Episode 66 - 10 mistakes to avoid for beginners in fitness

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gyms in OKC

gyms in OKC

You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to take you to a place where I struggled in fitness and struggled to get on track. And I want to give you 10 mistakes to avoid for beginners and fitness. This is where I want you guys to get 10 mistakes to avoid for beginners and fitness. And if I had to pick these up earlier, I would have progressed a whole lot quicker.

So my story starts off with in sixth grade, I should go to the YMCA and start working out. I have a, the YMCA and van would come pick me up, drop me off at the Y. And I had friends who’d go work out that were older. And I had some other friends that would go work out I’m down as far as lifting weights and running on treadmills and working out so on.

But I really didn’t want to lift. I didn’t like lifting. It was uncomfortable. I didn’t like running, so I would always go upstairs and play basketball. So basically I wasn’t really committed to fitness and I wasn’t really committed to, you know, wanting to just like dedicate myself to running on a treadmill or working out with weights or whatever.

But I could just kind of entertain myself with playing basketball or just kind of horsing around in the gyms in OKC. So that’s mainly what I do. I first started working out, but I wasn’t really diligent. Wasn’t committed, wasn’t strategic and I really didn’t get any type of real results either.

So I was a kid I was planned that was kind of the beginning of fitness from using Sue create. I did go down every now and then, and kinda they’d show me how to do some stuff.

Some of the YMCAs guys would help show me how to do certain lifts and kind of teach a few things, but I never really wanted to do it. And cause it wasn’t comfortable. It didn’t feel right. And of course it doesn’t feel right until you’ve done it quite a bit. So it’s like riding a bike. It feels really awkward until you finally get it.

And then it’s like second nature. So, so sixth grade, I really didn’t want to live to run. I just played basketball seventh grade of my progress. I’d go down there and I’d start playing around and max out maybe or show off trying to try to act like I’m strong as a guy and lift as heavy as I can almost hurt myself.

And then it kinda just Jack around on the machines and play around and just run it, run on the treadmill really fast, then jump off and things like that.

So really seventh grade, I wasn’t strategic. It didn’t have a written plan. Didn’t have a basically didn’t really make any real progress far as in, you know, getting stronger and leaner and leaner or a better athlete. I just really kept goofing around. Maybe, maybe a little more Maxine out. I remember doing that and trying to like kind of show off if I could.

That was the more seventh grade that wasn’t until eighth grade where I felt like I had the male maturity and started to getting competitive into athletics enough where I realized I can’t do well, unless I actually kind of train in the off season or also start, you know, not becoming a good performer during the season.

So eighth grade my head of 10th grade brother, who’s working out and I really saw him change with lifting weights. And I thought I wanted to do that. I saw the attention he got from the opposite sex. So the attention he got from his peer group and he, I really looked up to him. So in eighth grade I finally followed a written plan and pushed my S and that’s where my results really kicked in.

And then I got more discipline, goes ninth grade wasn’t until I started getting my food on about 50%. And then my results are really come in a little bit more 10th grade. It was like about a hundred percent of my food was on for just gaining weight and getting big.

And I got really big, a lot of weight in my 10th grade year and got kind of chubby. I actually got fat, but and then can, and I still was lifted away. So it was a big football player guy, but it was definitely I would literally make sure I ate all my meals.

So I could put the size on for the next coming season. And then the freshman year in college, I was a hundred percent of my food, not just for gaining weight, but for fitness. So I knew about carbs and fats and proteins and getting the right amounts and weighing them and measuring them and planning on the night before and sticking to a strict plan.

That was my freshman year in college. And that’s where I really started losing weight, getting in shape. And then my sophomore year of college, I had lost 83 pounds and I started competing in fitness and I started winning bodybuilding shows or at least placing in the top few competitors at top honors in bodybuilding competition. So it’s really like about a, was that 16.

Three, four, five, six, Seven year progress that it took me to really get the diet and the workout down. So honestly I was, I really sucked. I was horrible at getting fitness and sticking to fitness and need and finding a good plan to follow a good trainer to follow. So really what I did was kind of hoarse around for about seven years.

And then I finally got fitness serious. I had a written plan or written diet written workout, had a good coach and so on, but that’s where, that’s my progress from being in a fit beginner fitness guy who just jacked around and played in the gyms in OKC. That was really interested all the way to personally mastering my emotions on food, my emotions on wanting to actually work out.

So I’m going to give you 10 mistakes to avoid for beginners and fitness. The first tip to avoid is procrastinating. Instead of starting, you gotta quit procrastinating. It’s like the Nike slogan says, just do it. I tell my clients if you want to really get in shape and you struggle with getting to the gyms in OKC, just get in the car, drive down there and start walking that first 10 minutes.

So don’t even think about your workout. Just get down there and go 10 minutes on treadmill. Once that blood starts to flow, serotonin and dopamine are two pleasure hormones in the brain and motivation increases as those increase in the blood value, blood blood volume. So you will literally start feeling better and more apps to want to work out after you kind of wake the body up.

