Episode 31 - Build muscle - 8 Tips

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Hey there superstars. This is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw and today we’re going to talk to you about building muscle eight tips. So first off with the main problem is most people want to basically build muscle in there. When they come and ask me about it like females and asked me about it, they use a term tone like Hey, I want to tone up and that’s for them. That’s building muscle is the word Tony. And have you ever heard that term Amber?

Oh for sure. That’s pretty common with females and when I hear tone up I can see I can, I basically will say I want to be smaller, more toned version of myself and so that is actually losing body fat in combination with building up a muscle. Now guys on the opposite end of that, they are wanting to bulk up, they use these terms like bulk up on a really put some muscle on a build some muscle, but then they’ll also follow up.

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In this question again, when I meet with them in a consultation, they’ll say, but I also want to lose my gut or also want to trim off the fat or I want to lose my love handles. It’s all really the same thing. So the whole point is most girls that come in, they want to tone up or they say, I want to lose weight, but then as I lose weight, I actually want to tone up. I just want to be a skinnier ooey-gooey version of myself.

Like a smaller skin hanging on a skeleton. They actually want us to be smaller but also keep that tone. Like they don’t want the fat on the back of their arms to be flabby. They don’t want their thighs to be soft and flabby. They want to be tone. And so to do that and still feel that epidermis or the skin, they want to lose fat.

At the same time, workout and tone out the muscles underneath all that fat. So they are a more firm, toned, fit looking version of themselves. So the problem is is when they say girls will want to actually build muscle. When you think they say just losing weight, they actually do want to tone up as well. And guys will use terms like bulk up, get bigger, but they also want to lose fat too. So this is going to be addressing building muscle at the same time, toning up.

And so I’ve got eight tips that mean ever going to go through and talk about to help you be successful for losing fat and toning up. And first off what, what do we have our list Amber, for? Somebody to build muscle. Okay, tip number one, eat breakfast. Great. I love breakfast too. One thing is breakfast gets you going.

You have an eight hour fast and it gets your metabolism boosted and started also eating a breakfast high in protein like eggs or like a protein shake or something like that in the morning. That actually helps speed up your metabolism. And get your body started off on the right track to having a positive nitrogen balance and building muscle tone and actually stimulate your metabolism to burn faster actually will, you’ll actually body fat as well.

What does the second tip there? Amber eat every three hours. Another tip? Absolutely. Anybody who knows me knows I love to eat. Yes. Eating every three hours. It keeps your metabolism going. And once you eat every three, I was thinking about having me help you chew a meal. You swallow the meal, it goes into your stomach, your stomach acid start to break it down. It then pushes into your intestinal track, your intestinal track.

Then squeezes that meal and articulate that and pushes it through the intestinal wall. The silliest IRFs absorb the nutrients and character your liver and all that is happening within about three hours. And then it has a gastric emptying and the stomach sits empty. There’s no more acids being moved. So, but if you’re eating every three hours, you’re constantly, every three hours chewing, swallowing, stomach acids, producing. Digesting in that metallic that the intestinal track is actually, those are muscles they’re squeezing and pushing all the food through.

So it’s constantly keeping your internal part of your body working and working out. So it’s like your body’s doing an internal workout, eating every three hours there also keeps the nutrient timing, constantly giving you quality nutrients, quality, good proteins every three hours. And it’s very anabolic environment, helps build muscle, actually utilizes calories very efficiently and helps your body lose fat.

You can do this podcast

You can do this podcast

There’s a story we have as far as as a trainer that we got a talk about how your metabolism is similar to like Kohl’s on a fire. And most people don’t have a game plan. They wake up in the morning and they’re rushing out the door, so they grabbed something really small. So think of GRA, you know, little twig and then throwing it on a flyer. It’s like just a little something to kind of get your stomach and intestines and all that kind of stuff going.

So it barely gets warmed up after that eight hour fast all night, it’s barely warmed up at all and you barely get those coals to start warming up with this little twig is just not enough of a breakfast to really boost all your metabolic functions to really get going. And so that’s how most people start their day.

