Episode 44 - Most popular diets of 2020

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Hello there. This is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk to you about most popular diets, 2020 most popular diets here in the year 2020. For my research I came up with quite a few different ones and just want to talk to you a little about it and then my take. And then also talk about how the CF 30 the Colaw fitness 30 day program really hits some of the high points on each one of those to really help you lose weight, get in shape, stay healthy, and do that quickly and safely.

So without further ado, today with people wanting to lose weight, get in shape, people just don’t know what diet is best for them. And so I’m gonna talk about the most popular ones and you kind of decide which ones you like the most and which ones you’d like to try to follow and then try to encourage you to even try that.

You can do this podcast

You can do this podcast

See if 30 Cole up in his 30 day diet workout program that we have here for free and all of our clubs. And we’ve had a ton of success with a lot of different clients in multiple States as well. My name is Charles Cola. I’ve trained over 5,000 clients with being a fitness trainer over many years. And I want to help people get in shape, stay in shape, and learn and educate themselves so they can have that as a tool on their tool belt to help them stay on track with their health and fitness goals.

And food is huge. Apex 24 fitness, NSM Cooper Institute. I’ve been all around the country for fitness training, have multiple certifications and train, I think eight certifications and training. They’ve got a master’s degree in business and also went to a nursing school back in the day.

Did not complete that. But I have a big background in fitness training, nutrition and about the body. And anyways, I want to help you lose weight, get in shape and people just don’t know what to do and what to do for us in food to lose weight and get in shape. People want to lose weight, but it’s tough to decide how to eat or what diet is best to lose weight, get in shape. So I’m gonna explain some of these most popular diet plans.

The first one I talked about, it’s really not a diet plan. It’s actually gotten really popular here lately cause it’s intermittent fasting. It’s basically you just don’t eat for certain period of time. So it kind of has more of a, it’s more of an eating pattern than a diet. Intermittent fasting is a schedule. It tells you when you should eat and when you shouldn’t.

So it’s not really telling you what foods to be eating, but just tells you when you can eat. What it is. Periods of non eating or fasting have been said to help your body lose up to the loose stored body fat. And basically help your body burn fat. There’s a couple of different principles. There’s a eight method. This is the diet schedule. When you’re fasting for 16 hours of the day and eating for eight hours of the day.

They talk about in this program how you want to between 12:00 PM and 8:00 PM you’re going to be allowed to eat. Normally food is is, is, is there’s no really is off limits the rest of the day. There’s no really limit or amounts, but it’s basically 12 noon to 8:00 PM. You can kind of eat whatever you want as much as you want and the rest of the time you can’t yet can’t eat at all.

And that’s the 16 eight method for intermittent fasting. There’s another method called the five two method. This is a method where you’re allowed to eat normally for five days out of the week. During the other two, you’re keeping your calorie intake to below 500. So basically eat five days a week and you just kind of like barely eat anything, almost starved for two days out of the week. So that’s another method. It is popular with certain celebrities and lots of different people who don’t really want to count anything or check anything.

They just know when they can eat when they can’t eat. And it’s not really strategic. If you really wanting to try to like become a smaller, more fit, toned version of yourself, it’s not really getting you the actual, it limits some caloric intake, but it doesn’t really target building a really fit, toned physique.

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So I see, see some value in it. I think there is good for weight management. It’s really not strategic for, you know, getting you small and tight and toned and things like that. You’re not, you’re just kind of blanketing like, one thing is is you can eat calories but a calorie isn’t just a calorie. Certain calories store fat easier. Some calories don’t soar fat easier. Certain calories basically build muscle and like protein rich foods, he’ll grow and repair certain calories.

Don’t do anything for healing, growth and repair and they don’t have any vitamins and so on. And so there’s a lot of you could be in nutritional deficiencies with that. So there’s some, some red flags I have on that, but it is a, is a method that can be used for weight management. There is a another thing called the O M a D method.

OMAD stands for one meal a day. Like the name suggests is a schedule of you eating just one big meal a day and sipping on water, tea the rest of the day. So that’s the OMAD method, one meal a day, that’s what it stands for. So then another method is called the E O D method every other day. It’s basically a method cycling between 24 hours of fasting and 24 hours of eating like normal.

So eat one day, don’t eat one day, eat one day, don’t eat one day. How it works is intermittent fasting is basically affects hormone levels. For example, insulin as well. I’ve talked a lot about in the past with other diets as well. In the body increases. You eat food and then it doesn’t, when we donate food, insulin is a transport hormone. When insulin levels are low, your body utilizes your fat.

