Episode 63 - Thinner Thighs

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body for get ready, because you’re about to enter. You can do this pod. Hello, this is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about thinner thighs. See the problem is, is a women want to reduce their hips and their thighs and their butt sometimes even their gut.

But what happens is, is we want to get them more fit and toned and they want a smaller, more toned version of themselves. And they’re going to do all sorts of crazy workouts to try to get them smaller and toned up. And I’m going to try to give you some clarity. I’ve trained a lot in fitness and bodybuilding for many years, and I’ve trained people to get in great shape so they can do fitness competitions and shows.

Arlington TX fitness center

Arlington TX fitness center

And I want to talk about what you need to do to get thinner thighs and remind you that I’m going to talk about reps and sets and so on. That’s more geared shorts, 2030 even you know, the height like late teens, twenties and 30 year olds, they’re in fairly good shape to try to really reduce their size. Now, if you’re older, you want to reduce this reps and sets and intensity and so on.

But the bottom line is you want to get thinner thighs. We want to make sure that you’re working out towards toning the thighs down and not massing and building them up. So I want to give you some clarity on that though. I’m my name is Charles Colaw. Me and my wife have built a multimillion dollar fitness business in multiple States across the country. And we’re building more and so on.

I’ve trained over 5,000 clients for, as in losing weight and get in great shape. My wife has as well. We have a free CF 30 book it’s called off at his 30 day book that talks about diet and workouts to help you really lose weight and get in shape. I encourage you to pick one of those up or look at it at the club it’s called [inaudible] fitness. 30 days.

It’s really targeted towards beginners wanting to get in shape and even advanced people can lose a lot of weight and get toned up or get back on track. If they fell off track, it’s very simple Mindfreak and handout book that they can follow to get in shape. You can also see me and pictures of me pre contest and contest shape for as in losing weight, getting in shape, I was over 300 pounds in high school.

I lost 83 pounds with a trainer and got into fitness competitions and then got into business and trained tons and tons of people. My passion is to help people lose weight, get in great shape. Also make Jesus famous and change lives through our Arlington TX fitness center and through the systems that we create. So without further ado, I’m gonna talk about thinner thighs and how girls can get thinner thighs and some really honestly.

It’s about five simple things that really reduce the thigh mass and get them toned up. So the number one thing I want everybody to know is food is number one, food is number one, apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute. I’ve got eight certifications and training. I am certified in dietary guidance and nutrition. I’ve actually had an MBA in business and a master’s in business and finance and accounting.

So what I mean, fitness is my passion. I’ve also done business as well. But all of this just kind of impact you and say that I try to try to know what to talk about. I, I don’t know everything. I just have worked with thousands of people and helped lots of people get in shape and I’m super passionate about fitness and, and so on, but nobody gets in shape unless they follow a really detailed and will execute a nutritional program.

You can’t out exercise a bad diet. So that’s number one. So first thing on the thinner thighs is body squats. What I tell people is we don’t need to load up a bar and get really heavy if you have bigger thighs already. And you have quite a bit of fat on there. And so on your pro your legs, you’re going to build up really, really easily.

So a lot of trainers they’re passionate about weightlifting and their former weightlifters, and they want to really have you squat and squat. Squat a bunch and get a lot of leg mass with weights and a bar on your back. And so on. Now there’s a place for all of that. A lot of thin girls that are naturally thin really do need to do some heavy weight training to build up their legs. But this is talking about thinning the thighs down, and most girls.

I believe don’t really need to mass their legs and glutes up a lot. They just need to tone them up and get them smaller and more toned and more shapely, but don’t need to really mass them up. So this is that focus. So if you’re the type of girl that has bigger hips and thighs, and you want them smaller and just smaller and more toned, this is for you.

