Episode 41 - Fat Loss Explained

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast. Hello, this is Charles Colaw.

With that you can do a podcast and today I’m going to talk to you about fat loss explained. I’m wanting to have you fully understand what mechanisms cause fat loss to occur in the body and what mechanisms actually cause fat to accumulate on the body. There’s an article that is written by Eric Satterwhite and bodybuilding.com and he goes on talking about fat burning is the process where free fatty acids are used as fuel as opposed to glucose.

You can do this podcast

You can do this podcast

That’s human blood sugar during times of very low intensity, less than 50% of your max VO too. That’s your breathing capacity. So less than 50% of your max breathing capacity fat is the perfume preferred fuel. About 75 to 80% of the energy used during that time 50% or less with a max breathing is going to be fat. So see on the couch sitting in a resting state, walking, talking, most activity. Is going to be 50% of your breathing capacity or less, and 75 to 80% of what your body’s preferring to use is going to be your fat or fat.

Metabolization is going to be Kering. Also the foods that you eat affect that. So if you’re eating a lots of high blood sugars, responsive foods like carbohydrates and sugars, the blood sugar rises, and then during that time the blood sugar would be then being preferred to be used during that time, like after a meal or if you’re sitting around just eating, your body will then switch to glucose uploads to the fat.

So he goes on to say, this does not mean that fat is the only source. It just means there’s a larger contribution of energy. That comes from fat. At most resting state, there’s never a time where it’s just one source. There’s not fat and sh and the blood sugar of the blood glucose, the L the two are always contributing. One may be more favored and more dominant in a situation.

But there’s never one that’s just exclusive. So to go on further about this, I want you guys to fully understand that to lose your butt, gut and thighs, you have to basically have a blood glucose level that’s the low enough to force your body’s fat to be used as its own energy substrate. So what I’m saying is each fat cell, think of it like a Ziploc baggie and there’s a blue and green strip called the glute four receptor. The [inaudible] receptor.

When your blood sugar gets too low, your body then sends a response to use a fat cell. Basically fat oxidize, they call it a ketone, ever like ketogenic diet or a keto diet. Your body actually recent releases ketone into the blood to be used when glucose is not readily available. And it’s also happening somewhat all the time as well. But your body, especially when it gets low blood glucose, your body then triggers a ketogenic response or has ever heard the term, I’m in ketosis.

So when your body has been low enough in blood sugar and there’s low enough glycogen in the muscles and so on. Basically when your energy and your blood is low, your body will start using its own fat as an energy substrate. So what I want to do is clearly teach this to you. So have you ever wondered exactly how fat loss works? My take is through training thousands of clients in lots of places for many, many years.

I have learned that when I work with a client and most of the time this is my take when the blood sugar, if you take a prick, prick your finger and you put it on a glucometer, you see the blood sugar, most normal blood sugar needs to between be between 80 and one 20 on that glucose meter. If a client is staying with an 80 to one 20 your body likes to freely prefer fat as its usage.

So like he’s talking about 50% of the max via two or less. So non intense exercise. Your body will freely give up its fat reserves. But the problem is is so much of the American diet is in refined carbohydrates like breads, cereals, grains, fruits, carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs, all sorts. And that carbohydrate gets in the blood sugar fast and elevates it above that one 20. When that one 20, the 80 to one 20 is the normal range.

Once you get above one 20, it was basically kind of more like a fasting normal state. Once you get above one 20 that switches and that fat cell, which I call like that Ziploc baggie. Instead of that Fairfield was shipped to the Bluegreen strip, aligned a ketone body out to be burnt. It then allows a glucose in the blood and insulin releases and then shuttles that extra energy into the cells.

So then it basically reverses a ketogenic response or a fat burning response and then it causes a fat accumulation response. Then it starts filling up that Ziploc baggie. So think of it like this. Blood sugar is key. If you’re elevating your blood sugar just by too much volume of food or high sugar responsive food or hard carby food, the blood sugar goes up, your body’s going to send that hormone insulin out, which is a fat storage hormone or a storage hormone.

How we want to put it. And that’s going to shuttle nutrients into the fat. So very, very quickly. So that’s going to hypertrophy or in large fat cells. How does fat loss work? Lowering blood glucose by either a calories restriction point system restriction, paleos, maker’s diet, South beach diets, any type of low carb, anything that lowers the blood sugar enough to stay within 80 to one 20 or lower, then your body will freely start going back to oxidizing its own fat or using its own fat.

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So that’s a lot. Sounds a little probably confusing. I’m trying to make it simple. So I just say think of a zip lock baggie. If the blood sugars over one 20, it likes to fill the Ziploc baggie. If it’s in the one 20 or less, it wants to give up energy out of the Ziploc baggie. So eat calorie counting is important. Restriction of food is somewhat important, all that kind of stuff that cannot create weight loss and so on.

