Episode 19 - Beginner Fitness Workout Plan

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast for Colaw Fitness. Today I’m going to talk to you about the beginner fitness workout program, the beginner fitness workout program. Okay. Uh, the other day at the, at my church, a guy came up to me and asked me a question about working out. You wanted to basically start feeling more comfortable in his skin. He wanted to actually start, uh, losing weight, toning up his body, and gave him in shape.

And so he was asking me, what do I need to do to get started on working out? Um, he wanted to start lifting weights cause he could tell that I lifted weights. He wanted to get some muscles and tone up and his wife was loosen with him and asking, you know, what was a good way to get started? And so today I’m wanting to do a podcast for anybody out there, just like him who wants to get started on a beginner fitness workout program that’s really simple to follow and you can have a lot of success.

It’s super easy, very, very low risk, low cost, and you can just get started very, very quickly and be really successful. So without further ado, the problem is that most people, they don’t want to start working out because they don’t know what to do. And I want to make sure that everybody clearly knows what to do and how to work out.

And also most people that don’t want to start working out or do want to suit working out. But don’t they feel foolish or intimidated if they start working out, not knowing what to do when they get there and not knowing how to work out of the machines correctly. And they basically just don’t want to feel foolish. Um, and then another thing I think is a problem for beginner that holds people back is most people feel like they’re, they’re the only ones that are out of shape.

That’s going to be going to a gym and they don’t want to look at a place. And so I really want to encourage people to get past all that. And um, I want to provide a solution and talk about how we at Cola fitness has specifically built like a free trainer that actually teaches you what to do, a free workout plan that’s really easy to follow me. I talk about that, how that works.

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I’m a free nutrition plan that you follow as you go through your workout plan and you’re going to drop a ton of fat and tone up very, very quickly and I highly suggest you to not believe me, but to look at colon fitness, YouTube, go up on YouTube and look at colon fitness reviews and you’ll see hundreds and hundreds of successful clients following our principles for losing weight and toning up, uh, especially on our CF 30 colon fitness 30 day diet and workout program.

So it’s all super, super simple to follow that nutrition plan. And um, uh, the solution that, um, a lot of people, they’re afraid of like big muscle guys are what we call them. Jim jerks. We have a no Jim jerk policy that makes sure that people aren’t, um, uh, going to be intimidating others. And sauna, we basically just kick them out if they’re breaking certain rules that aren’t really accepting for beginners and fitness.

And, uh, then it also talk about a little bit. Um, most of our members are first time junior users, so well first off we have a free trainer. This free trainer is going to basically, uh, he’s available throughout the day at certain times and actually teach, uh, you had a workout at co fitness, actually teach you how to do the workouts, how to do the reps, how the sets teach you proper form, how to set the machine to your body.

Um, and our, our trainers are really, really taught on starting with beginners. It’s actually beginner fitness focused and um, they do that. And there’s, I mean we do that through a workout plan. It’s basically a two day, see at this called the [inaudible]. We have a see a 32 day workout plan. So they can teach you how to do this. Um, very, very quickly cause there’s two different types of workouts that we use to help you for that first 30 days at CF.

Three Colaw Fitness, 30 day plan. There’s an upper body day and the lower body day with your core in your abs and then he show you how to do cardio. But that’s all done in a two day interval. So if you worked out just twice a week, you still would cover everything on your body. Um, we do encourage you to do that multiple times throughout the weeks or you’re going to upper, lower, upper, lower and rotating to really start strength training and toning.

But without further ado, I’m gonna tell you about this two day plan and how it works. So you have an easy understanding and you can get signed up with a free trainer, kind of breaks the ice, go in there, you’re going to go through these two day plan. They’re going to teach you how to do it, teach you how to follow the food plants that you should be super successful in three days. So they won his upper body day.

They are going to do a converge, basically a chest press on it machine. They’re going to show you how to do that. And they’re also gonna teach you how to do a chest press with more freeway motion as well. So you gonna learn an upper body chest press for a machine and basically F a dumbbell chest press using a freeway, and they’re gonna do three sets of about 15 reps.

So it’s high rep is not real heavy. It’s just more toning to kind of teach you form and technique. And they also have a chess fly and that’s on a machine. And they show you how to do a cable chest fly on a cable crossover machine, which is, uh, a cable, uh, attached attachment machine and it’s a little bit, um, a more customizable range of motion. So they’re going to show you a fixed range of motion on a machine and a cable machine.

Um, and they’re going to show you all that over and over again to clearly understand how to do it and can’t get it wrong. They’re going to show you a chest, shoulder exercises to how to do a, uh, a shoulder press machine and using dumbbells to do your shoulders as well. They’re going to show you how to do triceps and how to work your upper triceps and dumbbells for the triceps as well at the┬áTopeka gyms.

