Episode 72 - 100 Tips to Tone Up (Part 2)

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gym in Topeka


Hello, Charles Colaw, with the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about part two, 100 tips to tone up a, we talked about part one earlier. We went through the first 50 from the website fits simply.com and I gave my take on those and I’m going to continue on with the next 50 items on there to be basically getting a toned up and w and the 100 tips.

So the last 50 of the 102, the problem is, is a lot of people are wanting to work out. They don’t know what to do, and this is really more beginner, fitness focused on some great little takeaways and great little tips that they can do to start getting into that shape. And so I want to bring that to you and then give you at the very end.

A call to action on a very, very simple journal and book that I’ve written that’s available at the class at the, at the clubs that you can pick up this 30 day, simple, simple to follow journal for 30 days, and you’ll lose anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds guaranteed of body fat.

If you follow it just as close as you can, we’ve had great success, a lot of people out there doing it. And so I want to encourage you to get in shape and get in the best shape of your life. And I’m to give you those 50 tips. So without further ado, number 51 is tracking your calories, what you want to be doing when you’re exercising.

Do you want to be recording what you’re eating? And CF 30 book, that’s Colaw fitness. It’s the book that I’ve written that’s available at the front desk. You track every single thing that you’re eating. And this gives you complete mind. Freedom to know that you’re on track. We tell you exactly what to eat, what times to eat, how much water to drink, and really what workouts to do every single day.

And it’s as simple to follow the scorecard, and you can actually score yourself so that, you know, if you’re on track, it’s like personal accountability. That’s really, really easy to do in one simple document. And you just go page by page. So number 51 is tracking your calories.

If you don’t know how to do a lot of that kind of stuff, you can track that in our sea of 30 book, number 52, eat nutrient dense food. Make basically what that is, is and I agree with this is when you’re eating foods that keep you satiated and satisfied is that basically you have pressure receptors and density receptors in your stomach.

Your body is going to feel full and your body’s going to be eating the right types of foods. And you’re going to get all the nutrients that you need. And also too, a lot of foods that you do eat that are, that are, have basically no nutritional value there’s no vitamins or minerals, phytochemicals, and things like that.

Your body will still be in a craving mode. So yes, you can cut your calories that helps, but you also need to make sure that the foods you have are nutrient dense. And so if you get that, see a 30 book, we talk all about a lot of that and stay on track with, with hitting those goals. Number 53, planning your gym in Topeka, workouts, planning your gym workouts.

What you need to do is make sure the night before that you have a set time before you actually wake up in the morning and you’ve time blocked it in your day. That way you can go to the gym, you don’t get held hostage by some sort of rogue thing. Tell people that I have a set appointment and go to it.

That is an appointment. Just take it just like a professional employment. Cause if you don’t get intentional, they will always go to the side and you won’t get the results you want. So you make sure you plan your gym in Topeka workouts and time block it. It’s critical to know exactly when you’re going to work out.

I always tell people first thing in the morning before your day actually gets started waking up three hours before your first appointment or four hours before your first appointment. That way you can go to the gym in Topeka workout, get home, get cleaned up, make your little task list, make sure you prioritize your task list.

And then you can execute on the day and your workouts already covered before any kid or any daily issue can hold you hostage and get you off track. So that’s my takeaway on that. Planning your gym in Topeka workouts. Number 54, go walk if you’re new to exercise. So if you don’t know what to do, just start getting active. It’s not rocket science.

So if you go for a 20 minute power walk, every single day, people get results. I’m telling you, I’ve seen people that say, I didn’t know what to do. So I just went for a walk. And next thing you know, they’re walking an hour every day and they tried to just intentionally eat a little bit less and they lose 30, 40 pounds.

So people can make huge strides just by walking. That’s bad weather, go to cool off it. And it says five bucks a month to people would use it, use a treadmill all the time. It’s good weather inside all the time. So not a lot of excuses number 55, eat your calories. Don’t drink them when you actually have to chew swallow, digest food.

It goes through the digestive system slower. So you functionally chew that has a feedback response that, that, that tells your brain, that you’re actually eating something. You have to swallow it. Your stomach acids have to then break down that solid food.

Then pushes through the intestinal tract, the cilia and all the little fibers in the intestinal tract. This little like fibers, pull the nutrients through the intestinal wall and then carries your liver. Your liver then transports it into the bloodstream. All this stuff takes time.

Now, if you drink calories, it’s very, very, very simple to absorb and store like a sugary drink. Sugar absorbs very, very quickly. You can actually take a sugar cube, place it between your cheek and gum.

And let it sit there for about three to five minutes, prick your finger with a glucometer and you keep checking it and you can actually see your blood sugar rising without chewing swallowing, or digesting.

