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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw on the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast. Hello, this is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast

Today. I’m going to talk about lose weight, easily lose weight easily. So did you know that 95% of diets fail that’s on health dot U S news.com. They talk about how most people, when they start a program, they fall off track and then they basically fail that’s 95%. So only 5% of people that start a diet program are successful. And today I’m going to talk about the Colaw fitness lose weight success plan.

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And let’s start off by talking about my story back in high school at my highest I weighed three Oh three and I was not in great shape. I was basically clinically obese. Was a football player. I did have a lot of strength and size on my body. You’re going to actually look at the CF-30 journal and there’s a picture of me in high school at three Oh three.

And there’s a picture of me losing 83 pounds, 90 some pounds of fat and putting on some muscle and competing in a Arlington TX gyms competition nine minutes later. But I went from three Oh three to two 20 that’s, 83 pounds in nine months, and would talk about that story. And then my battle of staying consistent with that for the next 10 years of trying to make that a routine.

Talk to you about how I can expedite that process for you, because we’ve all struggled with basically food struggles, emotional struggles that affect our diet and food addictions. And I want you to be successful and not end up through three. Like I was.

Or if you are just like not comfortable in your skin or you have some pounds, do you want to lose, I want to talk to you about what I’ve gone through and how I can hopefully help you become successful and not be stuck in that 95% of people that continue to fail on their diet plan.

So my story is in high school I was actually kind of thin in the middle school and then in high school was wanting to gain weight and get strong. And so I started eating a lot and working out and so on and I was taking all these weight gainers and I ended up getting fatter than I wanted.

And I, my med habit was didn’t seem like I was shredding fat, like it used to, but ended up weighing three Oh three in high school. I did not feel comfortable in my skin. And I did finally start feeling really insecure and it really affected how how I would connect with people and my confidence. And anyways, it just really bothered me. So I had a trainer helped me. I lost 83 pounds in the course of about nine months through basically eating a diet.

That’s reducing all the sugars and fats increasing the lean proteins and the fiber rich vegetables, my diet, and then just being consistent and never quitting. When I did mess up on the new foods, making the better choice, even though it may not be exactly what I wanted. I made better choices consistently, and I didn’t quit my workouts.

I didn’t quit my trying to make the best choice. And so all that over the course of that time ended up in new, personal mastery, new habits that I formed, and then slowly that became less and less of a struggle, but it was not quick. It was not easy. And so losing weight easily, I’m going to try to help kind of wrap words around it so that you can be more successful in following it. But I lost 83 pounds, nine months.

And then after that I did a Arlington TX gyms competition and I got second place in the Oklahoma Texas show. And this is my first body building competition really upped my confidence and made me feel whole lot better about myself. Maybe become more social. And I believe it helped me in business and every area of my life. And so I want you to be successful.

So that’s my story. Through the next 10 years, even as being a trainer and so on, I still had struggles where I would do five to six days on my diet and then one to two days off. And I used to preach that a lot. And so for me, I’d be on and try to eat really good. Then I would always be thinking about like Oreos and cookies and all these high-glycemic foods that when I do eat, my brain loves it, but my body feels miserable afterwards.

So what happens is, is when you eat healthy, your body’s blood blood sugar stays between about one 20 and 80, so 80 of the low one 20 kind of the normal high. And that actually allows your body to mobilize its own fat as an energy substrate. So basically your body will mobilize its own fat when the blood sugars were supposed to be, when did he eat refined?

Carbohydrates are super excess and calories. Blood sugar goes up. Insulin is a hormone that’s released and that causes fat to store. And also the brain releases, serotonin and dopamine. Those are pleasure hormones in the brain with high blood glucose. And so you kind of become addicted, basically just like cocaine or a drug to these high-glycemic foods. That’s what happened to me.

And I just loved eating it all the time. So I was just eating crap a lot and I quickly got to through a three and then had huge struggles, losing weight, and then even staying on it for the next 10 years. Even as a trainer, I’d be on really good and start getting in great shape and then I’d be off for one to two days and just bingeing on horrible foods. So it was a huge mental struggle and it really affected me.

So it was like not healthy for me. What I want to do is my answer is for what happened to me and when me training clients, I encourage clients to not do like so many days on and then binge or have a whole off day or a whole off weekend because for somebody like me, who I actually have like, like a mental food addiction, it really throws me off and it’s hard to get back on track. So I don’t encourage my clients, especially if they’re like mentally struggle and have emotional struggles and food addictions to just blow it.

What I like to tell him to do is he better options. So change to just eating more quantity of clean foods all the time or best choice foods when you’re in a predicament that you can’t do well, but eat until you’re full and satisfied, don’t feel miserable.