Then they grab a lunch, it’s kind of moderate, so it’s like taking one log and throwing it on a fire. So you take one log and throw it on this Kohl’s and it starts to warm up a little bit and kind of create a little fire and then it starts to die down. And most of the time that’s like at noon and then by the time they really get home and slow down, it’s like seven, eight or nine at night.

It’s like another seven to nine hours later. And they generally eat a very large meal and I equate that to like a giant tree trunk. So those coals have gotten really cold and you throw a giant tree trunk on these better cold coals and all those calories at that time cannot absorb very efficiently. Don’t waste any more time and visit best place to workout Arlington TX offers today

So you’re set up to not really metabolize the calories. Well, you’re set up to not process those proteins well and your body generally utilizes a lot of that towards fat. So in reverse, let’s say every three hours you put three small logs on that fire for six meals, you would actually burn up those three logs. The coal say hot at next three hours, you burn it, the another three logs, those coal stay hot said you’re eating every three hours to get the point, your metabolism’s burning.

Well, you have proper time to absorb those nutrients and utilize it for all your metabolic functions. Your body gets utilized to proteins very, very balanced throughout the day and and so on. I mean, Amber had used that example with a lot of clients for them to be successful for isn’t losing weight, building muscle and toning up. Now what is our number three component on the build muscle? Eight tips for success at the best place to workout Arlington offers.

Eat protein with every meal.

Yes. Eating protein with every meal. Protein is the healing, repair and growth nutrient. It basically is primary function is to help heal your body, repair your body, help to help things grow and develop. It’s got amino acids. Carbohydrates do not have that and neither do fats. So does a healing, repair and growth nutrient. And it’s not utilized for a into basically what a carbohydrate does for glucose. It doesn’t turn into sugar very, very easily at all.

Without glycolysis. Conversion of amino acids into glucose, it takes a long time. It’s very difficult to do. So eating a lot of protein and eating a lot of protein at every meal does not turn to fat very easily. It’s almost impossible. It mainly just feels repairs and growth grows. Your body develops your body. So if you work out hard cause little microfiber tears in the muscle actually will have plenty of proteins to heal, repair, and grow. What are some good proteins that you would suggest that people can be eating to build muscle? I got a whole long list.

So these, I would say, I’m going to start with my absolute favorite red meat, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, Turkey, duck fish, tuna, salmon, sardines, eggs different dairy products like cottage cheese, yogurts some whey protein. And I know there’s also some vegan options, so you give us a better breakdown. And we can teach you at the best place to workout Arlington offers for free with your membership/

Okay. And yes, you’re exactly right that you can do nuts. Nuts are good little proteins too for vegans. And they also have like lentils and beans and things like that, but I’ve, I’ve really not met a lot of tried and true vegans. Most of them actually still do eat some, some meat. But anyways, there are some options for that as well. The red meat and the chicken and eggs, those are some of the primary ones I really like to use.

I try to choose ones that are 96% are leaner to try to choose the leaner meats. If it’s eggs. I like the, the, the the cage free hands, the cholesterol in those are more or the Omega threes. So the Omega three eggs, if you see those in the grocery stores, I recommend a lot of those.

If you want good cholesterol, eggs and the egg protein is on the, they have this term called bioavailability, like how well the human body absorbs and processes the protein for lean body muscle tissue growth. And so on. That bioavailability in the egg used to be the universal standard for 100%. It’s like the best for building, repairing and growing and damaged tissue and things like that. So those are all great protein sources.

Red meat beef, pork, lamb, chicken, Turkey, duck fish, tuna, salmon, lots of those eggs, lots of different options there. So those are great protein options. Now the number four component is going to be more of the fiber component. And there’s two sides to this. There’s fruits and there’s vegetables that we recommend. And what is the one thing in fruits, Amber, that I tell people that they have in it?

