Episode 45 - How to get motivated to workout

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk to you about if you are needing workout motivation, what to do, do you need workout motivation, question Mark. See, the problem is is people don’t want to work out. They lack the motivation to work out. And there’s some science behind that on what can trigger you to stay motivated and be successful, to stick with your fitness workout nutrition plans.

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So today I’m going to focus in on going to the Topeka gyms, actually doing your workout. And if you’re struggling with that, and I’m going to explain a few ways to get you motivated. So I read an article talked about the science backed ways to motivate yourself to work out by Elizabeth Richards. This is a published article back in 2017 she talked about the first component was giving yourself a real reward.

And what that comes down to is it’s, it’s the science behind is the extrinsic rewards are so powerful because your brain can latch onto it and make the link that the behavior is worthwhile. So in the, in the book called the habit loop the author talks about describing how a neurological habit loop involves a cue to trigger the behavior, setting your spinning shoes next to your Topeka gyms bag, like the routine of making it through the spinning class.

And then the reward and extrinsic reward is so powerful because your brain can latch onto it and make the link that the behavior is worthwhile. He explains, it increases the odds of making it become a habit. So he was talking about setting those spinning shoes out in the morning to kind of a real reminder and so on. Another really cool thing that I saw in this article, which I can totally relate to is like giving yourself a reward like like, like a protein smoothie.

So the power of habit is another book and it talks about, it advises of making benefits of working out more tangible. So like treating yourself to a protein smoothie. Like I know for myself, I used to do a peanut butter whey protein smoothie. Every time I finished a workout and I could actually visualize the taste, how I felt afterwards, the positive serotonin and dopamine I feel after the workout and drinking the shake.

And so for me, I was looking forward to getting to the workout so I can actually get to that point of drinking, that shake, having the serotonin and dopamine, a feeling from the workout where my body is now relaxing and enjoying a shape. So in my brain I’ve created this, this feedback loop or tea or whatever they want to call that, that, that mental trigger that when I work out, every time I get done working out, I have a chocolate peanut butter smoothie at the end of every one of my workouts.

And I always feel good leaving the Topeka gyms. I feel motivated, encouraged serotonin and dopamine. These pleasure hormones in my brain are flowing and I’m tasting this awesome peanut butter smoothie. So I believe that giving yourself a reward is a great trigger to do that. So I encourage you to like, let’s say, come up with a protein smoothie that you like to drink after your shake, after your workout as a motivator to help you do that.

Also, setting things out in the morning, like your workout outfit or visualizing that, putting all sitting in that out in front of you. So when you wake up, you see it, you get it, you get, it gives you more motivation to go. So give yourself a real reward. Number two concept for getting yourself motivated to work out is a lot of times if you like, would tell a friend to say, Hey I want to start working out.

I need to commit to it. But  signing a commitment to yourself and having somebody else sign it or even having a deal where it, you say, every time I miss a workout, I’m going to pay Jimmy my best friend. 20 bucks. You have some leverage against yourself. So what would I have done in the past if I was assigned a commitment and signed it and put it in front of my mirror in the morning.

So when I get up in the morning, say, you know, I commit to being more fit, healthy and in shape. Today I’m going to work out today and eat to the best of my ability and then I sign it. So if I fail to do this, I will pay Dan $20 every day. I don’t do this. And then you actually show that to Dan and let Dan see that and sign it and put it on your mirror and make a commitment to it.

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But we’re more [inaudible], more inclined to actually do it. When we sign a commitment, we see it as a reminder every morning when you get up where that mirror, where you look at when you get in the morning, lets into your bathroom, and then you have somebody who’s going to be asking you about it and falling about it. So sign and commit, not letting a friend down. Sometimes it’s more motivation than just yourself. So signing the commitment contract, put it on front of that mirror.

Tell a friend you’re going to pay five bucks, 10 bucks every time. You don’t do your workout and so on. So that’s a great way to have more leverage on yourself to be successful in your fitness goal. Also number three is rethinking positive thinking. This is huge. This is huge. It talks about imagine the obstacles.

Imagine what you’re going to look like at the end of visualizing. Like you’re leaner, fitter, more healthy body visualizing. You’ve actually feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin innovating suit. Seeing, visualizing your arms and shoulders and stomach being flat or more firm or toned, but read like, rethinking positive. Like, like, I am going to look good, I’m going to be successful.

I’m visualizing myself looking better and but, but that type of positive thinking and telling yourself, I’m going to be in the best shape. I’m going to lose all this weight, but you, you, you, you like there’s the thing in think and grow rich. It’s a great book that I’ve read. Incantations, telling yourself over and over, I’m going to be healthy fit. I am successful. I can do this with others that have done it, I can do it as well.

