Episode 48 - Over 50 workout rules

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Hey, this is Charles Colaw with you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk to you about over 50 workout rules, over 50 workout rules, going to give you some rules if you’re going to work out and be over 50 years old. And we’re also going to celebrate a win of the week a member win. His name is Rick. So without further ado these are the problems I haven’t seen with over 50. So what rules do I need to follow when working out over 50 years old?

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What rules do I need to follow when working out over 50 years old? So the old rule was that you needed a stretch maybe a few days a week when you’re younger than 50, but the new rule is now you’re going to get a stretch after every workout or more. So what happens is is your tenants are becoming more brittle.

Your body and your, the, the tendons and ligaments start to atrophy without use. So you want to warm them up and strip them out and keep more blood flow in that area and that’s going to help you prevent injury and keep your body more durable. Definitely warming up and stretching. So but this, this, this is half to half.

Do you stretch after every workout or more? And sometimes I encourage a lot of the guys that are working out is a stretch stretch after you’ve done a few warm ups, that’s even stretching in between your sets as good too. So the new rule is a stretch after every workout or more. Just planning to take five to 10 minutes after your workout and stretch out. So rule number two is, okay, the old rule was, is to focus on cardio mode.

A lot of people are doing cardio to keep their weight down and so on. But the new rule is as you age and get over, 50 weights are now going to take center stage. So the weight train is going to become important. Why? Well, what happens is this bone density starts to drop after 50. That means the bones are not going to be as strong and weight train actually increases bone and muscle mass preventing falls and fractures.

So as you get older you hear about people falling and having issues, a lot of times the bones actually break the causes of the fall because they’re just getting more brittle. But working out with weights is proven in lots of different studies to increase bone density. And weight training is also going to help maintain and actually build some muscle mass back to keep you more functional.

So you’re going to need to keep doing cardio. So I want you to note that I want you to keep doing some cardio, but it’s not so much about weight loss and lots of cardio restroom exercise. Now you need to be focused on keeping that muscle tone over 50. So Cooper Institute talks about facts. If you do cardio just 20 minutes, three times a week, it can drop your heart, hit chance of heart attack and stroke by.

So yes, that’s a great component to be following. Even if you just focus more on your weights and then make sure you’re getting at least 20 minutes of cardio, you’re still getting your heart health effect. So next is the old rule was slow and steady, cardio, slow and steady cardio. Now the new rule, over 50 years, we want to start using some interval training or interval cardio, the rules to pump up the fat burn and improve the heart and lung recovery.

So this cleanses out the arteries and veins. It’s kind of like you’re, you’re, you’re blowing all of the, the, the, the plaque buildup in the artery and vein. So what you want to be doing is high and low intensity cardio back and forth. Bring that heart rate up. So like one 41 50 and then bring it back down to closer to like one 20.

So you can do like a one minute of a one 50 and then come down and do like three minutes of like a 120 or a one 10 to kind of recover. That type of interval is going to help strengthen your heart and circulatory system and heart and lung function with more interval training. And it’s also going to burn some more fat. It’s going to help prep your body for an episode where the heart and lung function fluctuates.

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And as you get older, the heart and lung fluctuation where your heart rate goes up, your breathing goes up and down. It’s harder to recover that so your body is going to better recover when a high intensity situation occurs. A lot of times adrenal fluid, if you get like somebody, something ever happens or you get scared, that heart rate can recover more efficiently by practicing that in your daily and weekly routines for cardio old rule.

Next overrule old rule number four is going to be take next to no days off. The old rule. Sorry, the old rule was you’re going to take next to no days off for weight training. A lot of people could work out with weights the next day, work out with weights, your body recovers faster and so on. Your durability of the ligaments and tendons is really high.

Your body actually circulation to all of that. It works really well. The new rule is as you’re over 50, you need to take a little bit longer between your weight training sessions to fully recover. So you need to take longer time as in days between your workouts for weights. So did you normally work out a muscle group? Every, you know, 24 to 72 hours? You may have to take, you know, like, you know, another day on top of that.

So as you get older, your body just does not recover as quick and it’s not rocket science, but you’re going to need to do that. So if you worked out you know, you, you, you may instead of two times a week of a certain muscle group. You may only do at one or one time every, you know, five or six days instead of one time every three or four days.

So rule number five, old rule warmup as optional, just warming up as option when you’re young. Well, the new rule is, is you, you’re going to pretty much always include good warmup before any type of weight training or even cardio session. You just kind of get on and go nice and easy before you get up to your target heart rate or go nice and easy with really light weight and do a good warmup.

