Episode 29 - Beginner Fitness - Top 6 Tips

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Hey there, superstars. This is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk to you about beginner fitness, top six tips. So I’m going to give you six tips so that you can be successful as somebody getting back into fitness or just beginning to fitness. And I came across this concept to try to connect with a few people on because in church, and I had a guy that’s about 38, he came up to me at church and asked about what I did for exercise.

He saw that I worked out and he learned that I had a jam. And I did fitness in the past. He says, Hey, I want to lose weight. I want to get in shape. What is the best way to do that? I have not worked out. And like over since high school, like probably 20 years, I haven’t even been in a gym.

You can do this podcast

You can do this podcast

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to do anything. Don’t even know anything about, you know, what, what kind of weights there are or how to use any of it or what kind of diet to be eating. He has no idea, no concept to that. So that’s a, that’s a broad question. It’s really hard for me to just jump on it. But I did come up with a six key things that people need to be doing and when they get started on exercising.

And then I’ll give you a success formula and some mind freeing material that you can then take directly into your life and get traction on. So the problem I see is most people, they just don’t know where to start. Most people have not been in to fitness in the past and, and even the idea of going into a 5 best gyms Arlington TX is really intimidating or to meet with the trainer, they don’t even know the questions to ask.

So most people don’t know where to start. So they basically have not been gym goers. They don’t know any 5 best gyms Arlington TX goers do. And that’s the, the big problems. You just don’t know. And so they just don’t go. And the solution is the top six things that I want people to do is one to exercise daily. When you exercise daily, it says 70% of successful people exercise every day. So it’s a great routine. It increases your blood flow exercising daily actually increases your mood.

There’s serotonin and dopamine orchard pleasure sensors in the brain. You’ve heard of like the runner’s high or the pump. And when somebody is working out those are terms that people use with the CF-30  feeling from exercising. And so daily exercise triggers neuropathways and positive responses and getting a good daily exercise, especially in a morning routine, sets your rest of your day for success.

So the number one thing for beginner fitness is to exercise daily and to try to put in about an hour, which would be a great goal to be doing some sort of activity, some sort of working out for at least an hour a day. And that will help setting you, set yourself up for fitness success, middle success, and just a lot of personalized success as well. You’ll be confident in that.

The number two thing to be doing is your food, your dietary program and the diet is the hugest part by far for success and weight loss and being comfortable in your own skin. And so eating the right foods. I’ve been to lots of different training schools around the country. Apex w w out of the 24 hour group Cooper Institute, I’ve got about six or seven national certifications at lots of different places around the country.

We’ll talk about how important providing dietary guidance to your clients are. And they will say anywhere from 70 to 80% of your success is the dietary guidance or the food guidance that you give them. So eating the right foods is such a huge deal for your health. Your body. Think of your body is like a performance vehicle. If you put half water and half gas in your car’s tank, it’s not going to run well. If you put premium fuel, the best stuff in, you’re going to get a great response and you’re going to feel great.

5 best gyms Arlington TX

Your body’s gonna respond great. Your metal metabolism will speed up, your fat will go away. Certain foods actually make your body lose fat and actually gain muscle tone. High protein rich foods are for healing, repairing growth. Carbs are for energy. Extra carbs spill over into fat reserves. Fat gives it an energy source as well.

Excess fat can turn into fat. Some fats actually help with hormone regulation, so, but eating the right foods at the right times make a huge change in your body. So 70 to 80% percent of your fitness success on what you look like in your body. Fat is the foods that you’re eating. So number one is exercising daily. Number two is eating the right foods. So for beginner fitness success, the first two is exercise and eating the right foods, which isn’t rocket science to people, but I’m just trying to create clarity on that.

And the percentage of those to exercising is about 30% of what your body looks like in comparison to 70% of what the food looks like. So that is important to get the food down. And then with the foods down the working out is gonna make a huge difference and your muscles will start to tone up if that will come down and become a smaller, more solid tone version of yourself.