So just get there, just do it and walk for about 10 minutes to get the blood going. Then you’ll go over to the machine. You start working out, then you can do another one and another one. So success breeds, success actions sorry, staying in motion. Things that are in motion. Stay in motion. Gotta get that motion started.

So don’t procrastinate. Don’t push it off. Master your emotions. Don’t let your emotions hold you hostage. Like it says, just do it on the Nike slogan. So number one, procrastinating, instead of starting, you gotta quit. Quit procrastinating, just do it. I tell everybody to do the workouts.

First thing in the morning on a morning routine, wake up, grab their, you know, grab a, grab a free workout, drink, hit out the door, hit the gyms in OKC, get home cleaned up. She’s going to really motivate you for the day. So you’ve got to really master the emotions of all of that and not procrastinate.

Just do it like Nike says, number two, four, 10 mistakes to avoid for beginners and fitness. Number two, skipping workouts, unnecessary unnecessarily. This is where that’d be something I struggled a lot with like in seventh grade, I would like do a workout than I miss a workout, do a workout.

And I miss a workout. So skipping workouts unnecessarily, you gotta set it and forget it. Put a time, block it on your calendar time, block it on your phone and just hit the repeat button. You E I tell people if you’re in, if you’re doing that, you want it, but you just kind of want it. If you really want it, you’re going to do it.

So it’s not for sissies. It’s not for anybody that just kind of feels like they want to do it one day. You have to commit and do it. So, like I said, get in the car and get down there to start walking and get that motivation would get that serotonin and get that dopamine going.

But no skipping workouts unnecessarily. Number three, quitting before an exercise in quitting before an exercise ends. A lot of times when I was in seventh grade and I’d work out with the group and we’d work out, I would cut a cat, a set, or cut two sets. So I, Hey, I’m already done, but I’m not really done.

So if you’re, you’re only cheating yourself. If you’re quitting before an exercise ends, you’re cheating yourself. Also trying to treadmill just to go 45 minutes. And you know, at 30 minutes, don’t cut yourself short and get that in, get it all in. If you don’t have time, come back and pick it up later in the day.

So I want you guys to be committed and really execute. It’s like I said, it’s not, it’s not for sissies. It’s not easy, but you can do it.
And if you want the results bad enough, you will do it. So no more quitting before an exercise. Number four, a common mistake that people do for beginners and fitness is that he set vague goals.

The more that you can clearly define expectations and boundaries and where you want to go in your workout. I always tell people like I give people free templates that have a book, a book, and also a diet plan workout plan. That’s called the [inaudible]. It’s very, very strategic for is losing fat and gaining muscle.

You need to make sure you got Google’s. I want to be a leaner, more of tone version. I want to cut 30 pounds of fat, put 10 pounds of muscle on, but the more strategic you are, the more tendency you’re going to have to hit it. So don’t set big goals. Beginners seem to always set vague goals.

They don’t accomplish much. So number five, going too hard, too fast. A lot of beginners, they call them hard starters, bad finishers. They came in there, they run on the treadmill or lifting every single machine in the place. And they’re just killing it. It’s like there’s no rhyme or reason. They’re just hitting absolutely everything.

The next thing you don’t see him for three months. So don’t be a hard starter, bad finisher. This is number five, common mistake for beginners and fitness. You go way too hard, too fast. You don’t have a written plan. I tell people when I give you my plan no more, no less than exactly what it says.

Oh Charles, can I, can I run an extra hour? No. Cause you’re going to burn out no more, no less than exactly what it says. I promise you, you’re going to drop weight a two pounds, three pounds a week, and you’re going to become leaner, more tone, more fit.

And in 12 to 24 weeks, you’re going to look like a totally different person. I promise no more, no less than what the plan says. Don’t go so hard in the beginning that you burn yourself out. So that would be going too hard, too fast as to number five for basically mistakes that beginners and fitness make number six, not getting enough.

Rest, number six, not getting enough. Rest. A lot of beginners, they all stay up all night. They don’t get good sleep. Their body needs to be recovered. They try to go back into the next workout. They feel like a PUD. Can’t get a pump. They can’t feel good. So you need to make sure you’re getting enough.

Rest six to eight hours. Every body’s different. Six to eight is what I run the best on. Most of my clients do as well. If you’re dieting really hard, sometimes you need more rest. If you’re training really hard, sometimes you need more rest. You’re really stressed, sometimes you may need more rest, but anything more than eight mainly makes me more depressed and more lazy.

So you get too much. It makes it worse. Get too little, makes it worse. Six to eight hours is really good for most people to try to hit. So if you just set a clock at seven and kind of do a self assessment whether you need more or less, that’s what I would encourage you to do. So number seven, common mistake in beginners and fitness ignoring your body signals.

Let’s say you tweak something and you feel like a sharp pain in your elbow. Well, listen to it. Anything that’s a sharp needle. Like pain is only going to get worse than the now if it’s like a slight burn that kind of loosens up or like a muscle ache to kind of loosens up as you kind of keep moving through the motion, that’s fine.

