Episode 55 - My 4 simple steps for personal mastery

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw. And today I’m going to give you an awesome nugget so that you can have great personal mastery in fitness. Business, family, life, professional life, personal life, whatever you want to call it, we want you to be successful. And of course, me and my wife, we have a built a multimillionaire business and several different States, multiple States.

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And we have been in fitness and trained in won competitions and didn’t have done different things. As far as in helping people get in shape. I’m also being personally successful. And what I want to do is talk about personal mastery and my four simple steps. So my highest desire is your greatest gain professionally and personally in your own personal life. So the problem is, is most people fail in life due to failing, to plan and having too many distractions from what the real goals are.

They’re just not intentional. So I’m going to give you four steps for basically making sure that you’re going to stay healthy and fit. And you’re also gonna have a lot of personal mastery in your professional life and personal life. So without further ado first off I want to talk about is the four simple steps come down to these four components a morning routine.

That’s number one, a really, really good morning routine. What happens is in your life is that you get busy. As you wake up, you’re in a rush it’s like an hour before work, you’re grabbing what you got to eat. You get going out the door and you really haven’t planned and really planned your day a dozen at a time with your day plan your day. And got, gotten a good mindset with a task list of, well, it really what’s the most important things to do.

So you’re just running around. So number one thing is a morning routine, and I’m going to deep dive into that in a second. Number two thing is meal prep. People don’t, they’re grabbing what they can when they can every all throughout the day. And they don’t really have a scheduled really clean nutrition plan and 70 to 80% apex, 24 fitness NSM Cooper’s Institute.

They all talk about, ah, these are training places that I’ve gone for certifications, but 70 to 80% of a client’s success is their food. So you want to make sure that you’re eating food, that going to keep you healthy, alert, sharp, and that will also get you Oklahoma City gyms fitness goals. And most people are not prepping their food. They’re just eating whatever whenever as they kind of just stumble through the day because they’re not preplanned. So we’re going to fix that.

So, number one is the morning routine. Number two is meal prepping. Number three is dressing the same that in the, in the, in the clothes that make you feel good and look your best. So we want to do is figure out exactly the same types of clothes that you can wear all the time with complete mind, freedom that you just wake up, put on and you already know you’re going to look good.

There’s no dressing to look around for it. And you’ll check yourself in the mirror and all that kind of stuff, which is mental. That’s a mental cognitive dissonance. So it’s frustrating in the morning, you have to do that creates stress. You don’t want stress to go into your day. So you want to create mind, freedom, freedom for you. So you just dress a certain way. You go out the door, you already know you’re gonna look great, feel great.

It’s in the clothes you want and that kind of stuff. And we’re going to make sure that that is pre prepped. So for, for you to be successful with dressing, the same gives you complete mind, freedom. So no stress, and you feel your best. Dressing the same mind, freedom, no stress, and you feel your best. So that’s the third component. The fourth component is turning off your phone.

I’m going to go into that and how so many millionaires and billionaires that are friends of mine are so much more successful because they’re intentional and there’s no distractions. So this is going to take a lot of your distractions or studies out that are now showing that people on their phone, 11, 12, 13 hours a day. There are also studies showing that if you have a smartphone, it’s actually making you dumb, given an IQ of a third grader, and this is proven study.

So what I want to do is make sure that you’re not distracted. You’re alert, you’re sharp and you’re taking executive control of your day and you’re very productive. So further ado, first off, I’m going to deep dive into number one morning routine. And the first off is wake up three to four hours before your first appointment. So the morning routine, you need to wake up three to four hours before your first appointment.

Why? Because you have to make sure that everything is in alignment before your day starts. When you, if you wake up and you just go running out the door, you’re not going to have food. You’re not going to have a workout. You’ll have your day planned. So the morning routine is basically pre planning your day before your day starts. So this is you waking up three to four hours before your first appointment.