So you can actually eat food all throughout the day. If it’s a low-glycemic and still be utilizing fat, which just doesn’t really teach you about that, it just tells you donate. So when insulin levels are low, your body will utilize fat stored within itself, which leads to weight loss. Studies have revealed that fast and can increase a person’s metabolism by up to 14%. If you do it for extended period of time, you actually down-regulate some metabolic pathway.

So if you do it for very long, it can actually kind of screw up that that, that, that period of times of periods of a minute. Fast have been just shown to lead to decreased overall calorie intake, which helps the body lose weight. So basically if you’re forcing yourself to starve for certain periods of time or basically just not eat, you can lose weight.

So it just basically stops you from eating at certain times. There is some success with that. There is some success with that. If you try to even eat healthy too during those non times instead of just eat whatever you want, the bottom line it doesn’t really tell you what to eat, it just tells you when to eat. It’s kinda like a dream come true for anyone that hates counting calories or trying to actually eat only healthy foods.

But it is very helpful to just say, well, at least I’m not a, I’m not, I’m trying to really, you know, full focus on losing weight and just not, you know, overeat. And basically you’re, you’re basically, you’re just you know, not eating. I’m not a huge component of that, but I do feel like it has some value. The next popular I want to talk about is called the keto diet.

There’s lots of different versions of that. I’m a fan of ketogenic diets. It’s basically still eating steel, still keeping your metabolism working, still getting nutrients and vitamins and so on from food all throughout the day. But you’re forcing yourself to always stay in low-glycemic, which is basically allowing your insulin levels to stay low. So fat is always being utilized as an energy substrate, so your body is burning fat even still while eating and your energy levels are really, really optimized as well.

So that’s the reason why that is very popular. It is a high protein, protein, low carb type of diet. It has been around for decades. While the concept behind the diet is nothing new, ketos is popular. And the term Quito is very popular right now. Here’s some Poplar keto diet methods. And the diet methods are of the standard Keogh diet.

In this method, your diet should consist of about 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% of carbohydrates or less. That’s kind of the standard ketogenic diet. The high protein ketogenic diet is the one that I like, cause I like people working out and building muscle. So they’re a smaller, more toned version of the cells when they’re at the end. They’re not just a smaller ooey gooey version of themselves, not just like a smallest, I call it skinny fat. You’re so skinny and you’re so soft, but the high protein one gives you enough of the raw nutrients to build the muscle tone underneath.

So high protein ketogenic diet, this method, your should consist of about 60% fat, 35% protein and 5% carbs. I liked that one a lot better. The one that we do with the [inaudible] is, you know, more of a 50, 50. It’s even higher in protein, a more moderate and fat and very, very low in carbs.

So that is a, I like that method of the high protein ketogenic approach. Then there’s a cyclical ketogenic diet. This diet allows for high amounts of carbs once in a while. I’m the user per tykes and about five ketogenic days followed by two higher carb days. I don’t like that as much. Generally when the high glucose hits the bloodstream, you kind of get at serotonin and dopamine are hormones that are pleasure hormones that gets you back into the high carby cravings again.

So when you trigger that, it’s like a drug addict, you know, finally getting that drug again where you really then you then it’s harder to stay on the planet. I think the more that you allow your body to have the blue, high blood glucose hammer you, the more you want to trend back to eating the high-glycemic carbs, the breads and cereals, the sugars, the grains.

So anyways, the targeted ketogenic diet, that is another version of it. It’s the amount of carbs is dependent upon the amount of type of exercise you do each day. So I have done that as well. Where I car blowed? No, when I say car blow, just a smaller amount, maybe 20 to probably about 20 to 30 carbs prior to a weight training interval. And that has been very successful for me when I competed and then go back to high protein, moderate fat the rest of the day.

So I just load about 20 to 30 grams of carbohydrates when I know I’m going to actually utilize during that workout. So I don’t feel actually I can get a really good pump. I can really transport a lot of the nutrients, especially through pre-workouts like let’s say creatine and arginine and all that kind of stuff.

When you elevate your insulin, that also goes in or cellular. So insulin is a transport hormone. It’s triggered by carbohydrates. You can actually trigger your carbohydrate that, that, that triggering of the insulin actually can be very anabolic and you can run your creatine monohydrate and you can run your arginine or vasodilators or pre-workouts and things like that at a time range and really get a better effect out of it. So that’s, that’s that’s another great method to do.

So anyways ketogenic diets, how it works. When your body replaces a large amount of its carbohydrates with proteins and fats, your body then has to go to its next source. Your body will then start using its own fat as an energy substrate instead of the blood sugar from carbohydrates. So you basically lowering carbs, forcing your body to use the next source of energy, since it’s not eating carbs is going to be using its own fat when you visit the Joplin gyms.

