Episode 57 - SHRED FAT!

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast.

Hello, this is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. And today we’re going to talk about shredding fat. Basically the problem is, is it’s tough to shred fat off the body quickly and safely while keeping or building muscle. A lot of people want to be a leaner, more fit, toned version of yourself.

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Most time with clients will come in and talk to me. They say, Hey, I want to do this, this, this, and all these details to the bottom line. It comes down to, they want to have less fat on their body and they want to have a more toned and defined physique, or they want to be more comfortable in their skin and they want to look better in their clothes or whatever.

So today I’m going to tell you how to shred fat with the busy lifestyle. Cause most of us are all busy and we all have basically families and we have punch lists and checklists, and we don’t live in a best gym in Arlington TX.

And we don’t have just the best food around us all the time. So number one, what is shredding fat? Shredding fat is losing fat while keeping or building muscle. And that way you can look the best you, and most of the time people want to do that. They have different fitness trends, the different takes to that. And today I’m going to talk to you about a direct pathway to get there quickly. And so rule number one is we don’t want to shred fat too fast.

Why? Well, shredding, fat too fast. One, you get hungry and getting hungry gets you emotional, and then you don’t want to fall plan too long. So just reducing lots of calories and overexercising generally leads to failure and a diet or a program. First off we don’t want to shred fat too fast and we don’t want to get too hungry and we don’t want to basically quit our program.

So and that, that causes us to lose muscle. And so we don’t want to do that either. So number one, don’t strip fat too fast. Number two is we want to plan for success and to do that, to for planning for success you have to make sure that you plan your meals the night before apex 24 hour fitness and ASM Cooper Institute.

I’ve got multiple certifications all around the country for as and fitness training and dietary programs and being certified in different things for fitness and winning top honors and fitness competitions and bodybuilding competitions. You want to make sure that you have a plan for success. And by doing that, you need a meal. You, you need to plan your meals the night before. Plan. When I plan my meals the night before, especially when I’m really getting serious about wanting to lose weight or get shredded and get cut and keep the muscle.

I need to be very strategic on what I eat and what times I eat and planning those meals before the day starts. When you wake up in the morning, a lot of you are already on a time crunch to get everything in before you get to your first appointment and then start going through your day and most of the time. But then the night before you can’t help get held hostage by some sort of scheduled events because your day is done.

And so make those make the food the night before we’re planning the meals the night before play in the middle of the night before planning the bills that I had before, put them in some sort of Tupperware container or some sort of plastic ware container, and then put that into like a bag or some sort of container to go.

They have these different six packs or, or they have different types of containers, you know, pet bags, lunch bags, and they like that. You can take, they can keep things cool. I highly encourage you to plan your meals the night before prep your meals the night before, and then plan your workouts the night before and plan your day and your cardio. The night before failing to plan is planning to fail. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

So you wanna make sure you have a game plan before you go to bed. So if you take about 20 minutes to make your meals and then pack your meals and put all that stuff into a fridge, put your bottled water and a protein shake or two all in a container you’re ready to go for the day. And you can have very minimal amount of a doubt.

I mean, basically a minimal amount of cost, as well as a lot of times when you’re on the go, you eat food on the, on the run and it costs you more money to so making your food yourself, planning your meals before is going to save you time and money and you’ll be more successful. So the next component is going to be what to eat, what to eat, to get shredded.

So if you want to get shredded, I have worked with tons of different clients for as in losing weight and getting in shape the most effective ways, whether it’s South beach, paleo makers hot bodybuilding diets, all the sort towards a point system diets, calorie, counting diets, lean quality proteins like meat, lean meat, like chicken fish that are low in calories high in protein.

Protein is a very thermogenic, basically increases your metabolism and has amino acids, which help build and maintain muscle and veggie combos like vegetable combos.

Those are low in calories, high in protein, and will help your body build muscle and low enough and carbs and sugars and fats that your body will use its own fat. Basically the energy you, since you’re not eating fat and eating carbs for energy, your body will use your own fat as an energy substrate. Basically you’ll you’ll force your body into fat metabolization while in a pro protein supply with working out will basically focus your body on using its own fat as energy.

Give enough protein with the working out, to build a leaner, more muscular physiques. You’re losing fat off the body’s coming off and the same time the muscles being built. So the two components in every one of those diets is lean meats and veggie combos.

So the more I can take a client and say, aren’t you like chicken and green beans or chicken and broccoli, or like a lean steak or lean meat of some sort, even port shops and fish or tilapia or some sort of lean meat and vegetable compo.

When you plan and prep those and eat those all these top competitors, fitness people, they get in the most lean condition with those types of combos. Even when you look at different diet books, the most successful diet books, talk about that point system calorie counting it’s the lean meat, veggie combos are a whole light and low calorie higher in protein. And then the veggies are super high in fiber.