And to be careful of you always, you always want to be careful of that. All the sugar that you’re going to find in fruit. Yes. And so a fruit is really good if you’re not really concerned with gaining fat or you’re naturally very fast. Metabolism. Fruits are great for building muscle and for good fiber. Some good nutrients. They all, both vegetables and fruits have great vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, great fiber, all these types of things that help with nutritional value and minerals and so on that, that you don’t necessarily get from just empty calories.

So these are very, very nutrient rich. A lot of phytochemicals, even things that aren’t defined are in a lot of these vegetables and fruits. But the big thing is, is watching out for the fruit because it does sometimes have more sugars in it. So most of my clients I push away from fruit and really stick to lots of vegetable carbs because they don’t have the sugars that the fruits have.

So number five on to the build muscle component here is eating carbs only before and after workouts. Why? Because what you want to do is have just enough energy and carbohydrate energy for a workout and a recovery of a workout and then bring it back down to mainly eating a meat and vegetables and protein shakes and water because extra carbohydrates boost that hormone. Insulin and insulin has a tendency to store a lot of the calories towards fat or adipose tissue so you can’t eat carbs.

They’re great before and after workouts and then pull those back down. And I always tell people most of the time, 50 or less carbohydrates is all you need. Most of the time, girls only need about 15 carbohydrates before and after a workout to get a good 45 minute workout in. And they’re still just fine. As long as you’re eating three hours every three hours, they do very well. And if you’re falling into the CF, 30 plans, really stick to just the vegetable carbs that are listed in that plan and you’ll be right on. Number six.

Number six, eat healthy fats. So the thing is with healthy fats is the, what’s your muscle is comprised of is 80% water. It’s 20% protein or maybe like 20, 19 and a half percent protein. And then the sacrum mere the membrane around the muscles actually made up of fatty acids and those fatty acids come from eating healthy fats that that, that, that everything like the elbow, like a, like a bundle of muscle fibers actually has what they call a membrane around it.

And that membrane, you’re like a chicken breast, you’ll see like a membrane over it that’s actually fatty. That’s actually a little bit of fat that’s covering that myelin sheath and that’s a part of your, your, your part of your muscles. So what do you need to be eating or more of protein, water and healthy fats? I encourage people to eat fish oils also.

A lot of the fats that that you get in your diet from nuts and things like that are healthier fats as well. So healthy fats. I’m a big I love almonds as a snack and no more than about 20 almonds at a city. They are extremely great healthy fats and they do not seem to get me very fat. To be honest. I, I can get away with it. Actually use pre contest, I would about 15 of those for every meal.

When I did fitness shows anyways. But eating healthy fats is number six. Number seven is tell us [inaudible] tens of water, drink a lot of water, why 80% of your muscle mass is water? So what do you need more of water. And then 60, 70% of your total body is actually water. Water’s your best antioxidant.

It helps regulate metabolism. Think about every time you dedicate or go to the bathroom. That’s the number two you actually urinate as well. Every time you drink a lot of fluids, that actually helps with how fast your intestinal track basically get as gastric emptying and moving of all the different meals throughout your system. So water helps regulate metabolism, helps push that stuff through your intestinal track and not just sit there.

It’s a, it’s a great option. It helps detoxify it’s antioxidant. You’ll, your muscles actually from when I drink a lot of fluid, my muscles just feel fuller and harder and better. It’s a huge, huge thing. I can literally, like if I’m dehydrated, my strength is down and my it’s like, it’s like I, I just feel like my blah, you know, but if I drink a lot of fluids, I feel full with hold tight and I feel well hydrated and think of a raisin and a grape.

A raisin is a dehydrated grape. A turgid full muscle is, is, is, is like a grape. It’s just full and you want that fluid in that most you want to feel like you’re not the hydrated. So water is th what was that number? Seven waters number seven. Number eight is I put on there eating whey protein shakes, weight isolate. When that first came out, Oh gosh, 10, 15 years, 15, 16 years ago, whatever it is, it can actually test it out.

