Episode 30 - Losing weight FAST

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw on the daily podcast that provides you with the proven idiot proof path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast.

Oh, this is Charles. Go out with the, you can do a podcast. And today I’m going to talk to you about losing weight fast, how to lose weight fast. So this is geared towards people that if you’re wanting to take a trip and you’re wanting to drop a quick pounds, you have a wedding or a special event that you’re having to get to and you want to lose some weight fairly quick. And most people want to do that sometimes on a vacation and things like that.

So this is geared towards that. So would I have done, and Amber has done is we generally eat a lower carb, higher protein diet and pick up some cardio and weights and do that. But I’m going to talk to you about a whole bunch of different items that can beneficial for losing weight fast and being successful doing that.

And first thing I have for you guys is to cut your sugar. Habit. Sugar is one of the things that actually increases your hunger. When you’re eating sugar, you actually crave more sugar and actually more fuel food. There’s a hormone called serotonin and dopamine. Those are pleasure hormones in the body. It’s the same kind of hormones that F that that get increased from like cocaine and different types of drugs, also sex and things like that.

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So there’s pleasure hormones that occur and sugar is highly addictive and it actually increases your hunger and wants you to eat more. So cutting your sugar habit is a huge thing that you want to be doing to lose weight fast. Number two is a, be a mindful eater. You want to choose to eat slower and choose to eat options that you know are healthier. When you let yourself have time to actually eat the food and let it sit in your stomach, there’s actually pressure receptors and density receptors in your stomach.

And it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for that to occur and release a hormone called a Geiken, which is actually tells your body that you’re full or getting full. So you have to eat slower. So being a mindful eater is number two, and that will help you be more successful by just eating slower within itself. Number three thing component is meal prep. If you’re not preparing your meals the night before, you’re gonna have basically no game plan.

And so you’re rushing around throughout the day, eating what you can when you can. A lot of times fast food options are poor options. So I want you to do meal prep. Number three, make your meals the night before. Plan your meals the night before to go to the fitness centers in Arlington. Put them in a container, put them in some sort of to go container that you can have so that when you’re going through the day, you can just grab it and go and be successful.

So number four is we want you to actually feel good about your, I want you to love your body. Number four is love your body. Start thinking positive about yourself. Say I’m successful, I’m happy, I’m attractive, I look good. And that kind of stuff makes you more mindful on respecting yourself and saying, I’m going to choose better options. And it’s a, it’s a, it’s a great positive way of thinking.

I know what I’m thinking about trying to stay fit a lot and sometimes I checked myself in the mirror. I’m always wanting to check to make sure that I’m staying trim or whatever, especially when I was competing in bodybuilding. But I’m loving your body and start thinking positive about yourself. Is he huge component as well for joining the fitness centers in Arlington TX today. And number five is lifting weights. Weightlifting boost your metabolism. It actually can boost your metabolism for 48 hours after the actual event.

So what happens? Do you have a, when you work out, you actually cause that that soreness in the muscles caused from it with they call microfiber tear. It’s a small tear in the muscle and then it takes time and energy and calories to heal and repair that. And so that soreness generally takes at least 48 hours to recover. So lifting weights causes an increase in metabolism even at rest for up to 48 hours after the event.

So start lifting weights. Number six is drinking lots of water. Water has no calories. It fills you up and it’s super healthy and a super great detoxifier. A 70 to 80% of your total body mass is water, 80% or sort of the things about 68%, I think is the actual stat of your body is actually fluid or water. And 80% of muscle mass is water.

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So your number one antioxidant and detoxifier as water it flushes your have helps regulate your metabolism every time you when you go to the bathroom and dedicate like a number to your body out then releases fluid. So your body actually regulates metabolism. The more fluid you have, the more that your test will track, can actually push and push meals in and out of the body. So drinking lots of fluids, regulates metabolism, helps with metabolic function and is a great detoxifier fills you up.

So drinking lots of water. Number seven is avoiding alcohol, alcohol, and alcoholic drinks. They have a high calorie value. For example, let’s say like a protein or carbs have only four calories per gram. Fat is nine calories per gram and alcohol is seven calories per gram. So alcohol is very fast to absorb and it has almost the same caloric density as a fat.

So it’s a fast absorbing, almost like a fat. The, the big thing is is that if you drink a lot of alcohol, think about college and people go start drinking and so on. They can put along that, that, that freshman 20 or whatever. But the more you drink, the more you’re going to gain weight and it’s very fast to absorb. High calorie and fast to absorb is not a great combination. So avoid alcohol and alcoholic drinks if you want to lose weight fast.

