Episode 71 - 100 Tips to Tone Up (Part 1)

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about 100 tips to tone up the body. So 100 tips to tone up. This is part one. We’re going to go through one through 50 at first. And so, and then we’ll do part two after part one. So without further ado see here is the problem.

The problem is that new gym exercisers or new Arlington TX gyms users are not knowing what to do when they, when they go to the gym or how to lose weight, how to get in shape. And they don’t know what to do to, to basically get their body to be a leaner, more toned version of themselves.

And so I’m going to give you some top tips. I actually did some research and found some stuff on fit simply.com and they talked about a bunch of different tips. So I’m going to talk about some of the tips that they’ve listed and and give some of my take on some of those things. And so without further ado the top 100 tips off of a fit simply.com.

So to start off in this article to talk about doing all these different tips is, remember your, your remember that your dream body starts in the kitchen. And I cannot emphasize that more as well. The apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute, they’ll talk about 70 to 80% of a client’s results comes from the foods that you eat. So number one component is the food that you’re eating.

I’ve got about eight national certifications as a fitness trainer and diet is the most important thing. I used to be 300 pounds in high school. I lost 83 pounds when I changed my diet and started working out and I ended up winning a second place in the teen, Mister Oklahoma bodybuilding show.

So it changed my life, gave me great confidence. And so a huge thing. So food is number one. Number two, they talk about doing high intensity workouts or hit workouts. High intensity workouts, basically high intensity workouts are a deal. If you’re trying to get fit, add tension to your muscles by using resistance bands is what they talk about here or weights.

And it’s going to help your body basically stimulate those muscle fibers and get in better shape. So high intensity workouts are you can look them up and research them, but anything that recruits those muscle fibers. And I really agree with that.

A lot of the times when I weight lift, I’ll do like a two count on the negative and explosive one, count two, count negative explosive, one count on the concentrate. So East centric, as you’re coming down with the weight to.

And then explosive one count, and that really does bring some intensity to that muscle fiber recruitment and gets really good results. So number the next one is number three, do at least 30 minutes of cardio a day. Even if you don’t. I want to I have a book out.

This is called the 30 book. If you do the CF30 book, we actually do about 500 calories every day in that book. And you lose anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds of body fat through the diet plan in there, it’s complete mind freedom. But then this article that talked about doing 30 minutes every day mine’s more like 45 minutes every day.

But if you do that, even if you don’t want to, I promise you, your body’s going to lean out. It is not rocket science. And this article is saying, doing at least 30 minutes every day of cardio, even if you don’t want to, number four is make sure that you stretch before you run or stretch before you do cardio or weights or anything.

So stretching is super important. A lot of us I’m about I was 40 years old and I used to just jump into exercises. And now that I’m older, I have to stretch. And I want to encourage everybody to get into a good routine where you warm up your body and you stretch it out before you go into intense exercises. So that is a huge
Number five is increase the incline on the treadmill.

So when you are walking on a treadmill making your body push yourself harder. Like increasing the incline and getting your heart rate above one 20 anywhere between one 20 and about one 40 is a really good range that you’re going to burn a lot of fat and that’s also gonna help work.

Your basically when you, when you increase the resistance or increase the incline, your body’s stimulated have to work harder, working harder than increases your body’s cellular respiration demand your oxygen, respiration demand, and your body wants to get more oxygen and thus your heart rate increases. Thus it strengthens your heart.

Thus it burns more calories cause it’s demanding more calories to be burned off the body. So increasing the treadmill will help your results. Number six, control your portion size a lot of different diets out there. I have my take on a lot of them.

I like are the lower glycaemic higher protein, rich diets, cause you become smaller and you become more toned and fit. So you’re a more smaller, more fit, toned version of yourself. And when you control the portion size,

It also adds to the benefit of that. If you’re not eating good or even you’re eating out, or you have a cheat meal, anytime you control the portion of it, you’re just eating less. That’s going to help don’t overeat on your fitness journey. So you want to eat just enough to you’re satisfied, not stuffed. So eat too. You’re satisfied, not your stuff.

That’s called number six on this article, controlling your portion size. Number seven is build your muscles by having protein, rich diet. I can’t agree. More protein is very thermic. It actually increases your metabolism. Protein also helps your muscles grow. So that in turn is going to basically force your body to use more of its fat as energy.

And because your metabolism increases and then you have the amino acid proteins in the body, which is going to heal repair and grow that muscle tissue. So thus you are a smaller, more solid toned version of yourself and that’s the wind that most everybody wants.

