Episode 22 - Drop fat on butt and thighs

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welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw on the daily podcast that provides you with the proven growth path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast. Hey there, superstars. This is Charles Cola on the, you can do this.

Gasp. Today I’m going to talk to you about dropping fat on the butt and thighs. This is dropping fat on your button thighs. A lot of women will talk about wanting to lose weight on their hips and thighs and so on. So today is podcast. Um, we’re going to deep dive into, I’ve worked with lots of clients into, into working with clients that wanted to do that, how they did that, and making sure that you can have some great takeaways so that you too can be successful and trimming up your butt and thighs.

And this is the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw with Colaw Fitness. So without further ado, uh, to start off, uh, years ago I trained this one girl that comes to mind who really struggled with losing some weight on her hips, thighs and just overall legs and butt area. And uh, she had um, worked out, I would say when we would check how many times she actually comes to the best gym in Arlington TX.

Uh, this is in our Bartlesville club. She was the number one client that would come to the best gym in Arlington TX the most for many years in a row. She literally would come in the morning and workout, come in the evening room workout and sometimes three times in workout. Literally averaged about 2.2 times a day that she would work out through like a whole calendar year show. She was there

pretty much anytime before work, after work in the afternoon. I’m on the weekend every single day. She was there almost two times or more on average through a whole County or so. She was like the champion more than anybody. Most employees aren’t even there that much. So anyways, this girl is passionate about fitness, passionate about wanting to get in shape and she later on became a trainer for us and did an amazing job being a trainer but I’m intrinsically motivated to be successful and yet still had some struggles with reaching our fitness goals.

She had talked to me cause I’ve been in bodybuilding and fitness and worked with people that have competed in bodybuilding shows and fitness competitions and um, we kinda had a deep dive and talk about what she had done in the past, her past philosophy and then adjusting that mindset into new mindset to be successful, to target exactly what you wanted to do.

And that was to trim up that area. So she had more balanced physique now on this girl worked out like crazy and she trained really hard. Um, her husband was a more of like this power builder, which is like a power lifter. A person wants to live really heavy but also build a body that looks like a bodybuilder, strangely strong, really, really, really muscular guy.

And they trained together great couples people and they basically, she had trained, really heavy with him a lot of times with a lot of other men as well. So she trained like heavy squats, heavy, heavy glute work, heavy thigh work, um, uh, you know, so squats, dead lists, um, uh, lots of boutiques, inch and a lot of heavy lunch motions, a lot of um, uh, you know, anything to work, hips, glutes, um, and, and thighs and calves and so on.

And she also trained her up, her body very, very heavy and hard to, so this girl would work hard and then she would do literally like two hours, three hours of cardio at certain days. So she trained like crazy. Um, well some of the takeaways were that I knew she wasn’t on, I was like spot with her food and she kinda tried to out-train some of bad nutrition habits.

And then also, um, another thing was, is, uh, she was training a way that I don’t think was as productive for training those glutes and thighs worked with, working with women that were kind of more in her what we call a middle aged stubborn loser category for fitness, um, and women and their button thighs. And you got to approach that a little more strategic. So anyways, she trained just like her husband, she was insanely strong, really well built, um, uh, but she wanted to look more balanced and basically have those, the lower body half really match her fit upper body.

And so problem is, is most girls naturally they hypertrophy in their legs and their butt. They’d build the muscle in their legs in a button much faster than their upper body development. That’s a hormonal thing. Your body likes to naturally store the fat in the button legs and also your body, their bodies seem to build a muscle faster in their lower body. So this unbalanced build, um, can, you know, uh, naturally when you work it out, the hypertrophy faster and leaves your upper body looking smaller.

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So, um, my solution, how I’ve trained several clients that and figure fitness and um, uh, had a really good more balanced disease with the upper body and lower body kinda match is you really can’t train the legs like you’d like to train. Um, the reason why is because they naturally developed really fast and everybody naturally doesn’t. So most schools naturally have portrayed in their legs and button much faster than the upper body.

The unbalanced build with large legs and butt and a smaller upper body is the outcome. That’s the problem solution I came up with is really focusing on training the girls, especially the girls who have a naturally larger butt and thigh leg development faster is um, the lower body.

We focus on a high rep toning workout only. So literally what they do or like I’d start my girls on like 50 body weight squats, um, and it’s kind of like a warm up deep, full rain squat body weight. And then they immediately after that 50 reps go do full length of the best gym in Arlington TX lunges all the way down and all the back and

they’re doing at least 20 lunges one direction. Then 20 Lynch’s back that direction. So it’s like 50 body squats and 40 walking lunges and then they rest and recover until their breathing returns to about normal. So does it become a super aerobic exercise? And then we would do that for three to four working rounds, um, on the thighs. And that really is it. Then we go to cardio after that.