So effortlessly through the Buco membranes in your mouth and your gums and under your tongue, your body can absorb nutrients. And so eating solid food that you physically have to choose well and digest.

Now, if you’re drinking liquid calories, like just sugars and drinks, and like a lot of different teas and sweet teas and things like that, your body is just absorbing and storing without any type of chewing, swallowing or digesting. So effortlessly of calories absorbed effortlessly, they store. So I call it the beaten vegetable diet.

That’s what I really push meats. They have to physically chew a high fiber vegetables to S there’s a husk to them. You have to physically chew it. Your stomach acids have to work on breaking them down and pushes through the intestinal track. It takes time and energy to metabolize and break those foods down.

It’s actually work for your body to break it down, increases your resting metabolic rate, and you’ll get leaner and more fit off off of eating, slow to absorb STEM, stock, leaf vegetables, and a high protein rich foods like like, like, like lean meat.

And that actually that breaks down very, very slowly. And the Mino acids have to break down through glycolysis in the conversion of the liver and that takes time. So all that to say eating calories is better than drinking calories. That’s the number 55. Couldn’t agree with it. More number 56, drinking water.

Okay. 67% of your total body mass, or about 70% of your total body mass is water. We have a lot of water in it. So when you also dedicate, let’s go poop and then you pee. So to tell what digestion you, you, you, you, you, you dedicate you urinate, you dedicate your knee, helps regulate all that poop through your body, all that solid waste through your body.

80% of muscle tissue is water. So it’s a solution to pollution. Like if you’re sick, you’re not feeling good. Your doctor say, drink more water, drink more water. Water is your number one, antioxidant detoxifier, metabolization metabolism stimulator with all the pushing.

All the different types of fecal matter and waste in and out of your body helps keep your blood pressure where it needs to be. I’m not high, not low. It’s just perfect. So the big thing is, is water is our number one, nutrient stay hydrated all throughout the day. Also you don’t stay hydrated.

Your muscles get weak and tired. You get crampy. So the water, water, water, huge, huge use number 56 category, more 56, drinking water, number 57, changing your lifestyle. If you want to lose weight, get in shape. You gotta change your lifestyle. If you want to change your life, you got to change your dreams. And you got to change your choices. You guys say healthy knows to certain lifestyle habits.

So you can say healthy yeses to the much better lifestyle habits. And if you don’t met a plan your day, if you don’t do that like the night before and say, I’m going to wake up three to four hours. That’s the biggest thing for people who just wake up three to four hours before your first appointment, you get to seize your day.

You get to get your work at it and you get to get it cleaned up. You get to feel good about yourself. Get to make a checklist of what your top three personal and professional items are. And you just knock that out. Just three things personally and professionally, and get your workout in every day. And you’re actually cleaned up every day.

If people could actually just get that stuff done, you’re going to change your life. I mean, I have done this with clients, train clients and just transformed their life. Just making them get up three to four hours earlier than their first set appointment. That way they can work out, get cleaned up, feel good about themselves and get their all their food plan for the day.

Make sure they got a checklist of items that they’ve been tasked to out for the day. And they’re on top. They take control of their life and that’s where then their dreams come true, but it’s not going to happen by random chance. You gotta take executive control over that by changing your lifestyle.

And I talk about the meta time and three hours to four hours before your first appointment through the day. Number 58, don’t be a couch potato. Don’t be a couch potato. If you watch busy people, people that are fast and move fast, always stay in motion. They always are more successful people, people that are always slow and moving slow, they’re generally more overweight.

They’re more depressed or more tired. You got to take executive action. So you can’t be a couch potato. You got to look for and take action. Just lying around the couch is not going to give you a dream body. You gotta stay active. If you’re, if you’re just prone to low energy, you’ve got a start.

Like I talked about that Metta point. You just get back in control your day by the three to four hours before your first appointment, you get your workout and you got your food plan. You get your stuff packed in the container to take with you. And then you hit your first three or four things that you’re personally and professionally.

You got to get done that day. By the end of the day by five o’clock you feel like you seize the day. You will give yourself energy. Cause you’re back in control. I’ve trained over 5,000 clients. I’d been a fitness and a, basically a life coach for people. This is what you gotta do to get successful, but being a couch, potato would just lead you to still be depressed, still overweight.

And did you wake up every morning with no plan? You don’t get up at three to four hours early. It’s like life just slaps you in the face and you have to take whatever’s left over for the day, whatever job for the day, whatever body and so on.

So you just take a seconds wake up early three to four hours before your first appointment, especially before everybody else in your house and you will take control. Okay. 59 choose healthy meals in restaurants.

