Episode 49 - Fitness Tips For Busy Moms

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Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. Today we are going to talk to you about fitness tips for busy moms. And today I just read an article, great article that talked about busy moms and fitness tips for helping them stay successful. And I wanted to get Amher’s take on these tips. Anyways, the first tip they talked about is a number one. If you’re a busy mom, you gotta be, uh, make it a priority to work out. So no matter what you’ve got to do is, this is kind of a no brainer. Amber, you had a hard time ever working in a workout being a busy mom.

Oh, absolutely. I, your schedule’s always changing. It feels like, um, you kind of get taken hostage by whatever activities your kids might have or last minute things that, a sports team plans or a practice or an event at the school. So, yeah, getting in a workout can be a very tough thing as a busy mom.

Yes. Well, and uh, in this article it talks about, um, number two is creating a routine. How do you create a good routine and, uh, with busy moms you have to prioritize your day. You have to prioritize your schedule. Um, Amber, can you tell me anything that you’ve done as far as in like making a schedule and how you do that or do you get up early and do that? Or how does it, how does it generally work for you to make a good routine for a busy mom?

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I think definitely, uh, living by a calendar is rule number one. Um, you, I think sometimes people want to feel like they’re in control of their life and their schedule. So then they decide what they’re going to do and when they’re going to do it. But it’s actually better if you do the reverse, let the calendar run your life and you do whatever is on the calendar on whatever day and whatever time that scheduled.

And so, uh, for me on Sundays I would plan the whole week and for the next seven days I knew exactly what I’m going to do, whether it’s even a lunch with a girlfriend or having fun or some extra activity. I want to squeeze in my workouts, uh, all activities for the kids, everything for the whole week if it works. Ideally the way I wanted to is scheduled on Sunday for the next seven days.

And then I really try to stick to that and live by that schedule and not let my schedule be fluid. Um, and so then also every night, um, I plan ahead to the next day. So looking at the calendar, seeing what’s happening, seeing what events we have, making sure everything’s scheduled for the kids, pick up, drop off lunches, um, collect, uh, clothes for practice, like whatever that might be, that that is all planned and scheduled and taken care of the night before.

So I’m not held hostage in a crazy day the next day. That’s great. So recap on that would be as Sunday nights you kind of plan your whole week out and then every night, the night before you actually schedule your day. Yes. Okay, great. That’s a great takeaway. Also, another thing is, um, uh, we’ve learned about a morning routine, a good healthy morning routine and we’ve also decided that the best way for us, cause we’re super busy as well, so busy moms, we’d encourage you to do that prior to the day starting.

And uh, tell, tell us a little bit Amber, about how you do your morning routine and when you wake up and how early you wake up before everybody else wakes up. Cause sometimes your, your, your time that you have in the morning, um, can be taken away if you wake up when everybody else wakes up. So tell us a little bit about your morning routine and the time to that and how that works. Right.

So, um, what are the most important things is I feel like I get about half of a day in before the rest of my day starts. Whether I’m up at five, five 36, depending on the flexibility of my schedule, I’m up and out of bed and I knock out my workout first thing. So that’s always a box that gets checked no matter how crazy my day goes. Um, and then I have plenty of time after I’ve got in a workout to get ready for the day, get the kids ready for the day, and then my day starts.

And so I know a lot of moms that I talk to will say, there’s no way I can get up any earlier. I sleep as long as I can and get up right before I have to wake the kids up. Um, but the problem with that is then we, they’re not thinking about their evening and we’re not having discussions about what their evening looks like. So in the evening you get the kids to bed and then you stay up two, sometimes three more hours after the kids have gone to bed to get all your stuff done. If you can just switch that three hour window to the morning, get your stuff done in the morning, you’re awake, you’re alert, the workout happens, and then you just get yourself to bed right after the kids go to bed.

So it’s just, um, readjusting the timeframe of your day and um, making those important things that you need to get done actually done at the front end of the day instead of the end. Great. That’s a great heartache. Um, me and Amber have realized that if you don’t wake up three hours, a minimum, preferably hours

before your actual Workday starts or before everybody else wakes up, you’re going to be handcuffed to a lot of other pers, other people, the commissioner kids or burning fires. If you have a business or if you’re working for a company and you have a lot of responsibilities, you have to get that stuff done before the day starts. So let me phrase that again. You need to make sure you’re waking up at least three hours before everybody else in your house wakes up.

