Episode 70 - Tips for new gym users

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fitness centers OKC

Hey there, this is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about tips for new gym users. These are tips for new gym users. So the problem is, is that new gym users want to get in shape, but they really don’t know what to do and the right mindset to have, or the why. So I’m going to tell you some of the top tips for fitness success, if you’re new to the fitness centers OKC.

Without further ado the solution to these issues, I’m going to give you a few tips here. So tip number one is identify why and identify your why. So you can be clear about what your goals are. Identifying your why, so you can be clear about your goals. So if I’m working with a client, I want to figure out why they’re there.

Why are they’re there to work out? Why are they wanting to get in shape? What is the deeper motivator? What psychologically, emotionally, physically, what is the deal? Why are they coming to me? Why is it important? So a lot of people, for example want to look good. A lot of people want to improve their self esteem. They want to feel better about themselves are more comfortable in their skin.

A lot of people want to improve their health. So they can live longer for their kids or their grandkids, or just, just live longer in general or improve their quality of life. Some people are getting older and they want to improve their strength so they can stay functional.

Some people are wanting to improve their strength for a specific sport like sport performance training. And this is like power training or strength, training, or power lifting for maybe football or some sort of sport performance thing, or maybe a job.

Maybe you want to improve your strength for your jobs. You can become more productive. You can maybe pull more orders or fill more orders if you’re doing some sort of manual labor. So there’s lots of different reasons. I try to get into the why. And so for, for example, for myself, my top reason is, is when I feel good about my self, like my physical self, it also makes me feel more motivated in my life and my work.

So I like feeling comfortable in my skin. I like to feel confident. I like to feel attractive. And I was over 300 pounds in high school and I lost 83 pounds with the help of a trainer and got into fitness. And it totally revolutionized my self confidence. My self esteem, I felt really comfortable in my skin. Wasn’t what I was real uncomfortable, but I never really felt good about the way I looked.

And I really felt like I looked good and I got compliments. And that was really for me and my self esteem. So that was probably my biggest reason. And I also did bodybuilding and sport performance training. I’ve been powerlifting and bodybuilding, but my main reason right now is just to be healthy and to feel good, mainly to feel good in my skin and to stay overall healthy for my general health.

I like routines. I like keeping things simple, keeping a good set routine. And then when I wake up in the morning, I get a workout in and out of that mode also motivates me to do my work and be more productive.

So the mental and physical element is huge for me. Through the course of training, thousands of clients, what are their top reasons? What is their, why? What would I find out most of the time when I sit down with a client, do a questionnaire or a goal assessment with a client, they’ll end up saying you know, I want to lose weight is one of the real common things and why, and the big.

Why is, is that most people feel like they, they don’t look good for what they want out of themselves. They want to improve their self esteem, their body image. They want to look better in their clothes and their suit and their dress.

But even most times it’s, it’s, it’s more for cosmetic looking better reasons. And then for health reasons as well. But the biggest part is that improves their confidence and their self esteem. And they just, they just want to look better is the biggest factor for most of the ideal and likely buyers that come into a fitness centers OKC, which are 20, 30, 40 year olds are wanting just to look fit and attractive or, or look better.

If they let’s say you’re a mom, you’ve had three or four kids and you want to kind of get back in shape. You know, what you look like when you were younger and you know, that you could be better. And so you feel like, Hey, I want to get back on track.

And, and, and so it’s a guys too same thing. So a lot of people want to just feel like they’re in shape and look good, feel good, be confident. So tip number two, I’m going to talk about is when you first start working on the fitness centers OKC, a lot of people you want to kill the workouts. They want to, you know, just say, I’m going to do it. I’m going to really do it.

And they’re hard starters and bad finishers. Basically they overdo it and they don’t really think things through. So I try to encourage people to keep workouts very, very simple and about 30 minutes. So come in, do a 30 minute workout. .

Do your weights, do a little bit of cardio, get in, get out and check that box of being consistent because consistency is way more important over intensity. So tip number two is 30 minute workouts, no more than an hour, but 30 minutes to an hour be max.