Yes. I would tell everybody a maker’s diet, South beach diet, paleo based diets, all these different types of diets out there, all fundamentally push slow to absorb foods.

Those are like STEM stock. Leaf vegetables are high in all those types of diets and the lean meats are high and those diets. So anytime you go to a restaurant, so choosing healthy meals at restaurants look for healthy options. And I would say like healthy salads, like any type of high fiber vegetable and a protein.

So things, meat and vegetables, meat, and vegetables, and that’s all you eat. You don’t think the bread, you don’t have the potatoes, you don’t need all the desserts. You don’t have all the little side items, just eat, focus on like the, the, the green veggies or veggies, and then a lean protein.

So like meat and vegetable meat, vegetable meat, vegetable, meat, vegetable, water, and you are going to rock it out, but you can still do that. Every restaurant’s got meat and vegetable options and you can be successful.

So number 60, do random sprints quickly. This is where anytime you you know, this is, of course, if you’re younger, this is really, really good spreads. You’re going to stimulate your metabolism by basically increasing your, your muscles to the faster to muscle fibers when you run and sprint.

And you’re gonna have some active recovery with the cardiovascular arrest re cardio-respiratory to kind of get back to your heart rate back to it. But sprints are a great tool to helping lose weight. Also. I think of a sprinter’s body in a marathon runner is body Spears bodies generally Carroll, the more muscle too.

So you actually really get a little more microfiber engagement. You actually stimulate more muscles than just randomly pounding pavement jogging, which I call can become where you actually eat up muscle. But sprinters bodies generally are very lean and fit and muscular toned bodies and marathoners or people that just do lots and lots and lots of just running to generally get a softer body.

So just keep that in mind. Sprints are a great way to stay fit. A number 61 indulge in Greek fat yogurt is with this talks about, and big thing is, is just, you’re taking out all the regular sugary type yogurts and stuff, which is definitely a better option and so on. So number 62 do before and after pictures, I CF 30 book.

I talk about that when you do your basically commitment to fitness for 30 days, it’s a CF 30 book. It’s a mind frame template on what to eat, how to work out, scorecards templates, motivational things, everything you need in one simple mindframe document to be successful.

Your first 30 days trying to work out, it talks about taking some pictures of yourself that way you kind of see where you’re at and see where you’re going and see where you want to go after that.

So it was like first six months of exercise and eating really good. You’ll change a time. And then you get to look back at that picture and say, Oh my gosh, I’ve lost 65, 7,500 pounds. I’ve done this with tons of people. So anyways, taking before pictures I would say, this is what I have my clients do front facing in bathing suit.

Okay. If you’re a guy it’s just shorts, girls, whatever you want to wear that’s going to show your fat, you know, that we can see what changes so front facing, then do a quarter turn to your right. So it’s side facing and then a rear facing photo. So you get all, all sides of front facing quarter turn to your right side, facing the quarter, turn to your right again.

Now you’re getting a rear facing shot. So you see the front, the back and a side profile photo, and you can do that again, like in a month or six months, or I would say do it once a month. That’d be kind of see how your body changes. And when you look back in six months, I promise you you’ll change a ton.

So go be a winner, Jason, before and after photos, do you want to show it to anybody? But at least you get to see him for yourself. 63, go cycling to and from work, go cycling to and from work. Man, people don’t like cardiogram a bike, your brains engaged. You have to watch for stuff. You’ve got to go up and down street stuff and look for cars.

And I mean, you’re not really thinking about your workout, but you are burning calories. You are exercising and it makes your legs lean and tone. So go cycling to and from work great option to, and from the gym in Topeka. Then you go work out with the weights, whatever you want to do.

I’ve got friends that like to just they like to, if they’re too far from work, they go home, get their bike, ride, bike to the gym in Topeka, come back most times your Jim’s pretty close. But anyways, number 64, look for sugar alternatives, look for sugar alternatives. There’s a lot of different stuff like Stevia, and there’s a lot of different sweeteners that don’t have caloric value.

There’s a lot of condiments that you can get the don’t have core value. So switching from all the sugars and two alternatives that doesn’t have sugars, you’re looking for zero sugar and zero calories as much as possible. And you will basically not take that sugar and sugar makes you fat for sure. We can go into that more later.

I talked a little bit of on the first part, one number 65, start a blog, okay. To monitor weight loss. You can also post pictures. You can write about your process or your, your sorry, your, your, the, the, from beginning into your results. And you’re gonna get a lot of people supporting you, encouraging you.

