Episode 62 - 4 Best Foods To Look Fit

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast. Hello, this is Charles Colaw with the You can do this podcast, and today I’m going to talk about Looking fit and for best foods.

So look fit Best foods. I want to give you direction on the four best foods to be eating now that you want to have more of a trim, less bloated, lean looking physique. And most of us do they want to become a smaller, more toned, more muscular, more in shape version of themselves, whether it’s in your clothes or in a bathing suit or whatever most of us want to accomplish that now.

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affordable gym in Arlington TX

So the problem is, is most people really don’t know what type of foods are going to help them look their best. And so when I bring some clarity on that a little bit about myself, I’ve trained over 5,000 clients and built a multimillion dollar business in multiple States. I’m a former bodybuilder fitness competitor and love helping people get in shape.

Celebrate member wins. We do a lot of that on Facebook and you can, you look at YouTube reviews and see how many just thousands of clients we help lose weight and get in great shape.
So today I’m gonna talk about four foods that are the best for looking fit. The number one food that I talk about and most diets talk about is lean proteins, lean proteins. This comes in like fish and chicken.

It can be in lean beef. Just any type of meat that’s 90, 90% or leaner is a pretty lean cut of meat. Now meat is protein that is the healing repair and growth nutrient. It has a difficult time being converted into fat tissue and being utilized as fat. So it’s a very, very tolerant to allowing you to eat an excess of that and not gain body fat off of.

So very rarely to hear somebody say, Oh, I gained so much weight off of that extra chicken breast to eight last night. It just doesn’t occur.

It takes quite a while to fully digest and break down has a thermic effect actually raises your metabolism to break down proteins. Amino acid, rich foods actually increase your resting metabolic rate to break down can actually help you get leaner if you overeat because it just doesn’t assimilate and process as easy as like carbohydrates or sugars and things like that.

It can permeate through the intestinal wall and through your even new Buechele membranes in your mouth, you can prick your finger and put sugar in your mouth and actually see blood glucose rising on a blood sugar monitor without chewing swallowing digestion, but proteins like a chunk of chicken you put in the, between your cheek and gum, let it sit there three hours later, it’s still sitting there.

You have to physically chew it, swallow it, digest it, stomach acids to have to break it down, has to absorb through the intestinal track takes anywhere from six to 16 hours to fully break down certain types of protein options.

So it’s just more work for your body, increases your resting metabolic rate to process that, to break it down and thus it is a very fit and making food. Every diet maker’s diet, South beach diet, paleo based diets, ketogenic diets almost any, and every diet we’ll talk about the benefit of lean protein. So if you want to look fit, got it. Yeah. Protein in that diet, lean protein. So I’ve got some templates for that.

Well fitness on the three, that’s the Colaw fitness 30 day plan, and we have a lot of different baleen protein options. We can show you on that, that we have a mind frame template to look at. So number one is lean protein for the four best foods. So the number one food is the lean protein and the same time of eating that lean protein. I encourage people to be cutting carbs, carbs carbohydrates.

That’s like bread cereals, grain, even some fruits. Why, why is that? Because carbohydrates basically one unit of carbohydrate can be, can have your body hold up to four units of water. So if I eat like 16 ounces of pasta, I can actually gain four times that and. And water weight to fully out just that, especially if it’s salted. So let’s say, yeah, one pound of carbs, you could gain another four pounds of water.

So you gained five pounds of net weight just because of the food. You mean, cause the process in digestion and the water that’s held onto the body, especially if it’s salted. So carbohydrates, bloat the body and hold water on the body. And that won’t make you look as lean. So cutting carbs. And like basically one unit of carb can hold up to four units of water with when it’s salted.

Now lean proteins, one grant, like one unit of protein can hold only one unit of water. So a lot of people that go on to like a high protein diet they’ll immediately see water, weight drop off their body. So that’s where the lean protein walk, cutting the breads cereals, grain, and any refined carbohydrates. It’s so beneficial for looking fit. So yeah, or to a component for food far as in looking fit, lean look fit for best foods.

Number two is going to be STEM stock and leaf vegetables. There’s the high fiber vegetables founded lettuce, any green leafy items, broccoli, green beans, asparagus basically lower carb foods whole less water, those high fiber vegetable carbs don’t have a lot of carbohydrate. Impact is a very, very low carbo hydrate load and low carbohydrate impact there’s terms to that for like diabetics and stuff.

And the big point is, is you’re basically you chew it, you swallow it, you digest it, it doesn’t retain the water like some other carbs and it doesn’t have the calorie volume or the hydrate load. So that would be like lettuce, any green leafy items, broccoli, green beans, green beans, asparagus. And if you want to list, you can go get a free list. And the CF 30 trainer program, they have the a template on STEM stock, leaf vegetables, where you call approved veggies in that program.

We’ve got a book on that too, as a whole page on that food item list, the book it’s like 10 bucks, but that will give you some re mind freedom to know exactly what type of a veggie carbs are approved for looking fit. So number three, FARs and look fit for best foods.

Number three is going to be spinach peppers and squash. A lot of those help raise metabolism. They’re very low and impact carbohydrate load and carbohydrate impact they’re low in sugar. So they’re another type of like a vegetable carbohydrate that’s approved actually helps with metabolism has a lot of good vitamins, all of these green leaf fees and peppers and so on.

