Episode 20 - Fit body meal prep in 5 minutes

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw on the daily podcast that provides you with the proven idiot proof path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast.

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Hey there, superstars. This is Charles Colaw with a, you can do this podcast and I’m going to give you some awesome tips today on a meal prep, uh, to get a fit body, a meal prep in five minutes. So many of us, uh, want to get in shape and it’s expensive to eat healthy and it’s hard to understand what to do. So I’m going to give you a few quick takeaways that you can prep your food in five minutes the night before and um, you can do it on a budget, so under $10 a day.

This is super, super hot. You’re going to get in great shape. I’ve done this with literally thousands of clients. This isn’t exactly the [inaudible], but it’s a cheap version that you can quickly get in shape. It’s on the go. Very convenient. Um, and similar principles to the sea of 30.

I’m not exactly a sea of 30, but it is very similar principles, but it’s very fast. It’s cheap and you can do it in five minutes the night before and you can get in great shape and lose a lot of weight. So first off, I’ll tell you a story. Uh, there’s a guy that met with me at the Oklahoma City gyms and asked about how to get fit. Um, when you don’t have a lot of time or money and especially a lot of young kids, college kids, you don’t have a lot of budgetary money to spend on eating healthy, healthy food is definitely more expensive.

And so what I’ve done is I created some simple ways that we actually use some clean proteins and a little bit of quality, low-glycemic carbs, um, as fillers and some energy, carbs at certain times of the day to get you still lose fat, uh, have plenty of energy for your work day, active day and uh, but get fit and trim and get in shape.

So, uh, and do that quickly on a budget, um, and cheaply. So, uh, most of this is for people that just want to feel better about themselves and more comfortable in their skin may be more fit and trim. Um, almost every person I meet with when I’ve trained clients and I go through a medical questionnaire, a goal assessment, they pretty much want to lose body fat and tone up.

And that’s some sort of combination of body fat reduction and the increase in lean body mass or muscle mass in certain areas to tram in certain areas to build up. So they become a smaller, more toned version of themselves or a guy and they want to be slightly bigger in certain parts of their body, like their arms and their shoulders and their chest and more trim in the stomach or girls in the hips and thighs.

This food plan and a dietary plan is going to be perfect for that. So without further ado, I’m going to jump on in here. So the problem is most people don’t eat towards getting fit or a lean body, especially doing it on a budget and it is expensive. And I’m gonna tell you, you guys can do this for under $10 a day. That’s the problem.

And so the solution to the problem is I’m going to have you guys prep your meals the night before. That’s step one. Prep your meals the night before. You’re going to set a timer on your phone for every three hours to be eating one of those meals that was complete mind freedom. It’ll time you and beep at you. Um, and you set a timer that, or set a time that you’re going to go to the Oklahoma City gyms and a timer to remind you within 15 minutes and action over emotion.

Don’t think about it. Just go and do it. And then when you get there, um, you can get the free trainer and they can actually teach you how to do it on our sea of 30, there’s a to date, easy to follow plan. Um, you can take a C, a 32 day plan. It’s upper and lower. Body’s very, very simple in repetition. And in 30 days you’re gonna really hit everything on the body in a two day workout. And then you can use it all throughout the month and uh, that has also has a cardio plan in it.

So everything is complete mind freedom there. Just go to the CF30, grab the workout plan, start following the plan. This diet is slightly different. So, uh, just kinda want to, uh, run through that. Um, a quick fact is if you want to get in shape, uh, bars and losing weight, fat and turning up the body.

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I’ve been to lots of different places around the country for RS and certifications and training. I’ve trained lots of clients around 5,000 or more clients that I’ve helped at some capacity for losing fat and toning up. And, um, I worked for a company called 24 hour fitness. They had a group called apex, uh, that helps you. Uh, Cooper Institute was a company that worked with and got a lot of certifications through.

Um, I’ve studied, uh, lots of different types of certifications as far as the nutritional specialty certifications and elderly certifications and pretty much all the different fitness certifications. All fundamentally talk about 70 to 80% of your success is your diet. Oh yeah. So that sort of thing, 70 to 80% of your fitness success and body fat levels is your nutrition plan. So what I wanna do is I’m gonna give you these, uh, easy call to action steps, idiot proof steps that you can be successful working out at the Oklahoma City gyms.