Okay. The third component I’m gonna talk about here is let’s see. It has to do with journaling your food intake. What happens is as people, they, they don’t have a set plan. They don’t plan the night before. Don’t make meals the night before. They just kind of get up and randomly go throughout their day and they grab what they can, where they can. And if you’re not strategic and purposeful in that, you’re never going to be successful.

And new fitness and fat loss and success far as in good energy, it’s just never going to happen. So I was over 300 pounds in high school. I lost 83 pounds as a trainer. And I felt great, but I had to get down and start journaling it and logging it, which holds myself accountable. So number three is journaling your foods. Once you start doing that, you’re giving yourself a personal accountable, accountable.

You’re, you’re personally accountable for everything that you’re eating and that’s gonna make you have mind awareness of really what you’re doing. And that will improve dramatically just with journaling the food that you’re having eating. Number four is journaling your workouts. When you journal your workouts, you keep track of your wet reps and your sets and your weight, and you can see yourself progress and see yourself change from getting stronger and making improvements in muscular strength, which is how much you can lift.

Also muscular endurance, which is like how many times you can do it in repetition. So journaling that stuff is really good. Also, it kind of motivates you, holds you accountable. It can also be a motivator and encourager to see your progress and your success. So number one, exercise daily. Number two, eating the right foods. And number three, journaling your foods.

Number four, journaling your workouts. And then number five. Number five is getting plenty of sleep and rest. What happens is is you work out your body when you lift weights actually cause what they call a microfiber tear. It’s like where you, it’s not a massive care that’s like damaging to the muscle. It’s just a small stimulation effect where you actually take up, the fibers just barely break apart and then they heal and repair with the healthy proteins in your diet, rebuild stronger and more turgid and fuller and stronger.

So it’s a natural. Did either adapt [inaudible] response. I try to tell people like if you, if you’ve ever done manual labor and you’ve dug a ditch or you’ve worked mainly with your hands, you’ll start to build up a callous. It’s a natural defense mechanism against the stimulus of manual labor, against a tool or working hard and, and some sort of physical activity.

You build a cow. So same thing with a muscle. The muscle will actually say, Oh wait, I’m working hard on a regular basis. I must utilize energy better, must get stronger. I must rebuild myself. So it just adapts to the stimulus just like a callus does. And so I’m getting plenty of rest is what’s needed during that rest time. Your body has what they call HGH, human growth hormone, pulses, which is the growth and repair hormone.

Also. Rest is all the recovery is happening. All the cells are replicating and, and, and, and healing and, and, and, and getting your body back in par. All the hormones, everything is a lot cascade of events, of healing, repairing. And a central nervous system is recovering during sleep. So getting plenty of sleep is a huge component. Six to eight hours is what you need.

Some people need more, some people need less. The big key thing is doing it at the, going to bed at the same time, waking up at the same time routine is so healthy for the body. So going to sleep at nine and then waking up every morning at five things like I, that’s what I do all the time. And that’s, that’s a great routine for going to sleep, waking up and then you know, having your set routines, your body will respond so much better with healthy routines and a good six to eight hours of rest every night you’ll, you’ll, you’re gonna feel a ton better.

You’re gonna recover better. Your body fat will actually go down. Your deep sleep cycle will improve which helps with your hormonal cascade of events that happen throughout the night. So anyways, getting plenty of rest. That’s number five.

Number six is staying motivated to stay motivated. It’s, it’s, it’s a tough thing to stay society. Hey, I’m going to get motivated. I am going to listen to this or talk to somebody or have a workout partner. I am a big person on the principle, the action over emotion. So what I mean by that is that you’re not going to just get motivated without taking action. What happens is, is when you put your feet on the ground and you start walking and get in your car and getting, and you get down to the jam and you start working out, after about five or 10 minutes, the blood flow increases.

That’s the serotonin and dopamine are pleasure hormones in the brain, the blood flow increases and your body, your body actually says, Oh, I feel good now. Now I’m enjoying this. But you have to start with the action over waiting for your emotions to line up to do that.