Your first appointments, let’s say at nine o’clock, that means you need to be waking up no later than a, would that be six o’clock? So I would encourage you to wake up at five is your first appointments at nine, the way it works here, this is like, like my type of routine. I wake up at five, Take a, pre-workout drink that that’s a caffeine stimulant. And I go straight into the Oklahoma City gyms and I, and I work.

I take a pre workout. I go straight to the Oklahoma City gyms. Grabbed my Bible and I read the proverb for the day. Proverbs say, it’s the 14th day I read the 14th proverb. It takes me less than 10 minutes. It’s also in that pre-workout set in, that’s also setting the tone for success in wisdom. Proverbs is a book in the Bible written by King Solomon, the most wealthy, successful person in all of history period.

So what I want to do is make sure that my mind is in alignment for successful people. And I’ve just now washed myself in the word, was with wisdom with one of the most successful individuals of all time. So take my free workout drink is that settling into my body. I read a proverb for the day. My mind is ready and sharp. Then I work out for one hour. I do weights and I also do weights in a circuit type style.

So mass we’re getting weights with cardio. Then I come in, that’s about one hour of a workout. And then I clean up it’s about 30 minutes to fully clean up, like fully clean, up to a 10, like shave shower. Make sure that I feel really good about myself. I may Inscape whatever that is. You want to make sure that you’re addressing that you’re cleaning up.

You’re cleaning up two to a 10. So let me say that again. You’re going to wake up three to four hours before your first appointment. I would encourage four hours. You’re going to take a, pre-workout drink. You go straight to the Oklahoma City gyms. You read a proverb for the day, as it’s all that’s going settling in your body. Then you work out for the full hour.

You come back, you clean up, that’s going to take 30 minutes to just shower, shave and clean up. Then you’re going to have 30 minutes to dress, to impress 30 minutes, to get a full hour to basically shower and, and dress in the same types of clothes. What do you mean by dressing with the same types of closes? There’s several individuals. Let’s say it’s like a lot of different presidents. They always wear the same types of suits.

A lot of the the individuals and a lot of successful businesses. It’s Apple, the founder of Apple. He always wears the same clothes. Steve jobs. He is it presidents. They always wear the same stuff. They always wear suits and so on. So this gives you mind freedom to just wear what you know, you’re going to look good and you know, you feel good and and so on. So that’s the dress to impress should take about 30 minutes.

What I do is I have a certain style of Jean and a certain style of under armor, a shirt that I wear all the time. And then I wear my Oklahoma City gyms hat backwards. That’s just my thing. And that’s my, what I feel good in. I felt like I looked good. I felt built. And, and in shape, I’ve got designer jeans and I send her on her shirt and a coal off his hat on backwards.

So if you’re a business person, a lot of people wear suits. If you’re a business woman, a certain types of dresses, but I would encourage you to buy like five or six of the exact same thing. So that way it’s complete mind, freedom. Now you wash them and stuff, but you got enough that you’re never wearing dirty stuff. So the big thing is, is same socks, same types of shoes, same types of jeans.

They tied a shirt. Whatever’s your thing that, you know, you look really good in and you feel very comfortable and you know that it’s impressive to the people around you. Now, if I was more than an entry level business, I would definitely be dressing to impress the people around me. But now, since I’m kind of at the top of the company, I don’t really do that quite as much.

I just do what I as my kind of thing. And cause at this point I don’t care what people, what people think of me. I stress what I feel like I look good in it and I feel comfortable in. So I would encourage you to wear like a suit or dress nicer than everyone else that kind of sets you up. Also when you’re, when you’re doing that, you feel clean, you feel professional.

So clean up to a 10 dress to impress and dress the same. Then you’re gonna have meta time. Meta time is up and over. Before your day starts, you have one hour to really prioritize your time. What medicine comes down to the first component is emails to zero. You get all your emails as he or she get on your answer, emails, get all that done. Okay. And you delete out all the old emails.

So you’re always on top of your emails before any of your day starts, then also list the tasks you need to do that day personally and professionally. So what I do is I list out all my personal items that I got to get done and all my professional items that need to get done, then maybe 10, maybe 30 items. You feel like you need to get done today.

