Episode 35 - 8 Tips to stay active during COVID-19

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven growth path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast. Hello. There’s two stars is Charles Colaw with the Colaw fitness.

You can do this podcast. And today I’m gonna talk to you about eight tips for staying active during the COVID-19 pandemic. Without further ado, I want to help you guys have a plan for staying fit and healthy. While it may be disappointing because you can’t go to the best gyms OKC and you can’t go out and do nearly as much stuff, you still can stay active at home. We want to make sure that during this time we are practicing social distancing.

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So I encourage you guys to do that and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds as much as you can. And anyways, we want to want to stay healthy. And these are eight tips for staying healthy and fit during this coven 19 pandemics. So number one is exercising outdoors. Most best gyms OKC are close to a, you know, close proximity to another machine and a lot of people use machines and touch machines and so on.

And there’s a high risk of spreading that. Most best gyms OKC are all closed right now. Due to the fact that it can be a potential place to spread more of that. There are some new studies that show that sweat and things like that seem to kill it. But it’s still is more of a high risk place, but we want to encourage people to exercise outdoors during this time. A great way to do that is to go into parks going for walks.

You can also go, go outside, go kayaking. If the weather permits just just a lot of times just getting outside, getting your heart rate up to at least 130 beats a minute does a lot for your body’s health. It increases your cardiac output, which is huge. Also helps your lungs, vasodilators. It helps with breathing, which is some of the major issues that with this code things that it attacks your lungs and destroys those membranes in your lungs.

So want to keep your lungs healthy, your circulatory system healthy and getting outside, getting a nice good walk, trying to get your heart rate up to about 130 beats a minute and holding that for at least 20 minutes and it’s up to, you know, a good 45 minutes to an hour if you’re in good shape is a great way to really strengthen those lungs, strengthen that circulatory system and so on.

As far as in exercising also number two is exercising by yourself with a friend or in a small group of less than 10. If you got us some buddies together and you can space out, you can also work out together. A lot of those little CrossFit groups are Grable spots, a little you garage type best gyms OKC. We used to do a lot of train like that. At Colaw back in the day we’d get a group of about five or six of us.

And do certain types of super sets, giant sets and rounds, lots of different rounds of exercise. Push ups, sit ups, pull ups. Just anything you can use to get a major motion on the body to get fit and exercise. And but it’s fun to do that in a group. Sometimes just two people can go for a walk or two people can get together and do a workout together. So exercising by yourself if you have to, but also a friend or small group less than 10 encourage that.

And especially outside. Number three is engaging in non-contact activities that allow spacing of six feet such as running body weight, workout routines, fitness videos that allow for spacing using any equipment that you can for as little dumbbells, bands, chords, things like that are great options. And making sure you’re spaced out six feet apart.

Non-Contact is the best. So and then also number four is rethinking recess. You know, when children come home from school, they focus on learning and so on. They love going out to recess though. And that helps them have some mind freedom to just get out of that grind of school and teaching and all that stuff and, and get to play games, go shoot hoops, things like that. But think about something that you did as a kid for like recess.

I used to love shooting baskets out there and that was a great form of exercise and getting the body moving. The lot of different health organizations talk about getting at least, you know, 45 minutes, three times a week of some sort of physical activity to stay healthy. And I encourage that even for a mental state. Like right now, I think it was statistic, I had a buddy call me that said, yeah, we’ve got to get this, you gotta get, get back to work and get back to doing things again.

Cause people like, what was it like the suicide hotline was up by 850%. Like, people don’t like being cooped up. We want to get out, we want to socialize, we want to be around where can we recreate it for community? But finding a good buddy, you guys can go to a park do something like a workout, shoot some hoops, do something like that. Always wash your hands as often as possible.

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Always try to practice all the social distance of encourage that. But I also want you guys to stay active, get out and about, start exercising. Number five, a tip is a work on improving your general fitness. You get, there’s other options. You can do home-based gyms. I actually have a home based gym as well. I use that best gyms OKC every single day. At least every day, 365 days a year. I use pretty much my home gym if I’m at home.

Every day I work out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Just cause I like getting in there and doing something. You can also get some Homebase video workouts. A lot of, a lot of girls like to do those videos. I used to do the Tibo stuff back in the day for fun. But there’s lots of different options or so much stuff you get home based videos. Could probably bust out some of those old things.

Or you could also go online. There’s tons and tons of tons of phenomenal internet based fitness trainers and great health experts that explain exercises, explain things. I also have a video. If you scroll through our Facebook page, it’s a total body workout, head to toe, no equipment needed. So if you want complete mind freedom and all you need to have is a space of about eight feet around you, you can work out and you can also work out with a partner and you get a total body workout every day with no equipment needed.

Just go to Facebook and watch that workout video that I’ve posted on that page. I’ll scroll through there and find that no equipment needed workout video, but there’s tons of phenomenal people that do this for like that kind of thing for a living that can give you great exercise tips, workout tips and workouts to actual follow. So I encourage you to go to the web and go to Google and go to YouTube and look up all that stuff.

And you can find is a lot of YouTube videos out there as far as in Homebase. I type in like home, no equipment needed workouts, you know, and if you’re a man said man has to build muscles, they build muscle, they tone or whatever, you can use all sorts of little tag phrases and so on. You find a workout that suits you and your interest.