And the cardio was like 500 calories and um, and sometimes up to twice a day, 500 calorie, uh, cardio sessions, which is about an hour of cardio depending on how much weight that girl had to lose and how much time they had until they wanted to hit that target goal, whether it’s a fitness competition or some sort of event. Um, but that was really just a lot of high rep full range. So you’re really working the muscle to build it in its natural look.

It’s not a short range. It’s a full range movement for range body squats. Um, and then full walking lunges, 21 direction, 20 back to your starting location. And then cardio was 500 calories a day at about 130 beats a minute, no more than about 130 beats a minute. So one 20 to one 30 is kind of where I held them. So it was in the fat burning range and it was just moderate, not real hard, um, just kind of long duration. Um, and that’s, and then I would do some of the uh, uh, like uh, the arc trainer or elliptical trainer.

With a full range of motion to really kind of give some long length in the range of motion to the hips and thighs and glutes as they would do that, um, arcane motion and so on. And that really built a fit from smaller, leaner, more tones as he wasn’t heavy, wasn’t hard, wasn’t sets of, you know, low sets into this in the single digits like sets of five and eight and 10, like a lot of the, like she was previously training maybe as high as 12, but hardly ever was she getting out of single digit reps and she was pressing some major weight.

So this basically what I said is kinda like atrophied some of the muscle and just made it look in a small, in a tight tone version of taking women that are very, very fat to start off and girls that are really fit or even girls that had been like powerlifter girls that have really thick thighs and legs and they ended up having a very good looking leg glute build, um, to their physique. And anyways, they were very, very happy with that. Now in relation to that really, really training, that’s the lower body.

So we just mainly do walking lunges, body squats and liking arc trainer. Slash elliptical with a deep range of motion for 500 calories daily. And if they’re really stubborn or really coming short on it, I’d have them come in at later in the evening, um, uh, [inaudible] to do a second session. So, and that would be basically a thousand calories a day.

But, um, as of right now, I start most of the girls at about 500 is a great, um, training your upper body. This is the other part of it. Since the lower body is overdeveloped, upper body is underdeveloped. Train the upper body, like a bodybuilder slash power builder. We want to really recruit muscle fibers and break that down with heavier rep ranges. And so you do good warmup and then focusing in on about eight to 15 repetitions to where the last one or two repetitions have to require some sort of assistance.

Um, so you really want a warm up good. Make sure you’ve uh, understand the range of motion and that you’re not having any pain or impingement in that joint. But I want you to lift heavy. I want you to train hard like a guy trained hard, like a bodybuilder. Train your shoulders with shoulder, shoulder, shoulder, shoulders like crazy shoulders is what kind of gives you some width to match to the glutes.

And so a lot of side lateral raises, a lot of shoulder presses. Um, and um, a lot of rear Delt work just to really kind of cap out those shoulders cause the shoulder with then makes your waist look substantially smaller and the hips look substantially smaller. So we want to get those shoulders capped out. Um, and wide to really bring down the look of the thighs and the butt and the glutes. Uh, and that actually kind of puts everything in balance.

So a lot of shoulder work and then we would do of course, arms and chest and everything else and core and, and, and, and things like that. But training the upper body really like a bodybuilder. Um, and um, training heavy sets of eight 15 reps. make sure when you’re training that everybody that breathing is completely back to normal before you start your next set. So come and start getting fit at the best gym in Arlington TX today.

Anytime you do that, you’re getting into an anaerobic phase, which is the, uh, breathing is your learning factor and not actual like weights. Isn’t is your learning factor. So breathing is your limiting factor, not that the weights w restriction of weight being a limiting factor. So, um, uh, breathing has to be back to normal before you start your next set and do about four working sets for each, each, uh, muscle group, um, diet. That’s the next thing with girls trying to really do this.

Now, like I said earlier, I call it the middle age stubborn loser category. That’s where the button thighs really start to come in is mid to late twenties and mid to late twenties thirties and forties really starts to accumulate. And then when estrogen starts to depreciate later in their forties and 50s, the thighs are going back down again. So it has a lot to do with your natural hormones, with estrogen, with that type of development of fat.

And that is area. So that’s the life cycle of how I really see it on women. But when you’re in that middle age, stubborn loser button, button, thigh building category, we need to have, the diet has to re almost be completely spot on. There’s not really much room for air. And this, like I said, it’s not fair. Life’s not fair, but you are in what I call the stubborn loser category. It’s harder, it just is. But you can be extremely successful and having a really good program, really good nutritional plan or really good program compliance, you’ll be extremely, extremely successful and be very happy with the results.

So, um, what I advise is if you don’t have any, um, advice you don’t have anybody to work with or you’re not working with a trainer that really knows what he’s doing, hasn’t really trained people for like fitness competitions and stuff, follow the CF-30 plan, it’s a very, very lower carb, higher protein approach, which forces your body do you use it’s own fat, you’re not getting the lots of fat and you’re not getting lots of carbs in the diet.

