Episode 59 - Lose weight and keep it off

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast. Hello, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about losing weight and keeping it off.

One thing is, is not all diets are the same and not everybody responds to every day at the same. So it’s hard to like, definitely know which diet is best for you to lose weight and get in shape. But I have worked with water clients far as in toning up the body, losing weight, toning up and building muscle.

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cheapest gym in OKC

And the diet programs are generally generally fail because you get bored or you really crave something. So I’m going to talk to you about a few components to help you keep it off and stay in shape and to stay motivated. So without further ado the first component I talk about today is not all diets or one size fits all my take on that is basically, there are certain diets that cut calories.

They tell you to reduce these calories and give you all these little formulas to follow. There’s another one that are portion control. They tell you to cut portions and, and point systems and things like that. So it’s like calorie counting and portion control and cutting portions down and, and so on. And so it’s just reducing the intake. And generally what happens is it does work.

Then what happens is, is your body then kind of gets hungry again and has a refeed response because it is hungry and you’re not satiated and satisfied. And then you had other diets that are talking about like cutting carbs.

And this is where you cut the carbohydrates. Then your body’s insulin is reduced. Insulin is the fat storage hormone. When insulin is present your body, doesn’t metabolize its own fat in the bloodstream. So we cut the carbs.

We reduced the insulin in the body, your body. Then it allows your body’s its own fat or to mobilize its own fat reserves as an energy substrate. And so cutting carbs is really popular. And that also has substrate offs and drawbacks to where people basically crave carbs. Or they don’t get all the carbs out, but they just leave a little bit in and they don’t really hit a hard ketosis and they don’t eat enough fats with that diet to keep them satiated people just miss carbs.

And so people kind of get bored with that too. One thing is, is I also want to talk about how weight loss, isn’t always linear. It’s not always just dropping all the time, so you’ll lose weight and sometimes you gain a pound or two back.

Sometimes you kind of have a, a point where you kind of refeed for a day because your, your body’s just super, super hungry, or you have hormones or menstrual cycle, or you have Water weight or one meal that’s larger and your body holds a little bit of water weight.

So you kinda like drop two or three pounds. You can go up a pound, you can drop five or six pounds. You can go two or three pounds. So it’s not always just straight down. So reminding you guys to not lose hope, when you lose some weight, you go up a pound or two, but to get back on track, follow the really good principles of reduction of total portions and also eating lower.

Glycaemic basically cutting carbohydrates out of your diet. Your body will continue to mobilize its own fat and drop weight. I’m going to talk more about that here in a minute, but a calorie, isn’t just a calories. I want to remind you guys I’m through going through all of this, not all calories are created the same. So if you eat like refined, like, like sugar carbs sugars, absorbs and stores starting to happen, basically drink a Coke.

The Coke goes into your stomach. Your body permeates that, that, that fluid in the sugars in the Coke will permeate through the of the intestinal wall and absorb it to the body. Even then the Buechel membranes in the mouth. Like you can actually increase your blood glucose is absorbing through your, your basically your Buechele membranes in your mouth and under your tongue. So sugar absorbs without chewing swallowing digestion.

It permeate through the tissues of your body very quickly. So in five minutes, 15 minutes, your body’s already blood sugars rising rapidly in, in reverse of that. So via a hundred calories of like sugar or a Coke, or eat a hundred calories of like broccoli, where you have to physically chew it, swallow it, digest it. Semak acids have to break it down. It’s got a cellulose cellulose based, a fibrous husk to it.

Your body breaks it down over six to 16 hours. A lot of it’s fibrous and you don’t digest all of it at all. So calories are spread out over a long period of time in reverse of sugars that absorb and store almost effortlessly permeating through the Google membranes in your mouth, permeating through the stomach and the intestinal track very rapidly. So that sugar that’s basically diluted into the liquid is so easy to absorb or the high fructose corn syrup.

It might you say instead of sugar and like Cokes and sodas and so on. So effortlessly, these calories absorbed quickly. The insulin response quickly, the fat Sorge occurs where chewing swallowing, digesting stomach acids, breaking it down, pushing the broccoli through the intestinal track, all that kind of stuff slowly absorbs those nutrients.