A set number eight is taking up a new act of habit. So instead of sitting around and watching TV or doing something that doesn’t have any type of activity around it, pick up something like going on a bike ride, going for a jog, going for a walk and start doing that on a daily basis. Even 20 minutes every day you’ll start noticing your body tightens up more.

I, I will very often do a 20 minute power walk just through the middle of the day. It’s like I’m going to take a break and do a 20 minute power rock just around my block and I can tell it actually makes me leaner and more toned just with a 20 minute power walk. So things like that are great. It’s also great to clear your mind and get you a refresh and restart. Number nine is eating fish.

Fish is super low in fat, like super low in fat, most most fish and it’s very low in carbohydrates. Like no carbohydrates. It’s a super healthy, lean protein. I competed in bodybuilding, I’ve moved to fish a lot of the times in the last month and I’d get that extra edge and the extra leanness to my body. So fish is amazing. Eating a lot of fish is a big win for losing weight.

Fast. Number 10, eating a lot of protein. C protein rich foods actually digest difficult in the body has, you have to chew it, you have to swallow it, have to digest it. Stomach acids have to break down that protein into amino acids that carries it to the liver. The liver has to carry on a process called glycolysis. It converts amino acids into glucose. It’s going to extract energy from it. And it’s a very, very difficult take six to 16 hours to fully break down a protein.

But protein only has a primary function of healing and repairing growth. It’s not an energy function. And so your body has to work hard to break it down. Thus it increases your metabolism. So the more protein you’re eating, the fast your resting metabolic rate is. And you’re going to be building lean muscle tissue. So it’s a perfect component for food to fill you up, speed up your metabolism, and build muscle.

So eating lots of protein is a big win. Number 11 is eating. Number 11 is eating smaller meals, five to six of them a day. Spent a spread out throughout the day. I tell my clients, eat every three hours. So you eat a meal, you chew it, you swallow it, it goes to your stomach, your stomach acids then start breaking it down, hits the pressure receptors, dentistry receptors in the stomach. It then goes into the intestinal tract, the silliest or it’s absorbed the nutrients and then that has an gastric emptying and then your stomach is now becoming an empty again.

And that metabolic rate is then pushing and articulating that food source through your intestinal tract. At the same time, the stomach is not emptying, but then you’re adding, that’s about three hours later, another meal and another meal. So you’re constantly keeping your whole internal function of your internal organs, processing and digesting food all throughout the day in moderate size meals.

So all throughout [inaudible] the day your metabolism is running and running. And running and running and running and digesting and processing foods opposed to eating a large volume of food one time a day and your body speeds up to break it down and then pushes it through and it slows down for hours and hours and hours and hours. So there’s no metabolic, low stomach acids breaking down or over articulating the food through the intestinal tract.

No silly absorbing, no digestive acids processing when you just eat one large volume of meal. So your metabolism slows down and it thinks, Oh, I only get a meal once or twice a day. I need to hang on to these calories. But when your body gets it all the time, it knows it’s getting food all the time and it will utilize those nutrients more efficiently if you time it throughout the day and five to six meals.

So five to six small meals throughout the day, every three hours speeds up the metabolism and that’s a big win for losing fat, fast and losing weight fast. So number 12 is skipping the starch starches like bread and so on. Those turn into sugar in the body really quickly. And then that turns into fat and it can actually increase your body fat really, really quickly. So starches and sugars, sweets, things like that. So skipping the starch, so push those carbs away, push the breads and starches away.

Don’t eat those. Those will help you. Basically hold the fat and, and keep weight on your body. Number 13 is I ever see those people that jiggle their leg or fidget all the time. Studies are now showing that they can eat a thousand calories more a day and still stay lean. That extra activity of fidgeting and leg jugglers and things like that. So come by the fitness centers in Arlington today and get started.

So the more that you’re constantly moving and doing things like that, you can actually eat more and still stay. Lean studies are showing, so that is number 13 leg jugglers and fidgeters be a leg juggler and a fidgeter. And move around more just at rest as every little bit of energy expenditure accounts throughout the day that the a thousand calories worth number 14, sleep, more sleep, more sleep. You want it, you’ve got to get six to eight hours of good sleep.

That helps with a good HGH pulse. You get a good REM sleep cycle. The more HGH that pulses your body will actually utilize calories more efficiently. You’ll have less fat on your body that youthful hormones are released. The HGH POLST is released in your deep sleep cycles and you’ll have more of those and you’ll have a harder hit of those, and that’s going to help your body stay leaner and healthier.

