Episode 46 - Fitness Tips For Beginners And Member Win Chris

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Hey, there are superstars, this is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw podcast. And today we’re going to talk about fitness tips for beginners and a member when Chris, he lost 80 pounds. So without further ado, the problem is, is that beginner fitness people don’t know where to start. A lot of people that starting to fitness they just aren’t educated on knowing what do I need to do to start working out?

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I know I want to get in shape, I want to lose some pounds, I want to get stronger. And so here are my idiot proof beginner fitness tips. Tip one is to start small 30 minute workouts. Why? Well, the thing is, is a lot of people burn out when they start to hard. And so I talk about about a 20, sorry, a 15 minute cardio workout and about a 15 minute on a weight workout. So just do about 15 minutes on the cardio.

So go in there, get on a treadmill, walk for about 15 minutes and go over to the machines and do about 15 minutes on machines. We have a simple, easy to follow diet and workout program called the CF-30 diet and workout program. CF-30 Colaw fitness 30 day. And we have a free trainer as well, and he’ll walk you around and teach you stuff. But even if you get started, a simple 30 minute workout is going to be very effective.

Just like 15 minutes on the cardio, 15 minutes on the machine. It’s a great way to start. So start small is the first tip. Second tip is going to be be consistent, not hardcore. The big winner is the consistent people that exercise a lot of the best people at best. The people that are in the people that are in shape the most are very, very consistent.

They’re not necessarily kill it for two hours and then don’t show up for a month and kill it for two hours and don’t show it for a month. So being very, very consistent. Is key. So number three tip is find a workout friend, someone who always works out. So why is that? It says in Proverbs 1320, it says, those who walk with the wise become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. You are what you’re around.

So if you surround yourself with people that are into fitness and have a workout buddy and I call it fitness, everybody can bring your friend for free. So you can always bring any friends who bring your friends at lunch to work out all the time with you or you and have both get memberships and bring friends. But the big thing is, is working out with somebody who wants to actually work out, motivates you to work out.

You know, he’s going to be consistent, will help motivate you to be more consistent. So find a workout friend, someone who always works out. Number four is do workouts that you like. Why is that? Well, the big why is, is if you do something and you’re going too hard or you, you, you really like, say do a hard, hard cardio session and you hate the cardio the whole time, you’re not going to consistently do it for a long time.

So you want to do something that you get and you have endorphins. You kind of feel good like you, you wake yourself up if you feel good. Same thing with the weights. You want to do enough of the weights that you enjoyed it. But if you’re doing so much that it becomes very monotonous you’re, you’re not going to want to continue to do workouts that you like and don’t burn yourself out.

The number five is going to be buy workout shoes you love. Why is that? Well, when you have some really cool athletic shoes that you like, you want to wear them and you want to go to the Oklahoma City gyms. So it kind of motivates you cause you got some cool new accoutrement to go to the Oklahoma City gyms man and kinda just have fun and kind of motivates you.

You see them, place them in front of your door, put them in front of your, your, your, your right in front of your mirror when you get up in the morning. So you kind of reminds you to jump through your shoes on and go hit your workout or something. You’re going to see visibly those cool, awesome workout shoes. It might motivate you to be more consistent. So try that as well. So number six is take breaks in your workout while at the Oklahoma City gyms.

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Get a drink, catch your breath. Do it and like it. So we’re in front of you. As you’re working out too hard, you don’t take enough breaks, you may start not liking it because the stress is too much for what you’re used to. So, you know, do set, go get a break, take a drink, come back, go do a set, take a drink, or maybe do 10 or 15 minutes on a piece of cardio equipment and get off and then take a drink, take a little break and then go back again.

But don’t burn yourself out. So take breaks in your workout while at the Oklahoma City gyms. Number four tip is it’s okay to fail. So restart daily. So if you mess up on your diet or you miss up on a day and miss a day, just restart the next day. Don’t say, Oh, I’m Monday, I’m going to start again.

Say, Oh, this is a bad week. I’m going to start on Monday. That’s a real common, so don’t do it. It’s okay to fail. Just restart daily, restart daily. There’s a lot of times I don’t hit my food perfect or I don’t hit the workout exactly like I wanted. Or I may miss a day if I’m traveling, but I just restart right back on. And you can do it too. So number eight is warm up and cool down stretch. Why? Make sure that you always warm up and always kind of cool down.

So if you start doing like a treadmill, get on, do about a five minute warm up, just kind of walking, getting your blood flowing. Maybe a hundred beats a minute, not real strenuous, maybe 120 beats a minute. And just kind of get the blood going. And then also kind of stretching out that way you can feel your muscles moving, your body moving.

A lot of people, they just haven’t worked out. They’re not really used to working out in general. So just warm up and stretching and also cooling down like when you get done with your work, like your cardio and this way and go back and do like another five minute kind of cool down. Just real casual walk. Why? Because it just makes you feel good. Good. Start a good end. And your body will have a lot of good pleasure, endorphins, serotonin and dope meal pleasure sensors in your brain.

