Episode 26 - Giant Sets = Fast Results

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven growth path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready cause you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast. Hey there to superstars. This is Charles Colaw.

And Amber Colaw on the, you can do this podcast and today we’re going to talk to you about giant sets, fast results. So we want you guys to get a great results, fast results. And I’m gonna tell you a little bit about a component called giant sets.

So basically over the years I’ve had many people ask me about what is the best weight training or workout routine or program that’s really good for changing the way that I look in the mirror as a fitness and fitness a competitor or a bodybuilder or somebody who really wants to build a lean, muscular tone physique quickly and effectively.

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What is the best type of training, far as in weight training that will really target the muscles, build it evenly answer metrically and really kind of make a body look the best in a fitness competition. Where you’re lined up with a bunch of other people or you’re compared what you want to do is look really good.

So this is where like people have asked me that and I’ve trained people for shows. And I want to get them to have the best results, had the fastest, quickest results to make a really effective change. In the way they look, their body fat levels low and the muscles to be fit and lean looking.

So it’s a hard question to ask to answer on that, but I’ve came round to thinking giant sets. They have been some of the best methods that I’ve used and Amber has used in the past when we were trying to get ourselves in shape or a client in shape. So visit Colaw Fitness today for the best value of all gyms in Arlington TX.

And I’m going to read to you what a giant set it is. I’m on fitness health one Oh one. They say that giant sets are an advanced weight training technique used to shock the muscles and increase the rate of which muscle strength, density and size are realized.

Giant sets are performed on one muscle group at a time, but it’s generally consists of at least three or more exercises per muscle group. And I’ve always known it to be four more exercises for one muscle groups. So that’s like if you did a bench press, an incline press, a declined press, and then like a chest fly on the chest all together and then you rest like it’s a whole round put together and then you rest for you know, 30 seconds or a minute and a half to get your breathing to return.

But that’s what a giant says said is. So I call it four or more exercises group together with the rest period long enough for your breathing to return to normal. And that’s going to be three or four rounds of that. And I choose two muscle groups to target at a time. So for example, my workout plan, for example, I will group a chest and tricep on one day together.

It’s a chest and tricep day. And so I take four exercises. Let’s say it’s an Olympic bench press, a incline on the incline Olympic bench press. And then a flat in Olympic inclined Olympic press and then a decline, so inclined, flat decline, and then like a chest fly or, or a a cable crossover fly. So I take those four motions and group them all together and I do eight to 15 repetitions and I go, so it’s a chest inclined on the Olympic press.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, somewhere between eight and 15 reps immediately get up as I’m about to fail and go to the flat. And then I do eight to 15 reps and then I go to the decline, press eight to 15 reps, and then I go to the chest fly. And it’s really hard to even use even a lightweight.

I really pushed myself hard just to get eight, 15, eight to 15 reps on a lighter weight on that chest flight. It’s really stimulates the muscle, it’s really exhausting to the muscle and it increases your heart rate. So that is what a giant set is and that’s kind of like my plan. I do chest triceps together. Then I do like a backup biceps day together.

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Shoulders and traps day together, quads and hams together. And then I repeat that. So it’s like a four day workout split. Very similar. A lot of other people, but that’s how I used to train for some of my fitness shows. Amber is there any like best practices or best weight training programs that has worked really well for you as a girl? Have you liked this giant set thing? Had you used other things that you really like? What’s, what’s your thoughts on that?

I totally love the giant sets. I think it works really great for my schedule and also the way that I feel like I’m wired and the way that my body gets results as well. So we’ve got a really busy schedule or on a tight time crunch and I like to put my headphones in and know that I’m going to do four chest exercises and I nail down what those four are going to be.

And I set up my stations and I rotate through all four, all four sets and do four rounds. And I like that just quick. It just kinda keeps my heart rate up. I’ve got a quick little break in between to kind of catch my breath, get a drink and start again. So I do love that, that I can get through those four rounds and then I can do my second muscle group.

