Episode 28 - Morning Routine = Fitness Success

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Hey there, super team. This is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw on the, you can do this podcast and today we’re going to come to you and talk about morning routine equals fitness success. So say hello Amber morning. Awesome. Hey, well we wanted to connect you to you guys on what our routine is and why it’s important to us and how it has helped us become successful in fitness and in business.

And we want you to be successful as well and develop a good morning routine so that you can get fitness success and personal success, business success. Anything that you’re wanting to achieve is really great to get set up in the morning cause it spills out into the rest of the day. Success breeds more success.

So our morning routine we noticed that when we didn’t have our morning routine, we were waking up late. We’re kind of crashing through the day. We’re running behind and it’s like that negative vibe creates more negative vibe. So we created a morning routine and we stuck with that for about the last Oh 12 years or so. And our morning, morning routine starts at 5:00 AM . Amber, can you walk us through that?

You can do this podcast

You can do this podcast

Yeah. Every morning we’re up at 5:00 AM, that’s a first thing we do is take our pre-workout and head out to the best gym in OKC. So that’s our first thing. We knocked that off. Our list gets it’s awake, we’re excited. Well not always super excited for your workout, you know, at 5:00 AM, but that gets you going, kind of gets you awake so you don’t feel that sleepy dragging through the morning. So we tried to knock out our workout between five and six and then we head in, hit the office.

Our first goal is to get our emails down to zero, create our task list for the day, get our whole day prioritized in schedule, in anything that we need to, and then we meet back up and have breakfast together and then get ready for the day. And we’ve got everything done that we need to get done before 9:00 AM, which is usually when our appointments for the day starts. So that’s kind of our basic rundown of our morning routine.

Absolutely. we have learned that if we don’t get ahead of the day and before everybody wakes up, it’s like you’ve got kids, you’ve got appointments, you’ve got to get ready, you don’t have your food ready for the day, you can’t plan your meals for the day. So you really, you really the main problem I see with people and trying to achieve fitness success or personal life success is they, they are unscheduled and they’re unplanned.

But if you failed a plan, you are Fe. If you’re, if you’re failing to plan, you are planning to fail. And this is written in a lot of our dietary books and our [inaudible] plan that we have for our free trainer program at Colaw fitness, it’s called CF-30. We talk about that as one of the main components. If you fail to plan your day, you’re planning to fail. So we want to make sure that you have fitness success.

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So people are not planning their day. That is the problem. And so you have to basically take leftovers for the day. Most people don’t wake up early enough to set up their day for success. There’s just no time for that. They don’t have their own personal time to kind of get their mind right, their emotions right. And they’re just basically hurry off to work, crashing through the day, grabbing what they can for food when they can, and then they throw a workout whenever they think they can at the end of the day.

And I used to do that and I would never got really good set routines on my workout, my personal life. I never got my devotions in every day. And so I just hated the mental frustration is the called cognitive dissonance. It’s where you’re not mentally happy with yourself because you know you could do better at it.

It wasn’t until I mastered going to bed and then waking up early so I could start my day before everybody else gets up and have it planned out, prepped and ready that I felt really successful. And my fitness took a whole nother level and my body fat went down and my, basically my life has changed. So the solution for you guys is to wake up, I would say four hours before your first work appointment.

That gives you plenty of time to basically that’s about at least two hours before your house wakes up. So if you, if you have kids or a wife or anything that could derail you or distract you, there’s a whole less, a whole lot less distractions when everybody else is still asleep. So four hours before anybody else wakes up, hits your workout, come in, get your day planned. Is your emails as zero?

Make a task list, prioritize your task list, clean up, get a good breakfast, make sure you’re mentally right. Do your devotions do some scripture and all that kind of stuff. Cause next thing you know your minds, right? Your emotions are right and you’re set up, you know exactly what to do. You’ve got basically mind freedom. You got a document, tells you exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and you’ve prioritized it and you feel like you’re just killing it.

So here’s some really cool facts. Just to let you know, 91% of successful people eat breakfast. So that’s 91%. Successful eat breakfast. Over 50% of all successful people wake up before 7:00 AM. So half of all the successful people are getting up before 7:00 AM. If you’re waking up at nine or after, only 2% of people are successful. So if you’re hitting snooze, you’re losing.