But my take is the diets that really work and work well and can keep muscle on the body and tone the body are lower carb, higher protein diets where you’re still lifting weights, you’re still eating enough calories to keep good metabolic function and keeping your body chewing, swallowing, digesting, metabolizing food, pushing food through the body so you don’t go into full fast state so you’re still eating but you’re just eating foods that stay within the 80 to one 20 range almost all the time.

So I came out with mind frame templates and documents to follow that you can be successful or at my CF-30 journal and my [inaudible] templates and books and stuff like that we have at a club, they are all mindframe documents you can follow that basically force your body to lose its use its own fat as the primary energy substrate so that all day, 24 hours a day you’re staying in a ketogenic state where your body’s using it, a fat cell is dropping it’s energy basically.

It’s shrinking at all times and using its own energy as a fat reserve so that you become a smaller, more toned, more fit version of yourself. So have you ever wondered exactly how fat loss works? That’s my take. It’s where your body is like a Ziploc baggy. It drops ketones in the bloodstream for that musculoskeletal function, your arms moving, your weight training, you’re running with your legs, your heart is beating.

All energy that is required from your body is then utilized through the bloodstream. That’s how your body, like how your body works is it has to use energy and the energy has to come from either glucose. And if it’s slower in the body from the carbs not being there, it’s then going to use ketone bodies and that’s going to pull directly from your fat. And so that Ziploc baggies shrinks and you can lose weight.

Okay, my answer to number two, what mechanisms cause fat to come off the best? I say my take is lower glycemic diets and somewhat restricted in calories. What I mean by that is you still need to be eating five to six meals a day, but they’re meat, vegetable combo meals or on the go, they’re protein shakes and water. This is what I pushed with a lot of my clients at the Oklahoma City gyms.

All the best figure fitness, bodybuilding competitors, any fitness, a type person eats a higher protein, lower carbohydrate diet at some point or at certain parts of the day or the, if they’re doing cow calorie cycling or they’re doing carb cycling or whatever they do the ma, the main thing that gets them really ripped is when they go to like lean meats and vegetable combos because they are so low on the blood sugar response.

Your body is staying in that ketogenic pathway where your body is giving up its own fat reserves as the primary energy source. So meat, vegetables, protein shakes and water. That’s the diet I push. Meat and vegetables, protein shakes and water. And then of course workouts that stimulate high intensity and then long duration with the fat burning stuff. And I’ll go into that in a minute. So number three, what it mechanisms cause fat to store on the body.

So what are you doing that causes fat to accumulate on the body? If you’re sitting around, to give you an example, if you take all the blood in your body and drain it out. It’s only about let’s say about one shirt you buy five grams of unit volume. Weight is all that’s in your body at one given time. So that’s like one red and white Starlight mint or one Sonic mint or that’s like one sugar cube.

So all of the sugar in your body at one given time, you took it all out and drained it all out and put it, dried it all out into a cube. It would have about one shirt you’ve worth that functions all regular metabolic functions at one flash given time. So if I drink like a regular 12 ounce Coca-Cola, that’s about 36 grams of sugar. 36 divided into a five gram shirt cube, it’s like seven times the amount of sugar that I need.

So if I chug a 12 ounce Coke, I’m getting seven times the amount of blood sugar that my body needs. That in turn is way too high. So that 80 to one 20 is way too high. If you’re above 120 milliliters per deciliter for glucose in the blood, that ends up spiking it way high insulin is released. And then at that point the fat is a cure. Curious so that Ziploc baggies in filling and getting larger. Learn more about nutrition instruction at the Oklahoma City gyms of Colaw Fitness.

So what mechanisms causes store fat so high sugar content, food, high carbohydrate and food, and just too much food volume in general. So those are my takes. I definitely get fat the fastest, especially after ever a bodybuilding show off of carbs, not fat. I can eat really fatty foods and not gain that much weight. But if I start eating really sugary foods and desserts and ice creams and a lot of sugar contents, that is what puts the fat on me the fastest.

And if you’ve been into fitness long enough, you realize that sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar is the worst cause of fat to accumulate on the body. Why blood sugar response? Quick insulin is the transport hormone that then is sitting out in the bloodstream. All that insulin grabs that glib blood glucose and it fills it into those Ziploc baggies like I was talking about those those fat cells, and that all happens very, very quickly.

So if I were taking a sugar cube, place it between my cheek and gum and prick my finger within five to 10 minutes, I can see that blood sugar responding without showing swelling or digestion. So even through the Buechel membranes in my mouth, blood sugars absorbing even without full digestion. It’s so easy to absorb, fast to absorb. So you eat like a big ice cream or you drink Cokes, liquid basically liquid sugar. Learn more about nutrition at the Oklahoma City gyms Colaw Fitness.

