Episode 40 - Eat Fast Food and Lose Fat

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast. Hello, this is the Charles Colaw.

And Amber Colaw. You can do this podcast with Colaw Fitness. Today I’m going to talk to you about an awesome topic. It’s about eating fast food and still being able to lose fats. The subject is called eat fast food and lose fat. So eating fast food and losing fat. So without further ado, the problem is is so many of us are busy. We’re on the go and we’re trying to stay in shape or trying to stay fit.

And I’ve had people and clients say, okay, it’s great when I’m working out at the best gym in Topeka KS and I can come home and I can plan my meals and prep all my meals and put my Tupperware containers all together and plan that for my day and take it with me. Putting my little lunch container or a daily container with your five or six meals throughout the day to eat with your water bottle and so on and follow the plans that I developed or we’ve made for them.

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And a lot of people get off track when they travel or they go on vacation and they want to know what to do. So people have asked me, what do you do to stay in shape with traveling? You know, going in and checking on all the best gym in Topeka KS or going on vacation or how do you stay in shape, Charles for Lu like staying lean under 10% body fat keeping fit, having abs and staying in shape. How do you do that year round, year after year, or what do you do for your clients?

And so do you pack your food or do you eat fast food at all or what can I do when I’m traveling? So to answer your question, yes, you can eat fast food options and still lose fat. And a lot of my clients in the past have, have kind of thought what I can really do that isn’t it?

Fast food always bad. Well, there’s a lot of food that at fast food restaurants you can still choose. And so the answer your question simply and clearly is eat anything that is meat and vegetable only. And those are the two unlimited items I have in the CF-30 plan. It also parallels with lots of different types of dietary books or nutrition plans, but any of the meat and vegetables, unlimited meat and vegetables when you’re going through. So try to choose lean meats if possible, like chicken or fish.

So chicken or fish or always leaner. Definitely not fried. So no fried meat. And, and then I say no buns or no bread of any kind. So if you’re ordering a sandwich, you toss the bun, you you stay away from anything that’s fried. So you like fried chicken stuff, no fried chicken bite things or, or any of those little fried options for food.

No bud, no fried, no bread of any kind of starts with any kind and no added sugary dressings to your food. So when you, what you can do is you can always go through, order a sandwich or two or five or 10 or whatever you want, just eat the meat and vegetables. So the grilled chicken Patty, the lettuce on it, the tomato, any of the onions, any of this stuff. What you want to do is just make like a lettuce wrap out of it or a meat and veggie combo or get some like a fork and a, a knife and then eat the chicken breasts, eat the veggies, eat all that stuff out of it.

And you still can eat through any drive-through, any fast food with lean meat and veggies. So some a good examples of that. For example, McDonald’s, which is a restaurant you see everywhere, you can do the grilled chicken sandwiches.

What I like to do, these are my examples. I’ll order anywhere from four to eight grilled chicken sandwiches. Now I’m a body builder or a former bodybuilder and I’m 250 pounds. And about 7% body fat year round love working out love lifting weights, have to have a high protein diet. So when I’m on the go I’ll order four to eight sandwiches and just eat the meat and vegetables out of it. I’m just eating grilled chicken patties and I’m eating all the meat and veggies out of the sandwiches.

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So I can also order sites out if I want or whatever. I just generally order the chicken sandwiches in order, eat a bunch of the meat. Or another thing I like to do is they have these quarter pound fresh beef patties. They’re always cooked to order the always fresh. And we have, I have a friend who is our acquaintance who is an owner of several of these McDonald’s stores.

The fresh beef is actually 83% lean and it’s no, no later than three days old at the store and it’s always cooked, never frozen. It’s always fresh. So 83% lean meat. That’s hamburger meat. A 30% lean fresh beef patties and you can order, it’s a quarter beef, fresh beef patties you have to tell if it’s quarter pound fresh beef patties. I just want to order the Patty, it’s generally like a dollar 50 or $2 a Patty, so I’ll get like six of those or four of those or six of those.

And that is or you can order just a quarter pound sandwich or you can order a sandwich there and just to eat the meat and the vegetables out of it. Another thing I’ve done with McDonald’s is it’s like a super cheap option to get a lot of protein. And just the protein and veggies, mainly just the protein is, I ordered these little miniature double hamburgers, not the double cheeseburger with a double hamburger.

They’re very inexpensive. It’s two little patties and I’ll generally order six to 10 of those little double burgers and I just eat the meat and go and I’m back on the road traveling to the next club, doing something else, traveling. Any of those things at finding airports traveling down the road. Any of these places you can swing in and grab your order sandwiches, grab the meat, veggies out of it and go or order a side sell to with it.

And you’re, you’re, you’re always good to go eating fast food. Now. as far as in drinks, always zero calorie drinks as well. I spent seven years of my training years, never drinking any drop of anything other than water. And so I’m always a big water proponent. I have now trained and done competitions and body gun shows and my past and used diet sodas all the way up to the day before.

And I was a big proponent against that for many years, but really looking at it and most of those are flavored with a nondigestible sweetener. These are just basically just the sweeteners that do not fully break down in the body so it can actually cause chloric intake to the body and it doesn’t stimulate insulin release or your body to absorb and store fats. There’s no calories there. So like diet sodas are still okay. Unsweetened tea has basically no sugar added to the tea.

Any non calorie, non sugar, non carbohydrate beverage is fine. To eat on the way. And fat loss it’s a non calorie has, has nothing in it, so that’s going to be absorbable. So water is number one and then any of those drinks. So like I said, example for McDonald’s was four to eight grilled chicken sandwiches, always grilled, never fried.