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So if you know the kids are waking up at seven and they’re getting ready. So they can get to school by eight or nine, you need to make sure that you’re getting up three hours before seven. Maybe that’s 4:00 AM but because if you don’t have that time to wake up early, get your workout done and get cleaned up, sit down, Mehta, plan your day, make sure that your whole day is really set up.

You’ve got your top three things that you’re doing personally, your top three things that you got to get done professionally. A lot of times that stuff can get knocked out before the day is even getting started. And then really you’re just cruising through appointments and so on. But um, almost every millionaire or billionaire successful person that I’ve studied or researched or been around gets up no later than 6:00 AM.

So certain people, if they want to be successful, they know they have to seize the date early. And Amber is a great example of that with three kids. And I think we got like 90 to 95 employees. You have to start your day before the day gets started. You have to jump on that before the burning fires start, before the kids wake up. If we got the kids crying or needing something or whatever. So make sure you wake up three hours minimum before the rest of the day.

We’re at rest of the people. Wake up in your house and you should be having a great game plan to master date. Did you talk to workout? Did you time to plan your day? Get your time for your cleanup. So you’re literally dressed and ready to go when everybody’s up and you can just focus on all your kids or all your duties or all your appointments and that will make you feel like a million bucks. So that is planning your day. Next component on here is this, is that that was creating a good routine and that was also creating, uh, uh, waking up really early.

So in this, in this article I read about, it’s like if you’re not waking up early as a mom, you’re really going to struggle with a lot of personal issues and professional issues. Cause it will bleed into your work environment, will bleed into your personal life and you just won’t be able to really parent the kids with the detailed attention that you would really prefer to have.

So, um, next up is making sleep a priority. So making sleep a priority. That means if you’re going to be doing that and mastering your day early, you got to make sure you got some good sleep habits and going to bed, shutting off electronics. If they shut off all your electronics, don’t get on any social media after 8:00 PM maybe that means you have to get to bed and everybody in bed by 9:00 PM so you can actually get up and have enough rest time to actually wake up. Amber, tell me a little bit about, um, getting, making sleep a priority. How much sleep do you need? Um, what’s your night routine of how many hours are you getting at night? Uh, that kind of stuff. Kind of tell me how, tell me how that works with making sleep a priority.

Well, I do think rest is what, um, Hills and repairs the body. And I think it, uh, even it’s like, it is a time that readjust. Um, especially for moms, it’s when you get to adjust emotionally, um, you need that rest. You need that quiet time, time for your brain to shut off, um, and your body to just find a peaceful place. Um, so with the getting up early, I, I know this is going to be really hard for a lot of you.

Um, adjusting that, staying up late to get the house clean and the laundry done. And trying to switch that to the front end of your day, that’s going to be a really tough adjustment. So I think it just needs to be done in small increments of time, whether it’s, it’s 20 minutes earlier in the morning, 30 minutes earlier in the morning, going to bed 2030 minutes earlier and just make that adjustment slowly over time. I think that’s, that’s the key.

Yes. Well, I like April’s great. She’s more practical. I like to jump right in. So if I like, Oh, I’m going to definitely make a change, I start waking up early, then I’m going to get tired. And then I started making sure I go to bed. Like for me, I got to get to bed by 9:00 PM. Um, cause I’m always waking up around 5:00 AM and my first appointments start at 8:00 AM. So, um, uh, that’s where I,

I think that sleep and the amount of sleep is different for every person. So you got to figure out how you work best. Um, and if you can’t go on six hours of sleep or seven hours of sleep and you definitely need a full light. Then you need to get a full light if that’s how you function best. Um, I know like Charles has a peak and sleep five hours and get up and go, but then he may need a nap in the day. I would rather sleep seven and I’m not a napper.

And so you just have to figure yourself out and you have to have. Um, you have to have a schedule and a life that’s sustainable that you feel good about and you need to find what works best for you. It’s not trying to live out someone else’s schedule because then it’s not you. And you’re not accomplishing really what’s best for you. And then it’s just kind of a negative snowball. So I think finding what’s what works best for you. Right?

Those are some great heartaches. I need at least a, I’d say a good six hours on a consistent basis. I can go on five and four for a couple of days, but it’s, I get miserable sleep as a gift. And it’s a refreshing gift and he will totally, your motivation and your body and your health and your emotions. So getting good sleep is a, is a great routine. I’m a big believer in making sure you get to bed. By about nine and a so you can still have enough energy to seize the day early.