Cause I don’t want you to overdo it. You’re just starting off in a fitness centers OKC. You’re not probably in shape. You don’t want to not like the experience cause it’s a bad taste in your mouth, right? To start off. It’s not going to go well. So do a 30 minute workout, do a little bit of cardio, do a few weight machines. They can go get a massage and leave for the day and feel good about yourself.

And that’s a huge accomplishment. It’s something that you’re building into a routine. Cause the goal is as health routine, not a onetime, you know, just kill it workout. So that brings me into tip number three, remembering that consistency over intensity is very important.

What, what gets you in shape is you doing something over and over and over for six months, say 30 minute workout every day, six months with following up and a consistent, better nutrition plan, you’re going to lose a ton of weight and look a lot better or vice versa.

You come in and you do some sort of like killer CrossFit routine and you’re doing tons and tons and tons of stuff and tons and tons and tons cardio, but you burn out, you only do it for a week or two weeks and you never do a workout again for six months and you never master a healthy routine for your diet. You, you just, you, you want to keep things consistent.

And so the big thing here is just working out consistency consistently, not coming in and just crushing one hard workout a week and then missing all the other days of the week or hitting one hard workout and then not showing up the fitness centers OKCfor another three weeks. So build that into your routine, make it consistent. You want to time block that around your week. So consistent over intensity. So be consistent over high intensity.

That’s the next tip too. Number three, tip number four is you want to find out a work, find a workout buddy. So at Colaw fitness, everybody gets to bring a friend for free every day and they get to use everything in the fitness centers OKC or you can bring family member, but basically you always have a buddy that you can take with you. It can be a different buddy, but if you can find one that actually motivates you to work out right better.

And so pick your friends and that really likes to work out, that will push you to work out, make them your workout, buddy. Don’t pick somebody that’s going to kind of de-motivate you. The only way you’d want to do that is if you’re already on a really good routine, you’re really motivated yourself and you’re just trying to encourage somebody else.

But if you’re trying to get started, try to find a partner to go with you that you know, will encourage you to go more and promote you in your fitness journey.
So find a workout, buddy that motivates you. So tip number four, find a workout buddy that motivates you to go and actually you know, push yourself, tip number five, keep workouts simple and the same, keep workout simple.

And the same. So when you start off working out, you don’t know a lot of form technique, you haven’t built habits. So you want to find a really simple template to follow and do the same thing over and over again for a couple weeks, maybe even months, maybe even the first year. The big thing is, is that you build such a routine that it’s completely mind freedom to go to the fitness centers OKC.

You clearly know how to do the reps, the sets, the form, the technique, everything is very familiar to you. And but, but simply keeping consistency and making workout simple and being being the same is a huge successful component that we are not showing up, not knowing what to do and things are changing a lot.

So I always tell people to keep your workout simple and the same for at least the first 90 days, keep the workouts simple and the same. So tip number six, don’t compare yourself to others. A lot of people when they go to the fitness centers OKC or why they don’t want to go to the gym is that they’re so afraid of what other people think. This is the deal.

This is about self care. You’re caring for yourself. So it wants you to do is everybody has their own fitness journey. Everybody has their own progressional. Everybody has their own struggles mental, physical, and really the biggest thing is, is, is, is the biggest restriction I have with a client is never their health, never their weight. It’s always their mindset. I’ve had 96 year old clients come in and have tremendous results.

It sounds crazy, but I literally have had that training somebody from 96 to 101 and had great success. I’ve had people that are in their mid sixties with had had 47 surgeries far as joints and diabetes and overweight and heart issues and strokes and all sorts of stuff.

And what happens is it comes down to a mindset more than the physical issues. So you always your biggest limiting re re limiting your biggest limiting factor is your mindset. So I want you to do is not compare yourself to others. Say I’m going to do the best for me. I’m not afraid of everybody else in the world. I’m going to make a healthy choice to get on a simple and same routine.

Going to exercise and eat better for the next 30 days and see what happens. And when you’re done with like 30 days of consistently working out consistently eating better, and you’re down 15 or 20 pounds of objectively, you can look at yourself or failure.

