Episode 42 - Healthy and Fit During COVID-19 Shutdown

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast. Hello. This is the Charles and Amber Colaw with Colaw fitness. You can do this podcast and today I’m going to talk to you about healthy and fit during the day

Would shut down. We want you to stay healthy and fit during this COVID-19 shutdown. So the problem is, is it’s hard to stay fit and healthy when you can’t go to the gyms in Oklahoma City and workout and you’re supposed to stay indoors or basically want to seek social distances, the term staying away from other people and so that you don’t spread germs. And so what I’m gonna do is talk to you about what are my key takeaways for you to be healthy and fit during this COVID shut down.

gyms in Oklahoma City

gyms in Oklahoma City

So the first component for you to stay healthy and fit is to eat real food during the shutdown. A lot of times we’re tempted to go out to eat crappy stuff, eat stuff that you can microwave really quick. A lot of different fast food box options, lots of sugary starchy and basically sit at home be down on yourself.

High sugar, high starch, high fat content foods. So I want you to eat real food during the shutdown and the types of food I encourage clients to eat, to stay healthy and fit and lean. That’s lower and body fat. That’s the sweet, gooey, soft stuff on your body and more toned with a more fit. Version of yourself is to eat lean meat and vegetable combos. So fish and chicken and anything that’s 90% are leaner meats. And also omega-3 eggs. So lean meat, omega-3 eggs and vegetable combos. So chicken and veggies, chicken and green beans fish and veggies and things like that.

Those are great combination meals to lose weight and get in great shape. I’ve trained with figure fitness competitors, bodybuilders, a lot of fitness and fit people. They focus in on dialing in their body to be the most fit, lean, toned version of shelf with higher protein, lower in carbohydrate that are glycaemic carbide, the lower of the high-glycemic carbohydrates, mainly veggie carbohydrates those types of combos.

So eating real food during the shutdown, lean meat and veggies. So anything that’s meat, veggies combos is what I encourage all you guys to be eating out there. I would choose a lot of different like stir fried dishes. You can do any type of STEM stock leaf vegetation and mix that with like sauteed veggies and a skillet or lean steak.

You can do pork chops, you can do lots of different options or you can do like a omelet and do like omega-3 omic and throw like bell peppers and onions and so on and have a meat and vegetable or like an egg and veggie omelet combo. So those are the things I encourage you to eating a lot of. Or if you’re on the go or wanting to go quickly doing a whey protein isolate, shake and water.

So my recommendations on there for you guys, it would be like diamond ties as a brand diamond ties, you can go to like Amazon or go to Google type in AMA Z. Oh, sorry diamond, go to Google. And then type in diamond ties, D a M Y a T I, Z E and then ISO, ISO 100 diamonds, ISO 100. It’s a whey protein isolate, three easy to absorb and it’s one of my preferred protein sources or Centracs nectar, S S Y N T R a X in E C T a R.

That’s another way isolate and that’s more fruit flavor type ones. But those are the ones I go for. My preferred one is orange dreamsicle for the diamond ties ISO 100. I like drinking that. That’s a whey protein isolate, shake and water. So whey protein shakes and water on the go.

All your sit down meals and meat, vegetable combos. That’s what I recommend. And eating those throughout the day. So you wake up, have an omelet, have a chicken and a green bean dish later in the day, then you could do any combination of like fish, chicken, steak, pork, anything that’s a lean cut. If it’s a piece of meat, has fat cut all the fat off. That’s so if you want it really lean, just whatever choice of lean meat, just always trim all the fat off and that gets it really lean.

And then you could do any type of veggie combo with it. So that’s my recommendation for food. I’m eating real food during the shutdown. We’ll keep you lean, fit and toned. The night before, the way you are successful do this is time. Block your meals, basically. Time, blacking all the time throughout the day.

Planning, prepping your meals the night before so that you wake up, go grab your Tupperware container, warm it up, get your stuff done and eat that type of meal. That’s what I like to do is always have food prepped in the fridge and ready to go. So I don’t have to think, Oh, do I want, always have ready, prepared meals ready to go. So prepare the meals night before, prepare the meals the night before, prepare the meals the night before and then time block those meals.

