Episode 32 - Supplements that work

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Charles and Amber Colaw podcast. Today we’re going to talk to you about supplements that work. Very common question that we get. A lot of people want to know what actually works out the industry. There’s a lot of dialogue on, Hey, you gotta take this product and that product Ambers here with,

Have you heard a lot about people and asking questions hers and how do I lose fat or what’s the best for fat loss, or what’s the best for muscle gain? Or what do I need to be taking? Have you heard a lot of that kind of stuff, Amber? Absolutely.

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Over many years, you get a wide spectrum of questions on this. I’m ranging anywhere from people wanting a, a supplement that’s gonna help them lose fat really fast, like some miracle drug, the miracle pill to people you know, all the way to the end of they’re scared to even take protein powders. So there’s a, there’s a lot of unknowns by people and people looking for answers and solutions to their problem.

And today we’re going to break this down for you. We’re going to talk about things that I have worked with over 5,000 clients as far as in losing weight and tone it at the body, done fitness competitions. And I want to make it really simple to kind of tell you exactly what really, truly does work. Is worth your money and a lot of things do something but they don’t do much. And I want to break that down for you so that you can be successful in your Arlington TX fitness center journey.

And of course, supplements are doing that exactly. They’re supplementing to a good program already, so don’t get confused with a good sound diet and a good sound workout. So, all right. Without further ado, we’re going to jump into the solution for supplements that work. Now, first off, eating a diet that is going to be helping you target towards your goal.

Most people want to lose some sort of body fat and tone up and that’s a diet that’s going to help them use their body. That’s the fat on their body to be burnt off over a course of time with as calorie restriction or lowering carbohydrates and increasing proteins. But number one is going to be eating a good diet and having a good workout. I tell people, it’s kind of like taking a car to a drag strip.

You want to perform, you want a performance vehicle, you want to get a good time on that quarter mile when you take your body to work out and so on. The food and the actual workout are the most important components. And the supplemental things are like adding a blower or a Carrboro to that vehicle to run faster and more efficient. So think of the food as the fuel you put in your car to run down the drag strip.

The food is the fuel you’ve got to put in quality gas, quality fuel. So number one is your food number two is then you’re running it down the road. You gotta practice it, run it and do it. But then the supplemental things is like the supercharger or the turbo kit or the air intake or the better tires and so on. The supplemental things to help your vehicle get towards its goal more efficiently.

So it never supersedes a sound diet and a great workout. So first off, your solution is your food is number one because food is basically apex. 24 hour fitness and ASM Cooper Institute, the, I’ll talk about 70 to 80% of your results is your food. So food has to be on, you can’t take a supplement to overdo your food. Number two is your workout. You’ve got to follow a set workout plan and be consistent and not miss workouts to be successful.

A supplement won’t supplement workouts for you. Then number three, the supplements, the supplements that work. Today I’m gonna talk to you about protein, creatine pre-workout supplements, anabolic muscle building supplements. I’m also gonna talk about multivitamins for nutrition and overall health fish oils for heart health and joint health and glucosamine sulfate, MSM can Drayton, things like that for joint health.

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So those are the components we’re going to talk about today. And first off, as in protein, protein is the number one heal, repair and growth nutrient. Whey protein is the most popular. Whey protein isolate has what they call the highest bioavailability. That means it’s easily utilized in the body. It’s very low in fat and sugars and carbohydrates. It’s a very refined source of pure protein. Protein is, there’s several different types of nutrients in in out there that are carbs, proteins and fats, but proteins are the only true nutrient that actually heals repairs and grows damaged tissue.

Think about hair growth and the algorithm proteins in the body. What does that protein, when you work out and you stretch a muscle, push a muscle, they have these, what they call micro fiber tears. It’s cause that soreness that you feel a day or two later, protein are what helps repair that and grow that back stronger and thicker and, and, and more turgid. That’s what gives you that fit physique. You can get more information at the Arlington TX fitness center and talking with a trainer.

