5 Fitness Myths Explained | Episode 6

On today’s episode we will talk about 5 fitness myths explained.

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw. And today I’m going to talk to you about 5 Fitness Myths Explained. A myth is something that’s not real or not true. So today I’m going to tell you about several things that people think, um, and fitness are real, but they really aren’t real in Arlington gyms. So, um, I had to kind of give you a story. There’s people that came up to me and asked, you know, Hey, if I started doing crunches, will this get rid of my big fat beer gut?

Well, the answer is no. And so I’m gonna explain a lot of that to you today. Um, on 5 Fitness Myths Explained. So, uh, first off, uh, the first fitness myth is that you must exercise for 30 minutes to get any health or fitness benefit. Some people believe that you have to work out for at least 30 minutes. It has to be pretty intense to get a health benefit or a fitness benefit.

Well there it’s not always. That is that that is not true. And the truth is, is that even if you ever work at 10 minutes, you still get 10 minutes of good exercise benefit. A lot of people will work out and get their heart rate up to like one 20 to one 40, which is a good target heart rate to strengthen the heart at cleanse the arteries and veins, um, uh, S uh, help dilate the blood vessels and so on.

And even just a 10 minute brisk walk can have cardiovascular benefit, strength benefit, circulatory health benefit, heart health benefit. And if you do three minutes or 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes later in the afternoon and 10 minutes at night, you’re still going to get 30 minutes of benefit out of it. So you don’t have to just kill yourself at least 30 minutes or longer to get any benefit from Arlington gyms.

You Can Do This Podcast

You Can Do This Podcast

Um, some people will go into Arlington gyms real quick and work out and then leave and somebody will say, well, they don’t get much out of that. Well they get a whole lot more than doing nothing. And if they come back a second time, they’re still going to add to that. So, um, just starting where you’re at, getting what you can and even if it’s 10 minutes, there is benefit.

So we’re going to debunk that myth of saying you must exercise for at least 30 minutes to get a health benefit. Uh, that’s the first myth. The second myth on the list is people will say, you know, uh, I don’t want to lift weights because if I lift weights I’m going to get all muscly. And then when I start lifting weights or say when I start lifting weights and when I start lifting weights, I’m to end up looking like some sort of big muscle bound pro wrestler or bodybuilder.

And I don’t want to get all bulky and stuff. Um, that isn’t true. Um, when you lift weights, yes, your muscles do get stronger and more toned, but you have to work really, really, really hard to get muscled up and get really big. And a lot of those people, they get really big and huge are taking hormones or steroidal compounds to get that big. It’s big.

It’s basically virtually impossible to get that big by just, Oh, I’m just going to go in and work out and do some weightlifting moderately. That’s never going to happen, I promise. I’ve done PR, I’ve done bodybuilding and competing. It is definitely a lot of work and a lot of time in Arlington gyms and a lot of food and a lot of nutrition, a lot of supplements let’s to get big and strong and really muscle down. But especially for women, women will say, Hey, I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to get all bulky and I don’t want to look all muscly.

I don’t wanna look like a bodybuilder. And it’s virtually impossible for women and most men to develop huge muscles without spending hours and hours a day lifting weights in the gym very heavy. And really having a targeted super high protein diet so you will not get all big and bulky just by lifting weights moderately. So that’s impossible. So we debunk.

Lifting weights will make you look like a muscle bound pro wrestler bodybuilder. So women you’re safe. If you start lifting weights, you’re actually going to look thinner and more toned and more fit. You’re not going to look big and bulky. So myth number three we’re going to talk about, it says if you stop exercising at Arlington gyms, the muscles are going to turn into fat. And a lot of people have said, you know, I would work out and I’d get big like you are, I’d work out, but I just don’t want to have to keep up with all that.

5 Fitness Myths Explained

And then all that turned to fat. I’m going to tell you, I’ve lifted weights and gotten really big and competed in bodybuilding and then I’ve backed off all that and just trimmed down to being lean fit. It does not turn to fat. Um, and there the muscles just kind of shrink down when you don’t eat a lot of protein and you don’t stimulate it with heavy weight training, they just, they just shrink down to a smaller size.

You don’t actually Luke get that ooey gooey body fat from it so that your muscles will not turn into fat. And uh, uh, so you are safe to lift weights and if you want to back off they will, uh, just mainly shrink down. They’re not going to turn into fat. Um, myth number four, talking about what we first talked about, Hey, I want to lose this gut.

What kind of AB exercises can I do to lose this gut? Or if I start doing crutches like that guy over there, am I going to get like a, a six pack or this guy must be doing lots of crunches all the time to get really lean like that in the stomach and look real fit.