If you’re a self in your clothes and, and, and be proud of yourself, you have made a great transition. Like I said, I’ve lost 83 pounds from being 303 pounds to dropping 83 pounds of the course of his trainer. And you have to just, at that first point, you have to really focus on just not comparing yourself. Cause you don’t feel good about yourself yet, but just get in there, start exercising.

And before you know it, nine months later like me, I am super excited about how I feel. I look better. I remember I ran across the college campus and I didn’t get out of breath. Felt great about myself. And I was like, this is so amazing to feel this way, feel this light. So anyways great, great, great, great component. Don’t compare yourself to others. So tip number seven. Be patient.

What happens is, is a lot of people want to start. Especially nowadays, everybody wants immediate gratifications. You want to see results like tomorrow. Okay. you can see them quickly. We’ve got programs that will help you see that quickly and safely it’s that, but it’s still gonna take like 30 days to really start seeing the resistance, really your, your body and your body fat.

And your weight is more reflection of six months to a year of habits than it is just a week. So remember it takes time to fall out of shape. It takes time to fall back in shape. Why do you moms who’ve had three or four kids and you’re now 30, 40, 60, 30, 40, 50, 60 pounds over your high school weight.

It didn’t happen overnight. It happened over the course of those years. So you’ve got to give yourself some time, but if you stay diligent and you get a simple and sane program, you be very consistent.

And you don’t miss days and you don’t miss days of your workouts or your better nutrition plan in six months, you’re going to be a lot leaner, a lot lighter and feel a lot better. It’s not rocket science. I’ve done it with thousands of clients.

So you gotta be patient. So tip number eight, food prep and workout prep. What you have to do is if you want to be successful in fitness as a beginner fitness person, you have to make sure that you prioritize the food prep and the workout prep over the rest of your, your, your, your schedule.

So what that means is you’re going to have to meta plan your day, like the night before, before you go to bed, you need to make sure that you’ve written down your workout time and it works with your schedule. Nothing’s going to derail it.

Okay? Gotta prep that workout time. And then you’ve got to make sure before you go to bed prep, all your meals. So we’ve got the CF 30 nutrition plan or workout plans. It’s a mind frame, fitness workout journal. Pick that up. It’ll tell you everything, how to shop for it, how to cook it, how to get everything ready for it, and just how to follow it for 30 days.

But what you want to do is prep all your food the night before prep your workout time the night before. So when you wake up, you simply grab your bag of food. Let’s say it’s an a, an, a food prep bag or a, some sort of container that you can take with you. And then you got all your food ready for the day. You get your workout time scheduled. You had everything timed on your phone, and you’re not gonna fall off track.

So it gives you complete mind, freedom and peace. Know that your whole next day scheduled, you’ve prioritized your workout and your food, but you have to do this right now over everything else, because this is the deal. If you, if you, if you allow other things to get you off track on that, you’re not going to be successful. You’re not going to stay motivated.

So for at least the first two weeks, you have to say my workout and my food is going to be more important than anything else. And I encourage people to work out before the day gets started. So it’s a lot harder to, to get we’ll off track if it’s okay, you know, two, three, four hours before your, your Workday starts. So if you wake up, like for me, like five in the morning. Had a workout, clean up, get ready and have all your food ready for the day.

So before my first appointment, before I can get basically held hostage by some sort of burning fire at work or family, I’ve already got all my stuff taken care of. And I got all my stuff prepped out. So either do that the night before, or wake up super early in the morning. But failing to plan is planning to fail. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

So say it one more time, failing to plan your food and your workout time. You are already set up to fail that next day. So prepare the food the night before, prepare the food the night before, or prepare your workout time the night before, prepare your workout at the time, the night before. So, and you will be successful. Tip 19 is just do it like the Nike slogan.

Here’s the deal. If you let your emotions, how you feel, dictate your choices, you’re going to lose every time. What happens is, is your emotions get high to wake up in the morning, your alarm goes off, you’ve already made a preset decision to get up and to do something at a certain time, right?