You have to quench that craving. So maybe you’re not dieting, or you’re not really restricting, but you did eat a lot more of the clean stuff. For example, like I’ll eat clean, I’ll keep my calories in moderation. I did all my workouts and like three or four or five days, and I kind of maybe start struggling a little bit and then I kind of have some cravings. So I quickly changed it. I’ll go make a big giant whey protein smoothie.

And I’ll put like one tablespoon of all natural creamy peanut butter in it blended up. It’s like a big, giant peanut butter smoothie. And I put like four scoops in it. So it’s a massive shake with one tablespoon of peanut butter and like the Pepto Bismal commercial, it rolls in my stomach. It’s thicker. It’s heavier like that. Pepto-Bismol the pressure sensors and density receptors in my stomach.

It clings to, and then actually feel very satisfied. I didn’t go eat a bunch of ice cream at a neat Oreos and then waiting about 10 to 20 minutes afterwards. And during that time drinking like a bottle of water two, you actually don’t have the craving anymore and you can turn away certain items. So that’s a better option. So like a, like a, a diamond ties, chocolate whey isolate with one massive tablespoon of peanut butter.

And four scoops with a bunch of eyes drink that then drink a big bottle of water. I’m telling you, I am so full. I’m done now. I didn’t eat crap. All of that stuff is very low-glycemic. It brings my blood glucose high enough, but doesn’t make me retain a lot of fat. And I get right back on my program the next day and I don’t blow it. And it also doesn’t make my mental struggle near as bad.

So those lower glycemic the choices for like a sweet craving totally would do better for me. So I would do the principle of replacement instead of eating bad. I ate more of something good. So like, man, I just ate and I’m super, super, super hungry and super crazy. I go make like a peanut butter smoothie. And I add extra protein in it and that kills it. And then I wake up the next morning, relatively unchanged.

Sso the backup, a couple of pounds and holding more water weight, my blood glucose is high. My glycogen stores are filled I’m puffy. Again, it takes three to five days to get back to where I was. So all this to say, you’ve got to be consistent. So change from like caloric restricting to just clean eating all the time. And when you do have a craving add more lean quality proteins to another option, I will go out and say, I’m really eating clean.

And like, when I say restricted, just moderate, I’m just keeping like eight to 10 ounces of lean meat in every meal. One to two cups of veggies and I’m really leaning out on shredding really fast and feeling lean and fit. And then I kind of get to a certain point where I really kind of have a mental struggle or maybe on my life stress a little bit higher while say, you know what? I got to have a break.

I’ll go out and have a big, huge steak cut off all the fat off like a 32 ounce steak, like a two pound steak trim off all the fat, just eat like two containers or broccoli. And they’ll have like a diet soda. I’m not telling you to drink Coke. Or I’m just telling you that the basically diet soda has no caloric value.

It will not raise blood, raise blood glucose, I’ve bodybuilding for seven years and never used soda. And then also jumped into where my trainer let me use soda and it did not affect my conditioning whatsoever. So, so he wants to argue with me. They can, but the bottom line, it really truly, doesn’t not like the regular soda, so I’m not saying it’s healthy, but I’m saying it doesn’t make you fat.

So that’s my takeaway on that. I also have some trainers that work with mr. Olympia competitors and figure Arlington TX gyms competitors. And you can use that type of stuff like with, with the non sugar sweeteners. And that, and you know, I’m not saying it’s healthy. I’m just saying you can do that and not gain weight and kind of kill a craving. So for me, it works, I eat a whole large steak.

I turned off all the fat. I have several large diet Cokes or Coke zeros with zero sugar, zero calories kills the craving. Go home. I feel great. I sleep hard and I’m back on track. I’m not up in weight, actually. It’s a lot of times I actually look leaner and more defined just like you do, and you kind of fill out, but right before a bodybuilding show, it’s like a little bit of the electronic acid. And then the fats and the steak actually make my muscles really pop the next day.

So sometimes actually get better workouts, actually look better from kind of a refeed. It’s just more of a high protein refeed. And then I use like a diet soda for the sweet craving. So those are things that were better. Changing to just a best choice instead of a blow at choice, turn it from a best choice and then a blow at choice.

So you’ve got to adopt, this is the biggest takeaway by 95% Dyersville you have to adopt it never quit mindset, and it becomes easy. I’m telling you it comes so easy. If you just say, I’m just going to eat as much as I want of clean all the time. When I bought he needs, I’m going to give it. And when I want to crave it, I’m going to have a big fat steak, or I’m going to have a big giant pork chop or two pork chops or four chicken breasts.