And then after you’ve listed personal out and professional out, all of them on the same list, then prioritize just three personal items that are the most important and the most urgent. So most important and most urgent personal items. And then you take the top three professional items, the most important and the most urgent, okay? Put those at the top.

And prior to that, the basically you’re doing all you’re doing that day is three things personally, and three things professionally.
So you are intentional. You’ve got the most important things out of 20 or 30 items that you’re going to hit personally and professionally on that list. And then you go to the time and you time block it throughout your day.

So this is the morning routine it’s done within that three to four hours before your day starts, you wake up three to four hours. You take a pre-workout drink. Read your proverb for the day. You work out for an hour weights and cardio do it. All of that. Then clean up to a 10 every day. Then you dress to impress every day, same clothes.

You do Meta time, which you’re doing is now you’re getting your emails to zero, listing out all your tasks for the day. Personally, professionally you’re prioritize the top three personal top three professional items. And then you time block the top three personal items and the top three professional items in your day.
Okay? That’s what you do in your morning routine.

So that way you’ve woke up, you’ve worked out, you’ve got your mind, right? You’ve got your body all completely right and ready. You got your clothes ready? You got all your stuff. All your emails to zero, you got your task was completed. You got a time block for the day and it’s prioritized and you haven’t even had your first appointment. Okay?

That’s the first and most important thing for every single person is a really good morning routine. Now you cannot control what happens throughout the rest of your day because you’ll have burning fires and somebody to call you. But as long as you have that done, you’ll know what you did get done. And you know what you didn’t get done at the end of the day. So if something took you hostage all day long on something, you may have one or two items.

You could, you at least know what you didn’t get done, but it has it all there. It’s all in front of you. It’s all the time block through the day. And you now have executive control over your day. And it’s all scheduled. The most important thing is a morning routine. Second, most important thing is I believe meal prep cause your fuel to your body.

Also emotionally you food. If you’re hungry or tired and things like that, it makes you emotional and you want to keep your emotions always in check. The problem with a lot of people is that they’re emotionally lazy and let their emotions rule over their logic. So they make foolish choices. As far as an eating far as in people, they, they date and things they do with their time because they’re not intentional, but food is an emotional thing, attached to a lot of people.

I’ve trained. Thousands of clients. What we want to do is meal prep. The night before meal prep, the night before meal prep, the night before meal prep, the night before meal prep the night before. Why? Because we get the food down. Your body is going to look good. Your brain is going to work good. Body’s going to feel good and you’ll respond with less emotions all throughout the day.

Cause that’s all basically preplanned pre-made and prescheduled in your day. And you have complete mind, freedom from food Dow. Now all of that’s taken care of with the proper fuel. So meal prep the night before, make all your food the night before three solid meals. So if your meat and veggies or chicken and rice or whatever I do, I’m a big component. Proponent of these lower glycaemic diets, higher protein, lower carb. So meat and veggie dishes.

So like chicken breasts and broccoli put that in a Tupperware container, have three of those. And then you want to pack three liquid shakes. It’s like whey protein and water. And you just mix up two or three scoops of whey protein in a shake. And when you do that, you are then having all of those meals packed in that lunch back, passion that compare, you put a water bottle in there that you can refill all throughout the day and have it completely ready for you in the morning.

So when you wake up all your food’s ready, you’d went in, you worked out, you got your stuff done, you eat your first healthy meal or you drink your first healthy shake. You take your, when you go to work, you’ve got all your stuff in your six pack container, your lunch box or wherever that satchel container is.

And you got everything for the day with complete mind, freedom ready. So and then make sure you have a completely ready and then, and then, and then schedule it for the day. Schedule all that food for the day. So meal prep, you’re going to do the night before. So before you go to bed, you make three meals. You make all your shakes, you put it all into a six pack container.

You put it into like the lunch box or any type of container, put a water bottle in it that you can keep refilling and have it completely ready for you in the morning. So you wake up, you grab your little lunch box container, and you’re ready to go for the date with all proper food. That’s going to get you fit and think clear and be sharp and get you in shape.