Uh, number one, um, you can, uh, if you’re around a Colaw fitness, you can join Colaw Fitness. It’s only $1 down $5 a month, and we give you money back guarantee so there’s no risk and get your money back. But if you go in there, it’s a dollar to get started and then you can use it for 30 days. If it’s not a good fit, you can always get your money back. So step one is get into a Oklahoma City gyms that you can start working out, um, uh, without risk, uh, and get started on a workout plan.

And I’m going to give you the meal plan as well right now, uh, to go with it. Two is start the fit body meal prep. It’s in five minutes or less. The way you do it. Here’s the steps at the Oklahoma City gyms to follow. You’re gonna make two shakes the night before. So before you go to bed, you’re gonna make two protein shakes and the protein shakes.

We’re going to consist of two scoops of whey protein, um, diamond ties. You can get that at Walmart most of the time. Uh, and Sam’s and on Amazon diamond ties is a brand D, Y M, a T, Z E ISO 100. It’s an isolet protein, a very, very clean diamond size ISO 100 chocolate. I always tell people to start with chocolate flavor. Uh, but two scoops of [inaudible] isolate chocolate is going to go into the shake, then go get a Smucker’s.

Makes a uh, uh, sorry. Smuckers make a creamy peanut butter. Uh, it’s a, it’s a natural peanut butter, so it’s creamy natural peanut butter. Smucker’s makes a peanut butter natural peanut butter. What’s called Smucker’s is the brand. Um, get the uh, natural, it’ll say natural on the front and it’ll say creamy. It has an oil peanut separation. The hydrogenated oils, it’s not hydrogenated, so that’s where you have to mix it together.

So those oils are actually healthier. But mix that up in there. I’m really good. And then do one heaping tablespoon of that in that two scoop shake and at water as you like. And I as you like and blend that up and put that in a container and you can take it and you can use that in your arsenal for a quick shake. So that’s high quality proteins. Um, good healthy fats. And um, it also slows the digestion of the way, isolates with the peanut oils and stuff. Um, it’s heart healthy, it’s great.

So it’s gonna take like a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Two of those shakes make two of those shakes. So it’d be a total of a two scoop shake, one tablespoon of natural natural peanut butter, Smucker’s natural peanut butter and the creamy form chunky will be gross. Uh, are gonna have chunks in it if you’re trying to drink it.

So, um, diamond ties ISO 102 scoops of that Smuckers creamy peanut butter water as you like and ice as your light. Blend it up, put it into a shake container, and you’re going to get to those ready. And then you’re going to put that like into like a little satchel lunch container that you can take the next day. So put two of those shakes in there, screw them a screw on the top, like a shaker.

You can get like lots of different shaker cups or you can just anything type of a container to hold the shakes in and put that in there. And then, so those are two shakes that you put in your little lunch container that you can quickly grab and go in the morning. Then what you want to do is you’re going to make, um, to what I call high fiber double fiber, uh, meat Zilla sandwiches.

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Okay? And what this is, is the cheap way that you can do on the go that, uh, we’re going to use it in that little lunch container to make it through the day with higher protein, like two to one ratio, protein to carbohydrate ratio sandwiches. Uh, but you’re gonna make basically two sandwiches and take that with you. And the way you make these sandwiches is, uh, uh, what is it called? Nature’s own makes a double fiber bread.

So it’s when this, the slice of bread is actually low-glycemic has a lot of fiber, which means it’s not insulinogenic doesn’t, you know, is not, is only has about five or less impact carbohydrates in each slice should take the slice of bread. You’re going to take eight ounces of lean meat. Let’s say turkeys found at the Oklahoma City gyms. It could be like 96% or leaner deli meat is what you want to put on it.

You can buy like a one pound package, you’re going to use half that package on it. So it’s like a meat Zilla meat market, fresh sandwiches, what you’re going to be making. So think of a bread, meat, lettuce, tomato, dill, pickle, that stuff of the slice of bread, but the bread is going to be nature zone, double fiber, low insulin impact bread. And you want to put eight ounces of 96% or leaner meat. Say Turkey.

And then you can put mustard or fat free Mayo or something that like that on it. And then let us tomato dough, pickle, uh, any of the veggie options you want. So you’re literally going to have the bread. The meat is thicker than the bread. Then you have the lettuce, tomato, and so on, and then you have another slice of bread. So this is giant market, fresh meat, Zilla sandwich.

Okay? You’re going to cut that sucker in half and then put some more saran wrap or put it in a Ziploc baggie. And Britt, you’re going to make two of those sandwiches. So you can do it with Turkey, a lean ham, lean roast beef, it’s gotta be 96% are leaner. So it’s a very lean meat. It’s not flavor with a lot of honeys and so on. So just you can do like smoked meats, but you cannot do like honeysuckle kind of stuff.