So getting motivated is a lot about for me and what I tell my clients is just to get down to the 5 best gyms Arlington TX, do a five to 10 minute walk and then just start executing on your workouts. Next thing you know you’re done, you feel great, you leave really encouraged, and then that’s where your motivation kicks in. So action always is first, motivation comes second. So action. I think of the Nike slogan, just do it. Just do it.

Action over emotion. Once you start doing it, then you get motivated about it. A lot of that with business starting to just do a new system, build a new checklist to train new staff. They don’t want to do it. They don’t want to do it. After I have them do it a time or two, then they start actually improving after they started doing it. Do they start to like it? Off courser for being the top of 5 best gyms Arlington TX has available.

So that’s just a great thing. Action over emotion to stay motivated. Just do it. Nike slogan. Think that in your head. Okay. Some calls to action. This is how you can actually implement this and it can be very easy. Complete mind freedom. So the first thing I’m going to say for a call to action, this is your action steps. Okay? So first thing I want you to do is if you’re not a member of go LA fitness, I want you to go down and join colon fitness. Why?

Because there’s a money back guarantee. Your note, there’s no trick to it. We’ll give you your money back. 30 day money back guarantee. Go down. You can sign up for only $1. And the membership price will give you that $1, we’ll give you that full month or what’s remainder in that month down. Just a dollar to get started in the first three days of being there.

If somehow we’re not a good fit for you, we’ll give you a dollar back. There’s no contract, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no risk. I involved. So join,

Colaw Fitness to get down there. That way you have a, you’re in a 5 best gyms Arlington TX, you can start seeing that environment. Our staff is incredible at being super friendly or we’re totally beginner fitness motivated. This is how we train our staff.

This is how we build our companies based upon more of the beginner fitness mindset and the beginner fitness person. We even hire staff that are really known for being good at doing that and connecting with people. So join Cola fitness one down as low as $5 a month. You can go and it’s only five bucks a month. And they can tell you all the details to that, but it’s a great deal. There’s a money back guarantee, no risk.

Check it out, try it out. If you don’t like it, you can fire us and get your dollar back. So what I mean by that is just saying, Hey, we’re not a good fit. Give you your money back so I think we’re going to do great where you’re going to love it. I’m looking at her reviews reader stuff. You can see that we’ve done very well with people but the first thing is go sign ups and get comfortable in the 5 best gyms Arlington TX offers.

Go to Colaw fitness number two for the action step is go to the free free CF 30 class CF 30 stands for Colaw fitness 30 and that’s 30 days. We have a diet and workout program that is super simple to follow and we have a trainer for free that will teach you how to do the workouts, how to follow the diet and get you set up for success.

You have all the mind documents and you have all of the real life in person, people teaching you it for completely free and you get that free with your $1 down and you also get your money back and there’s no strings. If you use the free trainer that whole month, no strings, we’ll still give you a dollar back. There’s no catch on it. So go to the free CF 30 class, learn all about how to use the equipment for, for free.

Pretty much. Go for free, check it out and you could still get your dollar back. Go through the journal, do the program, lose the weight. There’s a diet and a workout program that goes along with it. We also at the front have the CF [inaudible] journal and that’s an actual book that we have. It’s really cheap if you want to get that, that is a journal that you can literally write in.

It has me telling you what to do every day, some motivational quotes, how to shop for the food, how to cook it, how to plan it, how to prep it. It’s like a complete, it’s like me handcuffed to you every day helping you for the first 30 days. Complete mind freedom.

So that you can be successful and that is a journal. You can log your workouts, there’s a checklist on your workouts that you can actually score card yourself and get, see how well you did that day and on your food. You can scorecard yourself on the food and then have some motivational quotes and some scripture and encouragement and some, a little area that you can write what you’re thankful for that day to kind of keep you on track to help you stay motivated. Like I said, I’ve been a trainer for a long time.