So protein is an extremely efficient nutrient when you add whey protein. If I would add away protein into a guy like a young guy with good testosterone in his twenties working out hard into his diet, I can get maybe eight to 12 pounds of muscle within eight weeks on him just adding protein supplements into his program, which would make a pretty substantial visual presentation if you have him with his shirt off and he’s very lean to start off with.

But you would definitely see a difference with adding protein supplements into the diet. I’m also elderly. I’ve trained ladies that are over 100 years old and by adding protein in their diet, they gain two to three pounds of muscle in the first month. Their strength and their muscular endurance, their ability to do tasks improves. So protein is a very, very great source. It does actually work.

I encourage people to do whey protein, isolate some this way. Proteins, I encourage people to use diamond ties as a brand. They have an isolate diamond ties. ISO 100 is a protein supplement that I like a, you can get that like on Amazon or Google it and get it at a Walmart. And Sam’s diamond ties is the brand. They’ve got a great supplement. I’ve owned supplement stores in the past. It’s a good product. Anyways come by the Arlington TX fitness center and learn more.

Then creatine is the next product that we’re gonna talk about. Creatine. Think of a raisin in a grape. Think of your muscle is the raising of the grape creatine, creating phosphates hydrate the muscles. So think of a, a raisin and a grape or the same thing. A grape is full and turgid full of fluid and energy. And then a great, sorry, I’m sorry. A grape is full interject and the raisin is dehydrated and weak. So it doesn’t have that. And you can visit Arlington TX fitness center today for more information.

So creating phosphates hydrate your muscles. They hold more water and they hold more. Creatine phosphates are what they’re called [inaudible] triphosphates ATP. That’s energy in the muscle. And by taking creatine let’s say a guy who’s young working out weight training and so on, you’ll be able to do two to three more reps. Let’s say. They’ve got us two 25, seven times, he may be able to do two 25 about 10 times.

After about four weeks of supplementing creatine, the contractile energy of the muscle is better. The F the fullness of the muscle is better. And creating phosphates hydrate that muscles. You have a fuller, more round muscle belly, youthful look to the muscles and a produces energy called Engenio triphosphates in the muscle. So creatine is a product that actually does work. There’s lots of studies on it. And that’s regular creatine monohydrate.

Not some sort of weird creatine that some are just trying to sell some liquid thing or some sort of, but the studies are mainly done on just regular creatine powder. Those are a lot of the university studies. But creating is a product that does actually work. I take about five grams of creatine pre and intro workout. There’s all sorts of creatine supplementation protocols. They all do work. That’s just my maintenance routine.

Of course, I am two 50 and pretty lean. So all of that to say creatine is a product that does work. Now, next time I talk about is pre workout supplements, pre-workout supplements, pre-workouts are very popular. The main things that you find in a pre-workout supplement and they, and they do work, they don’t do a lot to actually build muscle and drop fat, but they do produce energy and sometimes that energy then equates to motivation for you actually want to go work out.

That’s the reason why I like pre-workouts is that a client who is, you know, a lot of times their emotions will rule them hostage and they won’t go and do their workouts. Pre-Workout supplements sometimes gives them that extra motivation to actually work out. Pre-Workout is mainly a couple of different components. The first thing is it has caffeine, which is an adrenal stimulant on your kidneys.

There’s adrenal glands above the kidneys that produce adrenaline and that adrenaline then awakens the body, dilates the blood vessels, increases blood flow and all of that type of stuff creates a mental awareness, clarity wakes you up and produces some motivation. So I’m just like, people want to drink a cup of coffee. Coffee, you think caffeine is one of the most abused supplements in the world. And it’s not necessarily unhealthy if you’re a healthy individual.

But the whole thing is, is that CRE caffeine is the product and the pre-workout powders that help bring a alertness and awareness. Also in pre-workouts. You have the arginine or arginine type products and it helps with vassal dilation, dilating the blood vessels thinking the blood vessels will dilate and expand. Arginine is an amino acid that’s found in a lot of these products that help with transport of oxygen, transport of all the nutrients.

