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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast.

Hello, this is Charles Colaw. Today. I’m going to talk to you on the, you could do this podcast with Charles and Amber Colaw, the Colaw Fitness, how to build muscle fast, the workout for that. So build muscle fast workout. See the problem is beginner fitness. People don’t know how to build muscle fast. They don’t know what reps and sets workouts to be doing to build muscle quickly.

So I’m going to tell you about my workout that I built muscle fast on when to compete in bodybuilding and I competed and it had abs and the 270 pound range on my body and competed in the 250 pound weight class as a bodybuilder.

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best gym Arlington TX

So I’m going to tell you about what I did for as in workouts so that you can be successful in building muscle mass for a a big muscular type physique. If you would like, so the solution for these type of workouts, I have learned that the basic movements for barbell and dumbbell workouts work best.

I know that alternating between barbells and dumbbells, like week by week to kind of keep your body from getting too routine on a set thing has been very helpful for me. And then using mainly machines and cables and things like that for exhilarating extra things. To keeping my rep ranges, not ultra low and not ultra heavy, cause I seem to get injured. And my joints really don’t hold up. If I go heavy all the time.

So more in the 12 to 15 rep range was hypertrophic, like building a muscle but yet spared my joints and so on. So without further ado, I’m going to tell you a little bit about my workouts, that built muscle fast, and now granted your food is 70 to 80% of your success. You have to be eating a diet that correlates to really putting on all of this new muscle mass.

I’m going to tell you about the weights though today, if you would like to hear more about putting on a lot of weight, put a lot of mass look for the previous podcasts that we’ve done in the past. And that is I think, I think the name of that is gosh just, I can’t remember exactly, but it’s how to gain weight fast. I think it’s gained weight fast on a previous podcast, but check that out. S

o so what I would tell people to do is like week one, when you start your workouts, you’re going to put a workout. Cadence. What I like to do is about a four day split the way the four day split works is like day one week. One is going to be like chest and triceps and abs together, chest triceps add. So week one is chest triceps and abs on the day, one week one.

And I focus on barbell movements. So basically that’s like dumbbell, I’m sorry, barbell, incline, barbell, flat, press, barbell decline and so on. And so you want to use the bar as much as you can during week one. Okay. and then it’s chest triceps. Abs day one day two is back biceps and calves. Same thing with that. We’re doing bar motions there as well, like dead lifts bin over rows with the bar barbell bent over rows and so forth.

So using the bar as well during week one then the third workout on week one for shoulders. So week one, day three would be like shoulders, traps and abs. And that’s where you’re going to do barbell shoulder press barbell traps far as in a shoulder shrugs barbell, shoulder shrugs, and then finishing the work ethic. Alternate one thing is, is always alternating abs and calves at the end of every workout.

So it’s kinda like those are muscle groups that always tended to always have to hit. More frequently and they also recover really quickly cause they’re smaller muscle groups. So like I’d always either do abs and calves and alternate alternated up. If like Monday I’m doing abs Tuesday, I’m doing Cavs Wednesday and doing abs again, Thursday, noon calves, abs calves as cashiers all the time, alternating like that.

So at the end of every workout, okay, then you have the last, the fourth day for week. One day four would be quads, hams, quads, hamstrings, and calves. And then the fifth day you can either take off or you can repeat back through the cycle. So it’s a four day split chest triceps back biceps, shoulders, traps, quads, hams, and then I alternate calves and abs all throughout that week. So week one is all barbells.

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You do chest triceps, back biceps, shoulders, traps, quads, hams, and then you alternate calves and abs on each one of those days. And then you just repeat back in now when you go into the second week or the second workout cadence, you’re now switching to dumbbell movements and these are simple basic movements. So you can do like dumbbell, chest incline, dumbbell, chest, flat, press, dumbbell decline, chest press.

And so you’re now using a lot of dumbbell movements on the following week or what I say following week, you have a four day split. And the second part of the next split is going to get going to dumbbells and barbells, dumbbells, barbells, dumbbells, and alternating that. So yes. And so then the same kind of thing you’re doing chest and Tris back and buys shoulders, traps, quads, and hams, and repeating that, but doing that with as many dumbbell movements as possible, that’s how that workout works.

