Episode 60 - Weight lifting for beginners

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cheapest gym in Oklahoma City

cheapest gym in Oklahoma City

Hello, this is Charles Colaw. And today I’m going to talk to you about weightlifting for beginners. This is the Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw, you can do this podcast and there’s a few workouts we’re gonna talk about that are very beneficial for beginners to start on. And then I’m going to give you some action steps at the end, so you can be successful.

So the first workout we’re going to talk about today is a goblet squat. This is basically like a body weight squat, but you actually hold a dumbbell by one end. And you kind of took that close to your chin. You can Google search it and see what that looks like. But a goblet squat is a great way to get a total body workout.

Your head neck spine is going to be working really hard to keep you erect cause you’re holding a dumbbell and you’re going to sit your butt back and come down to 90 degrees in the legs, work all of your legs and just gonna help your core.

It’s a great exercise for beginners. It gets your total legs core and everything far as in a workout, but typing got goblet, squat or Google. See how that works, but it’s a great starting movement. You can use that with a dumbbell, just holding your hand. You can also do like a body weight squat. But the big thing is, is keep the form clean and tight, but it’s a great workout is going to get all of your legs, hips, glutes.

It’s going to strengthen your core and helps with posture. Cause you gotta keep your head neck and spine straight. He really get alignment. So my take on it. It’s a great exercise. It’s a great beginner exercise. You’re not loading the spine.

There’s no chance of really, really hurting any disks in your back. For the most part, I mean there’s no really heavy compression, you know, happening down your spine, which is one of the big things we kind of look for as a trainer to anybody who has a back issue.

We don’t want to compress the spine. So the second workout I’ve talked to you about is shoulder press. It’s a great beginner workout. I encourage people to do it standing. You can do it standing or sitting, but I like doing it standing cause you’re gonna use a lot more of your core and your legs, your total body to kind of stabilize.

I encourage people to use dumbbells, lots of different versions of that, but you could type in shoulder press dumbbell shoulder, press dumbbell, shoulder, press in a Google search or on YouTube and see how that’s performed.

But my take is, it’s a great workout. It’s going to work your shoulders, going to work your arms. I’m just gonna work your triceps. You really helped with head neck and spine alignment. Also keeping the shoulder blades and scapula back and tight.

Lot of the protracted shoulder girdle from people that work on computers. So basically your roll shoulders are rolled forward. A lot of people nowadays kind of suffer from a Ford head and protracted shoulder girdle and a standing shoulder press is going to be really good for helping strengthening the opposition of that to hold your shoulders back in tight and strengthening the, the, the upper arms.

I think it was, it’s a great workout. I encourage people to use standing using dumbbells, obviously type in like dumbbell standing shoulder press. And you’ll see some examples of that. So my take is a great workout. It’s going to get your upper body like goblet squat with that. It’s kind of making you going to make you feel like you’re getting your upper and lower body pretty good just with those two exercises.

Okay. The next exercise is a stiff leg, deadlift stiff leg deadlift. This is basically a great exercise for stretching the back the hamstrings. If you type in Google stiff leg, deadlift, stiff leg deadlifts like on Google or on YouTube, you can kind of see how that motion is performed. I believe it’s a great exercise.

I encourage people to do it with like a dumbbell keep your head neck and spine straight, make sure that you’re keeping really good form. They’ll talk about that in a lot of these different videos, but my take is it’s a great exercise.

It’s going to help strengthen your low back help with your head neck and spinal alignment helps with protracted shoulder girdle. It’ll help with a lot of the forward head. A lot of the oppositional muscles from sitting or working around a computer.

So those are also great exercises striking. It’s the hamstrings and the glutes on the back of the legs, the butt and also helps with your spine and decompressing. A lot of loader vertebrae you get from sitting or standing too long in certain areas and, and, and, and really kind of compressing some of that low back that lumbar back.

So it’ll strengthen all that area. It also loosen that up. It also helped with flexibility of those hamstrings, great exercise, stiff leg deadlift, Google it, YouTube it, and you’ll see how that works. It’s great beginner exercise. Next exercise is going to be called a bit over row, bent over row.