So it dilates the blood vessels, increases your muscles ability to respond to contract and oxygenate. So all that stuff, whether it’s cardiovascular exercise, whether it’s muscle strength, exercise that arginine products, most of those have that in that as well. It’s also beta AYLIEN beta Bailey. There’s only different products that help with muscle endurance, muscular strength and blood flow. So pre-workout supplements do work.

They do something far as an alertness and awareness. They may give you a 5% better workout or may give you that motivation, but that is a product for pre-workouts and they do work. Now. Next is a taboo thing as far as an anabolics, anything that is anabolic means building a muscle. There are legal and illegal forms of anabolics that definitely work. One thing that definitely does work is anything that increases the rate of protein synthesis is how fast the proteins that you eat in your body are then built and utilized in the muscle tissue.

Fars and skeletal muscle tissue. The term anabolic means skeletal muscle building or repairing and growth. Androgenic is all the different effects that cause they talked about anabolic and energetic products. Partisan like steroid or products are anabolic muscle building products, but anabolic means mainly targeting muscle tissue and there are illegal forms of that still out. So I only encourage people to do what’s legal and recommended by your doctor.

There are new products called SARMs, it’s called Selectric selective androgen receptor modulators that actually target tissues in the body that build muscle and they work just as good or better than even illegal steroids cause they’re actually new products that have came out that don’t have any side effects or next to no side effects. But they work very similar if not better than old school steroidal products that have a lot of androgenic properties that are side effect properties.

So these are mainly products that target lean muscle tissue. There’s a lot of new ones out. I am not taking any, I have not taken any, I do know a lot about, I’ve research some of it. I’m research a ton of it in the past and it had a lot of clients that have used it in the past, but there are a lot of different ones out. There’s a rad one, four zero that is a product that I’ve read about has a lot of positive effects for building muscle tissue.

Like I said, I’m not recommending it, but I do know that they do work. I’m talking like work like crazy, like pounds in eight weeks of muscle gain and losing fat. So a lot of these products actually do work and what people pay me to do is to tell them what actually does work.

And I do the research and I study the stuff, so I’m just repeating that to you. What is out there do it’s legal, do it’s healthy and so on. But those are some products that are out that are called anabolic products that build muscle and do not target other tissues for side effects and is called SARMs selective androgen receptor modulators. Then the next is multivitamin. A multivitamin is multivitamin multimineral supplement.

I encourage every client to take one of those. It had basically since we do eat all of our product frozen fruits and vegetables and all the different food groups in mass amounts especially in a caloric deficit if you’re trying to diet and lose weight and get in shape, I like to top off everybody’s fuel tank with a good multivitamin. Multimineral supplement. And multivitamins basically help get your recommended daily allowance that a lot of health authorities say that you need to be getting.

So I tell the people that take that. I take one every day. I used to, when I competed, I took two a day, but a multivitamin multimineral supplement just makes sure that you’re topping off your fuel tank with every type of recommended daily allowance that our health professionals are saying. And it does something that doesn’t, doesn’t do much. It’s not going to like make you lose fat, but I think it’s great for general health for that type of effect.

So you won’t get to see like a ton of body fat loss or all of a sudden have a ton of energy. But it is good for just general health. Next is fish oil. I believe fish oil for a lot of good studies on that, far as in heart health helps with the good HDL cholesterol that’s high density lipoproteins, which helps keep your blood basically flowing and healthy and keeps the plaque buildup from the LDL cholesterol, the low density lipoproteins.

It keeps that clean and healthy. A lot of people are like, don’t want to take fish oils and so on. But if you’re a man, especially if you’re over 40, I highly recommend taking at least two grams or two, 1000 IEU fish oil capsules a day. It is very beneficial, far as in helping your good HDL cholesterol, which basically lowers the chances of heart attack, stroke and so on. It’s also gonna help with your far as in just overall blood flow in the body as well.

Also, fish oils are great, far as in there’s what they call it around the muscles called a sacrament. It’s a, it’s a Mylon sheath that goes around the muscle. Those are actually composed of fatty acids and your body needs natural good Omega fats and you get a lot of Omega three fatty acids from fish oil.

