Episode 23 - Nail that diet

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast. Hey there super team is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw with the, you can do this podcast today. We’re going to be talking to you about nailing that diet.

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So nail that diet. So, um, uh, back back, uh, probably 10 years ago, I was trained a client, um, who is a girl. She loved to do cardio, love, love, love, do cardio and uh, she would lose some weight and then gained some weight, lose some weight and gained some weight and uh, come to find out, I learned that a lot of girls, not just girls, but guys too, I call them, um, exercise bulemia where they really focus in on a ton of cardio and then eating bad and then a ton of cardio and then eating bad, never really focusing on getting a really good strategic diet that they can implement.

Um, and so nailing that diet I’ve learned is a whole lot more effective method than, uh, the cardio bulimic method of exercising, over, exercising, trying to make up for a poor diet. Um, the truth is, is, um, this girl was wanting to actually be a model and be into fitness and, um, getting really good shape, but her body would never respond well because she’d eat so much junk and then she pretty much keep a low weight, but she wouldn’t get a loan up body fat to really show definition and get the tone she wanted.

And so, um, she has to really focus more on the diet part. And uh, the cardio is, is, is great. That’s usually keeping some weight off and she likes doing it, but you’ve really got to nail that diet if you want to give that smaller, more toned version of yourself. And so anyways, so the problem is most people want to lose weight and workout and do cardio, but they really don’t want to nail down a diet and really don’t want to nail a really good strategic plan and be consistent with it.

So the solution for most of you all is that most of you guys need to get on a plan long enough and have it repeat long enough to actually make it habitual. So nailing that diet and need to follow a simple template. Um, you need to make sure that the template that you’re following is easy for you to understand. Sign up for it today at the OKC gyms and start getting in shape.

Easy to plan and prep the night before. Make sure falling foods that you’ll actually eat, the foods that are the best are slow to absorb foods, STEM stuff, stock and leaf vegetation, higher protein rich foods, maker’s diet, South beach diets, paleo based diets, ketogenic diets, bodybuilding diets. All of them fundamentally go off of a low-glycemic index. And those are the most effective, far as far as I’m losing fat.

And most of those have enough protein you actually can build and maintain muscle. Um, also the foods, diets and foods that really help maintain and build muscle. Um, those are going to be protein rich calories, which are lean fish, chicken, um, uh, lean cuts of a steak and pork and things like that.

A lot of the, a high amino acid profile animal proteins, um, are really great for building and repairing muscle. Um, but the foods that actually will get you to succeed are going to be lower in high, uh. Insulin genetic response, basically slower to absorb, lower in the carbs, higher the proteins.

Um, you also want to be eating enough of it that’s going to fill you up or else you’re going to say to heck with his diet. I’ve had clients that had been following a food plan workout plan and uh, they just, they aren’t staying in front of their hunger, so they never really want to stay on top of, uh, sticking to the plan. Um, you’ve got to make sure that you find that stuff that will fill you out, satiate you.

Stay satisfy, hit the pressure receptors and density receptors in the stomach that will give you, um, uh, this, uh, ability to actually stick with the plan. A lot of caloric, uh, deficit diets, they mainly just cut calories. That’s great. You will lose weight, but you’re really fighting against self-will and the self-will and eventually says, I’m going to master this and say to heck with this.

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And then you want to eat a whole lot more than you should. And uh, then you’re swinging up on a bad diet and so on. Um, a lot of the, uh, exercise bulimics that I call it, um, that they will actually over restrict in the food and overdo the cardio because they’d been off on their food for awhile to try to catch back up on dropping weight. And so they have like a refeed response, overeat, gain a budge, and then they have a over restrict response and they over restrict and cardio budge and it’s really starts to bring him out like a yo-yo concept.

Um, as a former bodybuilder that as a bodybuilder myself, I struggled with some of that where I would really restrict to do a show and then want to come off. I really wanted to eat bad, really go nuts with it and then pile on.