What that means is, is if you’re gonna do cardio and you want to kind of improve your heart health, you want to just get on and walk, you know, at a very, very, very low intensity just enough to kind of keep your blood flowing. Maybe get your heart rate up close to about a hundred beats, but no more than that. Hold that for a good five minutes and then, and then bring it up to the target heart rate that you’re wanting to hit, like one 20 to one 50 or the interval train between one 2150.

So do like a nice five and a little warmup, kind of get your body ready and then go back and forth from your, you know, one twenties to one 50 ranges with over 50 to kind of get that heart effect in the recovery effect with the one minute up in the three minutes of recovery.

So anyways also with weights so with the weight training you want to take your weights and start off with a really lightweight, like a weight you could do about 30 times and just kind of go through the motion and do maybe two, three or four sets of that. Just kind of like do a set of 15 that’s really light and you finish it without any really strenuous feeling Mayfield slight like burn in the area, just that it’s starting to get blood flow in there, but two or three good warm up sets.

And then start going back into your work working sets. So that is the five rules for fitness over 50. We’re also gonna celebrate a win of the week and the wind of the week is Rick. Rick is one of our members. He’s over 50. He’s lost 16 pounds here in the last few weeks or in the last period of time they’ve been working out at Koa. His body fat is now really good.

His BMI is good. He talks about how much he is happy about his body fat. He also is keeping, he comes to keep his good heart health and lung health. He’s improved a lot of his heart and lung health. He’s been a member for 17 months. He loves doing cardio. He is, and he also loves the big size of the Topeka Kansas gyms. Likes how big Colaw fitness is, the big club, lots of room.

He loves how new all the equipment is. All of our equipments are very, very new or the newest models, the nicest stuff that was w was what we put in there. And he lost a loves. Our staff, our staff is second to none on loving our members. He loves our atmosphere. He clearly knows that we are here to love on the people and make them the highlight of her day. And so he loves the atmosphere. He loves the staff at Colaw fitness and he wants other people to see it.

Try it, check it out. He says that he wants others to get in good health as well, and he loves all the nice new equipment. So that was really his take on his testimonial and he wanted, we wanted to celebrate his big win of losing 16 pounds and being a great number over the last 17 months.

Staff loves him. We love him. Thank you so much, Rick. You are an amazing individual. Be blessed in every way. Okay, recap fitness over 50. So number one is you need to stretch after every workout. So stretch after every workout, take five to 10 minutes, hit the main functional stretches, just the core muscle groups. There’s lots of different things that we can show you that Cola fitness, we have some free trainer instruction we can show you.

Some of that too is weights are now going to take top priority. You want to do your weight training. So there’s no more about all those cardio and trying to just keep your weight down. You need to keep your strength training up so you can keep those bones strong, keep those muscles strong, prevent falls as you age. Number three is do interval cardio, starting to date, taking that cardiovascular routine.

Number 50, play with that heart rate where you kind of bring it up where it’s strenuous for about one minute. And then to take about a three minute recovery. So one minute more intense, about three minutes, just kind of catching your breath, but you’re still doing it. Like I’m track loose. Did you do run the straightaways, jog the terms, run the straightaways drug, the turns that really helps with your heart.

Cardiac recovery stuff. So anytime you’re older and cardiac recovery and heart and lung recovery becomes more impaired, it doesn’t do it as well. So you want to keep that train that so your body can any type of flight or flight response or adrenal response. If you’re older, we don’t want to trigger a heart attack. So this will help keep your body healthy and ready for any type of you know, any type of issue.

So interval cardio as also helps burn extra fat, kind of stimulates your body a little bit more to have a little better fat burn. Number four, take more days off between like heavyweight training days. So if you normally weight trained a certain muscle group and you had, you know, two or three days between it, you may need four or five days. So just listen to your body, make sure that you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re keeping your strength and you don’t feel like your joints and your muscles are really, really weak.

You probably need an extra day or two off. So just listen to your body. You may have to take a day or two more between heavier weight training days. Number five is always warm up always. So get up there on that treadmill. Start walking for just about a hundred beats a minute and just kind of really, really, really casual, maybe 90 to a hundred beats, not a lot.

Just get the body moving, the muscles moving before you bring that heart rate up. Kind of get your body prepped to go. Weight training. Same thing. Use a weight like 20 to 30 reps to kind of get the blood in the muscles and the joints like loosened up before you go into your working sets of anywhere from eight to 15. Repetitions are five to 15 repetitions. It depends on what, how you’re training your body.

But you have good warmup sets, good warm up on cardio, always warm up, always fitness over 50. And then you have the wind of the week was super. Rick super-rich had lost 16 bounds, dropped his body fat, dropped his BMI, improves his heart, health and heart, lungs, lung function. And he is our big win and he’s a member over 50. So thank you so much Rick, for being and giving us the testimony.

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