I’m eating tons of sugar. That is the fastest thing to accumulate as fat, not actually fat. So calls to action. What I want you guys to do to be successful is this is what I do with my clients. I encourage intense weight training first thing in the morning where you set up several weight training exercises and you do between eight to 15 repetitions and you do let’s say three or four exercises in a row and you make that into one round.

It’s called like a tri set or a giant set and that gets your heart rate really up and then you rest for three minutes and let your heart rate return to normal. So let me give you an example. So if I’m doing chest to do chest press, like a bench press, then to do one to three devices, I need nine 10, 11, 12, barely get it. If you want to get going on your fitness journey visit the Oklahoma City gyms Colaw Fitness.

Immediately jump up and go to chest incline press. What do they provide? Six, seven, eight, nine and jump. Amelie. Go do a chest, a fly. And then I go do like a dip. So I do four consecutive exercises, intro, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. And my heart is racing my blood by a max VO to my breathing is at full intensity. And doing that exercise basically forces my forces my body to be stimulated really, really hard.

That heavy. I mean, I’m sorry, not heavy, but high intense exercise. Sorry, there’s a thunderstorm that just is occurring, kind of distracted me and has got all my technology kind of fell out up here. But that high intensity exercise that stimulates your body enormously. And then what you want to do is let your breathing return to normal. So you do those exercises rest just long enough between that round of four exercises to let your breathing return to normal and then go back through it again.

And you want to do like four rounds like that. That’s very intense. It’s not super heavy, but it’s very intense and it forces a high max VO too. It’s high enough to cause muscle fibers to actually be strained, which are then going to cause an increased metabolism for like 72 hours for that muscle to recover. So it’s going to keep a prolonged metabolic response. And you have an intense response of intense weight when you visit the Oklahoma City gyms.

So the first thing is intense ways. First thing in the morning, I like to do like giant sets and try sets or whatever and then go to the cardio. And then if you’re trying to really shred that fat, get on that cardio machine, and I want you to go get your heart rate up to one 20 and hold that in between one 20 and one 30 and you go for 500 calories.

You don’t get off that sucker until it says 500 I don’t care if it’s treadmill, elliptical, bike rower, whatever. You run that cardio between one 2130 that’s lower than 50% of your max VO too, and that is really in that fat burning zone. So that is where the fat or the fatty acids are used as the primary substrate. And I’d say about 80% of the calories you’re using 75 to 80% of those calories out of those 500 cows will all come from pure fat.

Now if you get above one 30 actually starts to pull from their glycogen stores. That’s the muscle. So she started burning up muscle to get too intense. So he did the intense stuff first and then we just basically hold that fat burning zone for one 2,130 beats a minute for 500 calories. If you do that type of workout in the morning and then you go grab that CF 30 diet, the diet plan that I give my clients, it’s basically meat, vegetables for sit down meals and then protein shakes and water.

You nail that diet and workout plan like I just talked about, that will shred the fat, like freaking crazy. So call to action. Intense weights first thing in the morning, cardio for 120 230 beats a minute and you don’t get off that thing until it says 500. And then you go get that CF-30 diet plan. There’s a journal. Follow that to a tee. Follow that to a T. No more, no less than exactly what it says.

And I promise you, you’ll start shredding weight. You’re not going to be hungry. You’re going to feel just wonderful. At the end of 30 days, you’ll lose 10 to 30 pounds of body fat. And you’ll be well on your way to knowing more, feeling better, feeling comfortable in your own skin. So anyways, also co-op fitness is only $1 down. We have a 30 day money back guarantee, so it’s $1 for the first 30 days.

Our memberships for as low as fi are as low as $5 a month. So it’s $1 down, $5 a month. That’s where two people, cause you could bring a friend anytime, a different friend all the time. So two people can work out, tan massage, get free trainer instruction, free nutrition instruction. You can bring that friend with you every time. You can work out 10. Both of you guys can, everybody can use everything in the club for only $1 for the first 30 days.

And at the end of the 30 days, if we’re not a good fit, we’ll give the dollar back and there’s no contract, there’s no stick to you. So we are the biggest Go-Giver. We’ve got fitness locations and Colaw fitness Bartlesville, Oklahoma Colaw fitness Oklahoma City gyms, Joplin, Missouri, Colaw fitness Topeka, Kansas. We’ve got to Colaw fitness. OKC or Colaw fitness, Oklahoma city opening.

And here in 2020 we also have a Colaw fitness Arlington. Opened up in 2020 Arlington, Texas, Colaw fitness, Arlington, Texas, Colaw fitness, Arlington, Texas. Yes. is going to be opening also in 2020. And all of this stuff I just talked about, we’ll get you in shape. Ripped and toned, and in better safe, smaller, more fit version of yourself. Like I said, this works for anybody and everybody. And so that’s basically fat loss explained. This is Charles Colaw with the, you can do it podcasts and we talked to you next time. Have a great day. Bye bye and see you soon at the Oklahoma City gyms.