And the next form of energy that you’re eating is um, uh, proteins and proteins can’t convert into glucose or energy very easily. So your body’s going to actively within about three to five days pull from your adipose cells or fat cells within three to five days. So basically you’re going to be forcing, your body uses its own fat as an energy substrate. You’re going to start losing a lot of fat quickly, especially with that lows, the weights and the cardio and everything you’re talking about and not going to have a hundred, 130 beats a minute.

You won’t feel miserable. Um, as you think. So anyways, to follow the CF 30 diet plan that we give free and over clubs, see if [inaudible] you can also follow the workout in there to kind of start off with. Um, uh, so, um, for the weight training part of the CF 30, I would do five.

So for weight training five to six days a week, just make sure you’re getting the weights in is as often as you can, five to six days a week cardio everyday. Never Ms. Carter. Stay on top of that cardio no matter what. And um, uh, lower body exercises stay within 20 to 50 reps. upper body exercises state right in the eight to 15 rep range. Um, so on the CF30 plan says certain rep ranges on it, just cross that stuff off. All lower body stuff, stick to um, uh, the 20 to 40 rep range.

And then the upper body is going to be eight to 15 rep range and really try to focus on, um, moving up in weight. If you can complete 15 reps, move, move the weight stack up, move the weight load up and so on. Um, uh, cardio is always done not before weights but after weights, cardio after the weights, cardio after the weights.

If you’re somebody who just has to do a little bit of cardio, do you know more than about a five minute warmup or 10 minute warmup just to kind of warm up your body if you have to kind of get a good warmup on cardio, but no more than about five minutes, really save that long. 500 calories session of cardio to the very end of it. I don’t want your glycogen stores low. I don’t want your energy low for the weights. And once you really have enough contractile energy for the weight training session part of it, that’s the Tony, that’s the sculpting.

That’s what we’re wanting to do with the thighs and the legs and the arms and the shoulders to really kind of build that um, more balanced physique. And if you’re coming in pre exhausted after a marathon of cardio, you’re not going to have that contract. So visit Colaw Fitness today and see why we are the best gym in Arlington TX.

How energy to really recruit the muscles and stimulate those muscle fibers and causes microfiber tares that heal and repair come back stronger toner, more turgid, more full on and so on. So you got to do the cardio after the weights, after the weights. So, um, facts. Um, I am certified. I’m an eight times certified trainer. Um, I’ve got a master’s in business and, and finance and a master physical fitness specialist, a specialist in nutrition and dietary guidance.

Um, I’ve been all over the country for classes and stuff. I love it, live it. I’ve trained over 5,000 clients in my life to help them lose weight, get in shape, um, self-made millionaire in the fitness industry, um, with no investors, uh, all based upon fitness training dollars. I love it. Breathe it, live it. Have it missed a week of working out since eighth grade. This is my passion.

It’s my calling that God’s called me to do is to make him famous and change lives in the fitness industry. And uh, so I am, that’s who I am. That’s what I do is what I love. I’m passionate about it. And, uh, anyways, that’s something about me to kind of say, put some reinforcement behind what I do and, and so on. You can, um, uh, not believe me. I highly encourage you to go to YouTube and type on Colaw Fitness reviews.

You can see how many great reviews we have. If you actually go to YouTube is probably the best. Uh, go to YouTube, type in Colaw fitness reviews. Listen to hundreds and hundreds of clients that we’ve worked with. Um, give programs to follow the [inaudible] diets, the three principles that have lost a bunch of weight, got in great shape. I’ve competed in fitness competitions, one top honors and bodybuilding.

Um, uh, please look up the YouTube reviews. Please look up Google reviews, look at our clubs, read about it. I’ve won a mr Oklahoma super heavyweight and run her up and fourth and fifth and sixth, um, in my past. I love it. Live it. Um, and my highest desires, your greatest gain in fitness. So anyways, without further ado, this is the Charles and Amber Colaw podcast. Today we’ve talked about the, uh, toning up the butt and the thighs.

Really reducing, drop the fat on the button thighs. And uh, talked about an individual that we had lost quite a bit of fat on her legs and she did that for about six weeks and she’s like, I’ve had the best results in six weeks than I had in probably 10 years. So this is a seasoned workout person that just got a switched it up, got on the program, got on the um, a diet that we had and uh, the cardio and the workout program that I just kind of talked about in brief, um, and she did extremely successful.

So what you need to do is get that CF 30 plan, make sure you adjust the reps and sets on it, 20 to 50 reps for the lower body exercises, um, eight to 15 reps for the upper body exercises. Make sure you get your 500 calories of cardio after your weight training session and, uh, follow that food to a T and any questions or concerns you have on it, you can, uh, there’s an email on there. See [inaudible] trainer and uh, I will respond to that. So you guys have a blessed day. This is Charles and Amber Colaw that you can do a podcast. We’ll talk to you later. Bye bye and see you at the best gym in Arlington TX soon.