Then. number three, component component is a dressing the same, okay. Dressing the same. So the first component is the morning routine. I explained a lot of items in that second component is meal prepping. The night before third component is as something that I believe is huge. And the reason why I talked about it in the, in the morning routine, cause you’re doing that in the morning, but you’ve gotta address the same reason why like Steve jobs for presidents and so on.

They all dress the same because they have enough critical thinking. Critical thinking creates mental dissonance, cognitive dissonance, which is like an emotional disease, cognitive mental dissonance disease. So you get like a mental disease with making decisions and you don’t want to have a mental disease disease with picking out clothes in the morning before your day starts. Cause it was a negative a thing that’s happening for seeing the morning.

We don’t want stress and we want you to feel your best. So you got your great looking clothes that you’ve already, pre-bought, it’s all the same types of stuff. And you know, have all that scheduled. So it’s complete mind, freedom. There’s no stress and you always feel your best. You always look your best. So find the clothes that make you look and feel your best by at least five.

Of each item where the exact clothes, every day of those, not the same, but you can rotate all those that you’re always wearing clean clothes. My example, like I said to Steve jobs with his jeans and his shirt presidents with their suits and, and so on, there’s lots of different examples, but this is stuff that I’ve been taught from my business coaches. And I’ve do personally. I wear my designer jeans, my under armor shirt and that where I wear my designer jeans in my Colaw Fitness shirt.

And that’s what I wear for the day and my coauthor has head on backwards. So that’s just my thing and I feel great in it. I look great in it. And that’s that’s, that’s my move now. Number four component. Okay. So the first component was morning routine. We talked about that second component is meal prep. Third component was dressing the same so that you can have mind freedom and no stress.

And number four is turning off your cell phone, turning off your cell phone. Most people nowadays, I think Forbes is now saying that it’s like 11 hours a day. The average person or 13 hours is on their phone. I mean, when they also studied that if you have a smartphone it’s making you dumb, there’s studies on that, that your intelligence is now dropped down to a third grader because you’re slightly distracted.

Cause it’s like, I think they say there’s 170 little bar a day. And so you, how can you critically think? How can you be your best if you’re constantly getting distracted, being, being, being [inaudible]. And you’re trying to talk to somebody ever tried to talk to somebody when they’re like their phones always going off, it’s always buzzing. And here’s the deal.

All of the millionaires and billionaires that I know, they don’t even have their phones on them or their phones are shut off. They’re intentional. They own their day. Nobody can interrupt it. Okay. And when you start to take this mindset, your life will become a lot better. Complete my freedom. I actually take my phone away from my kids were upset for two days and then they actually are a lot friendlier. They’re happier. They actually liked their life better. They don’t admit it. That they’re a lot more pleasant person.

They’re actually communicating with other humans. They actually smile and they hug you more often. So the phone is, I believe not a good thing here. There’s some, there’s some assets to it, but it can also be a huge distraction. So I tell people, turn your phone off. And the way it works is turn it off and all off. So the only thing it does is it rings or it gets text messages.

So when your phone is on, it only gets calls and it only gets text messages. That’s it? That’s it? No Facebook, no little social media stuff, no little Instagram stuff. I don’t even have a lot of that stuff. So my whole point is, is like there’s no deans, deans, deans all day long. Okay. We don’t need to be not working as we’re at work. Okay. How are you going to get promoted if you’re always not working at work?

Okay. So the whole point is, is turning your phone off and turning all your notifications off. So when you do turn your phone on to check it, cause I’m going to have you check it at certain times of the day. You’re not getting rammed with all this distractions, with social media and everybody else’s burning fire that isn’t getting you to your top three personal and professional items.

Okay? Cause the goal is, is you are strategic with your life and your fitness and your health and your job so that you can go to the next level. You have to say no to certain things. So you can say yes to the much better things. Okay? So my highest desire is your greatest gain, not the comfort of this conversation and not the comfort of having your phone. That and you feel like you’re so important because people want to talk to you.

