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Hello, this is Charles Colaw on Amber Colaw. You can do this podcast with Colaw fitness, and today I’m going to talk to you about how to lose weight fast. So the problem is beginner fitness. People don’t really know how to lose weight and lose weight quickly. So I want to give you some really simple information on how you can be successful far as in losing weight and getting in great shape.

best gym in OKC

best gym in OKC


So there was an article that came out by healthline.com on how to lose weight and three simple steps. Based on science written by Chris Gunnar’s about the bachelor’s of science and and also medically reviewed by an ALTE are run a race and PhD is by a doctor. So anyways, these guys, anyways, went through a great article, talking about how to really lose weight.

Get in great shape, and it correlates perfectly with so many of those diets out there far as in keto based diets, paleo waste diets maker based diets, high protein diets, fundamentally a lot of the lower carb, higher protein ratio diets that worked very well for us, losing weight, cutting some water weight, and really getting your body into ketosis where your body uses its own fat as an energy substrate.

So the article is amazing. It’s it’s I highly encourage you to research it and find it it’s called how to lose weight fast and then type in health wine on a Google search. So how to lose weight fast three simple steps on healthline.com anyways. So they talk about in this article, the three steps are basically cutting carbohydrates. And when you cook carbohydrates like breads cereals, grains, all high-glycemic carbohydrates out of your diet.

That then forces your body to start using its own fat on your body as an energy substrate, so that you’re losing the carbohydrates out of the diet. So then your body is now forced to find energy from another source. And so then you’re going to be getting that from your stored body fat.

Now what you are going to continue to be eating in this diet is going to be eating proteins, healthy fats, and high fiber based vegetables, C protein fats and vegetables do not cause the release of a hormone called insulin insulin is, is regulated up and down primarily upon carbohydrate intake and insulin is really what they call like a, what I would call a fat storage hormone.

And the more that you reduce insulin in the bloodstream, your body actually allows its own fat or ketone bodies to be used. So your stored fat to be used. So so the three steps are cutting carbs and then the second step is eating protein fat. And, and then the third step is lifting weights at least three times per week, which will help your body build muscle increases your metabolic rate.

And then also forces that ketogenic process of losing fat when you’re following that diet. So you’re going to gain muscle and lose fat. So you become a smaller, more toned, lean version of yourself. One thing is with eating a lower carb diet, it can significantly reduce your appetite talks about that in this article. So visit the best gym in OKC today to learn more nutrition facts.

It also causes fast weight loss within that first week in the article, it talks about five to 10 pounds can easily be achieved within the first week with weight loss far as even just coming with water weight. So there’s a lot of bloat that comes off the body and water that comes off the body. And then you’ll start losing a couple pounds a week of just actual fat mass. And by doing that, it also helps increase your metabolic rate.

Your body is now targeting. It’s basically telling your body to say, Hey, don’t use a glucose and carbohydrates in the blood use fat reserves called ketone bodies in the body and as a, as an energy reserve. And I explain it to my clients like this, think of each fat cell the cell of actual fat, like a, I don’t know if you’re in school and talked about the anatomy of the cell, but think of the cell, like a Ziploc baggy. And it has that little strip that you can close. It’s like the blue and green strip that opens and closes and you close it up and it changes color.

We’ll think of that as the glute for Fairfield receptor. And when you don’t, when you’re, when you’re actually low blood sugar, or basically when your blood sugars were supposed to be between 80 and one 20, your body opens up the Ziploc baggie opening, and it allows the fat cell to actually lease a ketone bodies as energy. So that things of that Ziploc baggie opening and allowing nutrients out if your blood sugar stays between 80 and one 20.

Now, if your blood glucose gets elevated blood sugars higher by releases, hormones, insulin, and insulin than cell signals, nutrients in the blood to then go the opposite direction and then opens up that that glute four receptor, that little Ziploc baggie opening and shovels nutrients in increasing our hypertrophy enlarging, those fat cells. So all this to say, low carb, high protein, high fiber based vegetable diet, so lower the carbs, eat more protein, eat more high fiber vegetables, and that’s the win.