So whole point is, is to those sandwiches, meat Zeland, market fish sandwiches, cut them in half, put them in a zip lock baggie, and I promise you that carbohydrate won’t insulin impact. It’s not going to mess your body up. I’ve done this with thousands of clients. It’s very efficient and cheap and it’s very filling. The fiber helps with pressure sensors, density receptors in your stomach, satiation satisfied.

All that kind of stuff. So to have these sandwiches, put that in your lunch containers, a picture like a, you know, lunch box or something. When you’re a kid, he got two shakes in it or like a little hand zipper top carrier, put two shakes in it. And then you have two big sandwiches to meet Zillow sandwiches and those are cut in half. And then what you’re going to do is get a 16 ounce bottle of water that you’re going to refill throughout the day.

Put that in there too. Okay. And the food cadence is there interchangeable and duplicable. So you’re going to either drink a two scoop shake or eat a half sandwich every three hours. So if you’re on the go do it, just drink a shake. If you’re not on the go, you’re going to do a half sandwich. So it’s a high protein, low carb.

Uh, each one of those meals would be be this, there’s half sandwich for one meal. There’s, like I say, it’s seven o’clock in the morning. You could do half a do your shake and then three hours later you do have sandwich at 10. And three hours later you do a another shake and then three hours later you do a half sandwich. So Tash sandwich, shake, half sandwich, shake, half sandwich shake. You do that throughout the day and with two sandwiches and two shakes, you’ve got each sandwich is going to be, uh, that’s for meal times.

So that’s times three. So it’s a 12 hour spread and then you have two shakes. You literally have plenty for the whole day and it’s under $10 a day. So you can it in five minutes and you can plan it, get it all done for less than $10 a day.

You go shop for it, you get the nature’s own bread, you get some deli meat, and then you go find the whey protein and, and uh, uh, that kind of stuff. You could make a little shopping list, write all this stuff down at church, you know, you’re going to have to do to get that and then go shop and get it. But you can literally make all this in five minutes or less every night before you go to bed. Wake up in the morning.

And then you’re doing a shake, half sandwich, shake, half sandwich, shake, half sandwich, ever get hungry, do the whole sandwich and that will really fill you up and it won’t blow the plan. You will not get fat off of it. But doing that on a consistent basis, I’ve had clients lose 80 a hundred pounds with that simple meat meal template. And if you get bored on it or something or you go out with a friend or you going to dinner somewhere, I always tell people eat a meat and vegetable combo, a sit down meal.

So chicken breasts and green beans or some sort of lean meat and STEM stock or leaf vegetable. And that could be a replacement of one of those meals. But you want to be doing five to six of those meals a day. Um, and to prep the night before every, get all the things together. Um, put it into a lunch container and put it into the fridge the night before. Wake up in the morning as you’re running out the road. Cause most of us are on a, on a schedule and they’re running pretty quick.

Grab it. And go and you literally have half shake, half sandwich, shake, half sandwich, shake half sandwich all throughout the day. And, and set your phone as a timer for every three hours. So six, nine, 12, three, six, nine all throughout the day or seven, 10, one four and so on. Anyways, if you don’t believe me, please go online and search for the Oklahoma City gyms.

Look up YouTube, uh, go onto YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews. We’ve worked with tons of clients for losing weight and getting in great shape. I S I, I expect you to not believe me. And to go to YouTube, type in Cola fitness reviews and see all the social proof of hundreds and hundreds of clients like yourself that have lost weight and got in great shape. So action steps one, go to Colaw fitness, get going, get started for $1, then start your fit body meal prep in five minutes.

That’s two shakes that you’re going to make the night before. Two sandwiches that you’re gonna make the night before. You can put it all into a lunch container with a 16 ounce bottle of water. Grab everything as you’re running out the door and you’d have all your meals for the day and it’s under 10 bucks, and I promise you, following that CF30 thirty day workout plan that we do for free at the club with the trainer, you’re going to lose a lot of weight and get in great shape and you won’t be low in energy.

It’s just enough carbs and enough fiber to keep you satiated and satisfied. Don’t believe me. Please go to YouTube. Look up colon fitness reviews. That’s just Charles Colaw with a, you can do this podcast. Have a blessed day. Bye bye and see you soon at the best of all Oklahoma City gyms.