Episode 37 - Lose 30 pounds FAST

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles on the daily podcast that provides you with the proven growth path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready cause you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast.

Today. We’re going to talk about losing 30 pounds fast. So a lot of you guys out there are wanting to get in shape and lose weight or you’ve been endorsed for a while or you haven’t been on a routine in a while and you want to lose that, but gut or thighs and this is going to be a great way for you to quickly lose excess fat tissue or adipose tissue very efficiently, effectively and safely. Cause what we wanna do is make sure you get to your results quickly and safely.

And without further ado the problem is a lot of people are wanting to get fast results when it comes to losing weight. If you’re not getting a return on that work or investment, you don’t stay engaged for very long. I’ve trained probably thousands and thousands of clients, maybe 5,000, 10,000 or more clients in my lifetime.

You can do this podcast

And when you work with a client that come in the door, almost all of them have some sort of goal of losing or toning up or gaining muscle and losing body fat. But the combination of everyone is saying, I want to become a leaner, more toned looking physique or body type, whether it’s fat loss, weight loss, look leaner, or whatever their goals are. It’s a combination of gaining muscle and losing fat.

So today when a focus on fat loss quickly and safely, so number one way to lose 30 pounds fast is your diet. Diet is key. Everybody knows that food is a huge component for what your weight is for what your body type is and how you look in the mirror. Apex 24 fitness in ASM Cooper Institute. I’ve got certifications in lots of different places around the country for fitness and fitness training.

I’ve got a master’s degree in business and fitness. I got a master physical fitness specialist certification certified and dietary guidance and nutrition. And the big takeaway is food is key. 70 to 80% of success for your client is their nutritional regimen. So let me say that again. Out of all the places and all my research, in my own experience, 70 to 80% of your fat loss results are, is your, what you’re doing in the kitchen, your diet, your nutritional program.

So we want to do is focus on what you need to do. So food must be spot on to lose weight fast and you’ve got to be consistent and I don’t want you hungry or losing traction on it.I’m gonna tell you exactly how to do it and what to eat and give you some great takeaways at the end so you can have a mind frame template to be successful on.

So first off, number one on the diet is you have to burn more that you’re taking in. And that comes generally from like a lot of different types. We’ll talk about cutting calories and so on. I’m not a huge calorie counter and a huge point system counter. Now those do programs do work, but the best way to burn more than you’re taking in is to eat slower to absorb foods. It’s foods that you eat and digest and they absorb slowly so that way you can be successful for weight loss.

They stick with you longer, they fill you up longer and you actually will end up eating less calories through that. So slow to absorb foods, maker’s diet, South beach diet, paleo based diets, high protein diets, bodybuilder diets. Fundamentally, a lot of those diets all focus on the foods that digest slowly.

So what are you eating on those types of diets? Those types of diets have a lot of, I call them meat and veggies. I call, I actually call it the meat and veggie protein shake diet. Your sit down meals are meat and vegetables, protein and meat and vegetables that are all your sit down meals and you’re on the go. Meals are protein shakes and water or a shake meal after you actually best place to exercise in Oklahoma City or workout for a quick to absorb meal.

And so I focus a lot on quick to absorb meals right after workouts and or on the go for those liquid shakes. So what to eat, meat, veggies, protein shakes and water. What kind of meats are those? Those are chicken fish, eggs protein sources. I’m going to give you a list that you can go off of at the end, but high protein foods digest slow like meats, like a chicken, beef, fish, eggs, all that kind of stuff.

They break down slower than a carbohydrate or and things like that. So meats are slow to absorb. Also, veggie, STEM, stock, leaf, veggies, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, lettuce. A lot of those things that aren’t this they’re, they’re not the seed or the root. They’re actually the STEM stock release. You want to write down STEM, stock and leaf. And those are high in nutritional value, lower and caloric value.

They help fulfill you up against the pressure receptors and density receptors in your stomach, and you can be really successful in weight loss. So anyways veggies, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, let us, those are some quick ones off the top of my head, but I’ll give you a list and some takeaway stuff at the end that you can get for free so you can be successful. So anyways what you also want to be doing on your diet is eating every three hours.

best place to exercise in Oklahoma City

Eating every three hours stimulates your metabolism. You actually eat a meal, chew it, swallow it, digested stomach acid, start breaking it down and then pushes into your intestinal track, your intestinal tract, pushes it through, squeezes all those muscles in the intestinal track, push that through, slowly absorbed through the cilia and membranes through your intestinal wall, and then your stomach’s emptying and then every three hours reading another meal.

So you’re constantly keeping the stomach digesting the test, it’ll track working. And all of that is constantly creating efforts. So eating every three hours keeps your body’s metabolic rate or basically metabolizing food, breaking down food, expanding energy. It does that all day long. If you’re eating every three hours. Plus you get a quality nutrients all the time. It’s always flowing through your blood stream, getting good nutrition through your bloodstream at all times. So anyways, that’s why I recommend is eating every three hours.