So, but get in there and get working out. There’s no excuse. Find something you can do it. But yeah, tip number six, make sure that you clean and disinfect all of your equipment. If you have home equipment or you’re using bands and so on, or you’re working out with a friend, make sure you, if you want, you can bring gloves and wear some of those gloves if you want.

You can also make sure sterilize all the equipment before and after or every few minutes, or wash your hands in between however you know, however often you want, make sure you try to get some, or you can even make, get some if you don’t like hand sanitized, super hard to come by right now.

Even taking like regular rubbing alcohol and you know, putting that into a Ziploc baggy, you know, on a put like a, like a wash cloth, get that wet, put it in a Ziploc bag so it doesn’t dry out and get it wet and you can rub it on some of the equipment, the handles and so on.

But anything with alcohol of at least, you know, 70% of really great at killing all germs to disinfect stuff. So just disinfecting things, cleaning things, all the surfaces that you may be touching with your workout or your Homebase workout or your workout with your friend or going out into the park workout. He can take that kind of stuff with you. So some of that alcohol solution or GermX type stuff or hand sanitizers type stuff.

So yeah. Anyways, number seven, fitness tip is exercises and your body weight. Your body is a great weight. I’m telling you, I’m 257 pounds. So like pull ups is pulling 250 pounds. And you know, if I’m doing a pushup, I’m pushing, you know, probably 70% of 250 pounds. This is a lot more than 15 or 20 pound dumbbell for a chest press or shoulder press. So you can use your body weight, your body weight is a great way to exercise.

Great. Some great exercises are burpees, so type in burpees on YouTube and you’ll see what a burpee is. Also, do burpees in my little home workout squats type in squats on YouTube and watch proper squats, body weight squats. I type in body weight squats and watch that on YouTube. It’s a great exercise for your legs. Lunges is another great exercise for legs. Pushups as another great exercise for your upper body, your shoulders, your chest, your triceps, and then yoga, FARs and stretching.

Keeping your body flexible. Lots of different things, lots of different terms you can type in. And if you just go to actually go to Facebook and do my Homebase workout, I’ve got a ton of stuff on there that will be a great little super simple to learn. I teach an instructed homework out remedy to follow, to, to do, to do well during this time that you can’t go to the best gyms OKC.

That fitness tip number eight, stay in touch with your fitness community online. You can get tons of information online, Googling things, YouTube being things what you’re wanting to address, what you’re wanting to do far as in for, as in getting in shape, staying in shade, staying toned. And one thing to remember is 80%. I would say 80% of your results far as in fat loss and which actually look like is your diet.

But anyways, they say apex 24 fitness, NASM, Cooper Institute have got like five or six certifications from, I’ve been to lots of different places around the country have studied. I’m basically a, did a bunch of stuff in college for becoming a nurse or a pre PA. But the bottom line is, is everybody talks about anywhere from 70 to 80% of your success is your food or your diet. If you are searching for the best gyms OKC has to offer you need to visit Colaw fitness today.

So food is so important for your fitness and your health and your body fat and your insulin. Resistance and your ability to never become a diabetic or to become, or to avoid becoming a diabetic. Heart attack, stroke, diabetes, all the major killers are all associated heavily upon nutrition. So if you don’t know what to eat, I encourage you to email me at C F 30 trainer, C F 30 trainer or a, you could type in Charles@colawfitness.com.

That’s Charles at colawfitness.com. That’s me directly. And I will email you a free nutritional template that’s perfect for losing weight and getting in great shape. We’ve got a 30 diet and workout plan. I can give you some of those templates that’s easy to follow, nutrition stuff and you will get in incredible shape, losing weight, your blood sugar will go really low, I’ll get lower and, and balance out.

Your body will actually get in great shape. So anyways, I encourage you to not believe me. Go to Colawfitness.com and look or go to, sorry, type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube. Go to YouTube, youtube.com and then type in Colaw fitness reviews and listened to lots and lots, hundreds and hundreds of clients like yourself that have lost weight and got in great shape following the diet principles and workout principles that we’ve talked about for over the years.

And we’ve clubbed in multiple States. I’ve trained at least 5,000 clients in a lifetime. I’ve been over 300 pounds in high school, lost 83 pounds and become a bodybuilding champion. And worked with lots of people to become successful in weight loss, motivation, encouragement. But we do have inner clubs. When you come back, we do have a CF 30 diet and workout plan.

We can actually give you templates in the club. We have fitness journals you can re write and record in, but we want to give you all the access to be successful. So you can email me and I can give you stuff or you can actually go to the club when we open up. But there’s lots of different options. Today we’re talking about those eight tips for a fitness success during the COVID-19 pandemic. So I encourage you to go in and see my homework out on the Facebook page for Colaw fitness.

And then I also encourage you to email me if you want the diet plan that’s CF. I’m sorry, type Charles@colawfitness.com and I can give you a, a the, this free CF 30 diet plan and you can just follow. That template and you’ll be extremely successful in weight loss anyways, lots of different options out there. You can research all that information too.

There’s plenty of things out there and courage you to stay active, stay healthy. And I’m excited about seeing you guys back in the best gyms OKC. Have a blessed day. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast on the eight tips to stay active during coven 19. Have a blessed day. Bye bye and see you soon at the best gyms OKC Colaw Fitness.