So actually fats are what they call an essential. There are essential fats that your body needs and fishers gives your body that also helps with your heart health. Primarily the heart health is the focus on that. And then the last component I talk about glucosamine sulfate and MSM and glucose glucosamin and, and can dry it and sulfate. So glucosamine sulfate, MSM and contrite and sulfate, a combination of those has proven many times to be really successful.

I used to work in a pharmacy for about 40 years and a lot of the pharmacists that I would work with, I talk about what works and what doesn’t work. And he would say that these products [inaudible] products are tried and true, especially for older clients. Anybody who’s having joint pain and problems now it’s something that basically we don’t eat tendons and ligaments and all that kind of stuff in our diet.

So we don’t get a lot of the raw nutrients that help rebuilding, regenerate synovial fluid cartilage and tissue because we’re not actually eating that in our diet. These types of products actually give you the raw nutrients for healing, repairing, and growth of the joint and connective tissue. So if you’re not taking it, you’re essentially in start suffering from joint pain. And when you do start taking it, well all of a sudden numb the pain.

But within about three to four months of continued regular use, you will start to feel better and notice that the joints are feeling better. So that’s glucose min sulfate, MSM and can joint and sulfate products. Basically give your body the raw nutrients so that it can be [inaudible] rebuild and repair the Def Cartlidge, synovial fluid and so on in your joints. So more information you can get on some of this.

I encourage you, go to a fitness cyclone.com. Dave Palumbo is a top mind in the fitness field and a former trainer for me. He’s really kind of a polarizing figure, but he’s really, really smart. He actually went to medical school and he’s trained a lot of top level athletes. He worked with me for a couple of years and he’s also helped me with a lot of my clients to get them in phenomenal shape and also keep their health in alignment and very healthy.

But if you go to fitness cyclone.com/fitness fitness clone, if I T N E S S C L O N e.com and Dave Palumbo, if you Google that fitness clone in the name day D a V E Palumbo, you’ll find an article and some information on him. He’s actually gone to medical school and trained a lot of top athletes, but there’s some information on that website that talks about diet, workout supplements and so on that are very, very informal and informative that could help you as well.

Anyways last couple of things. Call to action. I want you guys, if you have not been working out and you’re interested in starting to work out with little to no risk that I can give you a free program to get started on for free and start using. I encourage you to go down to colon fitness, your closest colon fitness, joint Cola fitness. It’s basically $1. Start as low as $5 a month and you have a money back guarantee.

You can go down there and get started and go into my CF 30 class. It’s a free class that we give that tells you exactly what to eat, what times to eat how to do your workouts and we give you a mind frame template to follow and we’ve got people that have lost tons of weight and got in great shape. So follow the free CF 30 journal, the freest 30 class, go through that.

We actually have a free train of the teach you everything you need to know for the first 30 days. And if it doesn’t work well for you, you don’t like it, you can always get your money back. There’s no obligation, but go get the free CF 30 take the free CFT class, work with the free trainer and you’ll be far on your way to losing weight, getting in shape and so on.

If you have any questions as far as in supplements, email me directly. Questions cf30trainer@gmail.Com that’s CF3 trainer@gmail.com if you’re interested in muscle burners, fat burners, pre-workouts or just information on that, I can give you information on that and point you in a direction that you can make an educated decision to actually get supplements to that work. And that’s pretty much the fitness podcast. Amber, do you have any other thoughts that you have for this?

No, I think this is great. I think a good start would be to make a list of the supplements you’re going to choose to take. Run that by your doctor, go to the store, get them picked up, get you a pill box, fill that pill box once a week and you keep them in the same place.

You take them at the same time every day and you just create that habit of taking your supplements everyday at the same time. So that’s a great start. Just want to go back. And the C F 30 trainer@gmaildotcomiscfthreezerotraineratgmail.com. So we’d love to help you love to answer your questions. Yup. So good luck.

And that way I’ll filter through all of the information that’s that of supplements that don’t really work or kind of work and just pointing in a direction to things that truly do work, time-tested, that I’ve worked with thousands of clients on. So my highest desire is your greatest gain. This is Charles and Amber on the Colaw fitness podcast. Have a blessed day. Bye bye.