But positive thinking, visualizing yourself a leaner, fit, confident version of yourself is very good for motivating yourself. As well. And then the last thing is number four is let’s face it, no one can you know, pay you to do more squats, rack more miles or lift heavier weight. The science prove is, proves it. There’s some recent studies that have came out by the national Bureau of economic research that have found that like if you’re, if you say you’ll pay new Topeka gyms members, I’ll pay you 30 or 60 bucks.

You know, if you hit all your exercise goals, it really has zero impact on their motivation to actually do it. But it does motivate them if they have community, if they have a strong supportive community. A lot of different Topeka gyms or groups like across it box or a group class or something like that.

Sometimes those people have such a strong bond or relationship or you know, the front desk attendant, you have the same best friend you take to the Topeka gyms with you all the time. The commitment with the relationship that you have with the, the, the, the, the tribe that tried that you have there. So at Colaw fitness, we let everybody bring a free friend every single day. So I encourage you to find a workout buddy and start making your tribe having a set time that you and your buddy and your friend and your other friend, they’ll show up, you hit your workouts at the same time.

Make it a set time. It’s that commitment. You won’t let your friends down. You enjoy that constant community. That is one of the biggest triggers to get people to stay motivated to work out. I really truly believe the way that we set it up.

We try to encourage you to come. We actually have the free bring a friend. It costs you nothing. They can use everything at the club. We want to make sure that you are successful and having that great community. Train our staff to make sure that they’re truly engaging with the members. We hire based upon authentic that virtues to actually show that people truly like others, true like investing into others. And that’s very, very authentic.

People know when you truly do care and building that tribe is so important for being successful in your fitness motivation and continue to go to the Topeka gyms on a regular basis. So the calls to action I’m going to say for you guys are think of something at one dues post-workout, like find a post-workout health smoothie shake. And I would do I used to do a a way or I, I still do a whey protein isolate shake.

But when I really struggled with it, I would put a bunch of Smuckers makes an all natural creamy peanut butter. I put that in it and they give myself a great big whey protein peanut butter smoothie. And that was like my treat for myself every time I got done with my workout. And that gave me a lot of motivation. Also too, over time, those triggers eventually become the motivation is the workout itself. Just you, you can actually visualize the serotonin, the dopamine, how you feel.

It’s like when you get done with a good workout, how confident and good you feel. Like you’re on track. There’s something that you feel when you leave the Topeka gyms knowing that you crossed off all those exercises and those checklists and the blood’s flowing, you feel good. So after a while, that workout itself will become the trigger as well.

But right now you can start off with giving you a post-workout smoothie. That’s step one. Step two is sign a commitment contract posted on your mirror for you to get ready in front of. So you see it every day. Having you pay your friend five bucks every time you miss a workout will be painful. So that’s a good thing cause that, that type of I would say commitment that, that tour accountability. You want to associate you know, being committed to something.

So visualizing that coming in, looking at the mirror, seeing your signed commitment. I may have an a commitment statement. I will make today, I’ll get my workout in today. I’ll eat the, the best of my ability. And if I do not, I will pay Susan $5 for every day that I miss some of that.

Sign a contract, put it in front of you. A commitment contract and you won’t want to let your friend down and you won’t want to let yourself down, especially when you see that. So that’s an extra motivation. Positive thinking. Visualize how you’re going to feel. So it’s number three is start thinking positive. Visualize yourself thin, fit, healthy, confident. Visualize yourself feeling good after workout.

See loving to see people high five and method Topeka gyms, being friendly, smiling with your eyes and teeth high five and closing the gap, being engaged with people, making new friends, being confident in your skin. Again, be confident in your skin. Be encouraged and you’re going to sooner or later be that thinner, fit, more toned version of yourself. That type of thinking, what you, anything you can believe you can achieve. So if you believe that in your mind, your body will then follow.

The biggest restriction I have had with clients is it’s a crappy ma mindset. You cannot have a crappy mindset. You’ve got to change to positive thinking, visualizing how you’re going to fill in those clothes, in that bathing suit. That looks good. How confident are you gonna feel with that new tone fit body? That’s number three. The last thing I wanna talk about is working out with a friend. Building a tribe.

Go to the Topeka gyms making making friends with people, being super friendly, being upbeat, being encouraging. PA, giving people high five. Say, Hey, give them a fist bump. Great job, great to meet you. My name’s this building a tribe building com camaraderie. That is going to be probably your strongest motivator is that community that you build. If you don’t put it out, you won’t bring it about. So Proverbs 13:20 says, walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm.

You’ve got to put yourself out there. Be that friendly, upbeat, positive person. You’re going to see that back in all the members around you. So doing that on a regular basis, you start to build your tribe. You start to feel motivated. You want to see your tribe again. Want to be friendly, you want to have fun, and you want to see your friends, and that is one of the biggest motivators. Thank you for listening to this podcast.

This is the Charles Colaw. You can do this podcast today we talked about four science backed ways to motor. Motivate yourself to workout. We want you to be successful in your fitness journey. This is Charles Colaw. We’ll talk to you next time. Have a great day. Bye bye.