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Hey there superstars. This is Charles and Amber Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. Say hello Amber. We are excited about coming to you today and telling you about a low carb diets and explain how they work and a little bit of information on that so that you can be more educated and that you can be successful in fitness, weight loss, muscle tone, and building a better you and you can feel more comfortable in your skin and be confident.

So without further ado, I’m going to tell you a quick story about myself. In high school, I was over 300 pounds in high school. I was three Oh three in high school at my high point. And I had a guy that I talked to that had lost a lot of weight and I asked him what he did and he actually did a low carb diet and I followed a program that he gave me and I lost 83 pounds in nine months on a lower carb, higher protein diet.

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And it was extremely revolutionary to me. It’s what got me into fitness, got me excited about my health, and it got me motivated to help others and become a trainer, which built the Colaw Fitness’s and all these different States and so on. That has helped a lot of people. So that is my background. And I definitely didn’t feel good at three or three. Didn’t feel fit or lean or confident and I want to help you be successful and feel that way as well.

So also years ago I trained for an Oklahoma, Texas bodied show and I have used that to compete in, in, in in lower carb diets and I’ve been extremely successful. And following those low carb diets to win competitions or get in top honors in that. And when I was 19, when I first did it from 18 to 19, I lost that 83 pounds. So visit the best gym Oklahoma City offers today to learn how.

I got second place in the Oklahoma, Texas teen show and fourth in the men’s doing a low carb high protein diet. So the method worked well for me. I’ve also done like zero carb diets or back in the day I had a guy training, his name was Dave Palumbo. He’s a top by a coach for a lot of the figure fitness bodybuilders in the fitness industry. And he had before ketogenic diets or these new keto diets or even heard of I was doing some of those programs with him, which are like zero carbs, but they do moderate fat and high protein. It’s really kind of where the original ketogenic diet before that crazy even started, he was doing that with lots of his competition like, like mr Olympia competitors, mrs Olympia competitors, top honor competitors to get extremely low diets.

And I actually got the leanest ever following some of those programs with, they’re very, very structured and strategic, not really random, like most ketogenic diets to kind of give ratios that we were like weighing and measure everything. We did that like about 15 years ago, 10 to 15 years ago, those types of programs. So anyways, what I want to do is talk about a couple of the problems with low carb diets and why people don’t like them or don’t stick with them. So the top three problems I look our diets. Amber, can you tell me what the top three problems that you see with most people on low carb diets?

Oh, for sure. People are usually hungry on a low carb diet. They get low blood sugar or they eat too many fats. So those would be probably the top three problems with low carb diets. Visit the best gym Oklahoma City for free nutrition instruction to avoid these.

Yes, I definitely agree. For me, I remember I would get hungry at times because either I didn’t eat enough or I didn’t eat frequent enough. I also had a low blood sugar at times where I’d workout really, really hard and I didn’t have enough carbs in my system or my blood glucose by blood sugar got too low and I got a headache had to lay down. But the big part is, is

But those are definitely, those are the problems because people aren’t using a keto or low carb diet correctly. So those, those are more of the, the problems that you run into when it’s, there is not an exact plan or the plan isn’t followed. Exactly. So tell us what the solutions to those are.

Okay, well the solutions to fixing most of those problems is number one. For the, you know, people getting hungry, the solution would be to eat more fat, fury, protein. So when you’re not, when you’re getting hungry, protein like is very, very difficult to turn into glucose, which would then get an insulin spike, which then stores as fat. It’s almost impossible to happen. So you’re never going to have somebody to say, Oh, I got so fat off eating that extra chicken breast last night that, that, that physically cannot happen.

It cannot work that way. The way your body actually have to chew it, swallow it, digested stomach acids have to break, break down that meat, and then it has to absorb through their intestinal track and then carry the nutrients to liver your liver with and have to convert the proteins into glucose. And that takes anywhere from six to 16 hours at the best gym Oklahoma City has to offer.

So proteins digest slow and they can’t make you fat, but they can definitely fill you up and make you satiated and satisfied. There’s pressure receptors and density receptors in your stomach and add the extra caloric value actually helps as well too. And it cannot store this fat readily so people get hungry. And the solution for that is to eat more fat, free lean protein. So an extra chicken breast is a great example.

So number two on the problems is getting low blood sugar. When we talked about that it’s generally due to people not eating enough and the solution is to eat every two to three hours and to eat a little bit more. Like we talked about, generally when we give a diet program, it tells the right ratio. And then I ended up finding out that the person was eating. So if it says like, you know, eat like a six ounces of chicken, they’re eating only eating like three, and then I’ll say, well, when was your, when was the next meal?

It was like six hours later. So they’re eating like next to nothing and they’d gone too long and too small of an amount. The blood sugar definitely gets way too low. So at times it’s not the problem with the program, it’s the problem with the actual follow through with the programming. It’s the human issue. So low blood sugar don’t eat enough.

