Episode 24 - Fat Burning Machine

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles on the daily podcast that provides you with the proven growth path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast. Hey there, super team. That’s Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast today.

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I’m going to talk to you about fat burning machine and turning your body into one. So without further ado, I’m going to jump right into air. And I’ve talked to you about what am I workout partners? Early in the morning we’d work out, he used to do a bunch of cardio when we started actually doing weight training, pretty intense weight training. I was competing for the mr Oklahoma bodybuilding show and we’d work out together and lift weights together and train really hard and he’d helped push me and so on.

And he ha, he said to me one time, what does everyone on? Why does everyone on cardio? I’m always look the same and just mostly stay fat or basically still stay kind of fat all the time. But the people that are working out really intensely on the weights, they seem to be a lot leaner looking and more mature looking and fit looking.

And so his question is, is why are the people doing cardio kind of staying the same and why are the ones doing intense weight training always looking more lean and ripped? So this is all comes down to why weights actually burn more calories than cardio does. Because of a thing called the after burn. You’re actually work out during cardio. You may say you burn, let’s say you burn 500 calories during a cardio session and you just kill it for an hour.

Well, most of that cardio will just continue to stop at that point. Like maybe an hour or two afterwards, you kind of have a little bit of increased metabolic rate. But other than that, your body only burns those 500 calories during that hour. Now, if you lift weights really intensely, if you lift weights this is an article on a very well fit with a research article.

It talks about if you lift weights at a higher intensity, you can actually increase your after burn or the calories you burn after your workout. That means you burn more calories during your workouts. But after your workout, he continues to burn calories even after your workout has been completed. To get you back to your, your, your normal state. And it actually can take up to 72 hours for that after burn effect.

So let’s say I actually do on the floor, I’m going to work out the Arlington Texas gyms for one hour and I burned 300 calories on weights, opposed to 500 calories on cardio. Now the after burn is gonna last for another three days. From my heavy intense weight training session where the after burn effect may last about an hour after the cardio thing. So all in all, you’re actually maximizing your time, maximizing your fat loss, doing the actual intense weight training.

So that is why when you see on the floor the people on the floor of the leaner more muscular shape. And the ones on the cardio, they kind of continued to stay the same. So this is where I talk about weight training is more important for fat loss than actual cardio training. Now I use cardio many times during the pre contest to help kind of speed up the fat loss loss process. But there’s also times I’ve gotten completely ready for a fitness show and not used cardio at all because my diet and my workout are so spot on.

Cardio is not needed. Cardio for me is mainly and for most people I’ve worked with just something I may need to speed up the process a little bit or just something for heart health. Cardiovascular exercise is actually defined as cardio. It’s heart cardio vascular vein, so hard cardiovascular heart and vein exercise work.

It’s not called weight loss machines so you don’t like go to the Arlington Texas gyms and say where’s your weight loss machines? And they pointed at the cardio section. See the thing is, is everybody in their mind thinks cardio is specifically for weight loss. It’s not true. You actually are more effective at weight loss and fat burning and turning your body into a fat burning machine more on the weights.

And then you target your, your, your nutrition component and those are the most effective weights. So the weights and the diet are far more influential on your body fat levels and how your body actually looks and is fit and your body composition level. So cardio is great for your heart health and it’s great to do and it’s just a tool that you can use to help speed some things up, but it does not give you the after burn effect.

The after burn is burning your calories far after your workout cause weight training will burn calories up to 48 to 72 hours afterwards. So, so what you want to be doing on this is a like focusing on doing your weight training. And first like maybe you do a warm up for five minutes on cardio, but then do your weight training, high intense use.

All that contractile energy, all the glycogen, which is a stored energy within the muscle and really deplete that on, on training your, your weights really well and then go back to cardio and do like a 20, 30 minute cardio for your heart health. That’s really what it’s primarily there for, for cardio heart vascular vein health. Now if you want to use it cause you want to speed up fat loss, that’s fine. It’s just a tool to do.

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But that’s where I’m wanting to kind of teach you guys that component into fitness. So kinda let you guys know I have a eight, nine, sorry, eight national certifications as a trainer. I’ve got an MBA in business. I’ve got several, I stayed all around the country bars and nutritional certificates and fitness certificates and things like that to help clients be successful as trained over 5,000 clients in my history.

And I want you guys to be extremely successful in weight loss and muscle gain and toning up. So what I highly encourage you to do is get the CF 30 plan. It’s a Koloff fitness 30 diet workout plan. We also have a book and a journal that goes along with that and that’s the actual journal that you can score cards yourself and keep track of where you’re going.

But if you want to get started on a workout, fall, that CF30 plan really focus on nailing the weights and then doing the cardio program like they talk about. And in 30 days we’ve had a lot of people lose 2030 pounds just in 30 days. 10 15 pound muscle gain, a lot more muscle gain, a lot of fat loss, extremely successful. It is so simple to follow. We’ve got a free trainer that’ll teach it to you.

Free training Lotija to walk you around and teach you all the exercises, tell you about how to follow the plan, the diet plan, how to shop for prep it, plan it, make sure you’re executing all the dietary part makes your planning the food the night before, how to do it since you can be extremely successful. So that is the program. I want you guys to jump into, to get started.

If you’ve never been into a workout program and ever been real successful, that is key. Now what I’m saying here is turning it all back around, turning your body into a fat burning machine. You need to focus more on the weights than the cardio. You need to make sure you got a mind frame document that’s an idiot proof. Simple to follow, a template that you can follow and going and getting that.

See if the book is going to be a CF 30 diet plan. Go sign up for the class. Go to the Colaw fitness. Sign up at the Arlington Texas gyms. It’s $1 down to get started. It’s as low as $5 a month at Colaw fitness. You get fitness 24 hours a day, tanning 24 hours a day, massage, 24 hours a day, free trainer, instruction, free nutrition instruction, and you can bring a friend with you any day, a different friend, the same friend every single day.

They can use the Arlington Texas gyms, they can use the Tanny and they can use the massage, they can go to the free trainer class. They get to use absolutely everything, no upsell. All of that to say you can try the whole Arlington Texas gyms out for 30 days with a no risk money back guarantee. So I’m trying to say is like if you do that, you put your dollar down for the first three days, it’s a dollar down.

It’s not a dollar down plus some other monthly fee. It’s just a dollar. That’s all you gotta do. Then you got 30 days to work out. If it’s not good fit for you, get your money back. You and your friend have no risk and you’re no commitment and you can try it all out. You can do the diet plan, you do the workout program, you can lose weight, get in shape.

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Just type that into Google search. You’ll see a closest club. You can read Oliver, you use, click on the reviews, read the reviews, see what people are saying about us. We are the highest rated, most reviewed Arlington Texas gyms in the country. Probably I, I think it’s in the country, but every one of our locations, we have the best reviews, the most reviews. We’ve got some of the best training staff, best staff. It’s a great Christian culture.

We’re the only ones that are really polarizing, faith-based Christian company. And we’ve got great people that really honestly just want to help you become successful. There’s no culture like it in the fitness industry. Trust me, I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve never missed a workout for since eighth grade. I’ve trained for lots of major companies, worked for major companies, and nobody gives away.

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So this is Charles Colaw¬† talking about today on burning fat and how to turn your body into a fat burning machine and using your weights more so than cardio. And then following that CF 30 diet plan. And just getting a mind frame template so you can be successful. So this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. Have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye bye and see you soon at the Arlington Texas gyms Colaw Fitness.