So I tell people I’ve studied them, all, looked at them, all used all of them to help clients lose weight. What’s you’re doing is lean meat and veggie combos to get a shredded low fat muscle tone physique. Okay, so let me repeat that. What to eat. I want you to focus on lean meat and veggie combos. That’s what pretty much all those types of diets push the main two components out of those diets are those lean meat and veggie combos to get shredded okay.

On the go, what to eat protein shakes in water, whey protein, whey concentrate. They’re low in sugar, low in fat, low in carbohydrate, low in any of the energy, but high in the protein element, which helps basically build the muscle and not enough calories in energy, rich calories, which come from fat and carbohydrates. So protein shakes and water. I’m mixed up a couple of scoops and water at ice. That’s a quick meal replacement on the go for you.

It’s very low in carb high in protein. Your body’s going to mobilize its own fat as energy during those next few hours until your next meal time. That’s what I encourage clients to eat. So sit down meals, lean meat, veggie combos, protein shakes, and water on the go. So for example, and I consider like eggs, and lean meat, lean protein option. And I just throw half the yolks out.
So like for me, I’ll eat like 12 eggs and have just six yolks and then you can throw in some veggies as well in that and make like an omelet.

So I can have it like a 12, 12 egg omelet, but only six yolks in it. And that’s a great breakfast for me. And then, or you could even preplan those and eat those throughout the day as well. So but chicken and green beans, chicken and broccoli some sort of tilapia filets and then some veggies or steak, like even lean steak, even pork chops. Any of those types of meat combos with veggies and you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re, it’s a big win I’m on the fast food go.

You can also choose chicken sandwiches and so on. Just throw off the buns and just eat the meat and veggies.
So getting the grilled chicken options on the, to go or you can even do every now and then hamburger patties and just throw the butt off, just eat the meat and lettuce and things like that. Like a, like a burger wrap kind of thing without the bun.

So those are the things you want to be eating, lean meat and veggie combos, and then whey protein shakes and water. And that’s for the food items that you want to be eating. Also encourage everybody to get a 16 ounce bottle of water and just keep refilling it. I want you to drink one to two in every three hour period. Why water is your number one, antioxidant detoxifier, and also helps flush your body far as anything started you, you, you, it helps regulate metabolism when you dedicate your urinate helps your fecal matter process.

Water hydrates, the body, 80% of muscle mass is water. 67% of your total body. Mass is water. When you’re sick doctors say increase your fluids, which is the best thing as what water. So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and wants you to drink a 16 ounce bottle of water with every meal. And then hopefully another 16 before your next meal that you can kind of sit on. So I’m always drinking water, eating a high protein veggie combo mix, and that’s the big win there.

And then also encourage everybody to get a good multivitamin multimineral supplement since we’re not eating all these different food groups all the time. It’s really good to top off your tank with a good multivitamin multimineral supplement. And yeah, that’s a really good basic start. Lean meat, veggie combos, protein shakes, and water, 60 ounce bottle of water and keep refilling it all throughout the day.

Try to get anywhere from 10 to like 16 of those throughout the day. It’s a lot it’ll also help you mobilize fat helps with fat mobilization also helps with sodium retention or water weight on the body. The more you drink, the less you retain and the less bloated you are over time and then running your multivitamin mineral supplement. So that’s what to eat. Why apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute I’m certified in dietary guidance and nutrition.

They all talk about the importance of food. And they’ll say anywhere from 70 to 80% of your success is your nutritional regimen. So meat, veggie, combos, protein shakes, and water, and then drink 16 ounces to 32 ounces within every three hours throughout the day, and then take your multivitamin multimineral supplement. If you do that, rock it out that 70 to 80% of it you’re checked off.

I promise you, you will not be hungry. You will not starve on the amounts on that. I tell everybody four hours a minimum, if you’re a girl, and if you’re a guy you can do eight to 10 ounces of lean meat, that’s cooked weight with all these meals. And if you go to that, it’s the same equivalent in eggs, like four eggs, if you’re a girl. And then if you’re a guy eight to 10 is fine as well, just depends.

Eat, just keep satiated, not stuff that satiated satisfied, JC satiated, a satisfied you want to not be hungry that keeps you on a program. If you’re eating that way, you will be successful. You will mobilize a lot of fat on your body and you’ll get in great shape. So next component is number five. The workout component. What I encourage everybody to do is some somewhat of the three day or four day split.

You can do a push pull legs, or I like the four day splits. That’s like a chest tricep day. So it’s pushing with your chest and your triceps and back days just basically pulling and your bicep day and then a trapped day, which is the kind of the shoulder complex day, and then a quads hams and calves day. So chest and Tris is one day back in biceps is the next day shoulder and traps the next day, quads, hands and calves.

