Beginner Fitness Basics | Episode 3

Today we’re going to talk to you about the beginner fitness basics.

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw on the daily podcast that provides you with the proven idiot proof path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast.

Hello, this is the Charles and Amber podcast for Colaw Fitness and Arlington gyms. And today we’re going to talk to you about the beginner fitness basics. So this is Charles and Amber Cola with Cola fitness. Uh, today we’re going to talk first off about did you know that only 23% of Americans get enough exercise? Did you know that neighbor? I could probably have guessed that yes, we’ve learned, yes.

So if you think about that, that’s 77%. So there’s 10 people lined up. It’s almost eight out of 10 people aren’t doing anything further health and fitness as far as an exercising and so on. So it’s a huge concern. Of course, obesity, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, um, uh, uh, obesity is, is huge in America and everybody knows that. But, uh, that’s the reason why the fitness trend is growing. People are becoming aware and, uh, we want to do is provide some easy Collazo keys to success to be successful.

So, um, in this, uh, there is a report that comes out by or from time magazine. And the report comes from the center of disease control, the CDC and the prevention national center for health statistics that in C H S they say that adults need about 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise. And basically a 77% of us Americans are not doing that.

So today, Amber and I are going to talk to you about the Colaw keys to success so that you can make it and have it be sustainable and not be too tough to keep up with that and be in that 23% of killer, awesome Americans that have a great daily routine of staying healthy and fit through exercise. So today we’re going to go through that. Uh, first off for the Colaw keys to success, um, on these beginner fitness basics is you’ve got to set realistic goals like go to Arlington gyms.

So the first thing is to set realistic goals. Um, and what we do and what we have taught a lot of people to do, far as in Cooper Institute. I’ve got eight national certifications around the country, got like five from the Cooper Institute. Um, back in the early two thousands, I took a lot of fitness training classes. They would talk about 20 minutes three times a week and drop your chance of heart attack and stroke by like threefold.

Beginner Fitness Basics

I can’t remember the exact statistics and I have it in front of me, but I remember that that is such a huge, that plaque buildup. Um, that’s like the plumbing in your system. Um, it clears out through exercise or then I got three month study. Dr. Kenneth Cooper, you just have these studies that came out that show you can actually reverse, um, heart attack, stroke and diabetes through exercise and eating a healthier diet.

And exercise may actually just the exercise for 20 minutes I think was showing that reduction in the plaque buildup in the artery and the veins and huge reversing of uh, health effects, which those are all heart attack, stroke, diabetes, those are all the top killers in America that are centered around circulatory health. So setting realistic goals, what the goal is is that, um, uh, me and Amber have always encouraged people to Cooper would talk about 20 minutes, three times a week is all you need at your target heart rate to reduce those chances of heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

It’s literally 60 minutes. See, even less than what the CDC is saying, but some of those statistics are saying even of all you did was coming to the gym 20 minutes, three times a week, you can actually help your health, reverse a heart health effects drop your chances of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. This is some advice on beginner fitness basics.

It’s just amazing. So the first thing for they call us, uh, keys to success is to exercise, uh, 20 minutes, three times a week minimum. And that would be our first step. And that’s not unrealistic. It’s one hour a week. Come on people. You could do it. Uh, the second, uh, thing for, uh, keys to success is what Amber work out with the buddy. Yes. Workout with a buddy. Everybody does better with a friend to motivate and hold them accountable. Uh, colon fitness, our GMs actually every single membership, there’s no upcharge, there’s no upsells.

We have free friend benefits everyday at Arlington gyms. So if you have a membership, which we have memberships for as low as $5 a month, it is the cheapest Arlington gyms in the country and it’s nicer than 99% of the gyms as well. But you get to bring a friend every time you come and they can use everything in the club. We will provide you with plenty of beginner fitness basics.

They can work out, they can tan, they can go to free trainer classes, they can get nutrition classes. So it’s just amazing. But everybody knows you do better when you have a buddy or you can hold, uh, somebody is accountable to you or you have somebody to do it with. So, um, that is one of the next, uh, keys to success. Uh, another key to success is to keep a workout journal. Um, by keeping a workout journal. Recording your workouts is huge for being successful. I’ve done fitness and bodybuilding and powerlifting, um, competitions.

Um, in one mr Oklahoma super heavyweight back in 2007, runner up in 2010, um, for the super heavyweight division. Um, and I would record every single thing into journals and I had a coach helping me. But, uh, when you keep a workout journal, record your workout, how much you’re walking, what you did, how much weights you lifted at your Arlington gyms, so on, it helps you stay on track.

It keeps you self accountable. So we have really simple to follow premade journals at the front, at Cola fitness that you can be successful so that we gives you complete mind freedom to hold yourself successful. So there’s actually, we have, it’s called the CF 30 journal. It is an idiot proof, easy to follow journal. You just pick it up and follow it. Actually has the food plan in it, has the workout plan in it, has your cardio plan in it and a checklist to check it off every day. So you can get it done very, very quickly in just a few minutes every day that you’re on track with your workouts and your diet and its complete mind freedom to just follow that simple journal.