And when you walk out of the Oklahoma City gyms, you’ll feel encouraged to feel good. So warm up. Cool down. Is another good tip for beginners. Number nine, basic cardio basic machines. Keep it simple on the same. So what you want to do is go into the free trainer. They’re going to teach you basic steps to do on cardio, basic shifts that you want machines.

And I’m telling you, people can lose a ton of weight and get in great shape. Just keeping it simple in the same. So basic exercises on cardio, basic exercises on machines, and you can actually get some really great results as you want to do more. As you slowly get more motivated, do more freeways, try other things, try different unique cardio things or cardio intervals. We have a free trainer that can show you that Cola fitness. So start basic and do basic cardio and basic machines.

That’s tip number nine. Number 10 is don’t compare yourself to others. Everybody has a different starting point. I was over 300 pounds in high school. I lost 83 pounds of the trainer. Just knew that I had potential for myself. I didn’t really look at anybody to compare myself to anybody else. Just wanted to get in better shape.

Oklahoma City gyms

Oklahoma City gyms

I had a friend that was really into fitness. He helped me, he told me he motivated me and I got into it and loved it. And that’s what I ended up doing with my life is being a fitness trainer. Then also opening Oklahoma City gyms and doing all this growing clubs around the country. And just making Jesus famous, changing lives with the Christian based fitness company. So I just say, don’t compare yourself to others.

Don’t worry about other people. You could, you be, you, you feel comfortable in your own skin. That’s one of the most cool things I ever see is when I work with a client, they lose weight and get in shape and they start feeling comfortable in their skin. So don’t compare yourself to others. Everybody’s got their own start starting point. Number 11, basic fitness tip is know what results.

Basically knowing results take time. I took me nine months, I lost 83 pounds when I first got with a trainer. He got on a diet, followed it. Really, really simple. So no, this is going to take some time. So, and you also are trying to personal mastery eating habits motivational workout habits. Those are, those are struggles. And so when you finally get to that point of like, I really want to do something, you know, go into Colaw Fitness.

Getting into the free trainer, sign up on the, CF-30 plan, do it for 30 days, start losing weight, get a good system going. And you’re gonna, you’re going to start seeing results. But it does take a few, few weeks. And so within two or three weeks, you’ll start seeing some results and then your motivation will grow as your results grow.

So number 12, enjoy post workout high. Enjoy it. When you get done. Be proud of yourself. Take a selfie, take a picture, go into the locker area and in the, in the changing room and take a picture. Give your thumbs up. One of those cobalt mirrors. You know, be proud of yourself. Say, I killed another workout. It’s good to support the other people want to support you too. So enjoy your post-workout high.

Take a post-workout selfie with a flex and ask your friends for encouragement. I’m telling you. Enjoy the post-workout high posts, a post workout selfie in one of those cobalt fitness mirrors, and just just tell people to encourage you. So so you are awesome. And I love people just, you’ll feel uncomfortable in their skin being proud of themselves for a good workout. So enjoy your post-workout high.

Number 13, set goals. So it goes to lose weight, set goals to get stronger in every lift. Start simple. And what I mean by that is when you start losing weight, like say, Hey, I want to definitely lose at least, you know, 10 or 15 pounds, and then hit that goal, then make a new goal and then hit that goal, make a new go. Also make a goal that I’m going to start with.

Like if I’m doing a set with 40 pounds on, let’s some sort of a, like a lap pull down, I’m doing a lot, pull down with 40 pounds, and you notice that you start to, I’m going to try to do the same reps with 50 pounds and I’m gonna start doing the same roses. Next thing you know, you’re doubling your, what? You’re an 80 pounds and two months later your strength is doubled on all your lifts.

So making goals like that, I’m also going longer on cardio. So how I’m going to do 20 minutes and then onboarding the next time I’m going to go and do 25 minutes on current. Next, I want to go and do 30 minutes. So a little little jumps will make you feel motivated. So setting goals, losing 10 or 15,000 hit it. Make a new goal or setting a strength goal. I’m gonna try to lift this. You know I said 40 pounds for 12 times.

Gonna do 50 pounds for 12 times and you’re going to push yourself and it’s going to feel good to get stronger, leaner, healthier. It go a little bit longer on that cardio. You can be successful setting goals. Number 14 is prep your meals the night before. Prep your meals the night before. Prep your meals the night before apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute.

I’ve got eight national certifications and training. I’ve trained over 5,000 clients. If you don’t plan your day the night before, make some meals and so on, you’re not going to follow through. So prepping your food and your meals the night before. Put some containers together. We talk about that in the free CF-30 Colaw fitness journal. Colaw in his book called fitness a free trainer classes.

