Episode 51 - Top supplements of 2020

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast and today I’m going to talk about top supplements of 2020 top supplements of 2020. So the problem is is most beginner fitness people don’t really know what supplements to use and what supplements really work. I’m going to break down some of these top supplements that are out there on the market being sold and tell you if they really do work or not.

So the top 2020 supplements, I took this off of a website called bodybuilding.com they sell a ton of supplements and protein powders and all types of different exercise supplements. And I’m going to list off out of this grouping of about 50 of the top seven types of things that they’re selling and tell you about my take on them and do they really work where they really help you? So the first thing that was listed on there was protein powder.

So protein powder, most of the time protein powder is coming from a milk derivative or whey, whey protein. There’s lots of different brands and companies that sell protein powder. There’s, it’s not just way it can, it’s not just from milk products. It’s also can be, there’s a protein powders that come from a vegetable base sources, not note based sources and animal sources as far as, and actually there’s, there’s like a like protein that’s comes from red meat and stuff as well. So this protein, most of the protein powder is what they would call whey protein.

gyms Arlington TX

gyms Arlington TX

Whey protein comes from milk. Thinking about talking about the separating of the curves in the way or whatever. That’s where they’re taking all the fats, the galactose and lactose and sugars out of it. So fats and sugars out of the milk and they’re leaving just the way peptides, the best, easiest to absorb proteins in these way proteins.

So then one product is whey protein and my take on it is yes, it does work well. They talk about how well a protein utilize is utilized in the body. They talk about Trump called bioavailability. It’s how well the body utilizes it for healing, repair, and growth to the, to the human body. And the egg is the gold standard and it was tested it to be a hundred percent bioavailable to the body. Well, whey protein, when it came out and it came into the market, it tested out higher.

So it came about 4% higher. So at a one Oh 4% whey protein powder as far as in digestibility utilization for healing or repairing and growth of tissues in the body. When you work out, you actually break down muscle tissue, microfiber tears, and your body can actually heal and repair. So protein powder has a great bioavailability, a great amino acid profile.

And does it work? Yes, it does work. If you take protein powder you can from in recover from workouts that is going to make you slightly stronger and recover faster. So protein powder is, yes, it does work. The number two products that they’re selling were pre-workout products. Pre-Workout is where you drink this. Most of the time it’s like a powder that you pour in a cup and mix it up in water. Take it 20 to 30 minutes before you work out.

Generally has a stimulant in it and some like sometimes creatine phosphates. It increases your body’s ability for energy. It’s called ATP and journey to triphosphates, creatine phosphates, hydrates muscle increases your drive and energy for with a stimulant. And my take on it is does this stuff work? Yes it does work. Pre-Workout supplements are a great effective supplements to help get you motivated for gyms Arlington TX workout.

It doesn’t do a lot for us and just putting the lots of muscle on your body, but it does wake you up, energize you, kind of motivate you to want to go work out. So pre-workout supplements are the number two top selling product products. And I do say yes, it does work. They are effective. So yes, that is a yes on pre-workout products.

Number three products that they’re selling on here are amino acid products or amino acid products with a stimulant and it, and my caffeine and my takeaway as I think it does something, but not much. A lot of people use this if they don’t want to do pre-workouts, they want something a little more milder. I’m not a huge amino acid powder person. If you’re eating a high protein diet all throughout the day, every three hours, you really don’t need amino powders.

It’s just very expensive way of trying to get amino acids in your body. You’re eating lean meats protein shakes and things like that. You really don’t need it. So my take is, is no, you don’t need amino powders. I’ve done lots of competing bodybuilding, worked with top trainers, and most of the top guys don’t really say that you need it as long as you’re eating every three hours of protein rich food, it’s really not doing much. Now the caffeine is just a stimulant.

But the amino acid powder is by itself. I’m not a big advocate for that. I’d rather dilute a whey protein shake in a liquid, like a gallon container and just sip on that all day opposed to drinking aminos all day. Whey protein is a very immuno acid rich. It’s a lot cheaper than amino powders. So that’s my take.

