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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast. Hello, this is Charles Colaw with the You can do this podcast.

Today I’m going to talk about meal prep tips. Yes, meal prep tips cause I want you to get in shape. And 70 to 80% of your success is your food. So did you know 70 to 80% of fitness and weight loss success is your dietary nutrition and food program? Well yes it is apex 24 fitness and ESM Cooper Institute. I’ve got eight national certifications as a trainer and I’ve been doing fitness for, Oh gosh, 20 years and I’ve trained over 5,000 clients.

And food is by far the most important component for what you look like in the mirror and how you feel. So without further ado, the problem is is beginner fitness. People don’t know a lot about meal prep but they don’t know how to do meal prep. That’s preparing of meals. So that you can follow a really good nutrition program so you can get in a more fit shape in toned body.
So I’m going to tell you just some top tips for meal prep and my take on them.

gym in Oklahoma City

gym in Oklahoma City

Solution for your problem is a meal prep tips my take on them and does the, do they work? So number one is invest in the right containers. So this is one thing that was talked about with meal prep tips is investing in the right containers. My take is yes, you want to have great containers that are easy to clean, easy to pack into some sort of takeaway like satchel or bag or something like that. And I do believe getting good containers, um, with good tops that are easy to clean is very efficient, very, very important.

So that’s number one, invest in good containers. Um, I encourage you to go buy some like good plastic ware type containers that are easy to clean and you are, it is a safe to use in addition to washer.
So check that out and make sure safety’s into dishwasher and invest in good containers. So number two is I want you to go crazy with spices, get some really good spices, look on the ingredients list for like sugars and carbs and also for the carb count. My take is um, a lot of spices are going to be your go to thing, um, for keeping some flavor and having a variety of flavor.

So yes, you’re going to have to go invest in some spices and I’ve got some of that stuff listed far as in um, what to uh, make things taste good with, um, in the CF 30, that’s Colaw fitness, 30 day nutrition and diet plan that we give for free in our gym in Oklahoma City. That’s CF-30, Colaw fitness, 30 day diet plan. So check that out. Um, number three is make a detailed shopping. So here’s the deal.

If you want to be successful, you got to make a list of all the different foods so that you can be successful and then go shop for him.

And I outlined this very specifically in my CF 30 plan. That’s this Cola fitness 30 day diet and workout plan. It actually tells you how to do that. And how to prep for that so that you can go shop and build that detailed shopping list and what to be choosing from as far as in lean quality proteins and good quality, high fiber carbohydrates that are like veggie carbohydrates and a yes. So make a detailed shopping list.

My take is, is that is a must and it does work. So if you go into the punch list, go straight into the grocery store and knock out all that, come back out. It’s very efficient and you’ll be real successful.

So number four is make the kitchen a meal prep machine. So you need to make sure you’ve got all your temporary containers in a close spot. You have all that set up, you know, you have plenty of counter space, you can lay out all your stuff, put all your different foods and stuff in different containers. Um, a great, um, uh, top for cooking your food or prepping your food. Um, uh, some I would say some good counter space and um, and, and make your, make your, uh, kitchen area a really good meal prep place.

And then also a good prep time. So does it work? Yes, you need to be doing that. It needs to be essential. Number five is, um, stock up on meal prep staples. So in our CF-30 plan, we talk about lean meats, um, high protein rich foods, um, high fiber rich vegetables, um, approved seasonings and eggs, et cetera.

So my take is, is yes, you want to make sure you stock up on all that, make that shopping list, go shopping for it, make sure you got all your hot quality, lean proteins, high quality, high fibers, carbohydrates, your approved seasonings, all your eggs, how to cook it, how to prep it, get all that stuff ready to go, and then stock up on all of those. You can have that ready for the week or at least three or four days before you go shopping again. So my take is that’s my take on it.

And does it work? Yes. You failing to prepare is planning to fail. So you gotta make sure you got, you aren’t failing to plan, failing to prep, and then you will be successful. Number six, pretty up your meals. Um, I don’t need to do it, but I do encourage people to make their food look attractive.

A lot of people are trying to follow a diet plan as they like it when it looks good. So my take is I think that’s a great idea. Does it work? Yes. For some, for me, I’m, I’m all about just eating and going, but uh, make it look pretty. Um, put it in there. Have a good looking meal containers. Make sure you look, feel proud about it. Sometimes you can buy like the six pack deals. You have six different meals, you can put it in your lunch.

Containers are pretty much up nice containers, good-looking meals, but all that makes you feel professional put together and that you’re ready to rock on your food plan prep deal. So I’m pretty up your meals. Um, get the good looking containers. Get your good-looking container to take it all in the little bag or satchel or the six pack thing or whatever you want to do to take all your food in.

So yes, that’s my take on it. Prep number seven, prep food on weekends. That’s my take. Making, cooking. All your food is going to take awhile. Prepping all your stuff, putting them in containers. I like prepping on the weekend and then I actually have a personal assistant that does stuff on throughout the week. So, but I like to prep on the weekend and then I like to prep about every three every third day. Um, that’s what I did.

And competing and bodybuilding and fitness stuff. So prevalent food on the weekends and then having set times scheduled in, protect that time and get it done. Um, number eight, set a timer and stick to it. Um, set a timer for taking and eating your food. Make sure you have all throughout the day, every three hours. Put that on your phone, have it beep as an alarm.
Go eat your food if you know you’re busy.