This isn’t for girls that are naturally like no, but no thigh. And they really do have to train heavy and hard to get their legs to grow. This is for the ones that naturally have bigger hips and thighs and butts and so on. And so so body squats, body weight is all you really need. And what I mean by that as body weight is heavy enough, especially if you’re thicker already. So we want to do on here is do like 50 reps and three sets of working working sets.

And I have my clients really just kind of work up to that. A lot of times they can barely do 10 or 15 properly performed and executed a form on a body squat but body weight squats for three sets. And that itself is going to really, really open up the hips and the glutes and the butt and the quadriceps are all gonna work really, really well.

And then I like to do a body weight squat for 50, and then immediately go into a walking lunge for 50. So that’s basically body weight squat, and then I go straight into a walking body, weight lunch for 50 and then rest, okay. And get your breathing and return to normal. I promise you if you can do 50 body weight squats, and then go right into 50 lunges, you’re going to be pretty smoked. So you’re going to rest get your breathing return to normal.

So I’d take a body weight squat and a body weight lunge. And I hammer those for three sets of each of those. So that’s just your body weight. So 50 body weight squats, you want to just start with 50 body weight squats, that’s fine, rest and so on. And then get to 50 body weight, lunges effort for three sets as well.

So it’s a, basically 150 squats on body weight squat. It’s 150 lunges for body weight lunges. That itself is just super high rep. And you’re mainly going to tone the muscles in a certain point, it’s going to get easier and easier, and you’re mainly toning and not bulking them up. So if you have to start off with three sets of 15, whatever, you can do that as well. But really body weight is my whole point, body weight, squat, body, weight lunges.

On, for example, I trained a girl who is a fitness competitor and she was doing all these different show things. And she always had an overdeveloped lower half and she came and talked to me. I go, you’re not gonna wanna hear what I have to say. I mean, she’s like, no, no. Want to hear what you say. Like every, all the people you work with, they look great.

Their bodies are balanced. It’s when I said, well, here’s the deal you honestly, most of the girls I find out is I have to just get them off the weights of heavy training and just do a lot of body weight, squats, body, weight, lunges, and then cardio amount. And they fall in line and then we train their upper body, like a guy heavier harder with weights because most girls, his upper body’s very, very thin and small compared to the lower body.

So we had to build up the upper body kind of toned down the lower body. Then that way their physique looks balanced. So that’s my take and I’ve done it in the real world. And it works really well, especially for lower D dominant females. I’m wanting to get really a fit and in shape. And even if you’re not really wanting to really achieve these principles will apply to you, even if you’re, you know, in your forties, like my wife and do a variation, that’s scaled way back.

So she does body, weight, squats, and body weight lunges, and she doesn’t look overly muscular fit over overly muscular and way too muscled up. She just looks right for her age in her forties. So the big thing is, is body weight, squats, body, weight lunges, three good working sets, trying to work up at a 50 on each one of those.

And the third thing I have clients do is jump box jumps and I pick a box it’s doable, but challenges them and then do 15 reps in three sets. It’s working in the fast Twitch muscle fibers. Now, if you’ve got bad knees and hips and you’re older than no do that, this is more geared towards younger, but I really push them hard on box squats and really getting three good, hard sets where they almost fail into box squat jumps.

A very big caution is watching your shins on that, but that’s that explosive fast Twitch muscle fiber hips, glutes, and, but all that kind of stuff. Buyer’s pretty good on that. They’ll get a great really stimulate the legs on that. And it’s not heavy. It’s not heavy, it’s not heavy. It’s not going to really mash your legs up.

So number four component that I talked about is cardio cardio, cardio cardio. I prefer the stair climber at 500 calories every single day for toning down the legs. And that sounds like crazy. But you can do that in about 45 minutes to an hour, but cardio on the stair climber 500 calories a day, if not do the, a bike at a heavy resistance for 500 and

Push that. And those legs are really burned as quadriceps burn and tone up as well. And so that’s the, the, the, the workout portion. So body weight squats, 50 reps for three sets, lunges, body, weight lunges, 50 reps for three sets, and then doing box jumps, at least 15 reps for three sets, and then cardio on the stair climber for 500 calories every day single day.