So we’ve done that and we’ve had thousands and thousands of people. You can look at their YouTube videos, Colaw Fitness, YouTube, uh, results or colon fitness results on YouTube and listen to people’s testimonies on that. So you don’t have to believe me on this. You can just go to YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews and you’ll see tons and tons of people that have followed these programs.

So working out with a buddy, uh, so setting realistic goals, keeping a workout journal, working out with a buddy and Amber, what’s next for your goal to be successful? Colaw Fitness, keys to success, pacing yourself, pacing yourself. This, this is where you know, Amber, tell us a little bit about this. Yes, we will talk more about beginner fitness basics on this section.

Well, you definitely want to pace yourself. You don’t want to set, you know, we already talked about not setting your goals too high, making them realistic. So you also want to pace yourself. Don’t do more than five hours in, don’t go and do five hours in the Arlington gyms, don’t train, attempt to lift thousands of pounds your first day. We have a lot of people that want to jump back in and they think they’re going to go in and lift the weight they did and their high school weight lifting class. It’s really an unhealthy way to start really pacing yourself, set small goals and attain those each and every day. But be consistent at that.

Yes, and you can hurt yourself. A lot of people jump in right away and they try to like, Oh, I’m going to just get in shape tomorrow and I’m going to just kill it. And so they jump in and they work out like a, like a mad man and you don’t see them again for six months. So what you want to do is, you know the tortoise and the hair, the hair is the one that takes off and then it gets bored with it and or you know, gets burnt out on it and it gets distracted. The tortoise is the one that’s steady, steady, steady, so steady wins the race. So pace yourself, don’t do more than five hours in Arlington gyms or attempt to live a thousand pounds. You will burn out fast and hate your workout. Have seen a tons of times.

Next up is uh, on the keys to success is to dress the part. You don’t have to be a fitness gear freak and wear your headband and your elbow sleeves in your, your, uh, your fighter masks and your, you know, all your cool stuff. But you don’t have to be all into that. But it does feel good when you have the right clothing, the right equipment that you feel comfortable in your skin and you feel motivated to work out. You feel like you’re put together.

So I always tell people, dress the part, get some good workout a closer. You feel comfortable, you feel good about yourself and you don’t feel out of place. So get dressed the part, get the right, get the right clothing that you will be successful in that. It’s like dress. It’s like work into like some people will go to work and if they’ve all frumpy and they’re not wearing, but if they dress nice and they dress for success, they are also the act that way as well. So dress the part for the fitness goal. Um, and then the last key takeaway we’re going to talk to you about today on the Colac Eatsa success is to Amber. You take this one,

educate yourself, sign up for some free trainer classes that we provide. Um, Google search, anything. You have a question on. Watch YouTube videos. There’s all kinds of things out there from blogs and podcasts. You can read books. Um, the internet has made fitness so much easier. You have all that information ready at your fingertips. So take advantage of that. Educate yourself, ask questions. We’ve got great friendly staff. They’d love to help. And if they don’t know they’re going to help you find the answer or they’ll find someone who does. Um, and also don’t just educate yourself, but also we willing to help others in the gym. Look for those people that um, might just be beginning and help them, you know, on their way to success.

Yes. Okay, we’re going to go bam, bam, bam. Right through these like rapid fire. And Amber is going to tell us these top takeaways from today’s podcast. So tell us about these top takeaways. What are they, Amber.

Okay. Top takeaways today. Remember, don’t be the 77% of lazy Americans. You can totally do it. Be part of the 23% one to set realistic goals. Three, workout with a buddy for pace yourself. Five, dress the part and six, educate yourself with these beginner fitness basics.

Yes. So the action step, I want to give you guys a really simple action step. That’s one step to get you successful. And that is to join colon fitness. It’s only $5 a month and we actually have a 30 day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll give you your money back. There’s no risk. So we want you to get in the gym, start doing a program. It’s five bucks a month and you can bring your friend every time for free.

They can try it out with UCU and or Frank and try it out if there’s any concerns with it. You can always get your money back in the first 30 days and while you’re doing that, that first 30 days signed up and get on the free [inaudible] program. It’s a CF Cola fitness 30 day program. Get the journal, that’s the CF 30 journal and that will have a dot. There you can find a lot of information about beginner fitness basics.

It’s basically a little book that tells you exactly what to eat, what time to eat, how much water to be drinking, what work exercises did you do each day atĀ Arlington gyms and it’s all done in about 30 minutes a day and you can be successful far as in food workout and you follow a mind frame document that’s a template and tons of people have gotten great results. So proof, don’t believe me, please don’t just believe me on this. Go watch colon fitness reviews, type in on YouTube, colon fitness reviews and listen to somebody like you that’s been successful. Following these programs, becoming superstars, dropping weight, getting in shape, improving their confidence, making themselves feel comfortable in their own skin.

I was 303 pounds in high school. I lost 83 pounds with a trainer. He gave me a mind frame template to follow and I felt so much better, felt really successful. I finally could actually run again and not want to die. So you come check it out. Go to get the social proof, but believe me, look it up. Colaw Fitness reviews on YouTube. Watch the videos so you can get motivated and then go pick up the simple to follow C of 30 journal and you’ll be another successful at story. We want you to be a success story. We want you to motivate others as well, and that is it for the Colaw fitness, Charles and Amber Colaw fitness podcast. Bye bye.