Set it on your phone to beep every three hours that keeps your metabolic metabolism stimulated and every three hours you’re getting an adequate amount of calories. That’s all times throughout the day. So your body will use those nutrients very efficiently and you’re going to keep your blood glucose between 80 and one 20 which is basically going to be allowing your body to use its own fat as an energy substrate.

you can do this podcast

you can do this podcast

So anytime you keep your blood sugar, never spiking, your body will do fat metabolization really well and we want you to stay in that zone, metabolize your own fat. Those meals are very good for the ketone bodies to be released from your fat cells and to be utilized as fat. So time blocking the meals, prepping the meals at night before prep the meals night before prep the meals and I fourth time block them your on your phone.

So it just beeps and you go grab it, eat it. It’s all mind freedom to have that automatically set up and then a time block your workout. So there’s a set time that you do your workout every day and you just do it like the Nike slogan, just do it. And what you want to do is go to our Facebook page, scroll through and to see our total body workout with no equipment needed.

This is where I’ll walk you through a total body workout, head to toe to keep you fit and toned during this coven shut down. So that’s the food. Seven apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute. We got like eight certifications from, I’ve been all around the country. We’ve got a master’s degree in business and I’ve got, I’m just short of clinicals and nursing stuff. I’ve done a lot of education, a lot of education and fitness, lot of education period on water reading, setting.

I’ve trained over 5,000 clients. But for you to be successful, what I have learned to 70 to 80% of a client success is their food. So get that food nailed down. Meat and veggie combos and all your sit down meals, whey isolate protein shakes in water and hit that repeat button every three hours and then do that workout on the Facebook page.

The total body workout with no equipment needed that I have on my Facebook page. Do it no more, no less. I just said, and you’re going to be fast tracking to fitness, actually probably being more fit than you’ve ever been in your life. You can hold that for a good 60 to 90 days. You’ll be just amazed. I encourage you not believe me. Go to Cola fitness reviews, coauthored news reviews and watch hundreds and hundreds of videos of people losing weight, getting great shape.

But another key thing. So time block your meals and time block your workout and then time block a power walk time. Okay. And that’s basically you need to be doing a power walk till you get your breathing slightly elevated to where like a long discussion, you’re just a little short of breath the whole time. So you want to have a power walk towards almost uncomfortable.

And a little bit difficult to speak and then hold that. Okay for 40 minutes. If you can do that for 40 minutes, that is going to blast cause that’s going to probably put you in anywhere from one 20 to 130 beats a minute. And at that rate you’re still about 75 to 80% of all the calories. Your brain, that frame is mainly going to be fat calories to get too high. You start really getting into like a breathing hard, hard, hard.

If you get higher than that, higher than about 130 beats a minute, you actually will start burning up more glycogen. That’s energy stored in the muscle and also burn up muscle tissue. So we don’t want to do that. We want to just target the fat and tone up the body. So time blocked the meals, time block the workout. Follow the one on the Facebook page.

Time block, a power walk, doing the talk tests. Your breathing is elevated where you’re slightly short. It’s not uncomfortable. It’s just you’re definitely walking. You’re definitely power walking. Okay. next key takeaways. Shop at local farmer markets if possible. A lot of that food is ground here locally. A lot of your body’s immune system, especially, you want it up right now during this covert thing.

This is like a flu virus. It’s just not really recognized. You don’t know a lot about it, but you want your body’s antibody system to be running at high capacity. So want to eat food that’s here locally as much as possible. And that way you’re going to actually have a lot of that coming in from your food. So that’s for the veggie. So all these veggies get that from there on. And if you can, you can get local meat.

That’s great too. So that’s shopping local farmers. Next is drinking plenty of water. What I want you guys to do is all these meals, okay. It’s going to be for most of the girls around four ounces of lean meat with about one to two cups of veggies for each meal or a four eggs and one to two cups of veggies with each meal or an omelet with whatever veggies you want. Really to kind of make it taste good. It’s mainly fiber source and it has nutrients.

It’s mainly for helping your body push the meal through and nutrients, but not a lot of actual calories because veggie carbs are very low in calories. But anyways drinking plenty of water. So you’re going to be eating these meals, four to eight ounce lean meat options for if your grill eight, if you’re a bigger guy with some vegetables, eight to four to eight ounces of lean meat with one to three cups of veggies.