It takes effort of the chewing, the swelling, the ridiculous, the, the, the muscles in your, in your intestinal track in the stomach muscles have to breathe, push, and work and break it down.

So it takes effort. So those a hundred calories are spaced out with the broccoli. It also takes more energy for your body to actually push it and break it down. So calories aren’t just calories. You have to physically chew it, swallow it, digest it, and it takes a lengthy time to absorb it where effortlessly like sugar based foods absorbed in the store, very rapidly causing a heart insulin spike, and also causing the extra blood sugar, extra blood glucose.

The insulin will then take that and store that into fat. So calories are not just calories trying to teach you that. How do you understand that? And the foods that I tell people why and my clients to eat are watching some portions and then also making them lower glycemic, paleo based diets, maker based diet, South beach diets, bodybuilding diets.

A lot of these lower carb, higher protein diets are fundamentally are doing a lot of the similar principles of lower glycemic index foods that digest slower and absorb slower, keeping your body in that state of where it will use its own fat as an energy substrate.

So calorie, portions, and so on reduction is good. Also, Laura glycaemic is good. So I talk about all of these principles are very valuable. Can I do all of them together? So I’ll just pick one, like one person who’s like, I’ll say, well, I tried the little card thing. It didn’t work for me. I tried the portion control thing. I just got too hungry. Didn’t have enough calories, or I just blew it. Or I got too bored on that highly restrictive plan.

So it kind of take all of them in together and say, lower card, lower glycaemic portion control. When I do get hungry, I will just eat more of the better options. And when you do that type of overall better planning, better choices in the long run of a lifestyle change, you’re going to really be successful in the long term.

Like I said, it’s not always linear, linear going down, down, down, losing weight, you will lose weight, kind of get hungry, eat a little bit more, but it’s only the quality stuff you may go to powder too.

A lot of girls have hormones change and menstrual cycles and their weight will adjust a little bit. Don’t lose hope, keep it going, keep staying on it. So the big thing is, is that will really screw you up. If you just go back to eating all these refined carbohydrates and you eat massive blow at meals more than twice a week, you’re really going to start gaining weight again.

So you just have to keep the faith, keep eating quality options, a portion control options. A lot of I seem to got options. It’s like making the next best decision. Just make the next best decision. Either lower glycaemic meat, vegetable, sit down meal, to go to a restaurant and go anywhere.

Just eat the meat and veggie options. If you do have to eat carbs, eat smaller portions of it. When you do that kind of thing on a regular basis, the blood glucose is always staying low.

Insulin is always pretty low there. You’re eating enough volume that the pressure receptors and density your receptors in your stomach keep you satiated satisfied, and you will be successful far as in losing weight, I’ve worked with thousands of clients. It’s just, everybody will try to pick one thing and say it didn’t work for them, or they get bored.

And they just binge and eat a bunch of bad stuff on the weekend, or they plan a weekend to go nuts. It takes, it actually takes a consistency and a consistent discipline of some portion control. She eats you’re satiated, but not stuffed. You’re satisfied with kind of stuff. And also choosing options that are healthier options that are lower.

Glycaemic less of the refined based carbohydrates, less of the high sugar content foods. And when you do eat the carbohydrates, you limit it somewhat because you’re trying to help your body not use as much carbs as energy, but to mobilize its own fat, that’s the mobilizing your own stored body fat as an energy substrate.

So that’s kind of my take on this. Not one size doesn’t fit all calorie, a Virgin dietary or diet plans, not one diet fits all. But I do say take a lot of these components version, lowering the carbs or taking out the carbs and portion control. So lowering carbs and portion control is a huge wins on that. When you are hungry, just eat more of the STEM stock, leaf vegetables and Elaine meat proteins.

Those are the ones that they’re most forgiving. You’ll never have somebody say I got so fat off like a broccoli cauliflower, green beans, all the high fiber based cellulose based fiber, rich vegetables, and also like lean meat, like chicken and fish and things like that. You’ll never going to say to somebody say I gain 20 pounds off eating two extra chicken breasts last night just never occur. So those are very, very forgiving foods.