Have a lot of really awesome vitamins minerals components to that besides just core value that are beneficial to the body helps with metabolism and a lot of just regular body function. So those are very, very low carb load, low sugar load. Which of course goes back to having less water retained on the body.

So that’s the looking fit for best foods. So number one is lean protein while cutting carbs. That’s fish chicken, 96% lean meats and steak cutting carbs at the same time.

So because it can take the water bloat off the body. It also forces your body to think, go into like a ketogenic state where your body starts mobilizing and using your own body fat as energy. That’s the subcutaneous, which you pinch on your stomach, that the sub container that’s outside the body wall will start mobilizing that fat and being used as energy. Whenever your carbohydrates go, it does has to pick the next energy source.

And if you’re not eating a lot of fat in your diet, you’re going to be pulling from your fat stores. Number two is the STEM stuff, leaf vegetables that provides vitamins minerals. A lot of fiber. It does not have a carb load that’s very high. So it won’t retain a lot of fluid off your body and helps your stomach. And I justice system protects from diverticulitis and diverticulosis strengthens the intestinal track cleanses.

Your intestinal wall helps keep all that clean so it can absorb nutrients. Well, it’s a good high fiber cleansing nutrients. So think of a, I think it’s taking a marble and swollen a marble. I’ve had a kid swallow a marble and sure enough, the marble comes out still a marble and digestible and high fiber based veggies like this. These lettuce greens, broccoli, green beans, asparagus, a lot of the design digestible.

So you chew it, swallow, digest, it just cleanses through your whole system and comes out. The other end. Doesn’t have a lot of clerk value and doesn’t hold a lot of water weight. So you’ll stay fit looking and you’ll stay healthy. And then the three was in spinach and spinach peppers and squash very low and carved great nutrients. And the last component I talk about far as in the four best foods for looking fit is whey isolate, whey isolate.

That is where they take all the galactose and lactose sugars out of it, all the carbohydrate component out of it. And they keep just the best proteins. So think of ’em when they, when they process milk, I think the curves in the way way is where they basically separate all this stuff to make cheese and separate the, the remainder of, well, basically there’s a component that’s leftover it’s way.

It’s a super high quality protein. That’s a byproduct of milk and cheese manufacturing and has a low carbohydrate value, super low, like two grams or less than a serving and maybe one gram of carb. It creates no bloat or water weight on the body has no galactose has no lactose galactose and lactose. Anything with OSE is a sugar base. And so you want to get away protein, that’s high quality.

And I say, whey protein isolate with two grams of carbs or less on a serving size on the side to check it out.

I tell my clients diamond ties makes an ISO [inaudible] sizes, a brand. It makes an ISO 100. It’s a great way. Protein also take nectar is a brand. It has some fruit flavors. Those are great ones that are super low in carbs, high in protein. Highly approved. I use it with a lot of clients, so there’s just two off the top of my head. Anyways, what whey protein isolate high protein, low carb on the go meal or shake protein shakes. Y

es. And so next step, I want to give you some action steps that you can be successful. Now, a lot of this I just said today is a little confusing. So I want to give you simply simple template to follow. So you can actually look at it. I want you to go start our CF 30 diet, go to the trainers, pick up the handout.

There’s a free handout that talks about all the foods and it talks about high protein foods that are great, that I just explained. And it talks about the high fiber vegetables, or basically the approved carbohydrates. They’re at a low end and actually blood sugar content.

And so those are gonna help lean you out, like all these different diets that are popular, ketogenic diets, South beach diets, maker diets, paleo based diets, bodybuilding diets, high protein diets, the elephant, the mental use, these same components.

And I’m just going to tell you exactly what they are on the sheets. You get a mind frame document that start that CF 30 diet plan, grab the handout. If you’re really interested, you can buy my book. There’s a book or a journal that actually me and my wife have written. It’s amazing far as in helping you lose weight and get in great shape.

You’ve got pictures of me and her that have lost weight and lost a lot of social proof of other clients that have lost weight in that book and all over and throughout that book, you follow that it will be, it could be like a simple, simple little follow booklet template for the first 30 days to get on a good habit. As a good book to read is called habit loop. And that’s a great book for getting yourself in a good new habits.

The biggest thing is food is the hardest component. And once you start that good habit for 30 days, you’ll be on track. So pick up that action steps. Start to see a 30 plan. I a fitness it’s free. The handouts free the classes free. If you want to buy the book, it’s 10 bucks. So that’s the CF 30 social proof.

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Join Colaw fitness. Like I said, it’s as low as $5 a month. There’s a no risk money back guarantee. The first month is only a dollar, so there’s no risk. So anyways, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. I’m talking about looking fit. You want to look fit. Here’s the four best foods, and I’ll give you some action steps to start that, see if 30 free trainer go watch our video reviews and join now.

So go join now, start that [inaudible] and if you, if you don’t believe me, go look at all those reviews and you’ll have be well on your way to weight loss and fitness success. So this is Charles Colaw. Have a blessed day. We’re talking to you next time. Bye. Bye.