And they’ll show you how to do pull downs like a pull up, but with a machine, um, and a lat pull down on a cable machine, whether it’s a machine or a cable machine, they’re going to teach you how to do seated rows with a machine or a cable machine. And you’re also gonna learn how to do dumbbell curls like with your biceps or you can learn how to do machine curls and show you how to do cardio and cardio Faras and how to get your heart healthy.

How to lose weight on certain machines that help keep your heart rate up for a certain desired period of time and really burn those calories. So all of this does done slow and steady for an upper body day. That totally tones the upper part of your body. Um, and then cardio to burn fat. So it’s an upper body day, which is like day one, and you’re going to learn machines and free weight motions and cable motion.

So it’s very diverse. It’s going to be with you a lot and you’re going to, this one day is going to teach you so much. You do have that in your arsenal for fitness success and we’ve had a ton of success. I said, wash your reviews, type in, type in Cola fitness or on YouTube. Go to YouTube, look on YouTube or type in YouTube on Google and then Colaw fitness reviews or Colaw Fitness reviews.

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YouTube, just type in Colaw Fitness reviews and then the word YouTube and hit enter. And you can just click on tons and tons of people’s testimonials. Pick somebody who looks like you can be like you and you can see what they’ve done to be successful. Day two is a lower body day at the Topeka gyms. This is where they teach you a machine where you sit on a machine and you just push your legs out for a leg press.

And they also show you how to do, um, like a leg press off of more of a freeway plate loaded machine where you actually put plates on it and do more of a freeway motion. They show you how to do leg extensions with the machine and how to do a squat and a Smith machine, which is basically how to do a squatting motion and a leg Ascension motion. Um, they do see the leg curls and lunges for free weights.

So show you how to do all of those exercises. The calf extension and plate loaded seated calf raise. So different machines for calves or a freeway motion for calves. So everything is a machine or a freeway machine or a freeway. And they teach you these as you go along. Um, abdominal crunch for your abs on a machine or they teach you how to do more, um, uh, like laying on your stomach and doing AB crunches or on an AB bench.

So I do more of a freeway style or freestyle emotion or body weight style motion for your abs or a machine AB machine. So they should teach you all of that. Um, back extension. They teach you how to do a back extension machine, where will you sit on a machine and you put the pin in and do your back exercises or body weight hyperextension exercises where you just use your body weight to strengthen and tone your back and your core.

And um, basically they teach you how to do all this stuff, machine free weight cable and how to do your heart health on the cardio, like the treadmill, elliptical bike. All of those things are taught within these two days. So they’re really going to teach you in two days how to work your body from head to toe. You’re going to get idiot proof templates to follow.

You can actually click, you can actually scan your phone on the diagram on each machine actually tells you how to do that. She has a trainer showing you how to do it. So it’s complete mind freedom. So like I say, again, you have a QR scanner, you just take your phone and you scan the QR scanner.

You can type in like on Apple or Android, you can go to the app store and type in QR scanner and then download that app and then just scan each one of the machines and it actually will reshow you the trainer doing that exercise. Again, supermind frame, super simple to follow, super easy to learn today. Easy to learn. Workout plan.

So along with that workout plan, we give you a free nutrition plan that is guaranteed to drop fat and tone up. And I highly suggest to not just believe me, but to go to Colaw Fitness fitness reviews on YouTube and watch the videos, go to Google, type in Colaw fitness reviews, and then type in YouTube and watch the videos, watch the videos, watch the videos, read our reviews, watch the videos and see people that are falling.

Nutrition plan, losing weight, getting in great shape on the C F [inaudible] diet workout program. And that’s a simple two day program. Um, another thing about our Topeka gyms is we have a no gym jerk policy. Like I want to emphasize earlier free. Um, no. Like we cut, we have, it’s, it’s free to use the Topeka gyms the first three, or sorry it’s not, it’s a dollar down to start using the gym. It’s a slow is $5 a month and in the first three days, if somehow you don’t like the environment, it’s not a good fit.

The workout plan didn’t work for you. We actually give your money back. So there’s no risk. And we like, we like to say we’re the best beginner fitness. Most of our members are first time Topeka gyms users because we have a no Jim jerk policy. So anybody who’s more of a fitness veteran, if they’re not really respectful for beginners, we cancel them out and we just say, Hey, you’re not a good fit here.

We want to be very, very accepting for, um, people that are just starting exercising. If they have an ego, have an attitude, drop weights, slam things, make it, you know, try to make a scene or be show off or um, you know, take their shirt off or anything that doesn’t follow our dress code. We just don’t allow any type of uh, non-professional environment.