So number eight, drink green tea to help you with the weight loss, drinking green tea, to help you with weight loss, basically green tea helps boost your metabolism and helps boost weight loss, but lots of different studies out there. I haven’t used it. A ton of have used it some it does a little bit, but not a lot. I do think there’s some benefit to it.

You can look it up, research it, see if it’s a good fit for you. Number nine, workout at home, I’m using resistance bands. So if you can’t get to the Arlington TX gyms, if you don’t have a place to exercise, so you can always work out at home with resistance bands if you are working out at your house you can, it’s, it’s, it’s a little bit more convenient. He can just wake up and run into, I’ve got a pool house.

That’s been converted into a Arlington TX gymsand I run it. I jumped in there when I can’t get in the gym. Of course I love one of the gym, cause there’s way more variety. And I like having some camaraderie with other people and not just completely being isolated by myself all the time, but I do use the home gym when I am very in demand of, of, of time crunch.

So yes, workout at home is a great option. Number 10 don’t overspend on Arlington TX gyms equipment. Don’t overspend on gym equipment. You can get a lot of simple stuff for the house for inexpensive amounts. And it’s very affordable for easy to do frozen hand dumbbells or a ball that you can re or resistance bands and AB balls, core stability balls. You can do a lot of different things at home.

Do you just Google home workouts, especially during the, all the COVID stuff. A lot of people did home workouts and then also over don’t overspend on Arlington TX gyms. There’s no gym out there. As far as in Colaw fitness, two people can work out tan and massage. That’s two people at co-op fitness. Two people can work out tan and massage get free trainer instruction, get free diet and nutrition plans and follow that.

A plan for little as little as $5 a month. So $5 a month Colaw fitness. So it was less $5 a month. Two people can work out tan and massage. You’re never going to overspend at Colawl. There’s not a better deal in the country. So 11 use a notebook to monitor your daily food intake, using a notebook to monitor your daily food intake.

I encourage everybody to have accountability. I actually have a book called the CF 30 book, Colaw Fitness, 30 day book. It is a journal. It will help you. It’s a guide. It’s basically logs all your food and all your workouts. So it’s complete mind, freedom, super huge win. It’s it brings accountability. If it’s not scheduled, if it’s not accountable, it doesn’t get done.

If it’s not scheduled and it’s not written down, it’s not going to get done. So you’ve got to put it down to monitor it, write it down. And then actually I actually had a scorecard online. So using a notebook. So basically go pick up the, see if dirty, follow it no more, no less than what it says. For 30 days, you lose 10 to 30 pounds. It’s a brick, great big wind.

Number 12, document your fitness journal on social media. A lot of people like to get feedback from their friends and encouragement. It’s a great way to post pictures, take pictures, or see a 30 journal post things out there.

Show people that you’re at the gym show, smileys and flexes. When you’re at the Arlington TX gyms, be proud of your fitness journey and people will help support you. And if they’re not they’re terrorist and you don’t want them in your life anyways. So that’s my opinion. But documenting your fitness journey on social media, you have a lot of support and people like that, and they like accountability, which will help you help you be successful.

Number 13 Oh 13 is burn belly fat by eating healthy fats. One thing is, is your body actually, when you eat fat, it switches into using fat as an energy. I’m sorry. Excuse me. If fat as an energy substrate, and that’s a key to genomic ketosis or ketogenic diets, you’ve heard of those terms. When you eat a lower carb, higher protein, rich diet, and you still eat a little bit of fats, your body’s now utilizing fat as energy in your stomach.

And then when it changes over you digest that meal, you’ll very, very easily switch over to using your stored fat on your body as an energy substrate. So I’m looking for like healthy fats, like avocados healthy, nuts, like almonds and extra Virgin olive oils on some of your foods that you eat or cooking with that doesn’t hurt your fat loss results actually helps your body get into a thermic mode of burning fat.

Number 14, train your abs about two to three times a week. A lot of people like to train them every single day. They are a muscle group. So I want you to just focus on about two to three. It was a week, I’m sorry, not two to three times a day, two to three times a week, train your abs and core about every other day, every third day.

It’s a great way to strengthen your core. Number 15, don’t work out more than one hour long. Number 15, don’t work out more than one hour long. I do agree with that. You can get a great workout. I probably in 45 minutes or less, if you’re keeping your intensity up your body doesn’t want to be annihilated. You want to be stimulated.

So your body stimulates and grows. It gets in better shape. You don’t want to demolish it. I think it’s like digging a ditch. You know, if you dig a ditch your body and your skin, you’re, you’re using that shovel and you’re digging. Have you ever got a callus or a blister?