This is really good. My take is to use dumbbells. I like starting people off with dumbbells and you can type in bent over row with a dumbbell. You can see how that exercise performed.
It’s going to strengthen the pulling towards your body muscle. Like, like basically your back, your lats, your deltoids your biceps, it’s a pole it’s basically you’re pulling towards your body is called bent over row, a dumbbell row, bent over dumbbell row.

You can see how that works. It’s a great exercise for you starting an exercise and yeah, that’s a great one. So the next one is going to be a chest press, a dumbbell chest press. It’s a great beginner exercises, a dumbbell chest, press a type that into Google or YouTube and watch the form and technique on that.

A great exercise for working the chest, pecs, the shoulders, the triceps, it’s a pushing away. It’s in direct opposition of that been over the previous one. So it’s a great oppositional work after that. And it’s like, if you’re a guy, you start to see your chest getting more solid, have more square shape, that’s a better shape.

So change, it was man boobs, more of a Peck and also make you girls have more solid muscle in the chest and strengthen all of that. So the same kind of press that you kind of get from a pushup, but it’s actually with a dumbbell. And, and I, and I liked the motion with a dumbbell because a lot of people’s range of motion and sometimes the, the way the shoulder works and the elbow works, it sometimes causes less strain than a bar or against a floor.

So a dumbbell chest press. And that’s my take. I like, it’s a great exercise. I prefer that over bars and even sometimes pushups as well. So it’s a great beginner exercise dumbbell chest press, Google it, check it out. It’s a great exercise for beginners. Glute next exercise is going to be called glute bridges.

Glute bridges. They’ve really currently got really popular with girls. They they like to do it off of take a bar across their their, their hips and basically get against a bench and a bridge up. And that basically helps their glutes are butt muscle hamstrings glutes.

Also your core strengthened to head neck and spine is really going to be hard stabilizer on that, but type in Google’s, I’ve been glute bridge with a bar or a bar glute bridge, and you can see how you use that how it works. You can go to YouTube as well and type in glute bridge and watch one that they do it off a bench.

They take a straight bar, put it across their hips and they sit down on the ground off the 90 degrees to a bench, and then they put it on their hips and they raise yourself up and bridge up, works the hand.

Basically he works the hamstrings and glutes really hard, really good contraction on the glute muscle. A lot of girls like it helps with your butt and your hips and all that kind of stuff. So a girls like if that was a great, I’ve seen a lot of NFL football players use it. It’s a great strength building exercise as well, but glute bridges is what it’s called. You can go to YouTube and Google it and see it. It’s a great beginner exercises.

Those exercises, right there are great for beginners. It’s going to get your total body. They’re very, very functional. Very, very great. They’re going to be very productive exercises. So anyways I want to give you a couple of action steps. The number one action step going to say is join Colaw Fitness. It’s only $1 you get the whole month for $1.

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They have certain class times they teach and train and show people instruction on how to use all types of equipment in the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City. I encourage you to check that out the free trainer. So as soon as you come to the front door, check it out, sign up. There’s a big sign that says free trainer has lots of pictures of videos of people losing weight, getting in shape testimonies, testimonies in the front desk.

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You fill out the book as you go along, fill out the journals inside of it, and you’re going to do a great job losing weight, getting in shape. So I encourage you to not just believe me. I encourage you to go to YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews, go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, and just listen to all the people like yourself that have lost weight, got shaved, started doing a lot of these exercises and you’re going to be another success story.

Just like them. I’ll also go to YouTube or sorry to go to go to Google and just type in coal off fitness. Go off it as Google reviews and you can just see thousands and thousands of our Google reviews about people, what they think about us.

So I want to give you that social proof, surely tens of thousands of people cannot be lying and they can’t just make this up. So I encourage you to look at it, see for yourself. I have worked with over 5,000 clients personally in multiple States and had great results when I trained them. Now I’m building programs and giving this to you for free. So you can use it at the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City.

This is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast and you’re going to also be an awesome success story. So go to the club, check it out. It’s $1, some money back guarantee. You get a whole month, you get a free trainer, check us out.

This is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw on the, you can do his podcast today. We talked about some really simple weightlifting exercises that are great for beginners. Try those exercises out, meet with the free trainer get started. This is a Charles Colaw. I have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye. Bye and see you soon at the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City.