So starting a blog, monitor your weight loss or body sculpting challenges, putting that out there, you seeing it, other people seeing it encouraging you. So anyways, number 66 drink, plenty of tea is rich and antioxidants, especially like green tea. It can also help with burning fat. Don’t add sugar. Okay. I don’t add sugar.

Big thing is, is anytime you’re doing tea, don’t do like this sweet tea was sugars and things like that. You’ll totally take your weight loss and toning up off track 67, do squats to get tone legs, man, the traditional good form squat where you get at least 90 degrees in the knee and you sit your hips and glutes back head, neck and spine is aligned to keep proper posture and your pelvic and your knee.

And doesn’t go over your toe. If you do a good squat, there’s nothing that I think works the legs, hips butt, and so on, better than it’s really good squat. You do squats. I had a guy that was really, really for a quick story, a guy that was like to lift really heavy on squat, but only did like partial squats.

And I said, here’s the deal. We’re going to go back to the basics, go back to just one plate on the side, get really good depth, really good form, really good technique. His legs developed a ton more using one third of the amount of weight. Then he did go and really heavy in short range motions at the very top.

So anyways, a good squat motion getting good, full flexibility. Also loosens up the low back, loosens up the hamstrings, loosens up the hips. That’s great for flexibility, but anyways, your legs get a lot better looking a lot better, toned, a lot more toned. And the muscles get to really, really develop well.

So doing squats for toned legs. Huge, awesome. Big, big, big win. Okay. 68 had healthy snacks have healthy snacks. So anything that you can do every, like in our [inaudible] book, it tells you exactly what to eat, what time to eat and how to be successful.

And then if you want to stay successful eating every three hours, so you chew a meal meal, digest a meal, there’s a gastric emptying of that meal within three hours and you’re filling it up again.

You’re staying in front of the heart and hunger and by eating smaller snack meals or smaller meals all throughout the day, keep your hunger at Bay pressure sensors, density receptors are then then satisfied. Your energy is coming in and every three hours, your body then utilizes energy more efficiently. Instead of thinking, you’re not getting meals for tons and tons of time.

So your body utilizes the calories in your stomach, more efficiently, burning fat off your body, more efficiently. Your body’s energy levels cause you’re eating all the time throughout the day is better energy. You’re curbing your hunger. You’re getting plenty of fluids, all that kind of stuff.

So every three hours, and then also drinking about a 16 ounces of water with every one of those high protein meat vegetable meal combos. I do that with a lot of those clients, meat and vegetables, every two, every two to two to three hours eating a small meal like that drinking a 16 ounce bottle of water.

You can also do high protein snacks like low carb, high protein bars, or low, a low carb whey protein isolate shakes with like a tablespoon of extra Virgin olive oil. Add a little bit of nutrient density to that shape. Think of the Pepto-Bismol commercial, where the kind of goes around that stomach.

The pressure receptors, density receptors also helps with good cholesterol, all that kind of stuff. So eating some good healthy snacks throughout the day to curb your hunger is great. Number 69, do cardio and weights together doing cardio and weights together. What I always encourage people to do on this is doing your weights first.

If you do like a warmup, you can do like a 10, maybe 15, maybe 20 minute cardio. That’s kind of just getting your muscles loosened up and engaged, but doing the weights first. If you actually wait, like do a ton of cardio on the front side and then do your legs, you can’t get really good muscle fiber recruitment to get the stimulation to the fast Twitch muscle fibers.

So you want to do your weights first, then your cardio do your weights first, then cardio, this is 69, but you can do you can do your weights and cardio together, but make sure you do your weights first, maybe a 10 minute warm up on a treadmill, kind of walked at the blood flowing, go do your weights.

Come back and then do like 30 to 40 minutes of what I call the 500 calories that you do everyday on cardio in our CF 30 book anyways, that’s number 69 doing cardio and weights together weights first, number 70 it says plan cheat meals ahead of time.

A lot of people love cheat meals. I don’t even do them anymore. Just to be honest, I hate cheat meals, but cheat meals. Cause it, to me, I have a mental I was a former fat kid. So if I eat a cheat and all that, I just want more. It’s like a huge addiction issue. That’s the reason why I shouldn’t ever do drugs.

And that’s why I don’t do drugs. But if you cheat meals, serotonin dopamine, or pleasure hormones in the brain, same thing you get from sex and drugs. So a cheat meals, if you plan those ahead of time, make sure that I always say, have one meal a day. It’s the last meal of the day.

And so like, like once a week plan, a cheat meal instead of a whole day this article says you should have cheat meals that are planned, not impulsively chosen. I agree with that. If you’re going to do a cheat meal planet, like on a Saturday night, you have your pizza and an ice cream and stuff, but it’s that last meal of the day.

