass shake. That’s called to action. You guys have a great week and we’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye bye.