Episode 34 - COVID-19 Important Diet and Exercise

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw on the daily podcast that provides you with the proven growth path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready cause you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast. Hello, this is Charles Colaw.

You can do this podcast and today I’m going to talk to you about COVID-19 important diet and exercise. Did you know that there’s an article that just came out, it’s about a drug combo that is quoted to be the beginning of the end of the coven 19 pandemic. This is by Dr. Steven Smith, the founder of the Smith center for infectious diseases and did you know that there is a way to prevent getting severe coven 19 based on dr Rahman Ozaki, the head cardiologist and CEO of Fox hall cardiology.

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There’s an article that came out on April 2nd of 2020 it’s a Fox news article, Fox news online. It was also on the Ingram angle TV show and its title was dr Steven on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. I think it is the beginning of the end of the pandemic and in this article is actually online written by Talia Coplan. Dr Stephen is the founder of the Smith center infectious diseases.

He was talking about some statistics and his statistics that he has is 72 patients that he is treating and he had said that he has no healthy patients that are dying out of the 72 I, this is really important because a lot of them are diabetic or prediabetic and all of them are obese. So he said out of 72 patients, 21 were pre-diabetic. That’s one third out of the 72 and out of that 72 34 were diabetic. That’s half. Were basically diabetic.

This is all the severe cases. And then out of that 72 of severe cases, all of the patients average about 31% body fat. They’re all obese. And he was saying out of the 19 that were on ventilators, 18 were diabetic or prediabetic. So this is showing a strong correlation to poor health. So out of 72 patients, pretty much the vast majority are diabetic or prediabetic.

And all of them are obese. Now, 25% body fat is overweight, 30% body fat is called clinically obese. And all of these clients, all 72 were 31% body fat. So all of them lacked good diet and good exercise. And that’s why I’m talking to you today because I want all of you guys to understand through this situation. It is very important that in the future we take our health seriously, that we eating healthy and exercise.

So another couple of cool facts is it seems like no one was on ventilators who is non diabetic or obese and no one under 70 got severe covet unless they were diabetic or obese. And in the article they brought on dr Rahman, the Fox hauler, the Fox hall cardiologist and the CEO. He says the importance of diet and exercise is very important for to reduce the risk of severe COVID-19.

Dr Rahman, he says the importance of diet and exercise. He really emphasized that in this article says from these statistics that Dr. Smith was talking about, dr Rahman was saying, Hey, diet and exercise, I’ve got to be playing a big role in this. So keeping your weight down, not getting obese, eating healthy and exercising, not becoming a diabetic. Not keeping your circulatory, health, heart health and lung health there.

So anytime you’re exercising, you know your heart gets stronger, your circulatory system gets stronger, your lungs get stronger. So exercise is very important. It also keeps your weight down that keeps your body fat down. So these factors are, that might be my key takeaways are from this article. This is my opinion that I was kind of pulling from the statistics, is that it seems like all of the COVID-19 patients were obese. That’s pretty, pretty evident.

And the vast majority were diabetic or prediabetic. That’s where they’re on insulin or taking some metaformin or having a high level of A1C. I don’t know if it correlates to high level blood blood, blood sugar or Porsche regulation or what, but it seems like the virus seems to really hit overweight and diabetic people really, really hard. So there’s also a high risk for people that are diabetic, overweight and over 70. So overweight, obese, diabetic and over 70 are really bad factors.

You can do this podcast

You can do this podcast

It seems like no one got a severe case of Cova. Nobody in this article basically was put on a ventilator with a severe case of coven if you were not a diabetic and not over 70 years old and not obese. So it seems like if you’re, if you’re basically under 70, you’re not obese, you’re not a diabetic, your chances to get severe covet are way lower.

Also dr Rahman, my takeaway is dr Rahman, he seems to really emphasize the importance of diet and exercise for not allowing the COVID-19 patients to become severe. So he was stating that based upon dr Smith’s information, he’s kind of concluding saying, Hey, there’s gotta be some importance to diet and exercise at Oklahoma City gyms for example. I mean, if you’re wanting to keep this from getting severe, it seems like nobody got a severe case.

Yeah. You know, being young, healthy and diet and exercise and eating basically in good shape. So seems like you can easily fight the virus if you’re eating and working out and not be not overweight or diabetic. Those are some of my kind of thoughts and takeaways and exercise at the Oklahoma City gyms, and diet in my opinion from this article seemed to be an important factor for reducing the risk of severe COVID-19 where they have to do the ventilators.

It’s put the two down your throat, help you breathe and all that kind of stuff. So it seems like people that are young and healthy seem to recover to the lungs can recover the circulatory health, confide it or whatever. Basically there’s some strong correlation. 72 people and pretty much all of them that had a bad out or that were doing poorly and so on. They were all having a combination.

The, the, the things that were showing that they combined were basically. They were either diabetic, prediabetic and all were obese. So my calls to action, I want you guys to understand that America needs to focus on eating healthy and exercising. I think it’s awesome that they got some new drugs coming out that seemed to be, you know, really kind of being the beginning of the end of this epidemic, a pandemic. I’m super happy about that, but I also think that man, if we’re healthier, we can really find this with our own immune system a lot better.

And these statistics are showing it. We don’t want to be obese. We don’t want to be on diabetes medication and be a diabetic and we don’t want to have these poor health outcomes and have these things next time. Some sort of virus comes around. America needs to focus on eating healthy and exercising at the Oklahoma City gyms for example. From what I have looked at, 80% of Americans don’t get enough exercise regularly or don’t exercise enough. That’s eight out of 10.

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