So that’s pretty much how it works. Or it uses the fat that’s currently in each meal. So if your body doesn’t have carbs, carbs is his first choice. If it doesn’t get it, it will go to fat. If it doesn’t have fat and the food is going to get fat off the body also keeps the blood glucose low, which keeps the insulin levels low, which helps your body basically stay in that what they call that ketogenic state where your body actually uses its own fat as energy creating a smaller version of yourself.

Mixed diet and talk about is the paleo diet. It’s a very popular diet as well. It runs off similar principles to ketogenic. It basically, it was developed basically the concept behind paleo is a very unique, it’s you know, basically based upon like the idea concept of 10,000 years ago, humans didn’t rely on farming. They visited the Joplin gyms like Colaw Fitness.

And so that lives off of like a Hunter gatherer lifestyle around foraging for food. So the people that practice this, you know, take away all the farming foods and they really wanted you to focus on not eating grains, not eating dairy, not eating. Certain types of processed foods and would that makes you eat is then you’re going to be eating meat. You’re going to say if I walked out on the Prairie, I’d eat, I’d hunt for something to get a great Joplin gyms deal today.

So it’d be some sort of lean meat at hunt where I’d fish or something. Some sort of lean fish. Berries are going to be seasonal, nuts are going to be seasonal fruits that are going to be seasonal vegetables, high stock, STEM stock and leaf will be like plentiful. So it’s a high protein, high fiber diet with sparing berries, nuts and seeds and things like that.

So it’s a really supposed to basically focus on is it’s basically a high protein diet as well. It’s a very, very lower and carbohydrate type of diet. And the carbs that you’re getting are very natural carbs. And so it’s a, it’s a very healthy Hunter gatherer approach. I tell people, you know, if you go back to, you know, before technology and farming and agriculture and basically processing chew and cutting the grain, you know, milling it, grinding it up, pre digesting it, putting it into our foods.

And our flour and our chips and everything. So it was basically already been chewed up, digested, bleached, killed all the nutrients and then you eat it and it easily absorbs and it’s in a chip. So it’s, it comes from natural food but it’s been so processed, it’s almost like it absorbing into your body since it’s pre digested and it’s killed all the value of nutrients through bleaching it and changing it from the flower and so on.

But all of those grains and stuff basically stores fat, just like sugars. So it takes all of that out and it focuses on the raw meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds that a hundred gatherer would have. And if you eat that way, you’ll definitely be lean and trim and healthy the way that God kind of created us to be. So the bottom line is experts argue that the science is what it says here. Some of the experts argue that the science behind what early human eight is up for debate after all hundred gathers in different parts of the world, often vastly different diets.

With that said the main principle that cutting out processed foods and other unnatural ingredients have obvious health benefits. Although the diet is quite expensive, it’s an easier and healthier way to eat. So I believe that the ketogenic diet, the South beach, I’m sorry, the ketogenic diet, the paleo based diet fundamentally are very, very similar.

Just kind of a different twist to it. A lot of these diets I truly believe are very, very similar. It’s kind of like even my [inaudible] I just target on the main components that every one of these are hitting. And forcing your body to not take as much starchy sugary processed foods and just eat basically meat and vegetables and protein shakes and water. And then these guys kind of throw in there different seeds and nuts and things like that as well for some extra variety.

But and then they kind of have a natural appeal to it because it’s like, Hey, it’s a Hunter gatherer thing, or Hey, this is the popular is a South beach thing or whatever because this is what they do and whatever. It’s like a cool marketing name, but the premise of a higher protein, lower in processed foods higher Instem stock, high fiber based vegetables is the premise of a lot of these diets.

Next I’m going to talk about is the South beach diet, South beach diet. Also also popular. A lot of the name stuff I think is kind of cool. People think the name is cool. I think the name is cool. It’s popular. What it is. South beach diet encourages a lower intake of carbohydrates as well. So that’s a common denominator with all of these. With that said, it doesn’t consider it to be a true low carb diet.

Unlike low carb diets or the South beach ice allows you to eat up to 20% of your daily intake from carbohydrates, which is also compared to most Americans vastly lower. So if you do it, you will probably lose quite a bit of weight because insulin is lowered just like the rest of them, but just marketed differently. It seeks to encourage the diet that is full of good carbs, lean protein and healthy fats.

So it’s marketed. Have a little bit more variety with more variety, which means there’s a little bit more carve options, which more carve options means you’re going to be more circulating insulin, which means you’ll stay a little bit softer and physique and you’ll lose fat a little bit slower. Unless you just focus on calorie cutting as well. But the South beach diet consists of three phases that practitioners are expected to adhere to.