I’m way more fat that I wanted a pylon. And a lot of bodybuilders really struggle for a lifestyle consistency because they’re all in or they’re all not in. And that does not make a great healthy habit for really nailing down a good consistent nutrition routine and diet routine. You also want to be making sure that you, uh, pack and plan all of your food the night before. Um, most people wake up, they’re not really on schedule.

Or their something has caught them off guard and they’re rushing out the door, but then they don’t have time to really make the food, pray and plan and prep the food. So I always tell people, make a plan the food the night before, planning the food the night before, plan the food the night before, prep the food night before, prep the food the night before. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

If you don’t get, um, on top of your, your, your whole meal planning the night before, put it in a container, put it in the fridge. So you got some sort of lunch container that you literally have like two solid meals and two liquid meals ready to go for three, six, nine, 12 hours spread for under 10 bucks a day. I always tell people you can eat for under 10 bucks a day.

Plan your meals the night before, pack it in your lunch container, take it with you, set your timer on your phone, you’ll be extremely successful. You’ll be right on top of your stuff. Your energy will be great. Your, your body will be losing lots of fat and we toning up and you’ll be doing a great job. You feel like you’re in control and you’re also, I’m really eating within a great budget as well.

So, um, all of this to say it’s really easy to be successful because I have already done this for you. So if you would go and get what I call the CF-30, it’s a Colaw fitness 30 day CF 30 plan C F 30 diet plan. That is the Colaw fitness, 30 date nutrition and diet plan at Colaw fitness. It’s totally free that the actual tool templates and, and, and the flyers that we have, we have a free trainer that will tell you about that at certain times.

They walk you through their nutritional plan, they tell you exactly what foods to be eating to drop the fat and tone up, how to shop, how to prep it, how to get everything ready for it and so that you can be successful. There’s a weight training program that goes with it in a cardio program w program that goes with it.

Um, we’re currently rolling out a journal that will eventually be out as well as this. It’s a, it’s like a book. Uh, it’s actually a fitness book that we have out and you can get that, I think that’s an extra charge, but you can get the plan for free. And if you want to journal to fill in and write in, just kind of like where you have mine free and you have this thing you just simply write in, that will be available here shortly.

Uh, but to go to Colaw fitness and join while we have memberships as low as $1 down just to get started, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee on any new members. Have you ever tried it again? And we just give you the dollar back. That’s not a good fit after 30 days. So it’s a free trial for 30 days.

Um, and our memberships are as low as $5 a month. So, um, there’s not any place in the country that you can get fitness 24 hours a day, tanning 24 hours a day, massage, 24 hours a day, free trainer, instruction, free nutrition instruction. And you can bring a friend for free every time your friend can use the OKC gyms. They can use the tank and use massage. It’s all inclusive. Everything.

So it’s like two memberships to tanning memberships, to massage memberships, to work at memberships, 24 hours a day for only $5. There’s a no better deal off and this has the best value for fitness in the country. So, um, or I think in the world, uh, but check it out for sure the OKC gyms. Uh, I highly suggest you not believe me. Go to Colaw fitness reviews or a Colaw fitness on YouTube and look up Colaw fitness reviews.

And you’ll see all the people that love our clubs. Love the deal. It’s amazing deal. And the planning that the nutrition programs or workout programs, tons of losing hundreds of pounds, 20 pounds, 30 pounds, 50 pounds, lots and lots of people, hundreds of reviews, losing weight, getting in great shape. So my action items for you guys is to start the CF 30 plan, the CF 30 Colaw fitness 30 day plan.

Go to the OKC gyms, sign up for one of those classes. Go in there, sit down there, have them teach you exactly what to eat, what times to eat, how much water to drink would, vitamins, supplements, and everything you need to be taking so you can follow the plan and be a huge success story. Um, and uh, yeah, go to YouTube, type in Colaw fitness reviews and watching those videos. See if somebody there is going to connect with you and motivates you and it will be somebody like you.