Well, if you just completely go crazy, you’re going to basically tear your skin and, and get really bad blisters. Now, if you work as somewhat moderate, your body slowly builds up a Callison and toughens up and it’s like, your body will naturally defensively build up muscle and stronger, but if you overdo it, you get injured and you can hurt your joints.

You can tear a muscle and you can overexert yourself. So don’t do your workouts more than one hour long, number 16, do something do sit ups. These are great exercise for working your core. Anything that brings your pelvic girdle closer to your rib cage is going to engage that rectus abdominis muscles, the sheet muscle has bumps on it.

Some have six, some don’t have six, but the bottom line is it will help that core rectus, abdominis and also the transverse of dominance that keeps your stomach in and tightened from sticking out. So setups ups are a great exercise to hit those hit that core muscle number 17 go swimming. Swimming is fun, and it is a great cardio exercise and you body it’s very low impact. So swimming is a great exercise. Number 18, go hiking outdoors. It’s also fun.

It also really demands a lot of oxygen from your system. And it’s really good to breathe all that fresh air number 19, go jogging outside, especially if you’re busy or you can’t get to the Arlington TX gyms. It’s a great option. Just run outside especially early in the morning, which is not quite as hot. And that’s a great option. Number 20 decrease, eating out, decrease, eating out.

Now you can control a lot more variables within your diet when you make your own food. So if you want to get in great shape, start decreasing eating out and decreasing big meals that are stuffing yourself. So yes, that’s a great option. Number 21, work out even when you don’t want to work out, even when you don’t want to.

So I always do it first thing in the morning and wake up and go straight to the Arlington TX gyms, hit my workout. It’s not an option. Not an option. It’s not an option. So number 21 workout, even if you don’t want to number 22, You don’t let back bad weather put you off. So you want to make sure that it’s it’s, the weather is not East. You gotta just, literally literally you gotta be intentional.

Make sure that you stick with your routine. Sure you don’t fall off track just because of the weather. Make sure it’s not falling off track, just cause it’s a weekend. Really sticking to your commitment is huge. Number 23, don’t deprive yourself. If you’re, if you have a tendency to like really go crazy, if you stick to a plan to you want to have planned cheat meals or cheat days I would say cheat meals.

If you have super, super addicted to food you may end up having a hard time with that, but it is a great option. I’ve done it before. Also I’ve had clients that cheat meals really can sometimes mess with them and pull them off track.

So it’s kind of a 50 50. There are some people works well with some people that it number 24, be determined, being committed and being sticking with something that’s huge. So number 24, you really do have to have that grit and grind to be determined to hit your goals, know what your goals are, and then focus on really achieving them, narrow that scope.

Number 25, do workouts with resistance bands to make muscles specifically pop out is what this one says. Dedicated workout, show your dedicated workouts. Any basically in here, what they’re talking about is you can use resistance bands to really focus on certain muscles and target certain muscles. I do agree with that.

There’s also lots of other options, too, as far as the free weights and machines and, and barbells and dumbbells and things like that. But you can use resistance bands, number 26, using the light exercise bands to get toned legs.

You want to, this is basically working using band work at home. It was with this article. So this section is about, and you, yes, there’s a great option for that. You can use resistance bands and they’re very beneficial. Can use squats, you can do leg raises. You can do side raises, lots of great options. Number 27 eat clean. Is it another great tip about eating clean?

It’s critical if you’re going to sculpt and tone your body 70 to 80%, apex 24 fitness and ESM Cooper Institute, all these different places around the country. Talk about the importance of dietary guidance or a trainer, really helping somebody with their dietary dairy type diet to follow a plan. You will not get in shape if you’re eating really crappy. So you have to eat clean number 28 decreasing alcohol.

Alcohol is actually seven calories per gram, which is close to nine calories per gram, which is a fat. So if you’re drinking alcohol one, it absorbed super fats. Two. It also has a high caloric value. So basically think of it like as a super sugar that has high caloric value, like a fat. It’s like a perfect scenario for getting fat is alcohol consumption. So go to college.

You say the freshman 15, you know, in the first few months, yes. Alcohol can basically make you gain weight. Number 29, tried diets like the ketogenic diet to get more energy. Did you want to get in shape? You got to keep your energy levels up. You got to eat a diet that actually helps you have good energy levels and ketogenic diets. Once your body follows three to five days into full ketosis, your body will then be using ketones as energy.

And the principle behind that, it’s a little euphoric to the brain and your body never runs out of fat reserves generally. I mean, of course, if you’re a super shredded bodybuilder, he may, but 99.999% of this are not that way. So a ketogenic diets are really good for energy. Number 30 lifting weights, make sure that you lift weights in your program.