Like you talked about doing chest. So I get through my four rounds of chest and then I can do four rounds of triceps and I know I’m done. It’s a really fast, it’s a fast pace. It keeps the cardio up, my body responds better to that. And I also think for me, I’m wired that way. I like to be busy. I like to be going, I don’t want to get to one machine and do 15 reps and then rest and get back on and do 15 more and rest and 15 more and rest. It feels like a very slow process for me.

It is very boring. I need, I need something that moves a little faster. Right? I’m busy. I’ve got a lot I’ve got to get done. And, and also it comes across to other people that you are busy in the gyms in Arlington TX and therefore you get a lot less people trying to talk to you and you’ve got your headphones in and you’re moving quickly from one piece to the next piece to the next piece in a, you know, like a fast movement versus sitting on one piece for a long period of time.

You tend to have people wander up to talk to you because they see you just kinda hanging around. So I think that for me, I think that’s the best and that’s just is what works for me. And I think you get a lot more in.

I agree. I like it. It keeps me engaged and intentional on what I’m doing and focused. So for me, I, I would say the top five things that giant sets helped me with are basically the problems that solves for me versus traditional weights where you rest more in between each and every set. Number one is time. It’s fast and super effective and efficient.

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I’ve got, we have over 90 employees right now and we have to, our number one thing is to run our business and run our company and fitness. We’ve got to get it in quick and sometimes we can get it to them in 30 minutes to 45 minutes. And we’ve done more push and work out in the most people do in an hour and a half, but it’s like super intentional. It’s, it’s fast and effective, fast and efficient. So that’s my number one.

Number two is high intensity. I like high intensity. It makes it funner, it keeps me engaged, it keeps my heart rate up the whole time, which then pulls it into the three benefit that that’s I call the cardio. So if I’m working out 45 minutes doing this giant set routine and my heart rate. Is getting elevated all the way up to from, you know, a 70 beats a minute up to 150 beats a minute on and off, I’m getting a very, very great cardio benefit out of it.

So it’s a heart health benefit. Number three is get cardio during your weight training. So it’s like double, it’s like a double double take on that. You’re getting your cardio and your weights all in 45 minutes and you’re out and back to doing your job. So it’s super efficient. I get cardio and weights and all in one get go.

My body leans out. Number four, I’m sorry, my body leans out better. I stimulate my body and I cut fat faster. So number four is cutting the fat. It’s my body leans out faster when I am intentional doing giant sets and also my muscles feel fuller and tighter and they get stimulated but better. So number five what I like about it too is I’m a really super strong guy. So I recommend you search for gyms in Arlington TX and see the value we have to offer.

I’ve benched 450 pounds in high school and I’ve lifted really heavy for many years, so never missed a week of working out since eighth grade. And my joints hurt when I lift super heavy. You just can’t last forever pushing your body on super heavy weight. And so my joints don’t hurt nearly as much because I can lift lighter and still stimulate the muscles. So if I chest for eight 15 reps about to fail, then they go to the next one for eight to 15.

I have to consistently every one of those workouts of chest incline, chest flat, chest a decline. And then I’m having to lighten the load as I progress because I’m a little bit pre exhausted going into the next grouping of exercises. So the whole point is is I don’t have to train super heavy and I can still stimulate and get really good muscle recruitment, muscle fiber reaction and I’m, I can be very, very intense and not her to hurt my joints.

So number one is time. Number two is high intensity. Number three is a cardio benefit. Four is as leaning out number five joints. Amber has had his giant sets solved. Any other problems for you as a girl? Do you feel like it’s just like all these things I’ve listed to you, you agree with a lot of those things or any thoughts you have to that?

I do agree with a lot of that. And just to kind of circle back to the beginning, you were really talking about a lot of fitness competitors and bodybuilders can train this way, but we also, we also want to let everybody know we’ve got a lot of beginner fitness people out there, which we’re super excited about and we want to help you on the right track and help you get started and learn everything you need to know.

The, these giant sets are not necessarily for fitness competitors. They’re, again, they’re, they’re busy people. There are people who do have to get in and get out and they have to get in a lot of different workouts while they’re there. So it works for beginners just as well as people who are even in the professional field of fitness. So that would be just one take I had there.