Does it work? I’m sure it does a little tiny bit, but if you’re already eating a high protein rich diet and clean diet, it’s not really doing a whole lot. So my, my take on that as no, I don’t approve of a lot of Mino powders, especially cause I always eat a clean, healthy, high protein diet and it never does much for me. I also sip on whey protein shakes all throughout the day.

So I don’t need it. And I have not used that in clients ever. Nor do I feel like the money is worth it. So I mean, powders, I would say no. For his weight loss products, weight loss powders and pills, most of those come in certain categories. Categories I call them are pretty much stimulants. They stimulate your body increases your heart rate and so on. You have adrenal glands on top of your kidneys and it produces adrenal fluid.

So like caffeine can make your adrenal glands produce adrenal fluid, increasing your heart rate and increasing how many beats per minute your heart’s beating, all the circulation, all of that attributes to higher metabolic rate, higher, better metabolic resting metabolic rate. So you are going to burn more calories. Even at set. I don’t like a lot of heavy stimulants, but they do work.

So those are come in category stimulants, some of them as far as in weight loss powders and pills, they are either coming stimulants, calorie wasting compounds, which means the calories don’t absorb correctly throughout your body. Basically your intestines can absorb it or it just goes right through you and things like that. Or appetite suppressants, it basically tells your brain to not eat as much. And some has to do with feedback from the guy can hormone in your stomach and your brain and the connection to that.

So all that to say stimulates calorically wasting or appetite suppressing. And my take on all of those are do they work? Yes, they do work somewhat. I do I take any of those? No, I don’t have done it. I’ve used it on some clients. It does something, does it do a lot? It does something but not a lot. And sometimes it helps with people with cravings.

I like some of the appetite suppressant components that helps people stay on a diet. I don’t like stimulates stimulants. Stimulants a lot cause it can, if you have heart issues and so on or it could lead to some of that electrical firing of your central nervous system and your heart system can be kind of jacked up with, I don’t like a lot of that. So my take is, is yes it does work.

It has some risks. Make sure you know what you’re doing. My take is I would not recommend it, but does it work? Yes. So the next category is multivitamin, does it, my take on it and does it work? They have lots of different multivitamins listed, I would say yes. Multivitamins are good and healthy. Does it help? Somewhat? Yes. Does it really change the way you look?

No. I do believe that your body is not you. You aren’t getting all your recommended daily allowances of all sorts of different vitamins, minerals, and, and, and, and so on throughout the day in just your food. Think it is good to have a good multivitamin. My take is that it’s not necessary for life, but it is good overall health as it work. Yes. Are you going to see it change the way you look physically?

Probably not so much. If you’re young, you probably won’t feel a lot different. If you’re older, you may feel a little bit better. That’s my take on it. Does it work? I’d say yes. Do I think it as going to make you look different? I’d say no. Creatine products is the next category. That was one of the top sellers. Creatine, creatine.

What creatine is. Think of a raising and a grape raising, integrate raising a grape or the same thing. A raisin is basically a dehydrated grape and creatine increases your, it’s like, think of your muscle as the raisin and the grape. So creating rich muscle is more full and turgid like a grape. And creatine increases your body’s ability to hold fluid and energy in the muscle that’s called Engenio, triphosphates and glycogen and all of that occurs. Creating helps hold more energy in the muscle.

It can equate to anywhere from like five to 10% more strength in a muscle that can equate to a better harder gyms Arlington TX workout cause you get more contractile energy, you have more ability to do more reps and sets. You can get a little bit better pump. So I think creatine, yes, it is effective. Yes, it does help get a better workout. Does it actually build muscle?

No, but it gives energy to a muscle to get a better workout, a better microfiber care than can equate to better, a better workout, a better workout and a better tear or what I call the, what’s it called? Microfiber tears. It’s a small, teeny tiny tear in the, in the muscle tissue that then heals and repairs stronger. So it allows you to work out harder and will maybe give you better results from those harder workouts because you have more energy in the muscle.