But the problem is is you don’t feel like it emotionally, your emotions are now pulling your logic back to hold you hostage from what your true deepest desire and goal is. So like I said, take action over emotion and just do it, just do it. So three, two, one pop out of bed, three, two, one pop out of bed. There’s science behind this jurors to down sequence.

When you count backwards, it’s like a launch. So alarm goes off three, two, one pop out of bed action over emotion and just do it. That’s tip number nine. And that is the last tip. So basically I’m gonna recap real quick.

We’ve got the problem was as new fitness centers OKC users are wanting to get in shape or they don’t know what to do, and I’d given you nine tips to be successful. So tip one is identifying your why most people want to lose weight, feel better about themselves and prove how they feel in their skin, basically to be more comfortable and confident in the cells and also have some health benefits.

Tip number two is to start your workout simple, do about at least a 30 minute workout. No more than an hour. Don’t go crazy. Tip number three is being consistent is way more important than doing one intense workout and then not coming back. So start simple with a 30 minute workout tip number that’s number two. Number three is being consistent.

Tip number four, find a workout, buddy. That’s going to motivate you. Tip number five, keep workout simple. And the same tip. Number six, don’t compare yourself to others. Tip number seven, be patient. Tip eight.

Food prep and workout prep. Make sure you’ve done that the night before. Tip nine. Just do it. Take action over emotion. Don’t let your emotions hold you hostage from your deepest truest goals. So visit the fitness centers OKC with Colaw Fitness today.

Okay. A call to action. This is how you guys can do it. I want to set this up so it can be completely simple for you and complete mind. Freedom. That is why I’ve designed the CF 30 class it’s Colaw fitness, 30 days, a Colaw fitness, 30 day diet and workout class that we offer at the fitness centers OKC for free. It’s called CF 30 Colaw fitness 30 day.

What that is is there’s a mind frame document that you can get and walk through with the trainer. And then it tell you exactly what to be eating and how to exercise. So you can be extremely successful for the first 30 days. So it’s complete mind, freedom.

And on top of that, on top of that free, you can actually buy the [inaudible] journal. This is a book that Amber and I have written my wife, Amber and I have written. And we will coach you through the first three days of being successful for losing weight and getting in shape every workout every, every food prep thing, all that stuff is right there, right there.

And you actually, it’s a checklist. You can check things off as you go through each day to keep you on track. So this is something that takes away all the emotion, having to understand everything I talked about on this podcast, you can get the simple journal, follow the journal for 30 days and be extremely successful.

So step one need to go to co-op fitness and joint of fitness. If you have already then great, if you haven’t come check us out, go off it.

And it’s basically, it’s $1 down to start your membership or membership, or as low as $5 a month, you get free guest privileges. You can work out, you can tan, you can massage. You can get free trainer instruction, everything for as low as $5 a month. That’s where two people can work out.

Can massage have free trainer instruction, free nutrition instruction, and you can bring a friend for free that’s for as low as five bucks. So it’s a great deal. And in the first 30 days, it’s no risk. If you don’t like it, for some reason, we’re not a good fit.

We’ll give you your dollar back. So it’s a complete money back guarantee. You get to use the fitness centers OKC completely for like a trial of 30 days and see if it’s a good fit for you. So my highest desire is your greatest gain and your success.

So join Colaw fitness, try it out. No risk start the free [inaudible] class by that sea of 30 journalists is $10. It’s basically the cost of that and a teeny bit of profit. Have you got to make something off that book and then follow the food plan, start exercising, re we actually, in that book, we have re daily words of encouragement for mental health and career to keep you on track.

I encourage you. Yeah. Also, if you don’t believe me, go to Google and type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews, and you can read all the different reviews about us and the company.

If you want to also see people that have lost weight and gotten shape that I’ve worked with go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, and you can see tons and tons of people that have lost weight and got in shape on these similar principles that I’m talking about today for, as in dieting, eating healthier working out consistently that, that kind of thing.

So go to Colaw fitness, check us out. Yeah, free 30 class. So start that a class. Get that CF30 journal and follow it to a T. Thanks for listening. This is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw with the Colaw fitness podcast. You guys have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.