So you’ve got to get more sleep. Number 15 is working out with a friend. Number 15 is working out with a friend. Everyone needs accountability and needs motivation sometimes. So having a workout partner be regular is super helpful. And I call it a fitness centers in Arlington all of our clubs, we have a free guest privileges. They get to bring a guest any day, every day a different one every time for free. And they get to use everything in the fitness centers in Arlington.

There’s no upsells to it. They get to work out, they can tan, they can massage, they can use the free trainer, they can do everything just like you when they come with you. So that I would definitely focus on having a workout with a friend, having a friend. That’s a workout buddy number 16. And the last fitness tip is eating tons of greens, especially the STEM stock and leaf that’s eating tons of greens.

Those are vegetables that are coming from the STEM, the stock or the leaf, and have unlimited amounts. Why? Because it takes more energy to digest that stuff than it is actually calorically Val value getting out of it so you’re not getting enough calories at it to even make you fat. It also helps with fiber, which helps cleanse your colon, protects from diverticulitis, diverticulosis, health issues with the body.

It’s also great because all of those greens have so many good vitamins and minerals and antioxidants and phytochemicals and things that we don’t even define yet. And nutrition. So tons of greens. So some great takeaways there that is never gonna make you fat and your hell. I got some fat off eating broccoli, cauliflower, that kind of stuff. Asparagus. It’s never going to happen, period. So eating tons of greens. If you follow those 16 principles, you’re going to lose tons of weight quickly.

It’s never, if you, you can have plenty of all those options and you’re still going to lose weight. You aren’t going to get fat off an extra chicken breast or an extra serving of green beans or a broccoli. None of that stuff is physically possible to get fat off of.

So call to action. I want you guys to focus on joining Colaw fitness centers in Arlington. Who got a, it’s as low as $1 down and as low as $5 a month. You can bring a friend, they can work out, they can tan, they can massage, they can use free trainers direction you two basically two people can work out tan in massage, Rosa as low as $1 down as low as $5 a month and we have a 30 day money back guarantee. We’ll give you the dollar back. You can also go to our free CF 30 class, a call to action number two is go to our free CF 30 class.

That’s Colaw Fitness 30 day class. We actually have a trainer that’s going to show you exactly what to eat, what times to eat, how much water to drink, and take you through a class on how to do all the different equipment. They give you a workout plan to follow, a nutrition plan to follow. And I have had thousands of clients, huge success on the [inaudible] plan and it basically just talks about all 16 of those things are all built into that program.

It’s called the CF 30 class. Go to the CF 30 class and you’ll be extremely successful. Get the free CF-30 journal. We have a free journal at the front. You can buy it. It’s like really cheap. It’s just basically gives you all of this stuff to fall the [inaudible] class in a mind frame journal. It has a basically thing, a diet. You can fill out a scorecard at every day on how well you’re following the food and it has all the workouts, every rapid reset, everything you do, he can fill out in that journal.

It’s complete mind freedom to follow and do more. Do no more, do no less than exactly what’s on that [inaudible] class for the first 30 days. And you’re going to lose weight fast. You’re getting it in great shape and I just encourage you to go out and get that for 30 days. If you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back and then also go out and [inaudible] others.

Have somebody do it with you. Have somebody else have success. Success just like you’re going to be doing it. Have them come out with you, do it with you. I highly encourage you to go to YouTube, type in YouTube and go to YouTube and then search for a Colaw fitness reviews. Go to Colaw fitness reviews, or you can go to colawfitness.com and click on testimonials and you’ll see a hundreds of clients or see lots of clients that have lost weight, got in great shape.

I following these principles to lose weight and get in great shape. Go to Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube or go to Colwa fitness.com Hank OCR testimonial page. We’ve got thousands of reviews on people just like yourself from multiple States around the country that have followed these principles to lose weight and get in great shape. Go to colaw fitness centers in Arlington, Google us. I’ll go to Google and type in Colaw Fitness reviews.

You can actually see our Colaw fitness centers in Arlington near me. You can see our local club. Read our reviews on Google. You can hear all about us. I’ve also my previous experiences I’m an eight time certified trainer. I got a master’s degree. I’m a former mr Oklahoma super heavyweight winner. I just love fitness, love helping people. I was over 300 pounds in high school. Lost 83 pounds through the course of having a trainer.

I’m super passionate about helping people get in shape. So check us out on YouTube and go to the free CF 30 class. Do the class for 30 days for free. If you don’t like it, we’ll give you your dollar back. But those are 16 tips to losing weight fast. And this is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. Have a blessed day. Bye bye and see you soon at the fitness centers in Arlington TX.