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Hello, there superstars. This is Charles Colaw on that. You can do this podcast today. I’m going to talk to you about how to gain weight fast. Yes. To gain weight fast. See the problem is some people don’t know how to gain weight and don’t know how to put on the mass on their body to actually build muscle.

So if you’re a skinny kid or you’re a thin female where you’re wanting to put on some more size on your arms or your legs, your hips, or your butt, or your, your, your you’re wanting just a bigger chest or whatever.

best gym Oklahoma City

best gym Oklahoma City

If you’re wanting to put the size on, you’ve got to put the calories in and apply the resistance training to it to build that muscle and to build that more muscular physique. And this is going to be talking about gaining weight for people who are hard gainers have really fast metabolisms and are really trying to put on some size to their body.

So they feel you know, they fill it out and get larger and more muscular. It’s more toned not just have a skinny body. So today I’m going to tell you about what I did back in high school to gain 100 pounds in one year and to, to, to put the frame and a lot of the size that I have on my body, that I carry the muscle that I do around 250 pounds now, but I put a lot of weight.

And I got a lot of my muscle mass all in the framework of about one year. And then I trimmed it up. So putting and gaining weight fast and putting mass on massing up your body to really build that bigger, more muscular physique or toning up, or if you’re thin, if you just want to put a little bit of weight on this is going to help you out.

So, so without further ado, I’m going to talk to you about the Colaw mass shake. This is what I have used, and I’ve had tons of clients uses to put on a lot of weight, a lot of size, and then a trimmed them up for fitness shows, competitions, body going shows, especially if they’re thin. And they just don’t have a lot of muscle mass on their body, or a lot of weight on their body. This can put weight on whether you’re playing football.

You want to bulk up for football or bulk up to play some sort of sport. So you’re bigger, faster, stronger, that kind of thing. So first off talk about the colon mass shake. And that, that is the shape that put a hundred pounds on me back in the day to, to, to, to get stronger and bigger. So I was obsessed with wanting to get big and want to get strong.

And I did and actually got kind of fat and then I trimmed it down. And that’s where I talk about a lot of different diets for as in losing weight too. But today focus is going to be on bulkiness Cola, mass shake. So the components in the Colaw CF-30 are one, two cups of milk to three scoops of whey protein. Okay. And then three is three scoops. I’m sorry. Three is four heaping tablespoons of creamy peanut butter.

Number four component is two bananas. And then a number five component is optional. And I used to put four tablespoons of heaping tablespoons of Nestle, the powder Nestle quick, that adds a lot of sugar, just has a lot of calories, the insulin spiker to make a lot of calorie stick. It also gave it a super chocolaty taste. And then I put ice number six component is going to be ice.

And then the like I would say at least a half a cup to a cup of ice, and then blend that for 30 seconds until all of it is uniform and texture. So you’re going to have to have a big blender, like a five or six or seven cup, a blender, big, big, big blender, and then two cups of milk. First component. Second component is three scoops away. Protein powder. Third component is for heaping tablespoons.

The creamy peanut butter. The fourth component is to whole bananas. The fifth component is four tablespoons of Nestle quick powder. If you don’t want to add all the sugar, you can leave that one component out. That’s optional, then put ice half cup to a cup of ice, or as much ice or a little license you want just, just mainly to make it cold and then blend it for at least 30 seconds or until uniform in texture, that’s going to take like a Reese’s peanut butter type shake, like a big chocolate protein shake.

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And I would drink this three times a day. The way the diet actually worked is really interesting. And those time I woke up about six 30 for school in high school when I was doing all this. So I drank my mass shake right about 7:00 AM. And then three hours later at 10, I would take a half pound Turkey sandwich. It’s like basically think of the bread, whole wheat, whole grain bread.

So it would be like the bread is, is you know, like the meat, basically eight ounces because to me, the, the meat is as thick as the bread. It’s like a meat deli sandwich. So bread, least eight ounces of Turkey, meat, lettuce, tomato, dill, pickle, whatever you want on it really far as in veggies. And then put the other slice of bread and you eat half pound Turkey sandwich at 10.

She would take that with you, put it like in a lunch container, take that with you. So I took it to class with me. So then I have half an hour Turkey sandwiches then at one o’clock for my lunch and also eat another half pound Turkey sandwich. And then four o’clock after I got out of school actually had afterschool weight lifting and training and stuff like that. And football, I drink another mass shake and 7:00 PM.

I had a free meal, just whatever meal I wanted. And then 10:00 PM before I went to bed was another mass shake. So think of it as three mass shakes all throughout the day and then two half pound Turkey and then one free meal for dinner. So it gives you a free meal every day. And then the rest of the time you’re eating high protein, high calorie. You got a lot of good fats with the peanut butter.