Or a lot of times women will say, if I do this leg, you know, thing over here, this leg exercise at Arlington gyms is going to make all this fat on my thigh, go away. Well, the truth is, is you focusing on target spots like your stomach and your stomach exercises are not going to lose that fat tissue or that adipose tissue. Um, you aren’t going to go over there and do side bins and sit ups and all the hips and thighs just tightened up and stomach tighten up. The main thing for losing fat is your nutritional plan.

Apex 24 fitness, NSM Institute. Um, I’ve been to university on all of this. You spit, I have I think eight national certifications and training, um, spot reduction through just doing some sort of exercise to lose that fat is not proven to be effective at all. So you can’t do that. Now you may tone up the muscle underneath the fat, it may get stronger and feel more firm, but the actual fat is not being reduced without a really good nutrition plan.

So you really need to cut down on all of the sugars, fat starches, bad foods, high-glycemic foods, maybe reduce the caloric intake that you’re taking in, but all of that stuff will help actually lose the fat. So the nutrition is going to reduce the body fat composition and the workouts would just tone up the muscles underneath. As you eat a healthier diet, the thickness of that fat layer will reduce at the same time your strength training the body and toning up the abs or the thighs.

So do you have a thinner, more toned version of muscle underneath that, Fowler says, a fat layer goes down that tone muscle then start to appear and give you a leaner, more toned look in that area of your body. So focused on the food. If you want to lose the button, gut and thighs, so focused on the food, if you want to use a butt, gut and thighs.

Um, uh, so not the crunches, the food, and, and you can do the crunches and start to tone up, but that’s not going to actually reduce the fat. When I say tone up, it’s going to strengthen the muscles under the fat, but it won’t remove the fat. Okay. A myth number five. Myth number five. Um, it talks about exercising during pregnancy is going to increase the rate of a miscarriage. I’ve trained tons and tons of women all the way up until like the two days before they’re the baby’s born.

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And there are things you want to be wary of. If you don’t want to put a lot of pressure on the stomach or you don’t want to put anything in the third trimester that could, you know, really bother the baby or exercises that put pressure directly on the stomach area where the baby’s at, but it’s, it’s actually healthier and better to exercise. You keep your body stronger. Actually delivery goes a lot easier, recovery goes a lot easier and all of that weight you start to gain comes off a lot faster if you’re already in a good workout and exercise routine and a diet that helps mobilize fat also.

Um, basically, uh, exercising during pregnancies is super healthy for you, helps with the baby’s health as well. There’s a lot of benefits to that. You do want to research that. You want to talk to your doctor first to say, is it okay if I exercise during this and then do some research and you can Google tons of things on it.

And tons of information on it. But yes, it is for perfectly safe to exercise during pregnancy and, um, uh, you want to follow what your doctor says to and make sure you get approved, but it is healthy. You can’t actually have a better pregnancy, a better, uh, uh, child birthing experience from, uh, focusing on exercise and during that time.

So, uh, what was the one other thing I was gonna say? The pregnancy is also as you’re getting back into, after you’ve had the pregnancy and you’re working out at Arlington gyms. Your body tightens up a lot faster. Um, continue and if you can breastfeed as much as you can that actually help burns the most amount of calories as humanly possible is actually the, the, the breastfeeding process so you can actually lose all that fat.

My wife Amber, after we had Trinity, our third child. Uh, that she had lost basically better shape than she ever was within three months after her pregnancy. Her stomach and her body was tighter and more fit. With the combination of exercise and breastfeeding. Continue listening to our 5 Fitness Myths Explained to learn more.

So, and so she, she’d gotten the best shape ever within three months of having her third baby. So you can do this, I believe in you, but exercising and pregnancy is a noggin to increase the chance of miscarriage actually help you during childbirth. Okay. Um, and lastly, uh, we want to tell you that you too can be successful. You can do this podcast if you’re wanting to get started in exercising, getting into a good routine.

A lot of times there’s lots of things to be looking at, um, and directions to go. But we do offer a free CF 30 colon fitness, 30 day mind, freeing document and journal that you can pick up at any of our clubs. And it tells you exactly how, what to eat, what to eat, what times to eat, how much water to be drinking. Um, what exercises to do.

We have a free trainer that actually shows you how to do that. You can log in, in a plan exactly what to be eating and drinking all throughout that time. Um, and you can be extremely successful. We’ve got tons of great testimonials on that. I highly encourage you to go to colon fitness reviews, type in colon fitness reviews in YouTube, and just watch some of those videos. So that you too can get motivated and you can get great results. But this is Charles Cola with the, you can do this podcast. You guys have a blessed day with our 5 fitness myths explained. Bye bye.