If you start getting far past nine, you’re going to really kind of bleed into ruining your next day. So, um, anyways, that’s another great hot take on, um, uh, you know, making sure you can get fitness clubs in Arlington. And prioritizing your day and making sleep a priority and all that good stuff. So, um, the next component, uh, for busy moms is you want to eat healthy like a fit mom. What that means is, what is eating healthy for a fit mom, look to you, Amber.

Well, I try to follow our [inaudible] principles. Um, and if you haven’t heard of our [inaudible], go into our club, sign up for the free C of 30 class and that’s going to teach you everything you need to know. It’s super awesome, easy to follow template. Um, that even just tells you when to eat and how to eat, what to eat. It’s just, it’s great. But I try and follow, um, our [inaudible] program as close as it like to a T as I can.

Um, life does throw you curve balls and you gotta go with it. Um, but I’m, I just try and focus on eatings, uh, eating a small meal every three hours. I focus on meat and vegetables. Um, if I know I’m going to be super busy and on the go I try to pack a protein shake. Um, if I feel hunger coming on and I know we’re going to go out to eat, maybe it’s somewhere. I know I’m going to be tempted by the chips and salsa they bring to your table or the basket of rolls or something.

Um, then I go ahead and drink a protein shake. Uh, even a half a one before we go to kind of take that kind of that curve off the hunger. Just kind of take that down a little bit before I go. Um, we’ve also been invited over to people’s houses for dinner and you kind of have that, uh, I don’t know what they’re going to serve me. I don’t want to be offensive, so I try to eat a little something before I go.

Um, just to kind of help my choices. Um, life’s busy, but try and focus on the meat and vegetables, protein shakes when you can. If that works for you. And one of the best tips I have for any mom is you kind of have to go back to. When you had a newborn and you never left the house without that diaper bag being fully packed.

You had plenty of clothes, plenty of diapers. You had formula, you had everything you needed for enough bottles, for the timeframe that you were going to be gone. And that’s how you need to think about yourself. You need to pack what you need so that you have food to eat every three hours you need. Plan how long you’re going to be gone. When are you going to be back? Um, what time is that meeting? What time do I go into work? What time do I get off and prepare and take what you need to work. Take what you need. If you’re going to be sitting out for a couple hours at a kid’s practice or game. Or event or you’re traveling in the car. You just have to kind of pack for yourself like you would that newborn just being prepared.

Absolutely. That’s a great hot take. I think that is the best right there. So Amber, you are a Ninja, a supermom fitness guru. Thank you so much for those insights. Um, uh, I do believe that failing to plan is planning to fail. So failing to plan your day, plan your meals plan, your schedule is planning to fail your next day and your fitness clubs in Arlington routine professionally, personally, and with the kids and so on.

So you won’t be diligent with your time. You will be executing all your action items. So make sure you plan your stuff the night before, plan all your stuff. And I will plan your meals the night before, planning your schedule the night before. And then that way you can wake up three hours ahead of schedule, execute on everything you need to get done for you. Then the kids get up and you’re on track, you’re ready.

Everything is, all the T’s are crossed, the I’s are dotted. And you’re executing through all your personal and professional items all throughout the day. And you’ve also went to bed at a good time. Even master breasts. Those are all awesome components for fitness clubs in Arlington that a busy mom. Needs to be executing and putting them into the routine. I highly suggest to go to Cola fitness and try us out for free. That’s Colaw fitness. You can look us up at colawfitness.com. You can Google us and type it in Colaw fitness reviews and read all about us. Go to YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews and you can hear thousands of clients that we’ve worked with frozen, losing weight, getting in great shape.

But this is the Charles and Amber, a podcast that you can do this podcast. We’ve got fitness centers in, uh, Oklahoma fitness centers in, um, Kansas fitness centers. Coming in Texas here the next couple of weeks. Uh, Bartlesville fitness center Bartlesville Oklahoma. Fitness center of Oklahoma city fitness center. Um, to be a Kansas fitness center, um, by an fitness clubs in Arlington. And we’re coming around the country, uh, to help you guys get shape and make a difference in the world. So this is the Charles and Amber. You can do this podcast. Have a blessed day. You guys are awesome. Bye bye.