I also love it as a girl when I’m, when I use these giant sets when I’m training my legs. So I think it really helps. I know at one point I would focus on getting in all my quad work and then I’d moved to all my hamstring work and then I found that I was really so exhausted from working out my quads that I never worked my hamstrings as hard.

And so then you’re not, you’re not growing and developing and building your body symmetrically. So you can find one muscle group overdeveloped over another because we all have a preference. Of what we like to do or you know, especially for guys, they want biceps or they want a chest and then they’ll focus on just that but not build the rest of their body. So the giant sets helped me get in all parts of my legs or upper body and work them all equally. So I think that’s a benefit as well of coming to our gyms in Arlington TX.

I agree. I agree. What I like is, is you can build a really strategic plan like like a bodybuilder does. And then you can combine it into this giant set routine, which then ups the intensity and you build a really symmetrical body cause you’ve planned it out to do just as many opposing exercises have. It’s cha like an arm bicep curl. You’re also doing a triceps.

You can, you can stagger the same amount of reps and sets to build your body really even, or if you have a lagging party can put more exercises on that and put all of that into your giant set and you can really get that done quick and fast and efficient. So it’s kind of like a CrossFit style round that you do, but it’s structured in more strategic with like more of a focus on, you know, changing the way your body looks, opposed to just, you know, like getting your, all your reps done or doing it for time.

It’s really strategic on making your body look better, which I think a lot of people get confused when they get into fitness. They want to get in shape and they don’t really they just hear about certain components of exercise and like a runner and then they start running. But that doesn’t really target to, to, to tone your body in strategic spots or they want to do like a CrossFit and they want to get in better shape.

So they start CrossFit. And of course that does happen, but it’s not as strategic as doing like a giant set rounds strategically hitting your problem areas and target area. So I feel like it can be a little more beneficial than just just that style of training. So couple of solutions here make sure that when you do that, you understand how to use all these [inaudible] for a war, four or more workouts on each muscle group and you do all four, four workouts together with one rest period.

Like I talked about earlier you do like four access, like four exercises in a row, like a flow, like an incline, a flat, a decline, and then a, a chest fly. And then you rest, you can say 30 seconds to a minute and a half. And I would gauge that based upon your breathing, let your breathing return to normal. I would say each set needs to be between eight and 15 reps.

That’s still hypertrophic where you build muscle and it’s still high enough reps that you’re going to get to your heart rate at more too. So you’re going to get that combined muscular effect and cardiovascular effect four rounds and you’re done with the muscle group. And that’s kinda the, the take on it. Just kind of repeat that over and over so you can understand it. Next couple of quick facts on all of this is me and Amber, we’ve got about a combined nine certifications as fitness trainers.

70 to 80% of your success, even though I’m talking about working out, is still your nutritional plan, compliance, apex 24 fitness and ESM Cooper Institute. We’ve got a bunch of certifications from Cooper out of Dallas, Texas. Is your food plan. So remember, you have to be strategic with your food. If you don’t know what to eat or you have no plan that you’re falling, I suggest going to our CF 30 class.

It’s a free class at Colaw Fitness. See if three stands for Colaw Fitness, 30 days. It’s a 30 day workout plan that we give for free. And so I suggest going in there, sitting through there, getting that free nutritional class. So 70, 80% of your success is nutrition and then the other 30% is going to need to be in your workout and your rest periods. So I want you to be very intentional.

Like Amber was saying earlier, she puts her headphones and she focuses right on her stuff. You need to be very intentional in the gyms in Arlington TX, no distractions, focus on your workouts. Have your will have your template there that you’re following. Be exactly right on to a T, no distractions and be very intentional. So a call to action, what I want you guys to do is go to Google and search for gyms in Arlington TX.

That’s the probably the best resource to find information to go to Google, type in the word giant sets and you can read up and kind of learn how to build your own routine and kind of learn a little bit about it and different hot takes that other people and other trainers and other writers and websites say about it. It is a very effective way to train. I do suggest you guys try it. I think you’ll love it and you’ll have a be fast, efficient and effective and you’ll get great results.