Phase one, it’s a two week long process. It’s a recent phase. You’re cutting out sugars, carbohydrates completely. So it’s the same as like a no carb diet. Instead you stick to lean proteins, high fiber vegetables, and low fat dairy products. So phase one is basically the bodybuilder diet, the protein only diet, the low carb diet, only using some STEM stock leaf vegetables. That’s kind of like how the CF-30 diet is kind of like this phase one all the time because it shreds your fast when any time you’re working with a client.

The first two weeks that I work with a client, I tell them do it no more, no less, exactly what I say. And that’s what they do here as well. They want you to see that water weight drop. They want you to get that lean body weight come off, which gets you motivated, gets you to have a little more discipline. So that’s phase one. Phase two is during this phase you’re going to start to reinforce carbs back into your diet.

The only carbohydrates you’re allowed to eat or healthy ones like Brown rice and whole grains, large amount of vegetables and lean meats are still encouraged. So it’s a meat and vegetable diet, but they’re now giving you a little bit of Brown rice and whole grains. I’ve done that a lot with my clients when I first started as well. It works really well.

It’s a little bit easier to hear too cause you get a little bit more variety but it doesn’t lose as fast as phase one. So phase three is this is the maintenance phase of encourage you to continue eating only healthy fats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products. Basically it’s just allowing you to have more, which has maintenance phase means you’re not losing phase. So maintenance is just, so now going back to more irregular.

So fundamentally South beach is just like [inaudible] meat, vegetables, super low carb, only high fiber vegetables, forcing you to lose fat, you’re going to lose a vast majority of your weight quickly and fast off. Phase one. Phase two is just basically kind of like carb tiny like I talked about earlier in a different diet. With all fundamentally different principles kind of spun and marketed in different ways.

And that’s gonna allow you to have a little more energy, but it also will soften your body. Allow more insulin to be released, a little bit more daily energy to be eaten through carbohydrates. Which means less is going to be burnt from your fat stored body fat as an energy substrate. So how it works. White breads, rice, potatoes, and other starchy foods that have high glycemic indexes are taken out. Foods that are highlights, things just had said to have make your blood sugar spike.

And it does. And so they cut those out. So it was basically take out all the bad carbs, stick to low-glycemic carbs. That’s pretty much South beach. So it’s less restrictive than others because they allowed the two phases. I truly believe that the two phases for most people that have weight issues will help them. Will they, they will, they will plateau or they’ll start going back up and wait.

This is my experience with about 5,000 different clients and helping them through programs. Just, I mean basically it sounds, some of them had actually followed the South beach. While I trained them and we generally. If you’re, especially if you’re a women middle age and it’s kind of in that stubborn losing category. I have to really hold to that phase one category. So next step the next diet that actually that’s the last one I’m gonna talk about today, but that is the top a few diets, most popular diets of 2020.

And I just want to kind of give you a takeaway on all that. We have what we call the [inaudible] fitness three day diet and workout program. What that does. See after we ha I have built a journal, it is a book. Talks all about what to eat, what times do you eat, how much water to drink has a daily checklist so you stay on track.

But we give CF diet principles for free. We have the journal, I think for 10 bucks at each club and you can fill that out. Follow along. I will personally walk you through your first three days. It’s all fundamentally hitting a lot of these same components of the most popular diets. But I stay really focused in the most fat loss restricted zones. So it isn’t for everybody, but it does work really well. When I say that isn’t for everybody, isn’t for anybody who’s just kind of want to put the toe in.

If you really want to lose weight, you really want to get in great shape. The CF-30 diet is going to get you to basically pull all the starchy sugar, bad carbs out of it. I only eat high fiber. STEM stock, leaf vegetables, meat lean meats fish, chicken all types of lean meats are allowed.

Eggs are allowed. I’ll make it three eggs and you’re gonna be eating this diet that’s a higher protein, low in high-glycemic carbohydrates. High in good quality fiber rich carbohydrates, and you’re gonna become a leaner, more fit, toned version of yourself. You’re going to lose a lot of weight. You’re also going to lose primarily fat. I mean, you’re only going to lose fat. And at the same time with the workouts that are in there, you’re going to build lean muscle mass.

I’ve got pictures of lots of different clients in the book, in the journal. You can go to Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube and listen to hundreds of testimonials from people that we have worked with following the CF-30 Colaw and I’ll shut my alarm off. But that is the [inaudible] diet and workout program and you will have great success. I encourage you to not just believe me.

Please go to YouTube, look at Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube. Watch the clients, listen to the testimonials, and you’ll see all these different success stories. So that is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. Talking about the top diets, diet plans for 2020, and you can get in great shape. We’ll talk to you next time. This is Charles Colaw. Bye bye.