Wait, isolate, test out 140% bio VIT bio availabilities. It’s actually better than the egg, which was the gold standard shit. When shakes are done right and you’re eating a lot of whey protein in your diet. I have gotten guys to get five to 10 pounds of just pure muscle fat free muscle and just two to three months, sometimes shorter than that, like a month.

I’m telling you, whey protein digest and give a ground up protein into a fine powder and it’s highly bioavailable. They’ve separated all the fat, all the cars. Whey comes from milk. I don’t know if you know that. And it’s like cheese. Like they separate the Kurds in the way, but the way is the fat free protein away ice has like next to no fat, like zero fat, zero carbs. It’s just the best proteins out of milk. There’s no galactose, lactose sugars, no sugars in it.

And it’s super easy to use. Order’s fine. Ground powders, diluted like in water, you drink it. And what happens is it permeates through the antisocial track, through this cilia, the little fibers that absorb the nutrients in your intestinal track really easily. And it’s very anabolic. It’s a very anabolic protein source. So I’m adding whey protein shakes to your diet is a great way to also build muscle in that whole combination.

So calls to action. What I want you to do is make this super simple for you and I’ve already developed a plan for you that’s complete mind freedom and you can get it for free if you join Cole off and it should go to Colaw fitness. We’ve got memberships for as low as $5 a month and that gives access for two people to work out. Tam, massage, have free trainer instruction, get a free CF 30 diet and workout plan.

This one I’m talking to you going to talk to you about. You go to the best place to workout Arlington ofers, sign up for free. It’s a money back guarantee. If you don’t like it in the first 30 days, you get all your money back. It’s only a dollar for that first month, $1 down and you completely get all your money back if it’s not a good fit for you.

I highly encourage you go to this free CF-30 class. So if you go to this, the main call to action is go to the three CF-30 class. That’s Colaw fitness. 30 to 30 day class tells you exactly what to be doing for the first 30 days of your [inaudible] program and I’ll tell you what to eat, what times do you eat, how much water to drink, what to be taking, how to do the workouts, how to plan your stuff, prep your stuff, everything to be super successful and it idiot proof plan for 30 days and we’ve had tons of people get great results on it.

If you follow it, just like it says in that book, no more, no less than exactly what the journal says to exactly what that CF 30 workout plan says. Okay? Except just eat as much as the lean proteins on that as you want.

Basically just keep yourself full, so eat as much protein portions as possible at all meal times and you will really start building muscle on that. You will not get fat, I promise you protein will convert enough glucose to turn over into fat, especially with that workout and cardio routine built into that CF plan you are going to do. Awesome. So, and also I want you guys to go encourage others. Find somebody, they’ll go do this with you.

Find a great workout partner. It’s always easier to do something with a partner. And with Colaw fitness, we have free guest guest privileges. They can come with you every time for free. So all you need is $1 and a positive attitude and a friend show up at Colaw fitness and you’ll be successful. Great tips and these eight tips and more at the best place to workout Arlington has available. Yes. And if you don’t believe me, highly encourage you to not just believe me.

I highly encourage you to go to YouTube, type in YouTube on Google and type in YouTube, Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews, typing in, go to YouTube, type in Colaw fitness reviews and listen to hundreds and hundreds of clients that have done these principles or similar plans to this that have lost a ton of weight, built good muscle and got in great shape. Read Oliver reviews, type in Colaw fitness on Google, go to Google, type in Colaw fitness, and you can read all of our Google reviews.

Find out a little bit about us if you want. You can look up Charles Colaw bodybuilding and you could see that I’ve done fitness and bodybuilding shows in the past. But the whole thing is, is I’m not trying to lead you astray. Just my highest desires. Your greatest game should be successful. Me and Amber have trained thousands of clients in multiple States to get in great shape, and we want you to also get in great shape. So this is the eight tips to build muscle. This is Charles and Amber Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. Have a blessed day and that’s it. Bye bye. Bye.