You can just eat more of those when you are hungry or you are bored or whatever, and you will be successful for us and lose weight. If you wake up a pound heavier, at least it’s not four pounds. Cause you’ve been sent a bunch of junk that actually increased blood glucose really filled your glycogen stores, pulled you out of fat metabolization for four or five days.

So making sure that you make those better options. And when you have to just eat more, you can’t like discipline yourself forever. So you do have to eat the next best decision. And that’s a STEM stock leaf vegetable, lean protein, fill yourself up, feel better, get your brain a break, get your emotions, a break and stay on your plan.

So the next thing I’m really deep diving into cutting carbs. My take is it’s very, very effective. You basically reducing the insulin in the blood insulin is then allow your body to go into more of a ketogenic state.

This is ketosis or the term ketones is where your body is now using its own fat to beat metabolized or fats in your diet to be metabolized. That’s really good on your circulatory health. It actually is a wonderful health push to, to, to, to I’ve done a lower glycemic diet for a long time.

I’ve used it with a lot of my clients doesn’t mean no carbs. Heavy Kito diets are no carbs, but I do tell people you can’t have 20 or 30 cars before workout a piece of fruit or two. And you do that kind of stuff consistently with portion control, you can have higher blood glucose for your workouts.

You can have more energy at certain times, but anytime you do that, you aren’t metabolizing fat because your body’s going to switch back to carbohydrate metabolism, then key ketosis or a ketogenic metabolism of your own fat as energy.

And sometimes that’s a break that you need. So lower carb, high, higher protein all the time. And then just a little bit of a carb load for certain events, or maybe even just throughout the day, maybe smaller car portions in those meals, one through four, and then the five and six meals.

You really go back to vegetable carbs, but the big portion of being successful is making your next best decision. That’s the cutting the carbs. My take is a great thing. I have a CF 30 plan and that’s a heavy cut the car plan for 30 days.

You will shred fat fast and get in great shape. A lot of people struggle with it longterm because they’d never done that before. And they do create problems when you do just add in a little bit of carbs before and after your workout to the first two or three meals of the day.

And you will still be able to be successful. You will not have as many cravings, but when the first 30 days I have really encouraged people to hit that hard ketosis, cut the fat drop that fat that’s the CFD co-op fitness 30 day plan. It’s a heavy high protein, lower carb approach. Really kick-starts the fat metallization on a program has a lot of good cardio and some moderate waste.

You’re going to be a smaller, more toned version of yourself. If you’re a guy wanting to put on more muscle, just really pound that protein within still follow the same plan, and you’re gonna actually cut and build muscle. At the same time, you just add the portions of protein up. You will not get fat off of it. So lean meats chicken fish, steak pork chops eggs, things like that.

Add more portions to that, to that CF-30 plan. We’ve got those for free at Colaw Fitness. We also have a journal for 10 bucks. It’s like a like a guide for 30 days has all your workouts. Has your diet has everything in it for mind? Freedom, just follow that plan.

You have the scorecard every day. If any questions you can also email me and that CF-30 book it’s called, CF-30 called the CF-30 journal. It’s actually a book that I’ve written, picked it up to 10 bucks and I can walk you through. So you, everything you do is complete mind.

Freedom tells you exactly what to do, what to shop for, how to get ready for it, how to follow the plan every day on a day by day basis. All of the mind frame things that you need to do to be successful on a workout diet plan.

So pick that up. Another thing here is a next component is a lot of diets. Talk about fat, cutting fat, cutting fat fat out that I I don’t like that those types of diets as much. Now they do reduce calories. That’s my take is they reduce calories, which is somewhat good.

But really cutting fat fat is something that’s been around on man on earth forever, you know, and, and all of this modern day obesity far as it’s all revolves around the refinement of the carbohydrate.

So now I’m not saying eat hydrogenated oils and all this stuff like that, but the combination of fat and carbs is really what causes, I believe a lot of the major heart health effects. A lot of the hydrogenated oils led blood glucose in the same time that you have these Heather heavy saturated fats going through the circulatory system, it’s sticky, it’s tacky.