Um, I always alternate, um, solid meals, liquid meals. So the meat, vegetable meal is one. That’s my preferable option. If you can’t do it to do a shake meal, that’s whey protein and water. Um, take that on the go for sure. Busy on a shift waiting tables, working at a place you don’t have time to actually go back and eat a meal, eat a high protein, um, meal through a shake. So set your timer, stick to your plan. Set your timer every three hours each or five to six meals a day.

Does it work? Yes. I highly encourage you to do it cause if you don’t, you won’t remember. So had that mind freedom. Set that alarm, you’ll rock and roll. Number nine, um, prep through the night before. Prep food the night before. Prep food the night before and head to our gym in Oklahoma City.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. So failing to plan is planning to fail. Failing to plan is planning to fail. So make sure you got all your foods set up, ready to go before you go to bed. Put it in your container, put it in the fridge that you wake up. When you’re rushing out the door, it’s all ready to go. Just grab your little bag or satchel. Take that with you. Your alarms already set to beep every three hours. You’re going to be rocking and rolling and being super successful.

But if you fail to plan and you don’t make that food, you are planning to fail on that meal prep. So get that done the night before, the night before, the night before. So also want to celebrate a member when Emma is a member. She has lost 25 pounds. She loves the positive staff.

Loves her staff. She loves being wowed when she’s entering the door, entering the door, love being loved on by our awesome staff. Loves the positive members all throughout the club. She loves that nobody is judging. It’s a great beginner fitness gym in Oklahoma City. Um, she’s somebody who hasn’t been super into fitness, but now she’s got into fitness. She’s lost 25 pounds. She loves the environment, loves the beginner of fitness, feels, loves the no judging feel, and she loves how clean the gym in Oklahoma City is.

And she loves the $5 a month price. Nobody gives fitness, Tanny, massage, free trainer instruction, free nutrition instruction. And you can bring a friend every day, every single day. They use everything in the facility, all for your $5 a month price. She loves that. So at checkout, Emma her in her testimony. If you go to goo, if you go to YouTube, type in Emma lost 25 pounds or Emma Colaw fitness, testimonial, Colaw fitness and you’ll see it.

So thank you Emma for your great testimony, your great review. You are awesome. You are a member when, thank you Emma. And anyways, recap today what we talked about, talked about meal prep tips. We talked about my take on them and do they work. I want you to invest in good containers that look good, that you feel professional, that it looks good, easy, clean, um, uh, and can be uh, uh, cleaned in a, uh, a dishwasher.

So, um, then also go crazy with spices. Make sure you go look at the, see a 30 class, get that list of approved, um, uh, condiments and spices and so on, so that you can be successful because you gotta to make sure you gotta have a lot of different types of flavors and tastes to make those lean meats, vegetables, high fiber, carbohydrates, tastes good. Um, make a detailed shopping list is number three.

Make a detailed shopping list and then go follow it goes, go knock it out. Number four is making the kitchen a meal prep machine. Make sure your kitchen is ready to go. Got a lot of counter space so that you can prep all those foods. Stock up on meal prep, staples. Number five, stocking up on meal prep. Staples like your meat options, your lean veggie options, your approved seasonings, your eggs, all the different things that you’re needing to stick to your plan six is pretty up your meals.

Make them look how you want to look so you want to actually eat them. My take is, it’s great. Do it, follow it. Um, prep on the number seven is prep food on weekends. A lot of times weekends are great time to grill, make all the food, saute this stuff on a skillet or whatever you gotta do to prep your food and get all that done on the weekend.

May have to do mid week prep too. But that’s my thought on that. Prep your food on weekends. And then eight, set a timer and stick to it. Set a timer. That is a must. You’ve got to set up the timer on your phone and let it beat sick to it. No more, no less than just following it to a T action over emotion. That is the best way to get results at our gym in Oklahoma City for your fitness goals.

You can do it. Okay. Number nine, um, prep food the night before prep food the night before. When we mean by that is you got to have your game plan in the fridge, in a container, like a bag with all five, six meals in it, ready to go. Cause when you wake up, most of the time, most of us aren’t in it. Well, woke up all cleaned up or have plenty of excess time before work or before our scheduled starts.

So if you have a ready, you can just grab that, go throughout the door. And that’s three, six, nine, um, uh, 12. You know, 16 hour day is all covered within those five meals. You are ready to go every three hours. You’ve got all your meals, you’re ready to rock and roll and you will be successful. So call to action. What I want you guys to do is join Cola fitness. Go to the free [inaudible] class. They’re going to teach you all about this kind of stuff with meal prep.

Um, get the free CF-30 journal. This is a book that I’ve written with my wife that helps you completely stay on track with a workout nutrition program, how to shop for, how to cook it, how to prep it and be successful as motivational quotes. There’s a, for every day I want you to be successful.

Fall the food plan to a T. Start exercising. Read our daily words of encouragement for mental health, for motivation. If you don’t believe me, I want you to go to Google. Type in Colaw fitness reviews, type in Colaw fitness reviews. Just go to Google, click on Google Colaw fitness reviews, watch our videos, read our testimonials, click on all this stuff.

You’ll see also, you can go to YouTube, type in youtube.com type in colon fitness reviews and you’ll see thousands of customers just like you losing weight and getting in great shape. So this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast on meal prep, and I want you to be successful. My highest desires, your greatest gain. Have a wonderful day. Bye bye and see you at our gym in Oklahoma City.