If you’re waking up after nine, you’re only have a 2% chance of becoming a successful person. Statistically. there’s an article written at 21 day, hero.com. It’s titled morning routines, a definitive guide to your best morning ritual. It basically helps you kind of outline kind of what would work for you. Also gives you some statistics. They also say 65% of successful people exercise first thing in the morning. 65% of successful people work out in the morning.

So if you’re not working out, you’re not in the successful group or the majority 38% of people get their emails to a T D it down to zero first thing in the morning, 22% do some sort of prayer devotion or meditation to get their mind and emotions, right. 22% practice gratitude and 22% read. So a lot of these people, like I, we do a lot of these same principles every morning.

It’s, it’s almost like everybody does the same thing in the world of success. So I have worked out with trained clients of five to over 5,000 different people over 15 years. And w wouldn’t you say Amber, that most of the successful people we’ve seen, like people that have prominent jobs, people that have businesses, most all of them do that first thing in the morning. Oh, absolutely. Yes. Like I remember training at the best gym in OKC. It’s like you go in the morning, everybody’s on mission.

Everybody’s, you know, they’ve got a place to go. They’re hitting their workouts, they’re not going their stuff out. They’d get their workout shakes, they got their pre-workout post-workout, they go home, they get ready, everybody’s attacking the day early on. So if you come to one of the Colaw best gym in OKC at like 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM, everybody there is diligent doers, a players knocking things out. And it’s just a totally different type of feel.

Totally different crowd as well. So calls to action. What I want you guys to do is work at work, at trying to get up, go to bed at a good time. So know that if you gotta get at least six to eight hours of sleep, make sure you’re getting to bed at a good time. And then waking up for maybe at the least three hours before anything that you have to do, like a first appointment. And make sure you wake up and you hit your basically do a count down like three to one and get up.

So as soon as you hear your alarm go three, two, one, and then just get straight up and go work out. First thing I like to grab a pre-workout, go straight to the best gym in OKC. Next thing you know, within 15 or 20 minutes and my mind is right, but you can’t wait for your emotions to line up.

You have to take action over emotion. So wake up first thing in the morning of about four hours before your first appointment. Hit the best gym in OKC. I like 5:00 AM your alarm for 5:00 AM. Hit it, get there, you’re within 15 minutes, you’re at the gym. Get your workout done. Get back at your emails to zero. Make your personal task list. So wake up four hours before your first appointment workout. That’s two. Number three, get all of your emails to zero.

And from there you’re building to task lists of personal and professional items. So make a task list of personal and professional items, then you that what’s the most urgent and important and then schedule it and schedule all your tasks out. And that will make your whole day basically be a mind frame document. You can follow and knock out a ton of stuff.

And most of the time Amber and I have by probably 10 or 11, we’ve done more than most people do all day. And it feels super rewarding to have everything done. Emails, calls, lots of stuff, one or two appointments before half the days or even over with. Anyways, so just love it. I think it’s morning routine is essential when visiting the best gym in OKC. The takeaway for me is you cannot control what happens throughout the day, but you can control before the whole world wakes up.

So if you create a morning routine, by the time the world wakes up and takes you hostage with some sort of burning fire issue or family or friend or work problem or whatever, before that ever even exists, you got all your stuff planned and prioritized and at least you know what you didn’t get done if you didn’t get it done and you at least you had some time to really prioritize.

And work on the things that were the most important and you will be a lot more successful in fitness, your personal life, your spiritual life in, in every area of your life, work and so on. Amber, any other Indian thoughts that you have to, to the, the, the morning routine?

I would go and set your alarm for tomorrow. Right now. Get to bed early, set your alarm early and make it a habit. You’ll feel better about it and you’ll be ahead of the day. You’ll never feel like you’re running behind. So you’ll love that feeling as the, it just continues to become more of a habit in your life. You’ll love it and will enjoy the best gym in OKC for sure.

Absolutely. Well, this is the, you can do it podcast. Our highest desires, your greatest gain. This is the, you can do this podcast with Charles and Amber Colaw. Morning routine equals fitness, fitness success. So set that alarm and knock the day out tomorrow. You guys have a very blessed day. We’ll talk to you soon at the best gym in OKC. Bye. Bye.