And you get right back on track. If you are consistently good, your body will stay looking consistently good. And you can handle that. Some people are hard losers. What I mean by that hard losers, they lose weight, very difficultly. So I try not to do lots of cheat meals.

And so after about two or three weeks on a plan, if you want to have a mental break, take a cheat meal plan at like the last meal of the day. And that way you don’t just like continue on the rest of the day. But I always tell people do the last meal of the day and do it like on a Friday night or Saturday night or some sort of family event that you want to go to and then be done.

And, and you have to get it all in within three hours and that’s it. And they get right back on track. If you continued on your body’s going to start gaining that weight back, he’s going to really feel the glycogen stores. You’re going to bloat up like crazy. You’re getting five or six or eight or 10 pounds.

If you eat a bunch all in one day and you really be depressed, cause it puts you off track. Anyways, that’s planning your cheat meals once a week, one meal at the end of that day. So one meal a week is what I would, I would say on the cheat meals, but don’t do it impulsively. Have it planned. Don’t wait.

Well that it takes today is my email. And then within that Thursday of issue, although that’s a Saturday, I’ve seen, you know, you’re not following a plan. So number 70 plan your sheet meals, don’t do not do it impulsively plan it the last meal of the day and make sure it’s a planned thing. Okay.

Somebody one write a list of body goals that you want to reach. So having a goal, being brave, strategic number 72 integrate resistance bands into workouts. That’s a great option too, is just increasing the resistance to those workouts. Stimulates more, faster to muscle fibers, give you better results, make your arms pop using pull-up bands.

So if you’re doing exercises is talking about adding bands, that’s fine too. Number 74, having realistic goals, having realistic goals. One thing is on that. You can you know, let’s say you, you say you’re 80. You know, I can’t have a realistic goal to have a, you know, you know, 25 year old mr. Olympia or 30 year old mr. Olympia body.

But having realistic goals, you are going to be a leaner, more toned, fit, muscular version of yourself. If you eat healthier high protein, rich options, you get into weight training, you do cardio on a regular basis. You do it for six months. You will be a smaller, more tone version. Body of yourself, a version of yourself I should say, and you’ll make you feel better.

So, but having a realistic goal, you’re going to be a smaller, more toned, more fit version of yourself, eating better and doing cardio and doing your weights for six months. You definitely make a change. Anytime you’re thinking about your body, people want to like get it tomorrow. Your body really is a reflection of your habits over the last six months.

So think about that. Having realistic goals, it’s going to take you six months to really be like, feeling great about where you’re at. So you need to commit to it. Eat healthy. Don’t not eat, but eat healthy, high protein, high fiber base vegetables, work out with weights. Do your cardio 500 calories.

If you don’t know what to do, go pick up, you have 30 journal. That’s all right. They’re all mind frame. Very, very simple. And just follow that three day template six times. And next thing you know, you’re down 50, 60, 80 pounds and a lot better shape. Number 75, give yourself enough time to translate.

Ah, Your body needs about six to eight weeks to see changes. Yes. Yes. You’ll see changes. Even in the first three days. If you do that, see if 30, but six to eight weeks, you’re going to start seeing some stuff. Visually 30 days, you’re going to start feeling it. You’ll see it in your clothes being looser, six to eight.

You’ll notice that people will start saying things to you in about six months, everybody will be dropping their jaw saying, wow, you are rocking it.What are you doing? I’ve had clients think that they were like on some sort of drug or something that they’re just eating healthy and working out, but they’ve lost a ton of weight.

Just because every area of the life is becoming alignment for fitness and health and success. So number 76, you have to want to change. This is a conversation I’d have with clients that said, you want it. You just kind of want it. You don’t want it bad Enough to do it. So yeah, you have to want it bad enough to actually do the workouts.

To actually plan that meal, to actually get that CF30 journal, follow it. Like it says no more, no less than exactly what it says. It’s not for sissies. Everybody be in shape if it was easy. Okay. Maybe it’s not for you. That’s what I tell people like you, you don’t want it yet. You got to get so tired of the way you feel before you make that change.

So you’ve got to really want that change enough to actually do it. That’s number 76. Number 77 has to do the plank. The plank is basically great for core. This exercise always gets the job done for your body transformations.

You can add resistance bands or whatever it talks about in here, but basically doing a plank to great for core head spinal alignment really holding that transverse abdominis and strengthening the low back, strengthen the rectus abdominis.

It helps a lot of different things. So plank, yeah, it’s a great exercise to do. Burpees is number 78, 78, doing burpees. Burpees is a great total body workout. You can look it up, Google it, not Google it, but YouTube it and watch people do burpees. It’s great exercise. That’s a great addition to your workout.