So my take is yes, it does work. Yes it does hydrate the muscle. Yes, it does make it look fuller cosmetically and it will help you gain muscle, but it’s non-hormonal. It doesn’t actually increase synthesis of protein into lean tissue, but it does give you better gyms Arlington TX workouts and better strength that can equate to a better workout, which can then give you better results.

So my take is yes, it does work and that’s all my take on it. So next category is protein bars. Far as in the things that we’re selling the most by take is, is they aren’t great. I don’t like protein bars at all. I don’t feel like I get my clients in the best shape off of protein bars at all. Real food is better. Protein shakes and water are next. And the very far third would be a protein bar.

Why? They’ve got all kinds of funky stuff in those things. What I mean by that is they have different types of artificial carbohydrates that don’t really fully digest that is then a nondigestible carbohydrate. It causes some of the gut issues and diarrhea and things like that or certain people. But my take is I do use it, some of my clients, I think taking a protein bar, putting it in with you as an emergency.

So if you can’t eat a meal, you can’t drink a shake and you have one of those or two of those in a purse or somewhere with you, you can break off half a one and use one as a little protein snack to kind of get you to the next meal. So my think is use it for urgency. See scenarios, don’t plan all the time on them. It’s better than eating junk food.

Yes. So I use those for emergencies, pack them in containers for emergencies only, but eating real food. And then protein shakes and water are the first two options. Real food, number one, protein shakes and water number two. And then if our third is protein bars that are lower carb, which means the carb and the impact carbs are very low and high protein.

So a lot of the times you can look on the side and it’ll show like fiber and and things like that on the side that are non insulin impacting carbohydrates that basically keeps your body in the ketosis so it doesn’t affect the insulin release allows your body to still stay in a key tonic state of fat burning. So high protein, low carb bars just eating half of the bar to get you to the next meal is my goal. That’s what you want to use for emergency.

So that’s my take on it. Does it work? Yes, I do think they’re valuable. I don’t like them above food or above like a whey protein shake and water. So that’s my take on it. I believe that all results are fundamentally 70 to 80% based upon nutrition. The other 30 is like your rest in your gyms Arlington TX workout. So food is number one.

Supplements can help, but they don’t do a lot or much. They do a little bit. It can’t, it’s like a figure of your body as a vehicle. You put in the proper fuel. It’s going to perform really well. So like if I have a race car, but half water, half gas in it, that’s like the food is going to run horrible. It doesn’t matter if I put a blower that’s like a supplement on it. If it’s still got half water, half gas in the tank, it sucks.

So you want it to be good quality nutrition. Number one, it’s going to perform a lot better. And then supplements like a blower better tires on your vehicle can help, but you got to get the food right first and get great gyms Arlington TX workouts. So food number one, great workouts and rest number two. And then you can start adding some supplemental things that help you get to the next level.

So I’m also want to celebrate a member win member win comes from member Rick, I believe he is a Joplin Missouri member. He’s lost 16 pounds. He’s not really trying to lose weight, but he’s wanting to get a lot healthier and leaner and more in shape. And he’s done that. He’s also got a lot healthier with his heart health in his lungs. He’s a I would say over 40 plus type of client that just wants a general health and wellness.

He loves the atmosphere. He loves a free tanning at gyms Arlington TX the free massage chairs at Colaw fitness. Loves the environment. He loves our staff being so friendly. Loves all the way to equipment. He loves it. It’s a really big club and a lot to use in a low price. But he’s a great testimony. Listen to him. It’s a member when Rick Colaw fitness, YouTube. Thank you. And he loves, he loves his great testimony.

Listen to his testimonial. If you type in Rick YouTube, Colaw fitness, you’ll find him. He’s been a member for 17 months. He’s been a great member. So thank you Rick for that awesome member win and testimonial you gave us. So to kind of recap the today’s podcast, these are basically top selling supplements and my take on them and do they work. And first category was protein powders, whey protein powders.

To be specific. My take is yes, they work. Yes, they’re good. Protein shakes are great on the go. If you’re eating every three hours and you can’t actually eat a meal, drink a protein shake and water two to four scoops away, isolate protein shakes anywhere from two to four scoops of a 25 grand scooper every two to every three hours. You can’t hit a meal, so eat a meal every three hours. If you can’t actually do a meal, use a shake in place of it. Prey whey protein icelets very low carb, very high protein is going to help you lose weight, stay ketogenic and gain muscle mass.