And then the, the, the that’s the workout portion and the most important thing, the most important thing is getting that diet spot on you can’t be on for two or three days and then blow it again. You had to be on consistently. And I, I have all my clients stay on at a hundred percent. I don’t really give them a lot of off days. Cause most people, they have food addictions and they kind of have a hard time getting back track, but diet he’s spot on.

I encourage you if you don’t have a diet and know what to do, go get the free [inaudible] that’s Cola, fitness, 30 day diet plan. There’s a template that will give you a mind frame template to follow. Do you follow that stuff and do this then as I work at your thighs, you’re going to go down, you’re going to lose a lot of weight and getting a lot better shape. I encourage you to not just believe me, but to go to Colaw fitness on YouTube.

I’ve been Colaw fitness on YouTube, go to YouTube, youtube.com, type it into YouTube, and then put in a code. Colaw fitness reviews and then watch a bunch of different girls or anybody that you feel like will connect with you or motivate you person losing weight and getting in great shape. A lot of these people have followed these similar principles to getting in shape and yeah, provide you some social proof that you can be successful.

Also type in Colaw fitness on Google type in Colaw fitness reviews, Google reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews, read about our clubs what people think about them and that will help motivate you. She was well to getting back to the Arlington TX fitness center, getting in shape. So well action steps. So if you aren’t into a diet plan or workout program and want to get thinner thighs or start working out.

I think a great action step would just go to Colaw fitness, and sign up for the CF 30 diet plan and workout plan that will give you a diet and a workout. Why apex 24 fitness. And he has Sam Cooper Institute. I’ve got eight certifications and training. They all talk about how important nutrition is. We’ve got to get you on a sound diet and fall in that CF30 diet, at least gets you a good start to losing weight.

And then the second thing is there also is a workout that goes along with it, and that’s a total body workout. And this workout will be very beneficial to get you in shape and tone it up your thighs, as well as the rest of your body. I encourage you to join now, go to Colaw fitness. It’s only $1 for the first month. Okay. $1 for the first month. So you put a dollar down it’s a whole month, 30 days, 31 days, whatever it is in the month of just that dollar, it’s also as a 30 day money back guarantee.

We’ll give you that dollar back. If you don’t like it for any reason or whatever reason you can also that will give you and a friend cause we have free friend privileges. Basically two people. You can bring any person, a different person every time if you wanted, but that your membership always gives you privilege to bring someone with you.

So two people can work out tan massage, get free trainers, direction, free nutrition instruction for as low as $5 a month. So it’s $1 down and the memberships are as low as $5 a month. That gets to people, the ability to work out tan massage, you get free trainer instruction for nutrition, instruction, all of that. And that’s because Colaw fitness has free. Bring a friend privileges. There’s no upsells on that.

There’s a money back guarantee on that. So why do I say all this is because I like 99% of people just stick. With going to the Arlington TX fitness center and motivates them to get going. They sign up for that free, see at 30 they lose weight, they start getting in shape and then they get committed to working out that also builds a new habit. I encourage you to read a book called habit loop.

It’s about how, how to start really good habits in your life. So look up habit, loop on Google and get that book or download it on audible. It’s great for changing your life. You start getting exercise as a part of your lifestyle and wants you to be doing that. I’m making a life choice difference there.

So so go to Colaw fitness join now and check us out, go to the Colaw fitness on YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, or Cola, fitness testimonials. You can type in Colaw fitness, CF 30 plan, and just listen to some videos, listen to some people that have done this and check it out for yourself. So join now go to Colaw fitness, $1 at the Arlington TX fitness center.

This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast once you have a very blessed day. My highest desire is your greatest gain, far as getting thinner thighs or getting in shape. Have a blessed one. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye. Bye and see you soon at our Arlington TX fitness center.