Really whatever you’re hungry for, you really can’t get fat off those options. You just eat until you’re satiated and satisfied. And then if you want to just have a 16 ounce bottle of water to keep refilling it, so every one of those meals you’re going to be eating and then drinking at least a 16 ounce bottle water, that’s five to eight times a day. You need to be drinking plenty of regular water. So every meal, five to six meals a day, every three hours.

So meat, veggie meal, four to eight ounces, one to two, one to three cups of veggies, and then drink your 16 ounces of water. I promise you, you will not be hungry. You will not die. You will burn a ton of body fat. You’re staying in that fat zone. So next key takeaway when bored or like low motivation or whatever, get up, go outside, walk around, take a walk for at least 30 minutes and I would say perform this.

But by doing this, you raise your endorphins, endorphins in the body. There’s these serotonin and dopamine are hormones in the brain. Those are the same thing from eating food and sex and so on. Those are positive endorphins and those are re released during exercise. So if your boar board or your kind of depressed or not motivated, which is very common in this cabin, fever, weird, I want to get out on like this.

This is depressing board getting out. Just get out of your house, just do it mind. You’ve got to take action over emotion. Just get out there, start walking and I promise you your endorphins will go up, you’ll start feeling better, you breathe good oxygen and you’re going to start burning a ton of fat. So that’s a great mood enhancement. And you also get some good nutrients from the sun or visiting the gyms in Oklahoma City.

Vitamin D that’s those are great vitamins. That’s actually what vitamin D is. One of the key things that help with your immune support from this covert thing as well. Some of these studies I’ve read, I’m not saying I’m the doctor, but I’ve just read a lot of different stuff. So when board go out and take another walk, if you want to do that two or three times a day, more power to you, you’re staying active at the gyms in Oklahoma City.

It helps with depression. It helps with depression, helps with depression. So when bored or low or just not in a good mood, kind of, kind of depressed state, get up, take a walk, breathe some air, get a little bit of sun, get that vitamin D, get that immune system up and get healthy. So next item is get enough rest, get enough rest. See sleep is a pivotal requirement and maintaining your health, your body repairs and recharges during the deep sleep cycles.

It also pulses all those key hormones like HGH, which helps stimulate that metabolization and all these tissues to regrow and develop. It also helps your mood and keeps your body in optimal performance. Along with the sleep thing. I want you to try to keep a regular cycle. So a lot of times I go, well tonight I’m going to stay up really late. Try to stay within about one to two hours. I would say two hours of your same waking and the same resting times throughout this whole time that you’re staying at home, staying healthy and fit during covert.

Try to keep the waking and going to bedtime within a two hour range and you’re actually going to have a better a healthier body. Your body likes that normal rhythm. So last thing is like this meditation thing. Now I’m big on the Bible cause I’m a Christian and I encourage everybody to read Proverbs.

There’s a book of Proverbs, it’s technically written by King Solomon. At one point he was, from what I’ve heard, and some of the stuff’s that talks about if you go on, he’s supposedly the richest man of all times. This was when the ma, the book of wisdom sky was extremely successful, very wealthy in this book is not just proven in the Bible but in lots of other manuscripts as well that he was a real King. But King Solomon wrote the book of Proverbs.

It’s a great takeaway. It’s one thing that changed my life a lot was reading Proverbs when I was in my youth and it helped me think big picture, meta perspective from my life and make better choices. And I promise you if you read Proverbs daily for six months, there’s 31 cha for 31 chapters in Proverbs. So it’s like, like if it’s, it’s the first day of the month.

So it’s like, say it’s may one read Proverbs chapter one, and if it’s may to reprocess chapter two, it only takes about five to 10 minutes. But if you read that every day for 30 days, I promise you to change your life. I highly attributed the book of Proverbs to my self made success in fitness as a multimillion business owner person is because of that. The Bible is an amazing book of personal mastery and discipline. In the book of problems with transform your life.

That meta perspective will make your build relationships better with your family, your friends deeper, more intentional, and it will also make your choices for money and life and everything in valuing others so much differently. So read Proverbs every day. So Proverbs chapter one on may one Proverbs chapter two and may two it’ll take 10 minutes or less. Change your life, I promise.