The solution is to eat every two to three hours. So you need to eat more and you need to eat every two to three hours and the number three problem and the solution to it as people with adding too many fats into the diet. This new keto craze, I want to emphasize like a lot of people that you do keto diets, like they are starting to throw so many extra fats like cheeses and dressings and all sorts of things too.

Yeah. Nuts. And so, and those are, they’re not terrible, but what PR, what happens is the body is not going to burn your stored body fat if you eat all the fat in your meals, what happens? Your body’s going to use what’s in your stomach first over what’s on your body as storage reserves. So don’t add fats or just limit your fats to extremely limited amounts or follow what the program is saying.

Like when I get programs out to people follow it, it says don’t add like 16 slices of cheese to every chicken breast. I mean, you’re getting way more caloric value from your cheese than the chicken breast. Now it’s a little carb, but it’s not actually going to be targeting the fact that your body will always choose to preference to take a preference on the food that you ate in your stomach over its stored body fat on your body, the visceral fat, or on your hips and your thighs and your butt and your gut.

So three issues. People get hungry. The solution is eat more fat, free protein, low blood sugar, eat more often and more closer together. Every two to three hours. Number three too many fats in the diet. Stop adding all those fricking fats to every single meal, and stop adding cheese to every single meal. Stop adding dressings to every single meal, and stop adding too many like nuts and avocados and things like that to every single meal.

Why? It’s not unhealthy. It’s just not. You’re going to use that instead of your store and you’re going to plateau and you kind of get frustrated cause you’re not dropping as quickly as you want. So another cool fact here, I want to go into an article written by healthline.com they talk about why do low carb diets work and talks about the mechanisms in detail explained. And when I give a brief summary, this basically talks about 23 studies, 23 high quality studies in humans.

And it talks about how these 23 studies show anywhere from two to three times more weight loss versus other low calorie point system diets or low fat diets. So this is where the low carb diet is actually shown to be superior in weight loss. Then the regular locale, low calories, lower point systems or lower fat diets. So two to three times more beneficial. So the HDL cholesterol in these, in this, in this article talks about that’s the good cholesterol.

Your good cholesterol is actually going way up on these programs and your bad, the LDL, the low density lipoproteins that causes heart attack, stroke, diabetes, all those major, all the top three killers in America, the bad cholesterol goes down on these diets. So it’s great for your cholesterol, the on the healthy cholesterol. And it destroys and takes down the bad cholesterol, which are all big wins.

Another thing with blood sugar, you’re not eating a lot of carbs. Carbs directly affect your blood sugar. So your blood sugar goes down, insulin goes down, improvements on all type two diabetics, that’s 80% of everybody with diabetes. All of that drastically reduces. So 80% of all diabetics could benefit from this major. So blood sugar goes down, blood pressure goes down. How many people have blood pressure issues, especially over 40 and 50 on the American diet.

So that your blood pressure’s going to go down into normal blood glucose is going to go back down to normal. A1C is going to improve a type two diabetics. Most of them can get off their medications or drastically reduce their medications. And then this study, it talks about all this stuff. This is on healthline.com by an a writer named Chris gunners. If you want to Google it, G U N N a R S in June of 2017.

So look it up if you want to get into the details of it. And it talks about how fat on the gut and in the organs and then all around the body on the visceral fat is all drastically reduced. So the fats inside your body and outside your body is reducing that pretty dramatically. And the inflammation when your, your glucose goes low, which is basically the carbs are low in your body, there’s less swelling and so inflammation goes down and you’ll feel a lot better, feel lighter on your feet.

And the insulin levels also go down, which is the main primary storage hormone that’s like really helps you gain fat is insulin. So insulin is that hormone that your body releases in relation to high carbs and high sugars and stuff. That hormone goes down and you bought your body will freely start giving up its fat reserves.

When the insulin levels are low, your body freely gives up its fat reserves and weight loss than a occurring at a substantial rate. That’s what happened to me. And in nine months I lost 83 pounds. And you can do it too. There’s tons of people. I’m going to show you some examples of that at the best gym Oklahoma City has to offer. So you have some social proof of people we’ve worked with that have been strongly successful in weight loss.

And as we have a ton of that on YouTube, if you look up YouTube on Colaw Fitness results or core fitness reviews, you’ll see tons of that on YouTube. So anyways another cool fact is high protein and most of these diets that are lower in carb all have higher protein ratios and when the high higher protein goes up, it actually increases your metabolism. It builds muscle, it reduces the appetite, and it also keeps your muscle.

If you’re trying to really lose weight and you’re calorically restricting the protein, basically spares the muscle so you keep a leaner, more toned version of yourself. You know, I call it skinny fat. When you just reduce calories, you get smaller, but you still say ooey-gooey but are eating higher protein, you’re going to get smaller but maintain the muscle tissue and you look like a leaner fit, more toned version of yourself.