In the past I was over 83 pounds. I lost 83 pounds outside of high school is over 303, lost 83 pounds and got in great shape. I’ve competed in one fitness shows, fitness competitions, former mr Oklahoma, super heavyweight where and the whole thing is is I, I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin and I have felt comfortable. I scan and know how that works. I know how the diet thing works and I’d love to kind of be with you one on one in this journal to help you be successful through that 30 days.

And you can also do a personally hold yourself accountable on that journal with a scorecard and you can grade yourself and actually give yourself a grade every day. And how will you do? We’ve done this with thousands. I’ve trained over 5,000 people. I’ve lost a ton of weight and got in great shape.

So follow that program, get that journal, follow that mind frame, journal document and be successful. And then the last thing called action. After you finish your 30 days, you’re going to have lost some weight. You’re going to feel a lot better. You’re going to really leaner more tones, you’re going to be super encouraged. And I want you to do that. The last component here, the, the, that last component is to go encourage others and get somebody else in the fitness mindset into feeling comfortable in their skin.

Again, there’s nothing more beautiful, more encouraging than seeing a client that I have who is comfortable in their skin, encouraged feeling like, Hey, I’ve got my life back on track. I’ve got my fitness back on track and I’ve got a journal for every step of the way of what I did in the past and I know where I’m going to give them mind freedom, mind clarity on success for weight loss, diet programming.

That’s what I want to give to you. Like I said, it’s only $1 down to start. And it’s as low as $5 a month. And if you don’t like it, you can get your money back at the whole end of the program. This is the coal off fitness CF 30 a CFI class. Go join the 5 best gyms Arlington TX, go to the free CF 30 class, get the CF 30 journal, follow the journal do no more, no less than exactly what the journal says. So just follow it to a T. I’m telling you, you will not die. You will not crave, you will be just fine.

There’s no caloric restriction. There’s no feeling miserable. The diet is an amazing at helping you lose weight and get in shape. And then when you’re done, go encourage others after you’ve done it. Go, go, go to find one of our staff and give a testimony. Encourage others, tell them what you did for, as in losing weight and getting in shape and encourage others. I highly encourage you to not just believe me. I highly encourage you. Go to go to YouTube right now. So

Type in youtube.com and go into Colaw Fitness reviews and type all that in Colaw fitness reviews

And watch all of the hundreds, if not thousands of clients. Find somebody that looks like you, a girl. Find a guy, somebody that looks similar to you and just watched video after video and get inspired by them that have followed a lot of these. See if 30 principles I’ve got into losing weight, getting in great shape, they’re going to tell you about the results they’re going to tell you about the 5 best gyms Arlington TX offers. Don’t just believe me.

Go look it up on YouTube. Read the reviews, listen to the testimonials. Go onto Google and type in cold fitness near me and type Colaw fitness near me on Google search. And look at all of our Google reviews, read our reviews, see what people are saying about us. I highly encourage you to do that. Look at us in comparison to our competitors. We’ve done this thousands and thousands of times in multiple States.

Just see the see the success. I don’t just believe me read the reviews. I have one top honors and fitness and bodybuilding. Have got eight national certifications as a trainer. I’ve got a master’s degree from college and in business. And my highest desire is just to help you and encourage you to be successful in your weight loss and your fitness journey. So these are the six top six tips for beginner fitness. And that’s to exercise daily, eat right, journal your food, journal your workouts, get plenty of sleep, stay motivated.

And I’ve given you a way to do that. All you need to do is go to Colaw Fitness, go to the CF 30 class number two. Number three is follow the CF-30 journal. It’s a mind frame journal to follow, and then a do no more, no less than exactly what it says for four and then five, encourage others after you’ve lost the weight and got in great shape. So that’s Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast with the top six tips for beginner fitness. You guys have a blessed day. We talked to you tomorrow. Bye bye and see you at the number 1 of 5 best gyms Arlington TX offers.