If you want to just do a little total body thing on that. So number 79, listen to music as you work out, it keeps your mind distracted gets you maybe motivated. It’s a great way. I always listen to music on all of our gym in Topeka coefficients, we have positive, upbeat, motivating Christian. That’s our criteria. So it keeps the atmosphere clean, light, healthy and energetic.

So but you can listen to whatever you want. Anything that motivates you, pumps you up, put your headphones on, jam out, get your workout in rocket.
Number 80. You can still eat out. Just forget the carbs. Oh, thank you. This is great. One. this why I tell my clients all the time, you can go through any restaurant.

Even fast food like McDonald’s and Wendy’s and a burger King Arby’s and just order the burger and forget the bun. Forget the French fries, forget the size, just the meat, just eat the meat. And if there’s a vegetable and you’re going to be eating meat and vegetable. So chicken sandwich, regular hamburger, whatever, just eat the meat and forget the button and you can drink water that’s number one.

And then I also tell my clients, you can drink all the diets. So do you want raw? Y I’m not telling people diet, so it is healthy. So listen to me, I’m not saying diet soda is healthy and saying water is healthy, but if it helps you not have a craving or not cheat, I do allow clients to eat like, like a diet Coke.

And the thing is, is that there’s certain sweeteners in there. I’m not talking about being healthy. I’m just saying it doesn’t cause an insulin impact that causes insulin is the primary transport hormone for basically glucose into the cell, basically for you to get fat.

I have dyed it and done bodybuilding shows like under what you can even read on a caliper to measure and I’ve drank tons of diets. So it all the way up to it. So I can promise you. And I fought a trainer on this for a long time. I didn’t drink a single soda for about eight years when I was competing.

And then he had me start doing sodas and I started doing it because when I would have cravings, I’d actually cheat. I started doing it on diet sodas, and it really saved a lot. Me. I was getting down to pre-contest. So just telling you, you can still have diet soda sodas.

It’s like aspartame and the two amino acids that are basically a protein derivative do not cause a glucose response. It’s undigestible, you know, everybody will argue against that on me, but I promise you to train thousands of clients, you can still get very lean and fit, even compete in fitness shows with a diet soda, or diet drinks.

So throw off the bun. So when you’re eating out just you could still stay and getting super great shape, eating fast food, just throw off the bun, just eat the meat, just the veggies. If you’re really hungry, have two or three sandwiches, just eat the meat, just eat the veggies.

If you’re having a sugar craving, just do a diet soda, not regular diet, soda or water. Water is by far, the best water is by far the best.
So throw off the bun, eat the meat and vegetable drink of water. If you’re super crazy, have a diet soda. Number 81, don’t have heavy meals. Don’t have heavy meals.

So eat until you’re satisfied. Don’t eat your stuff or you to skip, sorry, choose sparkling water instead of regular sugar sodas and things like that. Go for sparkling water. This was talking about instead of regular sodas, you can still do diets. So does that’s my take on it?

That’s because I can keep clients on a plan longer because generally they’ll eventually want to have something. So I use that as a killer like a, like a, like a, a Coke zero with a line. And that a lot of times it helps people like, just get past that sugar craving. So this one says 82 sparkling water, or it’s basically a carbonated water with no sugar in it.

83 says, choose between dairy or sugar. It’s your, if you’re going to make your body look good, you need to choose one of these two food groups to cut out. Well, here’s the dairy galactose and lactose sugars and milk bloat the body, how’s the sugar blow to the body.

So this guys doesn’t really doesn’t really know, but anyways, dairy itself jelly continues either estrogens or Galactus and lactose sugars. But anyways, it always was the body. If I pulled dairy out of a client, they lose and they get a lot leaner sugar also was not going to help you get lean.

So I would say not choose between. I’d take both out. It says, choose between dairy or sugar. I would actually just take them both out. If you really want to get lean, you got to cut the dairy.

You got to cut the sugar. If you want to lean out well, if you’re going to choose one you know, the dairy, you know, would probably be the, the, the, not as bloating, weight gaining one. But I would definitely pull them both 84 be wary of salads. They can be loaded with calories is what it’s saying.

The biggest thing was sounds because what you put on them. So watch what you put on him, make sure you only thing you add on them, or like sugar-free or very, very light caloric load to those things on those cells, but like meat and let us, and then if you put some sort of like a dressing, that’s a non sugar dressing, I say, dip the fork and then eat the salad and the meat.

So, so grab the meat. I’m sorry. I grabbed the tip, the prongs of the fork and like a either a low calorie or like a, like a, like a regular type dressing. That’s like high in fat, but no sugar carbs. That’s like a more like a ketogenic type one and just get the four prongs just a little bit and then get the chicken and the veggies that way.