So calls to action. You want to eat real food during the shutdown. Lean meat, vegetable combos, protein shakes and water on the go. That’s my recommendations the night before you need to time block all those meals. Put it on your phone, set it up. Time, block a workout. Get that from the Facebook page. Cycling Cola, fitness on Facebook. Look it up. Scroll through until you find the total body workout with no equipment needed.

So you don’t need anything. You just need a floor and a workout space and you can do it. And then time block your power walk. Make sure you do it to an intensity that’s somewhat causing you to breathe. More difficult but not terrible. That’s going to be somewhere between 120, 130 beats a minute. And then you want to shop for local veggies and so on that you’re going to be putting in your meals to try to shop local drinking at least 16 hours.

You get a bottle of water, refill that every meal. Make sure you drink that with your meal and then finish it all up before the end of your meal. So within that three hour interval, 16 ounces of water you’re getting in to helps regulate your metabolism. 80% of muscle is water. 65% of your total body mass is water. Water is your number one antioxidant. And water is just such a healthy, essential nutrient. And it totally, every doctor doctor’s gonna say, well, you’re sick.

Drink more water. It’s gonna make your immune system healthy, make you healthy overall, makes your muscles stronger, body digest food more properly. If you think about defecate, urinate your body helps regulate all fecal matter through your system, through water regulation. So drink plenty of water. When border low, take an extra walk. Don’t sit around, don’t look for another Netflix and get up and come to the gyms in Oklahoma City.

Move. Get out of the house, breathe some air, get some sunlight, get some good nutrients and get a good power. Walk in another one. So when border load take a walk, it helps with a serotonin, a dopamine, all those pleasure endorphins. It’s going to give you a mood enhancement. It’s gonna make your mood go from low to high. You feel better about yourself. So getting enough sleep, making sure you have the going to bed time within a two hour period, and waking up with a two pirate periods.

If you’re waking up every morning at seven you need to be doing that between seven and nine. Here we go. Waking up every morning between seven and nine. Don’t wait the next day at noon and go to bed way late. So if you’re going to bed at like 10 or 11, make sure you continue to go to bed around 10 or 11, somewhere in that two hour range kind of thing.

So keep it S your body needs that good consistent rhythm. A lot of studies on that preset to all my clients. They’ve been so much better when they have that. And then reading Proverbs daily, that’s a Metta perspective on your life and your choices, your relationships, it will transform your life. I know it’s made many of my friends millionaires, many of my friends, a healthier, happier. I’ve taken all my men’s group. I used to do a men’s group. I’m at the back of the gyms in Oklahoma City for years.

It changes people’s lives. Just reading that cause it says do not conform to the standard of the world, but be transformed by a renewing of the mind that’s washing yourself in the word. And this is the word that comes from King Solomon, who was one of the wisest, most successful, richest men of all time. Strong Christian man.

So anyways, that will be such an amazing read for you. Change your life. So those are the calls to action. Also wants you to go back soon as we can get open again. Go back to Colaw gyms in Oklahoma City and just get your membership going again. We’re going to unfreeze them once everything’s going again. We think we’re gonna need 10 or 15 days of free use and then we’re going to start charging again. But get back joint Colaw fitness. If you’ve never been there, it’s only a dollar down.

That’s where two people can work out, can massage, have free trainer instruction to get free handouts on falling plans, get free trainer instruction, all that kind of stuff. That’s both people. You and a friend can work out 10 massage for 30 days for only $1 down and we also have a money back guarantee on that. We’ll give you that dollar back so there’s no risk.

That’s Colaw at Colaw fitness in Joplin, Missouri, Colaw fitness in Bartlesville, Oklahoma Colaw fitness in Topeka, Kansas. We have a Colaw fitness. We’re opening an Oklahoma city. That’s Colaw fitness. OKC is going to be opening in 2020 and the fall of 2020 and we have a Colaw fitness, Arlington, Texas opening up here in the summer of 2020 so Colaw often has check us out.

$1 down, two people work out tan massage, get free trainer instruction and more. So check us out. $1 down, money back guarantee. This is Charles Colaw with a, you can do this podcast on staying healthy and fit during the [inaudible]. Shut down. Have a blessed day. Bye bye and see you soon at the gyms in Oklahoma City.