If you are losing weight, you don’t want to be a basically skinny fat is what I call it, where you lose weight and you have all this extra scan that just hangs on a skeleton. And as you’re losing that fat, you also want to be toning up the muscle underneath to become a smaller, but more toned and shapely version of yourself .

And lifting weights is going to cause that to occur a number 31 do Pilates with resistance bands. Anytime you’re using your body weight or you’re, you’re using exercise, when you create more resistance with it, you’re going to make those muscles recruit.

You’re going to demand more out of those muscle fibers is going to stimulate that better and your body will then become more of a shapely tone physique. Okay. Number 32, integrate resistance bands with your yoga workouts. So talking about bands again anytime you’re creating more resistance to just regular body weight or regular functional exercises.

It’s going to recruit more muscle fibers, bigger, more weight, more resistance, creates a more stimulated, more stimulated muscle than creates a more muscle. That’s going to be fuller and more turgid basically look more fit. Number 33, do core training, do core training.

The core is your your, your basics, your rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and a lot of your surrounding muscles around your spine. Core is really essential for basically all functions of the body especially the lower body, upper body and anything that’s using your full chain as well.

So core exercises are great. Don’t number 34 don’t exercise when you’re sick. Your body needs to heal and have a break. If you’re sick, don’t exercise. If you’re sometimes just a little bit off, just a little bit sick, sometimes you can actually work out and sweat it off and feel better. That’s my opinion.

If you are actually sick, if you’re really throwing up, if you’re really, really drained, then you definitely need to stay home and rest. If you’re just kinda lightly out of it, sometimes actually feel better from getting a good workout. So that’s my take. If you’re sick, sick, don’t do it. If you’re just kind of moderately not feeling good workout. A lot of times I feel a ton better. Number 35, pay for a trainer. If you lack the discipline, it’s way worth it, have a really great trainer.

Make sure it’s somebody that’s worked with people in the past or them and their systems have had a proven track record of success. It’s going to definitely, definitely expedite time. I’m a big believer in coaches, big believer in trainers. Just make sure you know what you’re getting. And you’ve had a lot of great reviews for a lot of great stuff from about, about that.

Now the biggest problem is, is you aren’t compliant with falling programs on your own. So the trainer then creates more accountability. There’s less chance of you flaking out. So number six 36, prepping your meals. Ah, this is, this is probably the number one thing that I will tell clients. If you want to get results, prepare your meals the night before, prepare your meals the night before, prepare your meals the night before, prepare your meals the night before.

If you don’t prep your meals, you’re not actually going to stick with your diet because you won’t have them done and made and you won’t time block it. So I’m number 37. I’m eating meat. Oh, I love that. That’s so good. Vida big, like a vegan stuff out there right now, eating meat. So I love this article. Thank you for saying that meat has a great amino acid profile.

That’s really good for healing and repairing and grow muscle tissue. A lot of plant based stuff is really good for immune function, but neat is probably what I have seen to be the best for skeletal muscle development. So number 38 choose organic grass fed options. This is where there’s going to be. Hormone-Free healthier options.

It’s more expensive, but it’s definitely a better option as number 38, number three nine, sleeping for at least seven, eight hours, I think six to eight hours.
I’m a really diligent, hardworking person. Six. I can do fine. If it’s under six, I that’s where my marker is. Some of us need more like seven or eight generally, hardly anybody I know of knows more needs more than eight.

I competed in bodybuilding sometimes I’d I needed about the eight then, cause it was really short on calories, really short on really, really working out super hard. So it was a more drained number of 40 go dancing. Dancing is an excellent way to get your body in shape.

Your, your brain is occupied and your body’s working and you’re burning calories. Number 41, focus on getting toned arms harms are a, you know, a great way to kind of show off your fitness. If you have a short sleeve or anything like that, people can see that you have been working out your deltoids, your triceps, your biceps.

Sometimes you get lean enough. You can see the blood veins in your arms and stuff. So you get noticed for having really good toned arms number 42, decreasing your sugar intake is another tip. Sugar is definitely the number one cause of obesity. Anything that causes an inflammation sorry increase in blood sugar and sugar is sugar.

So it increases your blood sugar that increases the hormone insulin, insulin, and stops fat loss in its track and goes right back to fat metabolization and her purchasing of fat cells. It’s basically enlarging of the fat cells. So it’s sugar is really, I think the biggest cause of obesity, diabetes, which then it turns, causes heart attack stroke.

All the major killers in America is directly related. And I, my opinion and dr. [inaudible] Opinion, a lot of other research journalists out there to be the cause of most of the health issues out there. So decreasing your sugar intake or just stopping the sugar intake, number 43, go to the Arlington TX gyms with a friend.