That’s them taking control of your life. So we’re not gonna do that anymore. Turn your phone off. And then when you do have your phone on, you have all notifications off, it only rings and it only gets text messages only allow this is the second rule. Only allow calls and texts to go through number the third rule, turn the phone on only at lunch.

And then only when at the end of the day to call people back, okay. People will be okay if they have to wait three to four hours to hear from you, they’re not going to die. There’s not going to be some sort of major burning fire. Okay. And most of the businesses that I work with and, and, and talked to, and, and business coaches, I’ve talked to, most things can actually last a week. And most of the time, most of the people in your company can figure it out.

But what you want to do is making sure that you’re getting your top action items personally and professionally done. So when your boss talks to you, he goes, wow, you’ve got those big ticket items, the big things that move the needle, then yes I did. Wow. You’re really in shape. Wow. You look good every day, while you’re cleaned up every day, while you go to bed at a good time, my whole thing is you have no distractions.

You’re being very intentional with your time and you’re being very successful. So turning your phone off and turn it on at lunch, and then you call people back. You could turn it on at the end of the day, like five or six, and then make those calls back to the people you need to call back. And ch no phone at all. Other times, no phone at all.

Other times. Now there is a small exception. So if you’re the guy, that’s also the secretary at your business, like you also it’s like you it’s like safe. You’re the, you do the landscaping business and you mow the yard and you answer the customer’s calls. You’re going to have to keep your phone on, but you don’t have any notifications for social media or any other type of notification. And you only answer business conversations.

And then I tell people, if you’re going to do that, you, what you want to do is also have a gatekeeper. So only your wife can feel all the other calls that nobody else is allowed to call you. But your wife’s number is the only one that went ranks through or your, or your personal assistance numbers, only one, the rest, so that everybody has to be filtered through this gatekeeper so that they can’t so random people can’t take you hostage.

So it’s either a client or it’s, it’s your gatekeeper calling you with a burning fire, or they’re the only ones that say, Hey, this is a big deal. And so you got to kind of vet your day so that you don’t have random Jack, but people calling you or saying something about their personal life and sometimes that’s family and friends. So they just take your day and it’s just gone. Okay. You have to say no to say the much better.

Yes. As to these other things. So being intentional, turning your phone off, train all notifications off, only allow calls and texts to go through, turn off the phone at lunch, try turning on your phone only at lunch. And only at the end of the day, like five or six or seven, whenever your shifts are done to call people back turn on the phone at the end of the day and call people back, no phone at all other times.

So those are the, those are the rules for turning the phone off. So so if you have a job that, okay, this is where I was saying, if you, if your job has like hot leads, you got a hot lead. That’s a business related lead, and you’re going to have to do that. But no notifications, no social media, honestly, I’m telling you it’s going to help a ton. So here you go. So the overall, what I’m talking about today is personal mastery.

My four simple steps, personal mastery, my four simple steps. Most people fail in life and fit in fitness due to lack of planning and too many distractions. So I’m going to give you these four simple steps to make sure that you’re going to be successful. So morning routine, we talked about that. You’re waking up three hours before your first appointment.

Taking a pre-workout drink. You’re reading a proverb, you’re working out for an hour. You clean up and you cleaned up to the 10, like your shade. You’re showered. You’ve put together, okay. The 30 minute block for that. And then you’re dressed to impress. You’re dressing in a suit. You’re dressing up nice. And you’ve got like five of these. So you don’t have to think about, it’s always like, it’s like the exact same thing sitting in your closet.

And that can be put on and well, less than 30 minutes, probably, maybe like five minutes. Okay. And then you got a med a time for an hour. You’re going to get your emails to zero. And if everything’s short to the point, you’re just going to be short and don’t be longwinded being kind but give candor kind. And can’t like direct. So it’s kind of, Hey, super friendly, but here’s the direct answer.

Have a great day. It makes sense, but be quick with it, get knocked through them. Okay. And then list all your tasks next item on that. And that, and that, that morning routine is going to on the meta time part. Portion of your routine is lists listing out all tasks, professionally, personally. And then only focusing on the top three and prioritizing those in the day. Schedule those. Then you’ve got the new schedule those in your day then.