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So the higher protein in that low carb diets has beneficial and low carb diets have a big metabolic advantage over a lot of the other low calorie ones in the T in the 23 different studies cause high protein is harder to digest. It makes your metabolism work a little harder to break it down. And the energy from the proteins, that’s the amino acids that have to convert into glucose. When you eat protein, your body has to break down those proteins into amino acids and then to change that into glucose, that’s a conversion called glycolysis conversion of amino acids into glucose.

I know it’s really wordy, but basically what I’m saying is you lose about one third, the chicken breasts, 150 calories, you’re going to lose 50 calories just through the conversion of amino acids into glucose in a dieting state. So it’s hard for your body to, to, to turn it into sugar or turn it into energy readily and actually increases your metabolism and helps you actually burn fat faster. So sometimes it, even higher calorie of protein actually makes you lose fat faster, which is almost in complete opposition to calories in, calories out.

I know this for sure, I’ve trained literally 5,000 clients taking measurements and stats and the lower the carb and the higher the protein ratio, the faster the visceral fat seems to pull off the body. For the most part there is a certain time frame where they’re really getting low to a competition.

We have to actually restrict some of the proteins to actually get them super shredded. If they’re a stubborn loser, they have a really hard time getting that last bit off. But most of the time the lower the carb, the higher the protein, nine out of 10 times, they just continue to lean out. And that’s why I want to just encourage you guys, I, I’ve done it in real life with caliper testing every two weeks on bunches and bunches of clients, thousands of clients over the years.

I am an eight time certified trainer. I’ve trained all around multiple States and worked all over the place. I’ve got a lot of certifications in nutrition and dietary guidance and wanting to let you know that 70 to 80% of your success is your nutritional plan. I’m really big on these lower carb, higher protein ratio diets.

They are extremely successful. I promise you, you try it, you will probably love it as long as you do it correctly. And then the other 30%, 70 to 80% is your food and then the other 30% is your rest and your weights and you’re in your cardio that you do. That makes a difference as well. So the food is the most important thing. It’s the pinnacle aspect. It’s really making sure you do that correctly. So what I want you to do, the call to action Amber will tell all the wonderful people out there a little bit about our CF 30 plan that we have at all of our gyms.

Yeah, you bet. The [inaudible] is a plan we created many years ago. That gives you a very easy to follow template. It gives you, your workout, gives you nutrition guide. And we’ve even got that coming out into the CF 30 book that you can purchase at all the clubs.

It’ll have a 30 day journal, you can track all your information and every month you can just get another book and start over and just keep the process going. It’s, it’s just got tons of information in it, makes it super easy to understand, super easy to follow. So we totally recommend getting into the club and signing up for the CFP class and also purchasing the book.

Yes. And the CF 30 is just amazing. It’s, if you don’t know what you’re doing, w complete mind freedom, like Amber said, grab that book, go through that free class and you’ll have complete mind freedom to get started. So go look at our YouTube videos. Type in off fitness reviews on YouTube. Type in, go to YouTube, youtube.com. Go to Colaw fitness and type in reviews or testimonials.

And you’ll see literally hundreds and hundreds of people just like yourself. Find somebody like you, listen to their story about losing weight and getting in great shape. Following a lot of these principles we’re talking about. I encourage you to at a colon fitness and the low, the closest call fitness to you. A the best gym Oklahoma City and we have memberships for as low as $1 down to sign up. That’s for the whole first month and then it’s as low as $5 a month after that.

What I want you to do is to also know you have a money back guarantee. If for the first 30 days you do the diet to see if 30 plan the workout program and it’s not a good fit for you, we’ll give you your dollar back so there’s no risk, there’s no commitment. So go to Colaw fitness, sign up for $1. Use the whole month of fitness, tanning and massage, free trainer instruction, free nutrition instruction.

You can bring a friend with you every single day, can be a different friend. They can use everything. They can go do the CFC, a 30 class, they could sit through the class as well. Come check out everything for as low as $1 for the whole month. And if you don’t like it, you get your money back. It’s as low as $5 a month. So I just encourage you to do that. Go to the [inaudible] class, go to the CF 30 class, go to the [inaudible] class and then just execute on it perfectly for 30 days.

It will change your life, I promise. So like I said, don’t believe me. Look at colon fitness, YouTube videos, read those radios type. Look at colo fitness reviews, read all of our reviews. I am a former a fitness competitor, a champion fitness. I won mr Oklahoma super heavyweight years ago and I’ve got eight national certifications and training. I’ve trained thousands of clients and me and my wife have built a multimillion dollar business in multiple States.

All from fitness and training people one on one. So I just want you to go out there, look us up, research us, and check it out. Go to that CF 30 class and you can be successful that this is Charles and Amber Cola with a, you can do this podcast. Have a very blessed day and we talked to you.

Talk to you tomorrow. Bye bye and see you soon at the best gym Oklahoma City offers.