It starts to build up plaque around arteries and veins. So fats outside of eating, like basically, yes, you still need to watch some fats, but the main fats that I really look at as these man made fats and a lot of the, the, the saturated fats so anyways, my whole take on fats is people are mainly cutting fats out just to reduce the calorie count, which is good to do.

And certain people don’t follow diets really regularly. And so they don’t, the blood glucose stays elevated the elevated blood glucose with elevated fats in the blood. Isn’t a very good recipe for that to continue to, to not stick.

So I just don’t want that elevated blood sugar and elevated fats in the blood at the same time that eventually can cause what I would believe to my take that high sugar, high, fat content, high saturated fat content, and the bloodstream can cause the, that cholesterol will then start to stick to the arteries walls.

And so on. Now, if it’s a low blood sugar and you’re eating fats and so on, your body’s actually utilizing fat in the blood and throughout your body, even as you’re eating it. So even if your fats are a little higher cholesterol may be higher, your body’s actually metabolizing a lot of that fat.

So it’s not sticking to the arteries veins and so on. That’s my take on it. So I don’t believe that’s terrible, but I do feel like if high fats and the combination of high high blood sugar is a really big, no, no far as heart health.

And then far as in weight loss, anytime you’re eating fat or anytime you’re eating carbs, you’re not burning fat off of your body. So the more that you take in the more that you’re not going to burn off of your body. So anyways so while these ketogenic plans and paleo based plans, they’re slower and refined these carbohydrates, your body is still, still metabolizing some fats in it.

Even they do allow fats in the diet. So they’re still are okay to do, but anytime you get carbs and fats in your food, your body’s going to take preference to using the energy that you just ate, bars and carbs and fats over the stored fat.

That’s the ooey gooey fat on your hips, butt thighs, things like that. So so the next thing I’m going to talk about is emotional eating. A lot of people eat based on stress. They’re low energy. They’re lonely. Or bored. My take on it is you gotta stay busy.

You gotta be intentional, intentional with your diet plan. Can like get a template like a ha I give those for free it’s [inaudible] plan. You have a diet it’s always going to keep you full. It’ll always keep you satisfied. And the next thing you just got to stay busy.

So don’t sit around looking at food out of sight. Out of mind, I’m thinking about a kid. This is what I talked about. The principle of distraction. I’ve got three kids. If you talk about don’t do this, don’t do this, don’t do this. They think about the, whatever this is. And so you want to say, Hey buddy, Hey buddy, come over here and look at this next thing, you know, they’re distracted from that original thing.

And they’re focused on this new thing. So you’ve got to kind of distract yourself from food or from the craving and stuff. So I it’s like it’s the principle of distraction, distract yourself from the food. Take the food out of sight, out of mind at your house.

So anything in your house that’s keeping you, derailing you from your diet, get rid of it also when you’re out and about and so on with friends sorry, if you’re at home, sit around, like you’re just sitting around, you’re going to be thinking about eating something.

So is you’re starting to do that. You struggle with that type of mindset. Call a friend, go out, go for a walk, go do something active or go to the cheapest gym in OKC. One of the things I used to do when I bodybuilder workout, and then I go home and I kind of have a craving.

I go back up to the cheapest gym in OKC and do some abs and do some calves. And do some extra exercises, drink some water and go back home. Eat another meat, vegetable combo meal and go to bed. So I just distracted myself from sitting around and looking back in the fridge and looking back in the fridge and looking back in the fridge and looking into the the pantry or whatever.

So distract yourself, go find something else to do, find a friend to go see, go back to the cheapest gym in OKC, go back and do something.

That’s distracting you from the food. So, and then, and then again, you gotta get a good template to follow. And if you get that CF-30 plan that I gave you, that I have at the cheapest gym in OKC free, you can go to the free trainer. They give you see a 30 plan.

They’ll tell you exactly what to eat, what times to eat the portions to do that. You’re never going to be hungry following it. If you actually follow it to a T and you, and if you do get hungry, you just eat more of a couple of the good options, and you’re going to stay on track. You’re gonna drop weight. You gonna do really, really well. We guarantee anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds of fat loss, if you follow it, like it says no more, no, no more, no less than exactly what it says.