So the first thing is that morning routine. And that is, I would say the most important thing. Okay. So have to do the morning routine. And then the meal prep, that’s kinda like your evening routine. And that’s the only other thing that you can, can have control of. Cause you can’t control what happens during the day, but you can control the book ends of the day, the morning routine, and then the meal prep part of your diet.

And that’s the evening routine. You make all your food the night before three meals, you pack all your shakes. And that’s two to three shakes. You pack it into a lunchbox or a six back container. You put a water bottle in it, so you can refill it at each meal. And then you have it completely ready for you in the morning. So it’s complete mind freedom.

The morning routine and the meal prep slash evening routine is always taken care of. So all your workouts are done and all your food prep is done. So food workout, cleanup, all that stuff. These two things are what everybody has to get to be good at anything and consistently good at anything. You have to have a good consistent morning routine and you have to have that meal prep a thing down and that’s that evening routine.

So the complete mind drain plan the meals the night before plan the meals the night before you will not have time. You will, we will not be capable of leaving work and doing that six times five or six times a day, these healthy high protein foods. So you’ve got to prep and plan that stuff. Then the, the third component is I talked about you just dressing the same dressing the same.

So that way it’s complete mind, freedom. There’s no stress. Now I’m finding clothes that make you feel and look the best by at least five of each where the exact same clothes every day, examples are like Steve jobs with Apple presidents, all these M a high successful people do the same type of thing.

Okay. And then turning your freaking phone off the distraction of your phone, turn off all notifications only allow calls and texts to go through, turn the phone on only at lunch at the end of the day, turn the phone on.

So only just to call people back and everything’s shortened to the point, but super friendly and kind no phone at all. Other times, no phone at all. Other times, if your job and makes you have to feel calls for business or hot leads, then you only you only take work calls. And then you also have a gatekeeper that filled all other calls and so on.

So honestly, that’s the best thing that can be. Those are my four things that I do, and it allows me to get way more stuff done. I’m always stay in shape. You know, we’ve got about a hundred employees and we’re in multiple States with several multimillion dollar companies fitness Oklahoma City gyms and these in these States. And there’s just no way that I can just not be intentional with my time. So call to action.

Start your morning routine. What do you need to do to be successful? Build that morning routine. Listen to this again, write it all down. Call to action. Start your morning routine. Number two, start your meal. Prep slash evening routine. Step three, dress the same every freaking day, but you have lots of options. You have multiples of that. Okay. Number four, turn that freaking phone off.

Turn it off. Get control of your life and all your time again. Okay. And then the five and six, I tell you, come join LA fitness. If you want a really good workout and nutrition plan, that’s complete mind, freedom with a journal that tells you exactly how to follow it. Prep, planet prep. It do it. There is a CF-30 class and a CF-30 journal. Come check that out. That’s in our free trainer section. They’ll give you all that material.

The journal is actually $10. It’s a book that I’ve written. So I’m just go through that. That will help you with all the workout and stuff. So if you don’t know what to do, how to work out or NSF, that will all be covered in that free CF-30 class. And then by the 30 journal, that will be all the food and everything stuff that you need to kind of go along with what I just talked about.

And then and then I also want to leave you with a proverb. This is a problem that applies to this podcast. Proverbs 12:1, whoever loves discipline, loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof or discipline is stupid. Okay? It sounds harsh, but here’s the deal. You have to be intentional with your time and your talents and your money. I want you to be successful in life.

I want to be you to be successful in your fitness, which you should be successful in your faith and your family and your friendships. And you have to be intentional in these things and doing these components will help you master that. So I want to see you guys in the Oklahoma City gyms soon. My highest desire is your greatest gain.

So follow pers my personal mastery, the four simple steps, these four simple morning routine meal prep dress the same. And turn that phone off. You guys have a very blessed day. We’ll talk to you next time. This is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw, this is actually just Charles. This time on the, you can do this podcast. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.