Stimulate your metabolism, keeps your internal part of your body functioning and working. So types of protein shakes that I recommend on this dot program. There is three different types or sorry, two different types of shakes off the top of my head. A diamond ties is a brand. They make it way isolate. It’s called diamond ties, ISO I S O 100. They make a great low carb, high protein shake and I recommend diamond ties.

ISO 100. It’s one I use quite a bit. It’s high quality and the nutritional labels are accurate on low carb, high protein, great for absorption, great bioavailability. So anyways, great one. Centracs makes a product called nectar. That’s another way isolate. It’s got a lot of different fruit flavors. My wife loves the Centracs and the nectar products. It’s called Centrex is the brand name. The type of whey isolate is called nectar,N , E C T.

  1. a. R. but anyway, isolet shapes with less than two carbs per 25 grams of protein serving. Let me say that again. Any way isolet with less than two grams of carbohydrates per serving and a 25 gram protein serving. So next is what you want to do on your diet is make a plan the night before, prep the food the night before. Schedule your workout and your meal times the night before, three hours apart every and make that about five to seven meals a day for a girl, maybe more like five for a big guy up to seven, but a mature looking at as eating every three hours.
  2. What I call is the meat vegetable protein shake diet. That one is killer. It’s huge key to genomic. It’s going to make your body go into fat burning using your own fat as an energy substrate and you will lose weight and get in shape extremely fast.

Literally done this with thousands of clients and giving you some great takeaways to be successful. So number one for losing 30 pounds fast is going to be number one, your diet. So meaning vegetables, protein shakes and water, eating every three hours. Make sure you plan and prep it the night before. Write it down, put it in your phone, put it in a template and then execute. Make sure you’ve got all that scheduled in.

So meat, vegetables, protein shakes and water are scheduled through the day and you’ll be successful. Number two, big components for losing 30 pounds fast is cardio best place to exercise in Oklahoma City. Now cardio is not the biggest thing for losing weight. Died. I was always number one. But cardio can help speed up cause it is energy expenditure and I people doing cardio for at least 500 calories on the machine. Most people takes about 45 minutes.

So anywhere from 30, if you’re real aggressive to an hour to get the 500 calorie Mark and I w that’s the, that’s the time that you put into it is going to be reaching the 500 calorie Mark. So however much time it takes you to get 500 calories is the goal and the heart rate that you want to be going. This is the intensity level. I want you to keep your intensity level at 120 to 130 beats per minute.

That’s how many times your heart is beating. It’s not real difficult, but it does tax the body just enough to get in that fat burning zone. Also, talk about the talk test. You’re slightly labored in your breathing, but you’re still being able to carry on somewhat of a conversation. You just really limited because you’re more striving for oxygen during that time. Another thing to remember is if you are on a beta blocker, that’s a like a blood pressure medication.

Some of these numbers could be off. So that’s just a caution. And if you don’t have a beta blocker, don’t worry about it. But if you’re on a beta blocker or blood pressure medication, that is a caution for trying to keep your heart rate up high. Your blood pressure medication is kind of like a rev limiter on your heart. Doesn’t let your heart rate go up too high. So it’s not 99% of you guys probably don’t have that.

So that’s just one caution I’m throwing out there with trying to get your heart rate up. When you want to do cardio, you want to do it right after your weights and never before your weights to go into why on that did you do the cardio before then you tried your weights and you’re too tired and you don’t have that. The muscle fiber contract, ATB engineered triphosphate, the quick fast burst energy in your muscles is now kind of tax.

So you cannot get that microfiber tear in the muscle like you want. So you basically kind of kind of wear yourself out. Your weight train and suffers dramatically. So never cardio before weights. So what you wanna do is I would recommend doing your weights first, then go over there and do your cardio routine or makes you space it out, you know, four or five hours after later in the day.

If you want to do cardio in the morning, they make sure you weights. After about two more meals for an ATP to recover and energy and the muscle recover. So your weight training session is not going to be suffering from it. And then how many times a week do you do cardio every single day? So if you want to lose weight fast and be successful, hit that 500 calorie Mark every day. Hold that at 120 to 130 beats a minute.

So get on the thing, start warming up within about five minutes, you’ll check the heart rate monitor. You should be hopefully between 120 to 130 hold it there and then get that calorie Mark to 500 calories every day and you will start shredding that fat on that diet I just talked about. Then. Okay, for losing weight fast. Number 33 is the big topic of weight training, weight training. It also was the cool thing about weight training.

It increases your metabolism, not just during the time you’re exercising like cardio, but it actually increases your metabolism for 48 to 72 hours during the recovery phase. So when you work out, you have the muscle soreness, your body is then trying to heal, repair that cause. Weight training is actually a more intensive and demanding on the musculature of the body, which then your body is then sending a defense response or an adaptive response to that muscle to rebuild or recover stronger.

So calorie usage and nutrient usage is, do I need to be working at a higher rate for 48 to 72 hours? So if you’re weight training three to six times a week, you’re constantly keeping your resting metabolic rate up. Your body’s trying to recover from the workouts or muscles had been worked hard. So weight training increases metabolism for 48 to 72 hours. Think about all the people on the weights that are leaner and more fit than even the people doing the cardio all the time.