So in the article, it talks about reducing the appetite when you’re eating a diet like that, it helps blunt, hunger. It causes fast weight loss and increases your metabolic rate, your, your, your resting metabolism. So number one is cutting the carbs and number two is eating the protein, fat and vegetables. And what you want to be doing is making sure that the carbohydrates that come from the vegetables are going to be under 20 to 50 grams per day.

So looking at your meals like green beans could be three or four grams of per serving. So you’re just eating high fiber STEM, stock, leaf vegetables for the most part, and then proteins. I don’t really limit it in the programs that I have, but they talk about when you’re eating and this diet only about three times a day for just mainly weight loss.

They talk about proteins coming from beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, salmon, trout, shrimp, whole eggs with the yolk plant based proteins, like beans, legumes, and soy. And really, I like the the meats, fish and egg option. When you get plant-based ones, a lot of those have extra carbohydrates that come along with it, cause they’re kind of a car protein combo and the low carb vegetables.

Which have low net carbs are going to be coming from like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage and let us so kind of let us get and cucumbers, but there’s a lot more that you can find out there too. So kind of what you can eat is going to be any type of lean beef 90, I would say 90% are leaner beef, like a steak or any type of hamburger, Patty or any type of lean cut of beef, chicken, chicken breasts, any type of chicken.

That’s not like fried, but just chicken pork, any type of, when you look at a piece of meat. If you see fat on it, cut it off is what I tell people that will reduce the fat intake of the saturated fats. Now in this diet, it does allow you to eat more of that, but I still choose to eat leaner fats when possible. And then that Thomas will talks about lamb.

So meats would be beef, chicken, pork, lamb fish would be salmon, trout and shrimp eggs, whole eggs with the yolk. And then the low carb vegetables that you can be eating or like broccoli cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber. Then that’s just a good list to start off with. And then the healthy fats they talk about are olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and then butter.

I don’t push a lot of butter just cause I know that there’s no other fats. And so I just really want to sometimes limit amount of saturated fats in the diet of next thing, you know, you have on here is 30 talking about lifting weights and weightlifting weight training that stimulates your muscles to grow. And it also stimulates your metabolism to go up.

Show studies show that exercising three or four times a week is going to increase your lean body mass, which increases your resting metabolism. Actually get leaner with a more muscular physique as you go along. So you’re basically think of losing fat building up muscles. So you have a more solid tone version of yourself. And those are the, is basically the healthline.com article go in there, read about it.

It’s a lot of great information talks about some other health effects. In here it talks about cholesterol and talks about Glu blood glucose and just a lot of things that are beneficial to your body by going into a low carb, higher protein diet. So I’m sticking to this, following this. You can be really successful if you, you want some sort of mind freeing template, that’s on a document, some Cedar.

Sort of paper that you can look at that tells you exactly what to follow, to be successful. As far as in losing weight fast and toning up the body. I have those for you. That would fall in line exactly like this article talks about. So I encourage you to go read it. It’s healthline.com. It’s an article called how to lose weight, fast three simple steps, and it’s all based on science.

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It’s got some scripture in there helps you keep on track for 30 days that you can be really successful in your weight loss journey, fitness journey. So if you want to lose weight fast, all you have to do is follow the [inaudible] plan. Everything in this article talks about, it’s basically written out for you in a 30 day idiot proof, this mind freeing template to follow what to eat, what times to eat, how to shop for it, how to get everything ready for it and just follow it, just do it.

So that’s my call to action. I want you to go to Google type in Colaw Fitness reviews. Look at of our Google reviews. Read them, go to Colaw Fitness, YouTube Colaw Fitness, YouTube listened to a whole lot of people just like yourself that have lost weight and got in great shape. So anyways, this is the Colaw fitness. You can do this podcast with Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw. S

he’s not here today, but I want you to lose weight, get in great shape. You can do it quickly and safely. And I want to give you as much information so that you can have the body. You want the fitness level. You want to lose the weight that you want. And in this article talking about losing weight fast. Thanks for listening. This is Charles Colaw. You guys have a blessed week. We’ll talk to you guys next week. Bye bye.