You’re really being spearing of any of the caloric intake of that. Or I even just salt and pepper up a salad and I’ll go off of that. So 85, it says, mix up your fitness routine mixing up your fitness routine. You gotta have certain things, so you don’t get bored. That’s basically 85, 86 indulging and veggies instead of salty snacks.

That’s a big thing. STEM stock leaf vegetables think of a fiber is like a marble. I’ve got a son. He swallowed a marble. The marble goes right through him, fibrous foods. You don’t fully digest. So thank you for that. Marble just goes through you fiber basically cleanse your colon, basically cleanses all the crap out of your intestinal tract.

It just goes through you it’s undigestible. So fibrous foods are undigested. That’s a lot of the vegetables. So indulging and STEM stock, leaf vegetables. That’s not the seed of the root, but STEM stock lead vegetables instead of salty snacks or sugary snacks. So we can go into that’s all in the sea of 30 books.

If you want to pick up that don’t buy foods that will make you overeat. Don’t buy foods that will make you overeat certain people, you know, what you eat, that triggers more things for you. And, and think about that. You have to be intentional to not keep eating those things for me.

It’s basically sugar. Like I don’t eat desserts at all, ever. People literally ask people why, because I’m a former fat kid, three or three in high school. Like I eat that stuff. My brain it’s like, it’s a drug, a serotonin, dopamine pleasure hormones in the brain. Same thing you get from drugs, thing thing you get from sex, all that kind of stuff.

It affects you. Your brain is addicted to that. And so for me, the way that I am, I’m like an all in person. So if I eat that, I want more bad. So so you think about yourself, but don’t buy foods that you know are gonna make you overeat or eat bad.

Number 88 workout during your lunch breaks, working out during your lunch breaks as a trainer, a long time ago before I had my morning routine and my Mehta time in the morning, I would do like in the mid day, morning time.

So like between two and four, but this is like about lunch breaks. Sometimes people can do great running, grab your lunch break, grab a workout. That’s a great option for a lot of people or do it in the morning. Like I always say, do it first thing in the morning and go back, clean up, get ready to plan your day.

You gotta make sure you wake up three to four hours before your day starts and you can seize the day and be intentional 89, go hard during morning workout sessions go hard. So wake up, hit your pre-workout so that I do hammer that workout. Get back, clean up, make your task list, make your checklist top three personal top three professional items that I time block it.

So I execute on it that way. I get what I want and I get further in life and I feel fit and good about myself every single day. So that then 89 going hard during those workouts. It’s also, I always, it says it’s better to work out in the morning. So you have the, so, so you have the day to yourself, the rest of the day, it just checks that box.

I’m telling you working out first thing in the morning, like four in the morning, five in the morning done, then go home, clean up, seize the day 90. Do your workout routines for several weeks. I always see keep it. I like the principle. Keep it simple. And the same, the biggest reason why people don’t get successful is because they don’t stick with a plan.

So I’m a big, simple, same guy hit in that. See a 30 book, just follow that, say 30 book, and you’ll stay consistent on. I promise you you’re going in great shape, Gregor gray shape. It doesn’t change up a lot. It’s pretty much within about a week or two. You’re going to get that diet nailed that workout nail and you’ll stay real.

It’s you just stay consistent consistently. Consistency is the key. Most people, hard starters, bad finishers. The rigorous reason why they plateau is because they just quit doing it. 91, having rest days, give your muscles a break. Generally it takes, you know, where from a 48 to 72 hours for muscle recover.

So if you’re doing different muscle groups, you can kind of work out every day. But if you’re hitting the same muscle groups in closer than 48 hours, you probably need to have rest days that’s 91 92 shape your booty naturally with resistance. Would this shape your booty? Okay. Yeah.

It says resistance bands, anything that’s creating resistance that you recruit re basically recruit more muscle fibers in that glute muscle. That’s the muscle hamstring, glutes and stuff like that. That’s going to give you a better shape to the button glutes. And so on 93, that that could be done with weights.

It can be done with squads. Coming up with lunges can be do with bands can be done. With a glue, we have a glute machine in some of our clubs. Several while I think all of our clothes got glute machines with several different types of loot machines that just target the button. Glutes are basically the butt muscle.

Anyway, 98, I’m sorry. 93 do know that your diet is important. Like I said, apex 24 fitness and SM Cooper Institute. I’ve got like six or seven certification of certified dietary guidance and nutrition certified and sports specific stuff, 70 to 80%. All of them talk about 70 to 80% of your success is what your is your food, your diet, your diet plan.

