Getting Kids to Exercise: 6 Action Items | Episode 7

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. Today we’re going to jump into getting kids to exercise at Arlington gyms and six action items and to start off your lifetimes. Kids nowadays are not. They’re so focused on tech and uh, families are busy and people aren’t setting up good plans for their kids to, you know, getting out and about and exercise and do things and do things together.

So today I’m going to jump in here and talk about six action items that you can be doing to getting your kids to exercise. So number one, I actually have three kids and it is very difficult to get the kids to want to exercise. And so I’ve got one kid’s a big gamer and a kid that loved me on the phone. And so you have to kind of set some boundaries up. But here’s some six action items that you too can be successful on getting your kids to exercise.

You can do this podcast

You can do this podcast

So the first action item is planning new traditions. You know, say Saturday morning you get up and you eat breakfast and do stuff, replace like eating a bunch of junk or spending time with food like in the morning with food and eating junk food and replace it with something like getting up, taking a brisk walk or go to a park or going for a bike, ride with the family, um, go to Arlington gyms, uh, and choosing healthier options in the morning for breakfast.

And then going straight out and say, Hey, let’s go exercise or let’s go, let’s go to the park. And play at the park is, they’re playing, are distracted. They’re just mainly having fun, but they’re also getting exercise or let’s go for a bike ride and make it a tradition to like go on a bike ride. We would go on bike rides and take our kids all around the neighborhood and we’d go to the park and run around the parks and bike ride.

And to a park is one of our moves we used to do. It was awesome. So setting up this tradition, so Saturday morning, Hey, let’s go to the park together as a family and that gets everybody up and going and moving and having fun and it kinda gets you jump-started for the day and they’ll look forward to it too. They’ll actually like, how are we going to go the park?

Are we going to go for a ride? So they actually get excited about, so start that new tradition. So number two, and it’s making physical activity at Arlington gyms, a family policy, um, make sure that, uh, you want to exercise. Exercise is mandatory. Make it mandatory in your house that you need to be exercising every day. Um, and if, if, uh, if you don’t start doing that, it’s really difficult to get them to do it later on in the teen years.

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But, um, we have, uh, set up a thing, you know, where we have action items for the kids every day that they need to check off. And it’s like reading your Bible, um, doing their exercise and making sure all their homework is done and those three action items have to get done every day. Um, we’re talking about it at referencing it and say, what did you do? And so you, you, you trust, but you verify.

So I was at verify the evening that they got all that stuff done and they like it, they’re happier for it. So number three is to limit screen time of like televisions and computer and cell phones. Uh, there’s a lot of studies out there that are now showing that, um, I think it’s Forbes has an article out there. It’s like 11 hours a day. People are on their phone 11 hours a day.

You can Google it and look it up. Uh, if you don’t believe me. But there are some articles out there that are, that intense and social interaction is so necessary, I think. And we’ve got to get our kids off those devices. We’ve had, like people who’ve had vision issues and health issues because of this headaches. Um, uh, so only about 30% of kids, there’s studies are showing that only about 30% said of kids say that they have limits on screen time or video games and computers and so on.

But when parents set limits, it’s really healthy for the kids to know that and to cut that down. Um, so you know, say, Hey, we’re only going to be doing, you know, three hours a day is our max that you could either be in front of the screen, um, and that’s going to be very, very healthy, helps them to stay active.

So number four, take adventure walks in the neighborhood of the woods. So plan to go hiking with the kids, go for a walk with the kids. Um, go to a local park or soccer field, play wiffle ball, play kickball, climb the jungle gym, go to Arlington gyms. But, uh, doing things like this is super fun for them and gets them going, gets them active and it’s fun for you as an adult. It gets you out exercising as well.

Um, number five, uh, put fun first so kids don’t feel judged by their sports performance. So w what’s you’re saying is like, don’t make it all about, you know, being the best at something, but make it more about just having fun together and making, exercising fun together. Having a game that you play, red light, green light, something that is or assignment says or something that’s fun to do with a family, gets them exercising and gets them going.

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Um, number six, if your kid is a gamer, consider some sort of active games. Like, um, there’s we fitness and this dance revolution stuff. Or there’s certain things that can do that, um, uh, that are out, I don’t know all the newest stuff and new newest items, but you can do game things that actually helped them exercise and do things and they get really engaged with that and that will give them physical activity.

So that’s an awesome, awesome action item as well. So to recap on these awesome six action items. Um, plan to set new traditions. Uh, like Saturday morning we’re going to go to the park, but for bike ride, go to the park. Number two, make physical activity. A family policy set up like three rules. Homework’s always done exercise for at least 20 minutes doing something, whether it’s go for a bike ride, you know, or uh, you know, go for a walk for 20 minutes or whatever.

Make that a policy. Um, and then, uh, number three, limit their screen time. Say that, uh, you, you put, we actually can put limits on our daughter’s phone to keep them from going over and then they have to come back to us and we have to put a code in if it goes over so that we’ll set up a boundary there. Those are very healthy for them. And then for them to realize that this is a really major time suck for me. I’m not being productive. It’s good for them to realize that helps them take a meta perspective, like an up and over perspective of themselves and what they’re doing with their day.

As far as in time management, I’m number four, I’m take adventure walks to the neighborhood and the woods. So like planning those events out, it’s a super fun thing to say, Hey, we’re going to go to this local adventure park or we’re going to go to this, uh, you know, forest and go hiking or you know, that kind of thing.

Or if not just go render her neighborhood. So it’s, it’s a lot of things like that are great options. Number five, put fun first. Um, don’t make it about like some sort of performance or that you, I have to be the best, but just make it fun. Make it fun, make it fun, make it fun that way that they are, uh, relate in their brains. It’s a mental trigger, a serotonin, dopamine and pleasure. It’s fun as they’re doing exercise, it triggers healthy responses in the brain.

Um, and then also if they’re a gamer, if they like to do games, find games that recruit physical activity, like the answer of Ellucian or these we fitness games where you use your arms and legs and move around and, and so on. So those are the six action items for getting your kids to exercise at Arlington gyms. Um, the more that you can do that and show that as a parent, it also helps you be fit and exercise, uh, is setting an example for them.

It’s setting them to be a generational thing that they’ll do more of that type of thing with their kids. My brother’s really good at it. He plans events once a month to take his family out to some sort of cool park or hiking trip. And he’s done really well with that and it’s really kind of fun time to take cool pictures and have memories.

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You could follow the plan for 30 days. So basically good workout, get in great shape and get all your money back in the first 30 days. No risk. We just want to make you get in, feel good about yourself, and I make a change. And also help you learn that those components you can encourage your kids. So today’s podcast was on getting your kids to exercise the six action steps. So you guys have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you guys tomorrow at the best of all Arlington gyms. Bye bye.