It’d be strictly write that out on all throughout the club that has a picture of a, what we call a note, a gym shirt and uh, uh, and we have a stipulation on no gym shirt policy cause we don’t want intimidation. We want people to feel very comfortable working out. Um, and like most of our use we get, we have, we’re probably the number one beginner fitness Topeka gyms. We have built our whole business, multi-state, multimillion dollar gyms all in different States off of beginner fitness is fitness training.

I was a fitness trainer. I was over 300 pounds in high school. Also lost 83 pounds with the use of a trainer. I have been that person that doesn’t feel comfortable in their skin that just have to start working out. And I catered all of that to that type of person in mind. Most of our members are first time Topeka gyms users and they love it because we have no gym jerks policy and I’m a really super friendly um, atmosphere. Um, so a couple of quick facts.

Um, thank thankfully. There’s an article that is out by the journal of sports and medicine and that says hiring a personal trainer is proven to solve both problems of losing weight, getting in shape. This is published in the journal sports medicine in 2017 that you’re going to have a 30%. This is what it is, 30% higher success rate in your fitness because you had a trainer actually teach you stuff, show you stuff, encourage you.

Our staff is great at encouraging. Our trainers are graded, instructing, teaching you how to get started. And like I said, it’s only a two day plan. You just alternate those two days throughout the week. So you’re going to learn it pretty quick and you’re going to get great results. You get a free [inaudible] say if that’s one hour out of the day, you got 23 hours, we give you a plan. A template tells you exactly how to be eating, how to plan your day to be successful the other 23 hours of the day.

So one hour of the day you can totally mess it up on the diets. You want to make sure we give complete mind, freedom to give you a food plan that goes with it. So, uh, that’s the fact is you have a 30% increased rate of success by having a trainer help you get started and falling this CF 30 plan.

Um, I think it’s even way more than that cause it’s such a mind freedom. Um, like I said, watch your reviews, watch the videos, listen to the testimonials. The call to action is one, two things I want you guys to do when you get off this podcast. We’re about to end. So a call to action is one, join Colaw for only $1 down and $5 a month. We have a 30 day money back guarantee. And that whole first month that you’re doing this free trainer thing, the whole workout thing will actually give you your dollar back.

There was no contract at that point. If you canceled the first 3 days. It’s basically a free trial kind of and we give you your money back or the $1 just to verify that you are a real person and you actually do have a bank account. You are going to actually be a paying member, but it’s $1 just to make sure that that works and then give you 30 days free and then we’ll give you all that money back.

We’ve reversed the whole transaction because we want you to make sure that you’re a good fit for us and we’re a good fit for you. The last thing you want to do is be stuck in something that you don’t like. You don’t feel comfortable and I totally get that. Totally agree. That’s all of our memberships have a 30 day money back guarantee and so there’s no risk there. No risk. So number one called action join Cola fitness.

$1 down was five a month. Give you a 30 day money back guarantee. Use the free free personal trainer, free personal trainer. If you don’t feel like it’s a good fit, we’ll give you your money back. And no other Topeka gyms does that. No other gym does a money back guarantee. We do that. Why? Because we want you to basically fire us if we’re not a good fit.

We care about you. And our highest desire is your success and being successful in actually losing weight and getting in shape. So number one, junk off fitness. Number two, start the CF [inaudible] plan. This is complete mind freedom. When you have to think about what am I going to do in here? How do I eat? How do I work out? I am so uncomfortable. We want to give you complete mind freedom.

Go and sign up. Have the free CF-30 trainer actually walk you through the plan, give you the idiot proof template. Mind-frame template. Do the two day plan two days out of the week. Uh, I’m sorry, two days, uh, that will keep, gives your total body covered. Um, and it’s a so it’s a total body workout within two days and follow that throughout that month. Give us a testimony. Show us, tell the staff what you did, talk about your results.

You’ll be another one of these. When are the weeks that we do, we have one of the week videos. We have testimonials from hundreds of clients. So one joint colon fitness to start the [inaudible]. Plan one joint Cola fitness to start the CF-30 plan. There’s no risk. All we’re going to do is give you an opportunity to lose weight, get in shape, and if you don’t like it, you get your money back. No commitment. So great deal there. Social proof, I want you to not believe me.

I highly, highly, highly encourage you to not believe me. Go to YouTube. Type in Colaw fitness reviews, YouTube. Type it in right now. Call a C O L a w fitness YouTube quote up. Click on our YouTube page. Watch all of the videos. Watch the videos, read our reviews, watch the videos and you two are going to be a success story of weight loss, fitness, success, toning up the body.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin. Um, getting a set plan, feeling great about yourself again. So this is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. Have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye bye.