Anything that’s sharp, you gotta listen to that. Listen to your body signals or listen to your body. What really feels fatigued. Maybe you need to have another rest day. So listen to your body, listen to your body. I do understand discipline, but also you got to pay attention to, are you overdoing it? I have had a tendency to be all in.

So when I go, I mean, I will a little, I will demolish my body. So I have to listen to my body now that I’m not 25 or 35 anymore. Now that I’m getting to the 40 year old age, my body doesn’t recover as well. So I have to listen to it to, I want to keep it healthy and fit for a long, long life. So listen to your body.

Number eight, common mistakes that beginners and fitness make avoid hard to work muscle groups. If you know that you’re, if it’s on your plan, it’s in your strategic plan that you’re wanting to hit. Other guys don’t want to do legs. For example, get your legs, do your legs. I remember I should tell people like for squats, like people say like, you know, I hate doing legs.

I’m like, yeah, I totally love it. I literally go in there for a whole hour and just do 10 sets of 10 on squat and then do a bunch of singles, you know? And next thing you know, I ended up loving squat. So don’t avoid it. Just push into the difficult ones and you’re going to get a great response.

So don’t avoid the hard to work muscle groups. That’s a lot of people in fitness struggle with that. So just keep whatever your plan says no more, no less than exactly what it says.

And it will work. Nine eating garbage. This is really common with beginners in fitness. They’ll say I’m working out. I’m going to go ahead and have whatever I want now. No, you can’t just eat crap all the time. You got one hour in the gyms in OKC, you got 24 other hours. You can screw it up with your food.

So as a fitness coach diet coach, you’ve got to be on point with eating your food. If you want to get your results. So you gotta quit eating the garbage, quit eating the garbage. Why am I saying this? Apex 24 fitness NSM Cooper Institute, they’ll say anywhere from 70 to 80% of your clients, success is that nutritional program that they’re following.

So you can’t eat garbage, garbage in, garbage, out, garbage and garbage. What you look like now, if you’re 15 or 18, you may be getting away with it. Once you hit like 24, 26, 28 30, I’m telling you, you can’t eat garbage and get away with it. So number 10, the last mistake to sorry, last the, the 10th mistake to avoid for beginners and fitness failing to appreciate your success.

A lot of times you’re in a routine you’re going and I’ll use compare yourself like mr. Olympia or a top level athlete in a magazine. So make sure that you appreciate your success. If you’re down to three pounds, you know, you followed the food food really well, be proud of yourself, be confident and encourage yourself.

So what you put out with, you’re bringing about put out positive into yourself. So I don’t want you to be a person that can’t manage your emotions and you speak untruth and push yourself down, speak highly of yourself, encourage yourself make sure you don’t fail to appreciate your success.

I want you guys to be super successful in your weight loss, workout, fitness journey. Last couple of things. We’ll revisit this real quick 10 mistakes to avoid for beginners and fitness, 10 mistakes to avoid for beginners and fitness. Number one is procrastinating instead of just starting number two.

Skipping workouts and necessarily number three quitting before an exercise ends, you don’t want to finish that hour on treadmill. You just stop it. He said you can’t do that for setting vague goals. You need strategic goals. Very, very specific goals, more specific, the better five going too hard, too fast. Don’t burn yourself out.

Number six, not getting enough rest. Make sure you get enough rest and sleep. Number seven, ignoring your body signals. Listen to your body. If it’s, if it’s way off track a haven’t had a good rest or you’re sick, or you’re not eating enough, listen to it and make adjustments eight, avoid hard to work.

Muscle groups. Make sure you have, you have a plan. Do it exactly like it says no more, no less. Don’t cut it short. Don’t just avoid certain muscle groups. Hit them all. Number nine, eating garbage, quit eating crap. You got to quit all the garbage coming in. Number 10, failing to appreciate your success. Make sure you coach yourself up.

What you put out is what you bring them out. Put out positivity in yourself. I am healthy. I am happy. God has made. I got a great family that loves me. So just make sure you appreciate your successes in life. I’ve eaten good for a week. I’ve dropped five pounds. Well on my track to be in down 40 pounds, 50 pounds.

So next one I focus in on, do you want to be successful? Another thing you want to be focused on is making sure you’re picking the right people to be around that make you improve.

There’s a quote that says, show me your friends and I’ll show you what you’ll be in the future. So show me your friends and I’ll show you what you’ll be in the future that comes back to Proverbs. Proverbs is as a, as a subscription in the Bible written by King Solomon. One of the most successful wealthy individuals in all of history and perhaps, maybe the wealthiest person ever in mankind’s history.

There’s a book in the Bible called Proverbs. It’s amazing. I highly encourage you to read Proverbs every single day, but it says Proverbs 13, seven says walk with the wise and you’ll become wise for a companion of fools, suffers harm. Basically the people you put yourself around will influence you.

What I want you to do is be very strategic, put the right people around you so that your influence for the better, I want you to be an amazing success story. So that’s Proverbs 13, 20. Look it up. It’s found in the Bible, Proverbs 13:20 walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools, suffers harm, surround yourself with the right people.

Make sure that helping you improve. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. You guys have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye. Bye.