And, uh, so I suggest doing that. Um, a little bit about myself. Um, I’ve an eight times certified personal trainer. I’ve gone to work for companies like 24 hour fitness. Um, I’ve got certifications through apex or through Cooper’s Institute in Dallas, Texas. Uh, certified in dietary guidance, certified nutrition certified, um, uh, in lots of uh, elderly, um, athletes.

Uh, lots of different certifications around the country and everywhere I’ve gone and talks about 70 to 80% of your success is your nutritional planning and your nutritional compliance. So I want to be a great nutritional coach to tell you what to do.

So I would say get that program, follow the CF30. It’s a mind frame, simple to follow journal and you’ll be extremely successful. 70 to 80% is of what you look like, your body fat and your fitness level will be your nutritional, um, component.

The other 30% is going to be your cardio and your weights. So don’t be an exercise bulimic where you overeat and then run to the OKC gyms and try to burn stuff off and getting this bad habit of over restriction and then bingeing and eating way too much. Uh, get into a really good set plan that you’ve got. The quality foods, protein rich foods, lower carbohydrate insulinogenic foods, lower incision and foods that you will be extremely successful in weight loss.

Um, I have, uh, pretty much, uh, maintained a body fat under about 7% for over probably 15 years. And uh, I’m in high school. I was over 303 pounds and I lost 83 pounds with the trainers, actually about 96 pounds of fat loss and 15 pounds of muscle gain. Um, others, some before and after photos of me in our journal that’s coming out. You can see how I was a major PUD and turned into a stud and one a OKC gyms, a super heavyweight competition.

So I’m a former super heavyweight winner for the mr Oklahoma contest and I’d love to have you see that and have you understand that I was overweight, uh, self-conscious, not comfortable in my own skin. I had lost a ton of weight, got in great shape. So my highest desires, your greatest gain to be successful in weight loss, toning up muscle gain, and looking better and be more fit.

So make sure you get the CF30 plan, follow the weight training program as you do the cardio and everything, and you will look a lot more toned and fit. Um, you’ll see if you go onto a, into the clubs, we’ve got some pictures of clients that we’ve worked with. You’ll see how they’ve changed. Um, when you do your cardio, make sure you hit about 500 calories a day on that [inaudible] plan. If you hit the cardio for 500 a day, follow the food plan.

Like it says, the weight training program, you will literally melt that fat off in the next 30 days and you’ll be a huge success story. So, um, uh, please go to YouTube. Look at the reviews, go to colon fitness, type of, go to Google and type in Colaw fitness. Uh, and you can actually see, um, our closest location at OKC gyms one. You’ll see how much, uh, how much our clients love us.

Read a Google reviews, go to Colaw fitness, Google reviews, read our Google reviews. Um, and uh, yeah, we just are super pumped to get you started. And, uh, losing weight. And today we were talking about nailing that diet and so I highly encourage you to go get the [inaudible] plan and nail that diet. Make sure you’ve got a mind to freeing idiot proof document to follow. Don’t be an exercise, really make, don’t just randomly go to the OKC gyms and not have a plan.

Get that workout plan in the CFT30that gives you complete mind freedom. It’s easy to understand. We actually have a trainer that will go through that and show you those workouts as well. So it’s great to have a free trainer at Colaw fitness where to actually show you how to do the workouts and a completely free and then somebody helps you with the diet plan completely free and then pick up one of our journals, um, that will give you a template to follow for the next 30 days.

And you can actually scorecard yourself and hold yourself accountable. It’s really awesome. Any questions or concerns you have, you can email me on the bottom of those documents. It goes directly to my email and I will answer. Any of your questions are short though we will answer at the OKC gyms.

It’ll all be short to the point, and it’s generally, no, don’t do that. No, don’t do that. But a yes, you can be extremely successful. This is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. Have a very blessed day. We talk to you guys later. Bye bye and see you soon at the OKC gyms of Colaw Fitness.