And you’re going to do just great. Don’t believe me, go check it yourself. Go to Colaw Fitness reviews on YouTube type in co up in the reviews. Watch all these clients like yourself that have lost weight and got in shape great stuff.

So anyways, next component, besides after emotional eating is, I’m gonna talk about tracking your workout and food. Now, when you’re holding yourself accountable and you’re writing down everything you eat, it holds a higher standard for yourself.

And so people that write and log their stuff do so much are so much more successful in their weight loss. And maintaining that weight loss and maintaining the fat loss. So track your stuff, go back to logging and tracking everything, everything that goes into your mouth of caloric value, write it down and that’ll help a lot. So if you don’t have that, you can pick one up at Colaw Fitness that are cheapest gym in OKC.

We’ve got a free CF-30 journal, and I have a journal that you can log it and track all your stuff in it. And you can actually score card yourself. Like, like you give yourself points and you can total it at the end of the day for your food portion. So that’s a great way to succeed and maintain and keep off that weight. So weight loss and keep it off.

Today we’re talking about losing weight and keeping it off and journaling, it is a huge component. Last thing I want to talk about, I’m sorry. Another thing I wanna talk about is getting sleep. A lot of times, if you’re not getting enough sleep, your emotions are higher.

Stress and cortisol levels have higher. That causes hunger responses. So I encourage all of you guys to have a very regular routine. So if you go to bed at 10:00 PM, try to go to bed within 30 minutes of that all the time.

At nine 30 to 10 30, always be very religious with that, and then make sure you get six to eight hours. I’m doing that right there. Staying well hydrated drinking about a 16 ounce bottle of water, every three hours, you’re going to fill your stomach up. You’re going to get good rest. Your body’s going to feel a lot better following a really good low-glycemic plan with some portion control, everything we talk about in that CF-30 plan covers all that.

If you do that, you’re going to feel great. You’re going to rest well, you’re going to lose weight. Not going to have cravings. You’re going to have a great routine. We’re, we’re all creatures that we love routine. So if you get that sleep routine down, this is the section I’m talking about today is getting sleep six to eight hours every night. Trying to go to waking and going to bed and waking at the same times or within about 30 minutes is going to be so helpful for you to maintain that weight loss.

Next section, I’m talking about staying motivated. You got to stay positive, make sure that you take action over emotion. And in that sea of 30 plan, I have some motivational quotes and some really key takeaways to help you stay successful. I’m not saying you have to do the [inaudible], but we do give away all of the planning stuff for free. The Journal’s like 10 bucks.

So anyways, your action steps to be successful are losing weight, getting in shape. You go back and review this podcast and get some more good takeaways. Just review it, review it. So, number one is review this podcast again.

Number two is join Colaw Fitness. You can join cloth fitness for $1 down the whole month. There’s only one book to get started. You have a 30 day money back guarantee. We’ll give you your money back. If you don’t like it, the memberships are those $5 a month to get free trainer.

You get free friend privileges. You and your friend can work out the contain. Can massage. You can use the free trainer, everything during that $1 down phase. And then after that, it’s a, you can be, you’re never going to be as low as five bucks a month. And so basically two people can work out Tana massage for five bucks. That first month is only a buck.

If you don’t like it in the first 30 days, we’ll give you a dollar back. So there’s no risk money back guarantee. Get signed up with the free trainer when you go in there. So you can go in there and you sign up the free trans of trainers completely free. And then if you want, you can pay $10 on that for that, see a 30 book. That book is actually 10 bucks and follow that book, follow the journal, log all your stuff.

It’s basically the book is what you’re buying and you can journal everything and track everything in it. So anyways, I don’t high encourage you to not just believe me, go to Colaw Fitness go to YouTube type in Colaw Fitness reviews, watch a bunch of videos on it.

Get motivated, pump yourself up go pick up the CF-30 journal. If you can. It’s 10 bucks, check it out, make sure you got a mind frame template to follow, and you’re going to be a success story as well. This is Charles Colaw and that you can do a podcast. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye. Bye.