And then fresh beef patties is my go to number two. Then the devil hamburgers, I want a really quick, cheap something. And those are generally always pretty much premade. So you swing by, you can grab it or if you’re in an airport, they’re almost always like, they make a lot of different sandwiches with those little patties. And so those can go quick and you can scarf two or three of those old burgers with double patties on it. But don’t eat the bun.

And, and, and you’re good to go. So another option is like Wendy’s. Wendy’s also has the same kind of thing. They have those little mini burgers. And you could eat the, they have like a, the vegetables and stuff on it. So any of those burgers, any of the grilled chicken, try to choose chicken over the beef. I like that more if you’re trying to really lean out.

If I’m trying to bulk up, I eat more of the beef. It does make me feel a little fuller, a little stronger, but it doesn’t accumulate fat. So chicken, fish, any of those things that are grilled sandwiches and so on, you can eat that. Just eat the meat, just eat the veggies. Wendy’s, a lot of kids do those little junior burgers. I just get the meat out of them. They’re like a dollar each, so I’ll get like 10 or 15 of those burgers and throw all the buttons off. If you try to explain it to us.

They just do the meat only. It’s generally such an awkward conversation at the front. I just tell him to give me all of the like you’re going to eat 15 burgers. I’m just eating the meat and veggies out each one of them. So then they see me later like, well we can do that for you.

Special don’t ever say yes cause they always get confused and then they can’t bring out the right number. Just let them make the sandwiches normal, grab the bag, threw the buns off, just eat the meat, veggies and go. Rvs, same thing. I what I like to do at Arby’s is I w order put is that, I think it’s called the half pound sandwich. It’s like the biggest one that’s just regular beef and the Arby’s beef is very lean as well. And I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I know it’s over 80 lean beef and I just eat the meat out of it now.

There’s no real veggies with it, but I just eat the meat and go. So any of those sandwiches I do the half pound but you can also do just regular roast beef. This have all these other types of sandwiches as well as a chicken.

And they have I think like club things and things like that. But meat, veggies go drink can be a water non sweetened tea or like a just a diet soda with a note. Nope. Nope, no calorie, no sugar content to it. So Chick-fil-A what I like to do is I just order grilled chicken patties. That’s really what I do is I just say, Hey, how much is the grilled chicken Patty?

It’s generally a dollar 50 to $2. I just ordered a bunch of those pits, spend 10 bucks. You went to chicken patties that have water and I’m good to go. Sometimes I’ll order a salad, throw that on a salad. So it’s like a little bit like a lot of meat, like a meat Zilla salad. So like a chicken Zilla salad. That kind of stuff. Chick-Fil-A. Great option too.

For options as well. So just the meat, not the fried, always grilled chicken. And then you can also do the, the, the, the, the, the baby little tiny grilled chicken nugget things. So those are great as well. Brahms I’ve gotten to where I’ll fly through and grab one of those bag of burgers and just eat the meat out of it. I’m not sure how lean they are, but they’re really good. I haven’t looked it up, but I have done that and that ne none of these choices that really affect my body fat, negligible.

And I’ve trained thousands of clients and use this with thousands of clients, so you can eat that too. Like any of the meat and veggies, drink diet, soda water or like an unsweetened tea and go add your, you’re good to go fast food. So all of these places you can quickly drive through.

You can grab it really, really fast, throw the buns off, eat it, go if you want to add a salad at a salad. And so on. Another option as far as any restaurant as far as in restaurants, any sit down restaurant, anytime you’re at a social event, always order meat and veggies, meat and veggies. Anytime you’re at a place you’re just not sure of just order whatever you can meet. And a lot of times you just asked the waitress or wait staff like a la cart, say.

Hey, I just want to order like a couple of hamburger patties or a couple of grilled chicken breasts. Well, how much does the grilled chicken breast, they’ll address? Say it’s like three bucks or something. So you get two or three chicken breasts and a side salad and a water and you’ll be surprised how cheap your meal is.

And it’s really, really good. It’s really good. So you still get that great thing. You don’t get all the weird sides, the church of 15 bucks for or something like that. But that’s what, that’s what I’d highly encourage you guys to do, to stay on track far as and fast food or on the go or out eating great options. Those two components within a diet program, even if you’re doing like carbs or carbs, cycling or timing, if you’re trying to do different things and a different type of program than like the CF 30 or the low carb approach to the ketogenic approaches that I push a lot.

Those are such free food options. What I mean by that is they do not accumulate into fat very readily at all. Almost impossible for you to get fat. I got so fed off of eating a grilled chicken Patty last night, an extra, you’re never going to hear that. So visit the best gym in Topeka KS today for more information on this fitness program.

So those are the ones that have a lot of grace. Call to action. What I want you guys to do is when you’re out and going and you’re trying to set out a plan, you can still eat fast food, just eat the Leamy and the veggies and throw the button. So I may say it again. Fast food. Yes, you can still eat fast food, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s, all these regular places whipped through. Grab several sandwiches so you know you’re going to be full.

And then just grab, just eat the meat, just eat the veggies and just drink of water. And that’s on track for your fitness goals. Now watch the condiments, make sure that you’re only putting like zero carb condiments on there. So just, just watch it, you know, like pile up a ton of catchup on something. And so on. So the best thing to do is to eat zero carbohydrate condiments and you will be successful and you can still eat fast food and still be fit when you’re traveling.

Anywhere you’re going, I’m out and about with friends. I’m stuck in an awkward, calm places. Me, vegetables mean vegetables, mean vegetables throughout the bond, throughout the co. Throw off all the carby sugary stuff, just eat unlimited veggies and unlimited lean meat options, preferably like the chicken is almost always available a lot of places. So follow that to a T and you will be in on track for your fitness success. Another call to action is come to Colaw fitness.

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