Episode 39 - Home workout. No equipment needed

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw on the daily podcast that provides you with the proven growth path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast. Hello, this is Charles Colaw with the Colaw Fitness.

You can do this podcast and today I’m talking to you about home workout. No equipment needed. Yes. Today I want to give you some information on how to do a home workout with no equipment. That way you can stay in shape any way, any way. Anyhow, anywhere you’re at vacations, traveling. If you can’t get to a GM if you’re stuck at a, this is actually during the COVID-19 time where a lot of people can’t utilize the Topeka gyms when they want to use it.

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This will give you access to a easy to follow workout and great intensity some muscle atoning and cardiovascular workout that you can do at home quickly, safely. And anyways, without further ado the problem is, is most people want to work out, but when they don’t have access to the Topeka gyms, they need something they can follow.

And I’m going to talk about this today, but I also have a video on our Facebook page that you can watch and I explain it, explain the exercises and you can follow it from there. So it’s a lot easier there too. But anyways, here we go. First part there is two things I’m going to talk about using your body weight as the weight portion of the workout.

Some great body weight exercises you can do and then a great way to keep your intensity high, which will help with cardio and really getting that fast Twitch muscle fiber is each time you’re doing with a, this group, there is a grouping of exercises that you’ll follow with your body weight and you’ll do that grouping together and then you rest three minutes and you perform another round of those same exercises again.

But you want to try to do that at a quicker time frame. You’re going to time each one of these so-called rounds and you’re going to get faster each time and each time you do it, it’s going to increase the intensity muscle fiber recruitment and also cardiac output. So there’s a big win for you guys. And the first part is these are great body weight exercises that you can do at home or when you cannot use the Topeka gyms.

First exercise is jumping jacks for one minute. In this workout, this is where you’re going to jump and do it. Basically jumping jacks like PE class for one minute. And then you want to immediately after that you’re going to go jump straight into pushups and you want to do 10 pushups and there’s two variation of pushups on that video. One variation is where you do it off your knees, one brioche and is like a normal pushup off your feet.

Of course off the knees is going to be easier. So you can see that in the video, but you want to do of those after the 10 pushups, you’re going to directly go to body weight squats. And I explained on there the form and technique to that. But you want to be using body weight squats, full range, body weight squats next. And then after body weight squats, you’re going to do a reverse lunge, a reversal lunging motion making sure you keep your form correct and so on.

Like in the video. Then after the lunging motion, you’re going to do a crunch towards your toes. This is where you’re gonna land your back, reach up in the air towards your toes and hold the highest range that you can towards your toes, reaching up towards your toes in a crunch emotion and hold that for 30 seconds.

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It’s gonna engage those abs and the core muscles and hold that for 30 seconds. Then after that, you’re gonna flip over to your stomach and go straight into a Superman, which is like flying in the air, hand straight in front of you. And the only thing that should be on the ground is your hips. So your legs, the thighs are actually off the ground. The to be at the bottom part of your leg is off the ground.

The foot is off the ground and you’re just like flying in there like Superman with the only thing touching the guy’s hips. So you’re actually laying face down. Only thing touching your hands, the hips, your art back as ours. Head, neck and spine is straight and arched up while working out at the Topeka gyms. Shoulder blades, your back arms are straight out and it’s a Superman and this is going to hold your head, neck, and spine.

Strengthen your back, striking your, strengthen your upper shoulders and traps and hamstrings, glutes, everything’s firing, holding you up. And then after that you hold that for 30 seconds and flip over or go, sorry. You’re going to come up to a plank from the Superman. You’re going to come up to a plank. And you’re actually going to stay face down, but go to a plank. It’s off of your elbows where you’re, you’re sitting on your elbows.

Forearms are against the grounds of forearms against the ground on your elbows. Head, neck and spine is straight. And the legs are straight. So like a 90 degree angle at the ankle, head, neck and spine. Straight legs are straight and you’re holding yourself with your forearms. You can see that in the video. Hold that for 30 seconds. So you’re going to do jumping jacks, pushups, body squats, reverse lunge, crunch to the toes, Superman, hold plank, hold and rest for three minutes.

Then you going to go back into it and attack it again. Jumping jacks, pushups, body squats, reverse lunch, crunch Atos, Superman plank for 30 seconds and then rest for three minutes and then do it again the whole round again. So each one of these is around. So jumping jacks, pushups, body squats, virtual edge crunch Superman plank. Rest, three minutes that’s around. And then jumping Jack, push up, body squat, reverse lunch, crunch, Superman, plank, rest three minutes.

And that’s just what’s your breathing? Return to normal. Get your cardiac output back down and get the muscles back to the ATP. Endometrial fives, fates, energy and the muscles are back to normal. And then try to increase, sorry to, sorry to try to decrease your time for each round, each, each, each in each section. So you’re going to do the eat. You can do a three to four rounds.

So that’s the second part of the workout is understanding the rounds around is an entire cluster of exercises together. So you’re clustering all those together. You’re going to time each round. So even the first one, you want a time, the first one, then you’re going to rest three minutes and they get a time, the second one, and write that down in a rest. Three minutes and time. The third one, write it down. Rest three minutes time.

The fourth one, write it down and you can be completed at that point. But you want to do three to four rounds for the workout. Some guys will do five, six, seven rounds, but I encourage everybody to do at least three rounds. I would prefer four rounds, but kind of like one round, just kind of a test run and kind of learn it. Then do three working rounds where you’re really trying and trying to get faster each time.

You want to rest only three minutes between each round. And that’s pretty much the workout in a nutshell. So my call to action is Go to Colaw fitness Facebook page. You go to call off it just Joplin Bartlesville Topeka. Just call off in his Facebook page and scroll through and look at the home workout we have listed there. If you scroll through the feed, you’ll find the home workout and this is a homework out with no equipment needed, a post and watch that video.

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