So you got to know your diet plan is more important than anything else, what you do in the kitchen abs or in the kitchen, but gut and thighs going smaller in the kitchen. Think about it. 94 do don’t have too many sugary drinks. It’s a repetitive thing. Sugar, sugar, sugar makes you fat. I’m telling you, it makes you hugely fat.

I talk about that. All my nutritional seminars at 95, if I’m eating nuts, nuts have fat, but here’s the deal they’re slow to digest. So I, I’m really not a huge fan of like raw and cooked almonds, the fats, and there’s a really good show, really healthy. Also they digest really slow.

There’s low amount of carbohydrate and sugary impacting carbohydrate and almonds anyways, but eating nuts is number five 95, 96 is stay away a stave hunger away with balsamic vinegar. Vinegar has no calories.

I use vinegar a lot when I was bodybuilding. But you could put a little bit on a salad and it tastes good and also helps with hunger, cravings and hunger pain anyways, but balsamic vinegar. And I would do that in salt anyways on some of my salads and foods. It’s not the awesomest tasting, but it does help with hunger and it does give some tastes.

Okay. Don’t forget to cool down after a workout, don’t forget to cool down after a workout. So that’s definitely giving your muscles break when you’re done exercising by doing a cooldown or a light walk, that kind of thing. So kind of do a cool down. That’s a great option to weigh yourself 98, weigh yourself.

And what you want to do is do that about once, maybe twice a week, you have to do it all the time, but weighing yourself once or twice a week, kind of keep yourself on track.

You should be dropping some if you’re overweight, for sure. If you’re, if you’re really thin, you’re probably going to be gaining some weight, cause you’re going to be able to building muscle. So in 99, don’t drink large cocktail, same thing, alcohol seven calories per gram, almost the same as fat.

It’s very fast to absorb like a sugar. You know, when you drink hard liquor alcohol, you can fill that permeate through your Buco membranes in your mouth. It’s like you feel rubbing alcohol on your skin. Alcohol just absorbs into your, your, your, your membranes of your body so easily and it’s heavy calorie value.

So if you’re drinking lots of like cocktails that have sugar and alcohol, it’s like a super recipe for fat. So anyways, don’t drink a lot of alcohol. Don’t drink a lot of sugary drinks and cocktails and wines and things like that.

It’s just, it’s just tougher to get results. I have clients that say, Oh, I’ve got to have that every night. I was like, I’m telling you, I’m just telling you’re not going to lose as well. So just plan it. So use that as at one evening, a week, a cheat meal time thing, you can do that. I’m going to be a whole lot more helpful to you.

As far as getting results. Some people are really thin, have great fat metabolism. They can drink more of that kind of stuff regularly. So you gotta think about yourself. What’s your, where are you wanting to go and what you’re willing to do to get there. So don’t drink a lot of alcohol.

A lot of cocktail says don’t drink large cocktails. They’re packed with sugar calories. And they’re also packed with alcohol both fast to absorb fast to store. So now what number 100. What were you almost there change your exercise routine frequently to test your body? Yeah, you could change every now and then, but I would do simple and same right now, especially for beginners.

Keep it simple. Keep it saying, grab the CF30 journal. I’m going to kind of disagree with 100. But you do want to keep it where it’s still fun and fresh. Just the biggest thing is as people, they just, they lose commitment. And if it’s too difficult to understand, they get cognitive dissonance. It’s mental frustration.

That’s what cognitive that’s mental dissonance is like a disease. So it’s a mental frustration with learning how to do it. So if you’re a beginner, keep it as simple. The same. My call to actions is joint Cola, fitness. It’s only $1 to start. You have a 30 day money back guarantee.

You can use a place for a whole month. We’ll give you the dollar back. If it’s not a good fit, start the free CF 30 class and get the [inaudible] journal. It’s 10 bucks and it’s complete mind. Freedom. It’s a book. That’s going to tell you what to do to be successful the first three days. Get it, follow it no more, no less.

It’s not for sissies, but you’re going to lose 10 to 30 pounds of body fat in the first 30 days. So it’ll rock you and you’ll be fast and on track with your results. So follow the food plan. Start exercising no more, no less than exactly what it says. Read our daily words of encouragement for mental health in that book also don’t just believe me.

Go read Google reviews type in Colaw fitness near me, or Colaw fitness, Google reviews, Colaw fitness near me to read the Google reviews. Look that up. Also, if you want to watch people talk about Colaw as well.

I talk about the results. Go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube. Listen to people just like yourself, losing weight, getting in great shape. This is Charles Colaw with a, you can do this podcast part two, 100 tips to tone up.

Thank you for listening. Have a great blessed day. Bye bye.