And then I’m going to go winter, but I promise you you’re not going to get fat. Oh, I ate that extra chicken breast last night, I gained so much weight. It has never happened. I promise you, you will not get fat or obese by just eating a little bit more of lean protein. So the way it works in the body, it can occur.

And I can explain that in another podcast, but that is the better choice instead of the blow at choice I have to have that never quit mindset. Once you get this never quit mindset, and you’ve done it for a few weeks, even, even just four to six weeks, you’ve kind of created a new habit and there’s a book called the habit loop. And when you create new habits for 30 or more days on a consistent basis, you change the neuro pathways of what you do in your life and the cravings and those neural pathways for cravings change.

But you’ve got to be consistent for something for more than 30 days, which brings me into my action steps. And the action steps are Colaw Fitness has what they call it. The CF-30. This is a program and a book that I have written with motivation, and it has an idiot proof template to follow.

It’s called the [inaudible] fitness 30 day journal. It tells you exactly what to eat, what time to eat, how much water to drink and what workouts to do. If you’re a complete beginner and never done it, you can follow this and lose 10 to 30 pounds guaranteed. In the first 30 days, if you follow it to the T, it will make big changes. I have tons of testimonials, hundreds, if not thousands of people on YouTube.

If you type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube, you can read them, watch them. A lot of people have done this. I’ve trained over 5,000 clients in my life and had built this business in multiple States and tens of thousands of members. And and so on that go to these Arlington TX gyms and, and have lost weight. So my whole point on all this, my highest desires, your greatest gain to succeed.
So my action step is basically go to Colaw fitness, join. It’s only $1 down, and then it’s $5 to starting the next month.

So it’s as low as $5 a month. So $1 down to get started and it’s $5 a month. You get free unlimited guest privileges. Your friend can come with you. You can use everything in the Arlington TX gyms. There’s no upsells. Like you can buy a purple red membership and you get a better benefit or whatever you can come in. You can use fitness, tanning, massage, free trainer instruction. Free nutrition instruction.

You can go to the free [inaudible] classes. You can have a trainer show you exactly what to do for the first 30 days and be successful. Now I do sell a book. Okay. I do sell a book. It’s called the [inaudible] journal. [inaudible] Fitness 30 day journal. It’s an idiot proof, simple to follow, pick it up.

There’s pictures of me before and after my wife’s before and after, and lots of clients before and afters in there showing you social proof of success. But if you follow that for 30 days, it’s $10 to get the journal. And it’s free for the trainer to show you around and tell you how to do all that, but get the CF-30 book and follow the journal for 30 days. And it gives you complete mind, clarity on what to do day by day.

There’s a scorecard. You can actually fill out the food. It tells you what to do and how to fill it out, fill out the workouts, what to do and how to fill it out. You can scorecard yourself. There’s motivational quotes, all kinds of stuff through it to keep you on track. And I promise you just do it, just do it. I promise you.

I’ve never anybody ever say they regretted it. I had tons of people say, that’s what helped them have a breakthrough to lose weight easily. And that’s what today’s podcast is about how to lose weight easily. And the takeaways you got to join Colaw fitness is $1. You also have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you use it for a month, you do the training for a month. I’ll let you get your money back.

Now, the book is 10 bucks. You don’t get the money back on the book because you filled it out and filled out the journal, but you can be super successful. So join Colaw Fitness, $1 down train for that month, get the workout, get the journal. It’s 10 bucks. And and basically when you do that, you gotta have this don’t quit mindset. And just do that for 30 days.

After 30 days, it becomes easy. So that’s where the easy part comes in. When you’ve created those new habit loops and those new neural pathways are formed and you’ve created a routine. And that is where mind freedom comes. So you’ve got the simple to follow journal. You’ve done it for 30 days. You’ve created a new habit loop and you will be successful, but most of all, don’t quit. Don’t quit those first three days.

Follow it to a T no more, no less exactly what it says. And you will be extremely successful. Food will still be there. You will not die. Your life will still be fine, but follow it for 30 days, you will not have cravings. It’s just a lot of clean eating and there’s a lot of quality working out. You do that 30 days, you will be successful. So please don’t believe me.

Go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube typing Colaw Fitness reviews on YouTube. Watch the videos, see the social proof, get pumped up about it. Go sign up for $1 workout and continue it for as low as $5 a month. And you can bring a friend and you can be a success story. I highly encourage you to be a success story. I love to hear from you. So this is Charles Colaw talking about losing weight easily on the, you can do this podcast. Have a very blessed day. I’ll talk to you guys next week. Bye bye.