Also you can email questions to our C F 30 trainer@gmail.com so you can email cf30trainer@gmail.com. And we can give you some templates. What I’ve trained with on people in the past. And I can answer any of those questions or we can I, the trainer or some one of us will answer that question for you and get that information back to you.

If you’re new to fitness and you haven’t been into fitness this is a little more advanced style training, but I encourage you to go to [inaudible] fitness and sign up. One cool thing about us is if you’re new to fitness and haven’t been a member before, you have a 30 day money back guarantee.

It’s only $1 to start to get the membership started. And in the first 30 days, if you don’t like it, we give your money back. You can do the free CF 30 plan, you can use the trainer to help you learn all the exercises.

You get the free dietary plan. So you have no risk. You can do everything in the gyms in Arlington TX, you can use the tanning, the massage, the free trainer instruction, nutrition instruction. You can even have a friend come with you every time a for free. Every time you go, they can tan, they can work out. They can go to the free classes, everything for literally $1 down.

And then if you don’t like it, we give your dollar back. So I’m not trying to say you have to be cotton anything or like a, Oh, I got you. And so you can try it all out and then it’s as low as $5 a month to use the gyms in Arlington TX as you keep it but go to [inaudible] fitness and sign up and go to the free class, learn about it, get started on that free CF 30.

This is of course, if you’re just starting off, go in there, they’ll give you a mind frame template that you can easily follow. They got a train that will show you how to do all the workouts. You can bring a friend with you every time you go and you can see if it’s a good fit for you or not. So I suggest to do that so highly encourage you to also go to YouTube, type in Colaw fitness reviews.

So go to YouTube and then type in Colaw fitness reviews. And I, I just click on some of the people that have already followed some of these programs. They’ve lost weight, they’ve gotten shape and they’ve had some really good results. And I’m gonna circle back here in a minute to Amber. She’s got a hot take that I want to have her kind of say on this as well.

There’s some great people just like yourself that have lost great amount of weight, anywhere from 10 to a hundred pounds, 150 pounds. A lot of people have lost weight, got in great shape, phoned these [inaudible] principles, the diet principles, the workout principles.

You can also go to, go, go to Google and type in Colaw Fitness reviews. You can hear all about our club, but people think about it. We’ve, I have also competed in fitness and in bodybuilding in the past. I’m a former mr Oklahoma super heavyweight, a winner.

So you can look at that up and see that I’m not just making things up, you can read about it. My highest desire is your greatest gain. And I have a awesome scripture that I want to leave you guys with here in just a second here. But first off, Amber, do you have any other thoughts that you have. On some of this giant sets or any hot takes for anybody before we get off here?

Yeah, I think this is definitely a great way to get started. Going to the gyms in Arlington TX, have a plan, attack that plan. We’re super excited for you to try this. See if this changes it up for you a little bit and see if you’re able to consolidate your workout into a smaller timeframe that may help you even get it in more often. So hopefully you like it.

Yes, and I love it because it is super time efficient and it’s effective fast. And I’ve used it with tons of people, whether it’s, you know, business professionals or moms wanting to get back in shape and they haven’t been at the gyms in Arlington TX in years. And so I think it’s a super effective way to do it.

So Proverbs 13:20, it talks about those who walk with the wise become wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm. What you put yourself around is what you become like. So I want you to surround yourself with positive, upbeat, motivated people. All the staff at Colaw Fitness are super positive, upbeat, and motivating. Go in there, talk to them, they’ll greet, share it.

When you walk in the door, they’ll tell you what you need to be doing. They’ll get you in the class. They’ll help you get started on a workout program. And, and, and so I want you to also do is focus on people that are negative.

Cut those people out, people that are positive. Put those in. And we want you to be successful because my highest desire is your greatest gain in life and what you’re around will influence you. So this is Charles and Amber Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. Have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you next time at the gyms in Arlington TX.