Colaw Fitness, you can bring your friend for free, for free, for free, for free, how much it’s free every time. So every membership has free guest privileges. So it’s always easier to work out when you’ve got a friend to go with number 44 using resistance bands To tone your thighs.

Again, this article loves pounding, adding extra resistance with bands. I believe that’s a great option, especially if you’re working at the home. Also, we have bands at the Arlington TX gyms too. So anytime you’re doing a functional exercise or workout, or you want to add a little more resistance to advance can increase that resistance. Number 45 plane tennis is a great way to stay occupied in your brain and you’re competitive and your body’s getting a great workout.

Number 46 boxing, same thing. Boxing can help your muscles get stronger. It can help your brain stay up preoccupied with some sort of activity and you can burn a ton of calories. Number 47, avoiding processed foods. Anytime you eat processed foods, you can get fat.

Why? Because it’s pre digested basically chewed up swelled and pre digested, which means your body. When you eat it, say if it’s been ground up, it’s been put through a thing’s been bleached.

So whatever, like the processing of that food is, it’s less refined than like when you rip it off the Prairie, this, the husk, the STEM stock and the seed coat is all there. And if you put anything that’s processed has been pre-ground up through the manufacturing process.

The husk has been removed. It’s been bleached. So the metabolization of the food is so much easier because you don’t have to physically chew it as long. Your stomach acids don’t have to work as hard to break it down. And all of that equates to basically harder insulin spike.

Cause your body then gets all those nutrients and very quickly without your internal system, trying to digest it by chewing it, stomach acids, breaking it down, pushing it through that intestinal tract, absorbing it through the silly and all little membranes through the intestinal track to then get into your bloodstream.

Once preprocessed, it absorbs quick stores, quick get fat. So voting process foods, number 48, always write down what you’re wanting to eat. So it’s basically prepping your meals the night before prepping your plan, a diet plan the night before. And like I said, pick up a CF 30 journal Cola fitness journal. We’ve got an easy way that you can log it, write down all your stuff in there for complete mind, freedom.

And there’s an accountability checklist. We can actually score cards yourself every day. So you can give yourself a high five and a big win 49 stay away from white bread, same thing. It’s processed. It’s pre-ground up all the STEM stock and leave and husk has been removed. You take all of that high, do nutrient dense calories and you bleach it. It’s all basically pre digested. So your body doesn’t have to digest it.

Basically your body’s insulin spikes up. It absorbs quick and stores quick and it gets you fat. So number 50 in the last one, swap sour cream for salsa. So this is just basically choosing better condiment options. Way better eating vegetables than eating any type of high calorie food.

So you’re just this and this article number 50 is talking about swapping out sour cream and salsa taken out sugars and heavy fats and mainly replacing it with less nutrient dense vegetables. If that’s basically swapping sour cream out for salsa, if you’re going out to eat, don’t eat the cheese dip, eat the salsa. So those things like that help every bit helps.

So today that was the one through 50, that part one for 100 tips to tone up that’s part one. And then that was one through 50. And this is talking about new Arlington TX gyms users wanting to get in shape. Don’t know what to do. There’s 50 tips right there. I’m going to give you a call to action. If you want to be successful, those are 50 tips. You can rewind it and listen to it. Another great thing to do is join Colaw fitness.

You can join and use everything in the Arlington TX gyms for $1 down and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. Get your dollar back at the end of the month. If it’s not a good fit for you. We have a CF 30 class and a CF 30 journal. So it’s a, it’s a free class and you can get a journal it’s 10 bucks and that’s where you can log in. Or a court will tell you everything that you need to do to be successful, losing weight, getting in great shape, give you a diet plan.

We walk around the floor. We teach you how to do all the exercises you get. Every single thing that’s completely mind, freedom to fall into food plan and starting exercising. We also have daily words of encouragement in there for mental health and motivation. I have got little plugs in there.

I’ve worked with over 5,000 clients. I’ve lost over 83 pounds, myself and fitness. I encourage you to not just believe me, but go to Google type in Colaw fitness reviews, go to Google type in Colaw fitness reviews, and listen. Look at all of our Google reviews. Generally, every location has thousands of Google reviews, raving and raving clients about success stories.

Also go to YouTube. You want to watch somebody just like yourself, go to YouTube type in YouTube, go to Colaw fitness reviews, and listened to a bunch of videos of people lost weight, just like yourself, getting in great shape. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast on part one of 100 tips to tone up. Thanks for listening. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye. Bye.