So it’s got a recap. So wanting to, as far as I’m putting a lot of mass, you want to keep it basic barbell work for one week basic Dumbo work the next week. Always all-terrain barbells and dumbbells between each workout cadence. I did four day splits. The four day splits look like day one chest and triceps day two back and biceps day three, shoulders and traps day four quads and hams, and then alternating calves every day.

Calves and abs every day says calves like on a Monday abs on T sorry, Kat, sorry. Abs on Monday calves on Tuesday, abs on Wednesday calves on Thursday. And then she just keep repeating that now machines and cable work, we, I would always do that following barbell and Dumbo work for extras, but that was not the primary movers and the primary work.

So it was always done with either a bar or a dumbbell. And that’s what really worked well for me. And then I always did, or somewhere between 12 and 15 repetitions never went into really heavy single digits. Like I said, the risk didn’t really warrant the reward. I felt like he could train so heavy. It was just harder on the joint than it is for a return.

So I encourage you to do that as well. If you look at some of the body builders like Ronnie Coleman, who trains so ridiculously heavy, it’s just hard on your body to train all of that volume at day in, day out all that heavy, heavy weight day in, day out. So if you want to learn on how to actually get that, all that workout to really get the weight, to stick on your body, you need to get the gain weight fast podcasts.

We go over that and then do these workouts as well. You can also email me Charles at Colaw fitness, Charles at Colaw fitness the best gym Arlington TX offers. And I can give you some free templates. So if you have any more questions, I’ll give you a mind frame template to follow suit. You could be really successful as well. An example, I want to tell you an example of like, let’s say a chest tricep day for like week one Barb bar training, it would be barbell incline, press.

I’d start with that. And I would do a couple warmup sets with lightweight. Then I’d do a working set for anywhere from 12 to 15 repetitions failing somewhere between 12 and 15 once. I always let my breathing return to normal before I go to the next working set. So it’s never becoming anaerobic or where your breathing is your limiting factor.

And then you move on to the next exercise, which would be barbell, flat press. Then I would do a regular bench press, basically barbell bench press. And I would do that for 12 to 15 repetitions. I fail in between 12 to 15 reps and then adjusting as I go along. And then the third workout on Justin staves would be the bar bell declined press. And I would fail in between 12 to 15 reps as well.

Then I would go to a Peck fly motion most of the time on the bar day. And that would be a finishing movement on a machine where the dumbbell day, I do a finishing movement on a cable fly machine instead of a Peck deck a stationary pin loaded machine. So everything’s kind of alternates. And so that would be week one day one chest and triceps day chest emphasis started with Barbara incline, then barbell flat bench press, and then barbell decline bench press, and then pack fly.

So inclined, flat decline. Then I would go into tricep movements that same day and do like way to dips where I’d put a weight around my waist and do way to dips for my triceps and my chest and my front shoulders. That would be a pushing motion as well, that’d be the, the tricep dip off free weight. Then I also do tricep skull crushers, where you take the easy curl bar. I’d always take the one that you can load plates on.

Cause I could put on quite a bit of weight more than you generally have. On an easy curl rack that you can quickly grab the, the rack and do like the curl rack. You know curl bar, but I would do a school crusher and I put, you know, up to 225 pounds on the tricep French press or the skull crusher press and then come down towards my forehead and then extend my hands all the way out, keeping my elbow stationary.

The big key is keeping the elbow stationary pointed of up and back and, and just keeping that form really tight. So I do a tricep skull crusher, so dips way to dips at the best gym Arlington TX offers. And then I do a tricep skull crusher than I would do a tricep rope extension down and tricep representation overhead. Those are the two finishing moves, which I would go to like a cable work, which would be the tricep rope day out of tricep rope, extension overhead.

And that showed to do be very, very successful. My body from about two 55 to two 75 with just really train hard and heavy like that. Of course eating a lot, a lot of protein as well. So so kind of recap on everything today. I’m talking about building muscle fast workouts for that. What I tell people to do is do barbell work one week dumbbell work the next week, keep it in basic moment movements.

Making sure the cable and machine work has always done at the end is extras. And stay in between 12 to 15 rep range. You do that. You’re going to be successful and really stimulating a lot of muscle and you’re going to be able to really grow. Now if you follow that the gain weight program that. I put on the previous podcast gain weight fast, you’re going to be super successful.

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Just email me Charles@colawfitness.com. And I can help you out. You guys have a very blessed week and we’ll talk to you next time. Bye bye.