So look at the weight guys. They’re lean, they’re muscular, they’re toned. And that’s because weight training actually helps your metabolism. So, so weights actually can get you more lean and actually increases your resting metabolic rate at rest. So second thing on weight training, always weights before cardio weights always before cardio. Next on weights is you want to be hitting anything between eight to 15 repetitions to failure.

So if you’re doing a chest press and you press, press, press, press, press, you needs to be somewhere between eight and 15 reps that you cannot. Then I finish a complete repetition. That’s enough stimulus to cause a microfiber breakdown and an SD malas to basically put some blood in the muscle and so on. So on that gives you like what they call the pump. So. Awesome. And how many times would you need to do weight training?

Three to six times a week? I’d recommend a minimum of three. I would try to do it at least five. I mean, three is good. Six is, is what I recommend all my clients do. If you want to lose weight fast, so go in, here’s your weight routine, jump on the cardio, 500 calories, go back to eating your meat and vegetable protein, shake diets.

So summarizing everything, going to the best place to exercise in Oklahoma City, hit the weights that you’re supposed to hit. Go over the cardio. If the 500 calories, then run over there. Go back home, eat your meat and vegetable diet the the rest of the time and you just hit that repeat, repeat, repeat. Within about 30 days, I’ve had people lose 30 pounds. It’s pretty amazing. You can lose a ton of weight quick, especially if you have the fat to lose, but you’re actually going to lose weight and build muscle at the same time.

Most of these clients lose quite a bit of weight, but at the same time, they’re actually building muscles that are smaller, more toned version of themselves in the end. Rest and stress is subject number four for losing weight fast, 30 pounds fast. You got to get that stress level down. I want you to be sleeping six to eight hours a day.

If you are going to do well, you want to heck make sure you got the deep sleep cycle hit hard. You want to get some good restful sleep at the muscle recovery, the body recover. You’re working the body out. You’re eating healthy, you need to make sure your body has plenty of time to recover. So six to eight hours a day of rest. Everybody’s a little different. I’m kind of figure out what your belly body uses.

The best. I would say for me I would say six to seven is probably my best. If I’m over eight I kind of get a little more sleepy again. So six to eight is the target. Let’s find out what works best for you. I, one thing I remember in college I’d missed days and you sleep like 10 hours, but you really screw up your cycle and your health when your, when your, your, your, your, your rhythm, your daily rhythm is just awesome.

And that will increase your stress levels. Also keeping stress low of possible stress hormones can affect fat loss. So if your cortisol levels are high from stress, from school, stress, from work, that kind of stuff, it does affect a fat loss and weight loss. So trying to keep a good sustainable daily routine is huge. And the morning routine is probably the biggest component. I always tell people, get up early, same time every day.

So if it’s like 5:00 AM you need to make sure you’re always waking up four hours before your first work appointment. That way you’ve got time to wake up, work out Mehta, plan your day, clean it up, set a schedule. You can’t control what happens throughout the day, but you can control your daily morning routine before everybody wakes up. Wake up four hours beforehand, hit your workout, schedule your whole task list.

Prioritize that on your calendar. Execute your day the rest of the day. Everybody is then slave to your schedule and you feel like a master of your daily routine. So getting that morning routine, keeping a set, daily routine, same time, wake up, same time to bed, same time workout, same time cardio, same time on each one of your meals. Your phone beeps, you eat, your sit scheduled meal.

You should get so systematic, everything falls in line. But if you snooze, you lose. So you hit that snooze button, you lose that day, you lose control of that day and you lose control of your life. You lose, control, your diet, your cardio, and your work life. So professional and personal. So four hours before your day starts, wake up, work out Mehta. Plan your day with tasks, with what? Make a task list. Then plan out your task list is what I’m saying.

So wake up, work out, make a task list, put it into a schedule, then go execute and you’ll be awesome. So anyways, calls to action for you to be successful. I can give you a mind frame template on this. If you simply join colon fitness for free. We have a CF 30 class. It’s a Cola fitness 30 day class that tells you what to do for the first 30 days to be successful on food and working out.

And we have a trainer that actually coaches you through this. We also have what they call a CF 30. It’s a workout and nutrition journal and I have all kinds of motivational quotes, encouragement and help you master the next 30 days of your life to be successful. So if you have any questions, you can email me questions at cf30trainer@gmail.com that’s cf30trainer@gmail.com and I will answer your questions or concerns you may have.

Please don’t just believe me. Go to Colaw fitness on YouTube or type in coal off fitness reviews on YouTube. So go to YouTube, type on Colaw fitness reviews, and see the thousands and thousands of clients we’ve worked with frozen, losing weight, and getting in great shape. Just like yourself. Read our Google reviews if you want re or YouTube reviews, which you want to watch video testimonials with people like you.

Go to YouTube Colaw fitness reviews and see people I’ve helped become successful in weight loss and their fitness journey so you can master your life and be more successful. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. Have a great day. Bye bye.