So just go to the CF 30 trainer. This is a free trainer in the Oklahoma City gyms. Go there, it’s totally free to show you around those, sets you up and give you some sort of meal plan to follow. Make sure you build that stuff the night before and you’re going to be awesome. Number 15 fitness tip for beginners is going to be prep workout time the night before. Prep your workout. Now put that workout time. Tell people I’ve got an appointment.

It’s appointment that’s more important than any other appointment cause you are serious about your fitness and your fitness is going to motivate you in every other area of life. So make sure you stick to that appointment. Bring your friend with you, get your workout in and prep that time. Protect that time scheduled on your little calendar, put it in your phone and put a beeper on it and just do it. Don’t wait for your emotions.

Line up. Just do that. Prep that workout time and just do it. Like Nike says, set 16 stain positive list. But like when you’re going to the Oklahoma City gyms, once you start talking like think about like, what are 10 great things in your life list them, like say like your thankful list. What am I thankful for? So thank you for a great wife, great family. I’m thankful that I have my health.

I’m thankful that you know, the sun is shining today. It’s a beautiful day. Just speaking out loud, positively. 10 great things before, right before you walk in the gym. So in the parking lot or you’re driving them to the gym, start listing 10 20. Great, thanks. We just hearing it autosuggestion a lot of business books and motivational books and things like that. Talk about that thing. When your auditory system hears you talk about great things, it motivates you to be better and it puts you in a positive mood.

There’s so many great things that can come out of that. So staying positive, listing 10 things you’re thankful for before you go in the gym. Just do it. So, okay, a member when I want to talk about Chris, Chris has lost 80 pounds. He’s one of our members and he has lost 80 pounds. He’s been a member for about two years.

Thank you so much for wonderful testimony. He loves the $5 price. He always makes the $5 price. So this guy is getting fitness, tanning massage, free trainer, instruction, free nutrition instruction. He can bring a friend for free, can use everything in the club for five bucks. So, and so anyways, he loves the price. You’re not, he also says you’re not going to find a better deal anywhere at Cola fitness.

So the $5 price, you’re not going to find a better deal. So we love him. Thank you for that wonderful testimony. He loves the friendly atmosphere. He loves the staff. He’s also he’s, he comes also to keep his good heart health and lung health. So he loves the cardio equipment. He loves the way to Christmas. He also said that yeah, just he’s been a member for two years and he’s really thankful for Koa fitness.

Anyways, recap fitness tips for beginners. Start small 30 minute workouts. Number two, be consistent. Be being consistent is number two and start. So start small. Number one, be consistent. No hardcore, just be consistent. Number three, find a workout friend. Number four, do your workouts that you like. The number five, buy workout shoes that you love. Number six, take breaks in the gym so you don’t burn yourself out.

Enjoy the workout. Number seven, it’s okay to fail. Make sure restart the next day. Number eight, warmup and cool down. I’ll make sure you’re warming up and cool down on your workouts. Number nine, master basic cardio and weight training machines. Just start doing basic stuff. So mastering the basic cardio thing cardio equipment and mastering the basic machines at the free trainer. Stuff that’s right for free trainer station. Well, number 10, don’t compare yourself to others.

Number 11, know that results take time. The number 12, enjoy post-workout high. Number 13, set goals. Number 14, prep your meals the night before. Prep your meals. As I’m telling you, this is probably one of the most important things I’m 70 to 80% of clients results is proper nutrition. So set setting up a time to prep all that stuff the night before and the next and prep your time to work out.

Prep number 15, prep workout time. Number 16, staying positive. I’m listing 10 great things you’re grateful for out loud before you walked in the Oklahoma City gyms, in your car. Or you could do it outside if you want to. We’ve have people here yet, so 17 as the is that Chris has lost 80 pounds and congratulations. Super Chris, you are the win of the week and a great motivation to so many.

Another call to action. So what you guys need to do, if you, if all of this is a little bit much, you confuse me and I say tell you just go down and join Cola fitness. It’s only $1 down and it’s as low as $5 a month. You also have a money back guarantee. We’ll give you a dollar back. If you don’t like it, it’s just not a good fit for whatever reason. Also, in that month, you can do the free [inaudible] workout class.

You can basically start following the food plan and start exercising. Make sure that you read some daily words of encouragement in our workout journal. If you don’t believe me, I want you to go to right now, type in Cola fitness, Google reviews, type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews. So go to Google, type in Colaw fitness reviews of Colaw Fitness, Google reviews.

And then just look at all of the thousands or hundreds of Google reviews that we have. People like yourself that are getting in shape. Also, go to YouTube and listen to real people like yourself that have lost weight, got in great shape. So go to YouTube.

Don’t believe me, I want you to look this up. Go to YouTube, type in youtube.com. Go there, type in Colaw fitness reviews and just listen to a bunch of those people. Let them motivate you. So this is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. Have a great day. A blessed day. Bye bye.