And then abs I’m doing an AB workout or two like a leg raise some sort of AB crunch. One of those every day keeps your core nice and tight, and it will keep your abs really tight and you’ll fill that. And your, your flank will feel lean and tight as well. And then I also encourage everybody to cardio every day, how much cardio 45 minutes or 500 calories and holding that at 120 beats a minute.

So that’s why I encourage everybody on the best gym in Arlington TX workout for three. A day or four day split abs every day, and then cardio for 500 calories. Basically it’s about 45 minutes on like a treadmill bike or elliptical holding that at that 120 beats per minute. When you put it on that when you, when you grabbed the heart rate monitor. If you do that, you will rock out about 500 calories and you’ll be on a great pathway for mobilizing fat off your body. And your blood glucose levels on that diet will be perfect with that heart rate and you will get shredded.

So shredded cardio is number six. So I’m talking about number six, shredded cardio. What is shredded cardio shredded cardio is with this is as a diet. That’s a really ketogenic diet. It’s going to help your body stay in a state of ketosis where your body uses its own fat as energy and mobilizes fat because your blood glucose is between 80 and one 20.

Everybody freely gives up its own fat as energy, and you need to do cardio for 500 calories. Just like get on the treadmill, start walking, just start to see the calorie count. Then what you want to do is hold those handrails and make sure your heart rate is at about 120 beats a minute. Hold that for 500 calories, which will take you about 45 minutes for most individuals, sometimes less, sometimes more.

Depending on your size and how intent. Like basically how your body just your, your, your, how that, how the machine and all the stats you put in it. But it should take about 45 minutes and you will lean out pretty quickly. So recap real quick problem. We want to talk about shredding fat it’s stuff does get shredded get fat off the body. Doing it quickly and safely, especially with a busy lifestyle.

What is shredding fat? Shredding fat is basically losing fat and maintaining muscle. The plan for success is you need to plan your meals the night before, pack your meals the night before. Plan your workout the night before, plan your car to the night before. So what are you going to plan the night before for success? How do you plan for success? Plan your meals, pack your meals, plan, your  best gym in Arlington TX workout, plan, your cardio.

You do all of that the night before, and then you execute on it that next morning. So when you wake up in the morning, you just go to the fridge, you grab your pack, you’re ready to go. And then you just make sure you get to the best gym in Arlington TX on that set time. You said, and you do work workout first, the weights first, and then the cardio after cardio, never before the weights.

If you want to do a little card, you can do about five to 10 minutes as a warmup. Then you want to really do your cardio at the end. You don’t want to lose your energy for your heavy contractile weight section portion of it. So calls to action. How do you be successful? What you want to do is eat meat, veggie combos, freeing protein, shakes, and water. Lift your three to four day split.

Then make sure you get your cardio for 120 beats per minute or 500 calories. If all of this is a little bit much, what I want you guys to do is we have a program that kind of makes this even simpler. It’s like a complete idiot proof template to follow. What I want you to do is follow the CF-30 CF-30 is Colaw Fitness, 30 day diet and best gym in Arlington TX workout program.

We give that away for free in our free trainer program. And you’ll can have a trainer who actually walk you through the workouts. Teach you the diet program, and then you can follow it. You can also pick up a journal. This is a log. So you can day by day log it. And it has, has all the information, how to start it, how to shop for it. How to get ready for it, how to plan it and how to execute on it for 30 days.

There’s a journal that is a book that we’ve written and it provides motivation within it. It’s a book that I have, it’s separate for $10 at the front desk at Kohler fitness. That’s the C F 30 journal. And all of that is in a mind frame template at the front desk. Follow the food plan. Exactly like it States start exercising, read our daily words of encouragement throughout the book.

And you will be a member when, just like one of the clients here. Next step is going to be we have a member win and she has lost. Shelby is her name. Shelby has lost 50 pounds. She has lost 50 pounds. She loves her atmosphere. Loves the free tanning and the free massage. She loves it. There’s no upsells. Get all of that at co-op fitness for as low as $5 a month. So Shelby is our member win this week.

And also we have a notable quotable and the notable quotable comes from Proverbs, Proverbs 12:1 , whoever loves discipline, loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid. So you got to love discipline, and you will get yourself to the next level. And we, you will also be a wind of the week. So this is basically the, the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw.

She’s not here today, but we want to talk about shredding fat. And this is your success for shredding fat. So read over this again, look over this again. Or you can read it at the bottom of the, of the podcast as well. Get the information, execute on it, go get the 30 plan.

Start following the CF-30 plan. And you will be successful. You will be a win of the week and you will lose 50 pounds just like Shelby did. So have a blessed week as is Charles Colaw. And then you can do this podcast. Have a great week. Bye bye.