Episode 25 - Cardio vs Weights | What is best

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw on the daily podcast that provides you with the proven growth path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast. Hello there superstars. This is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw with the, you can do this

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Podcast. And without further ado, we’re going to jump in here to cardio versus weights. What is the best, Amber, what do you think is the best? Well, I would go off

What I’ve learned over many, many years and I’m going to go with weights. Am I right?

Yes, you are correct. Waits are basically going to burn fat a little bit better. And I’m going to talk about why now cardio definitely burns more in that straight time that you start working out. And during that workout period of the hours, if you do our cardio, it is going to increase your heart rate more. You’re going to sweat more, you’re going to burn more during that one duration. But I’m explained to you why weights is actually the win and the big picture.

So stay tuned here, here. So first off, I’ve got a story to tell you. One of my clients that was a business traveler he would travel a lot. He’s super, super busy and he loves to try to stay in the best shape that he could. And all of my fitness programs include weight training and cardiovascular exercise for heart health or just extra calorie burning and he’s busy travel.

And he was wondering, he asked me a question, what is more important if I had to miss, if have to miss what’s better, either cardio or the weights. So he’s wanting, he’s man goal was to do weight loss and the calorie burn and to tone up a little bit. I still told him, I really believe that weights are going to be the better choice for you if you had to pick one.

And so the reasoning for that, I’m going to go further into Amber. Do you have any other stories like that ever having clients that you’ve worked with or friends that you’ve worked with that really you know, had a similar situation or similar question?

Yeah, we do get that question a lot because I think everybody has a really tight schedule. Everybody’s really busy. And to get to what in their mind would be two workouts in or a longer workout as pretty difficult. So we do get that question quite a bit. Great.

Yes. So the problem is, is most people think that cardio is weight loss machines. That’s the real problem. People come in and they think, man I need to do cardio. I need a run on the treadmill. I want to just lose all this belly fat or want to burn these thighs off or burden this butt off. And many people think that cardio is a weight loss machine. And they, they, the faster the heart rate is and the more that they sweat, the better results that they’re going to get.

So my whole take is, is also people also think that on the other side of that, that weights are just mainly for bulking up and they don’t burn calories like cardio dice. Amber, have you ever heard anything like this? If clients ever said anything like that to you?

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Oh, we get a lot. We get this a lot with the females. Females are super concerned with getting really messily and adding any size to their body at all, so we do have that concern with mostly women. I’ve experienced that as well. A lot of girls are like, ah, I don’t really want to get all bulky. I don’t really want to do that, and that’s just not not the truth. So see, cardio workouts, actually they burn more calories than weight training workouts do during that one hour timeframe.

But what happens, you’re not get this weight burn more calories than cardio overall because weight training stimulates the metabolism, causes microfiber tears in the muscle, causes your body to have a defensive mechanism and has your body actually push more blood flow. You feel sore for what? Over the next 48 to 72 hours. That elevated metabolism and at about metabolic rate is increased with recovery during 48 to 72 hours afterwards, which makes the weight training the better calorie burning program.

Another awesome benefit with weight training is that weight training actually builds muscle tone and muscle mass and that in itself helps increase your metabolism and helps maintain lower body fat levels. So have you ever looked in the best gym Oklahoma City and you see the guys on the main floor have a leaner more tone physique and the ones that are just seeing the cardio, they’re always kind of the same.

You’re after you’re staying about the same body fat and they can always either call it skinny fat, they’re thin, but they still carry some fat or they actually have body fat and they don’t really lose much of that. And some of that is due to, I’m not really getting that full benefit with weight training. So you actually build a leaner and more tone muscular disease through the weight training portion of it. If you have to pick between the twos.

Now if you have to pick, I still have both of them in all my programs. I still think both have it very much importance. But I don’t want you to get so caught up that I’m only going to do cardio a bunch so I can lose this weight. So the solution, this is your solution. Never miss the weight training portion of your workout. They will burn the fat better. I mean that programming, it will burn the fat better and build the muscle best.

So you’re actually going to burn fat and build muscle. And I’ve actually trained for fitness competitions, not even using much cardio at all because I didn’t need to. And the weights and that weight or weight training was such a caloric burning effect. It maintain that fat loss. Now I used it a lot when I first lost 83 pounds when I first got into the train, I was overweight.

Over 300 pounds, lost 83 pounds. But the biggest part of me doing and being successful in maintaining it is that muscle mass and having that engine that burns all those calories on my body and that helps me stay leaner and more toned. So keeping that muscle stimulated, working those weights, keeping that metabolic rate increased for the next 72 hours. And if you were lifting every day, certain muscle groups, you’re always in an elevated metabolic response instead of just doing cardio where it’s burning calories just at that time.

So also there’s great fact written by Dr. Grant Tinsley, he wrote an article by Healthline and it says, he says, a cardio workout burns more calories than a weight training workout. How, however, your metabolism may stay elevated and most of the time stays elevated longer with the weights, then the cardio and weight lifting is actually better for building muscle.

Thus the ideal exercise program for improving your body composition, that’s the actual body fat and looking good. And having a tone physique in the health article talks about weights versus cardio. That weights are very, very beneficial. So this is an article written by Dr. Grant Tinsley for healthline.com. And you can check that if you’d like. But the whole thing is I want you to be successful.

I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Want you the best you that you can be. I want you to maximize the time that you have to put in the best gym Oklahoma City offers. So don’t miss the weight training and focusing on staying on those weights and you will be successful. So calls to action. I want to get you guys doing something here. So always do your weight training and then only I want you to use add cardio if you have time or you want to burn extra fat or get the extra heart health benefits to your program.

So weights first, then add cardio at the end if you have time and you want to burn a little bit of extra fat or just get a little bit more heart health benefits and to be doing that calories, I would say for, as in what rate to be doing the intensity app. See whether it’s a certain speed or whatever. Whenever you’re exercising, your heart rate increases due to a faster intensity or a elevation on the treadmill or a resistance increase.

But try to keep your calorie burn rate at about 300 to 500 calories per workout. 305 or calories. I want to make sure you, when you do cardio, you do it for 300 to 500 calories at about 120 to 160 beats a minute. And to get your heart rate to increase, you just either increased speed or you increase some sort of resistance on the machine or the incline on the machine and you want to target around one 30 for most people.

So when I start off as a trainer, as long as you’re not on a beta blocker or something, that reduces your heart rate, which is a heart medication, most people aren’t on that. A good one 30 is a good Mark to hit. I don’t want you to go in under one 20 and I don’t ever want you going over one 60 unless you’ve been cleared by some health professionals cause it’s really, you’re pushing your body really hard.

So we went through these target no lower than one 20 and most of my fat loss goal clients thought that law school, not cardiac goal at fat loss. Goal one 20 to one 30, hold it there for 300 calories, minimum 500 if you want to be a super a player per workout. And so I highly encourage you to go to Colaw fitness gym, check out the best gym Oklahoma City offers.

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