You got a ton of protein, a ton of calories. And I put about a hundred pounds on his 90 pounds in nine months. And then I backed it off and I gained about a hundred pounds that year. So, and I went from basically benching about two 25 to bench in about four I’m sorry, about two 25 to four, four something, four, four 40 to four 54 60, something like that at the best gym Oklahoma City offers.

I ended up breaking a record at four 50, so like double my strength on to put a hundred pounds on my body in one year. And I promise you, this will work. You just gotta be diligent and stick with it. So kind of recap it. Cola mashaikh is the secret to gaining a bunch of weight quickly. It put a hundred pounds in one year. There’s seven components to it. One is two cups of milk.

Two. The second component is three scoops away. Protein three is four heaping tablespoons of creamy peanut butter makers creamy. Then four is two whole bananas. Five is four heaping tablespoons of powder Nestle quick. That’s, that’s optional. If you don’t want the extra sugar and stuff, then you don’t have to do that. And then six is ice and then seven is blending it for 30 seconds or until uniform texture.

I would drink one at seven in the morning drink one right after school at four in the afternoon. I drank one right before bed at 10:00 PM. And then during the day I had two breaks where I had a half pound Turkey sandwich twice a day, and then I had one free meal. So this is how the meal cadence would go. 7:00 AM mass shake, 10:00 AM, half pound Turkey sandwich, 1:00 PM, half pound Turkey sandwich, 4:00 PM.

Mashaikh 7:00 PM, a free meal shake, whatever I wanted, I just made sure it had a lot of protein in it, like a meat type thing in it. And then 10:00 PM, another mass shake. Now most of the people cannot get that much down, so you can start off with half mass shakes and half sandwiches. So cut the whole thing and cut it in half if you’re just starting off like the first week. And you’re not really a big eater yet.

You haven’t developed an appetite, but after you do it for a couple of weeks, you’ll kind of stretch out your stomach. And once you train hard and heavy, you’ll your, your, your hunger will start to increase and you can do it. But that’s, that’s the the, the secret to a hundred pounds to gain in one year I played football, ended up getting a lot of a division, one colleges looking at me pretty quickly where I wasn’t getting any of that.

So if you want to get big, get big, fast, get big, naturally fast. And I did put on fat. So, I mean, this is going to put fat on you, but you will gain a lot of strength and muscle, as long as you’re training hard in it you will be successful. So calls to action. These are what you guys need to do. You need to join Cola, fitness. If you haven’t, it’s only $1 down.

And if you want to, you can use everything in the best gym Oklahoma City offers. We got power racks, we got a hammer strength machines. It’s like cheaper than a planet fitness, but a lot more options as far as in free weights. And I mean, it was it’s $1 down and you gave a 30 day money back guarantee. So the first one is only a dollar to try it.

If you don’t like it, we give you your dollar back, no strings attached, and then a it’s as low as $5 a month, you use the best gym Oklahoma City offers. So it’s a super great deal. I mean, you can also bring a friend and they can use everything in the best gym Oklahoma City offers for free at any time for no extra charge. So we’re all inclusive. And you can go to the free [inaudible] or you can go to the free trainer class.

Go to the free trainer class, and they will teach you how to do workouts on the machines and on the free weights. And so you can ask them say, Hey, I want to learn some stuff on the free weights too. What times do you do that? They’ll show you some of that as well. And then I would tell you to start the mass shake diet and visit the best gym Oklahoma City offers.

So make a shopping list, write down all these components. As far as in the what’s in the mass shake that he talked about earlier in the podcast, we ever rewind it and listen to it, and then make sure you get all the food components for the sandwiches. And then just follow that. I highly encourage you to also get at least a, a one a day. Multivitamin, take one in the morning, one in the evening.

As far as in just general health, I’m speaking primarily to young guys wanting to build up, or some girl, you can use a version of this, cut it in half. If you don’t want to be so extreme, but it does work. It’ll put a lot of size on you. The shake tastes good. And it’s a fairly healthy types of food to be. It’s not junk food, especially if you take out the Nestle quick sugar in it.

So I highly encourage you to read Google reviews type in Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw Fitness reviews. So go to Google and pull up the Google search and then type in Colaw fitness reviews, reader, Google reviews. You’ll hear all about us. So you kind of see that we are real. We get great results. Also go to Colaw fitness, YouTube type in, and as YouTube listened to a lot of the testimonials that people we’ve worked with.

I’ve trained over 5,000 clients first in losing weight and getting in shape, bulking up, train people to become athletes, to go to college and, and so on. Have you trained people that went into the pros? So thank you guys for listening. My highest desires, your greatest game. This is for you guys that are hard gainers to build up, to put some size on this is Charles Colaw on that you can do podcasts, have a blessed day, bye bye.