Pre-Workout powders is number two, does it? My take on it is yes it does work and they are effective and I use them on a regular basis. I love those. Those are great for more energy and just to provide motivation does give you a tiny bit of strength cause it’s something that has like creatine and stimulants in it, but that is a great product to use.

Pre-Workout. So I like those amino acid energy or like amino products, you know, amino powders, I don’t believe they’re very effective at all. Some of them will add some caffeine to it. So that kind of has a stimulant effect. Does it work? I don’t really think it does much if you’re already, I always count on everybody eating a good diet.

So supplementally I just think it’s kind of a waste of time and money. That’s my take. And can it do something? Yes. Not much is going to change the way you look? Nope. So weight loss powders stimulate STEM weight, weight loss, protein powders and protein or weight loss pills. There’s the, they come in several different forms. Some are stimulants, some are calorie wasting compounds and some are appetite suppressants. My take is that they all do work in some capacity.

There are some risks that go with it cause a lot of them are stimulants. My take is does it work? Yes. Do I recommend it for everybody to know? You need to just kind of research it. Talk to your, it’s more specific for person thing. Multivitamin. that’s number five. Does it? My take on it as a, yes, it is good. Yes. It’s good for our health. Does it work?

Yes. Are you going to see a big difference? No. In your physique? No. if you’re young, you probably won’t feel a difference either. So create team products my take on it is it yes it does work. Yes. It will make you feel stronger. Five to 10% stronger on certain lifts and it will make your muscles appear fuller. And does it work? Yes. That’s a good win. Do you want to look better, feel stronger, et cetera.

And it’s non-hormonal. So protein powder uprise are protein bars. The last one by take is as a, I don’t like it over food or protein shakes. Does it work? Yes. Do I recommend it? Only in emergency situations. Don’t plan on eight and bars as a regular part of your dietary program, but only use it for emergencies. And then we talked about the member when Rick and he’s in a great job and yeah, that’s pretty much it. The calls to action.

If you want to get in shape, I highly recommend your food being number one. First want to make sure you got a really good food plan. So what I encourage people to do so that since apex 24 fitness and ESM Cooper Institute, I’ve got about, I don’t even know, eight national certifications as a trainer trained over 5,000 clients. The big thing is they all pretty much talk about 70 to 80% of all your success is your dietary food program.

So we want to make sure you’re eating healthy. So I encourage you to join Colaw fitness. Start the free CF-30 class. That’s a free Colaw fitness, 30 day nutrition diet and workout class. They have a journal that can go with it. It gives you complete mind freedom of what to eat, what time to eat, how much water to drink, what supplements to take, what workouts to do, what cardio to do. So it’s complete mind freedom to be successful at the classes, completely free.

The first 30 kilometer, this is only $1 down and as low as $5 a month. And that’s where two people can work out, tan and massage for as low as $5 a month. And so it’s a super deal. Also the 30 day money back guarantee. So if you don’t like it, you can get your $1 back and you can also during that whole time, go to the free CF-33 class.

So there’s no risk. I encourage you to follow the food plan to a T, follow the exercise program to a T, lose weight, get in great shape. If you don’t like it, we’ll give you your dollar back. There’s no strings attached. It’s really good too, cause there’s some great stuff in our journal. There’s a daily words of encouragement. There’s accountability where you can hold yourself accountable on a checklist. So I highly encourage you to not believe me.

Go to Google reviews, type in Google review site, go to Google, type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews, and just read all of our thousands and thousands of reviews. You can also go to YouTube and watch videos. Watch videos with clients like yourself that have lost weight, got in great shape. Go to YouTube, type in Colaw fitness reviews.

So anything on Google or anything on YouTube, typing Colaw fitness reviews, just watch videos, read reviews, and you too can be a success story like Rick and you can get in great shape. This is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast and we talk to you next time. Have a blessed day. Bye bye.