Episode 73 - 10 Fitness Tips For Busy People

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Topeka gyms

Topeka gyms

Oh, this is Charles Colaw. And today I’m going to talk about business 10 fitness tips. This is geared towards people that are really busy and to give them some tips so they can be successful on their health and fitness journey. So the problem is life is super busy. It’s hard to make fitness, a regular routine when you’re super busy and your schedule is really, really full.

So today we’re talking about the 10 tips you can use to keep fitness in your life and stay healthy. So we’re going to go through an article on real buzz.com. They talked about things for busy people and some tips for that. So I’m gonna walk you through that article and then I’m gonna get my take on that. So, first off in this article, it talks about making a list.

If you’re a busy person, you have to be intentional with your time. And so making the list a great way to focus on your time is to make a list and then prioritize your list. What’s the most important. And then really, really you know, what I would do for example. What I do is I wake up three to four hours before my first appointment.

And then I go ahead and go to the Topeka gyms workout, come back, clean up. And then I make a list of three things personally, and three things professionally. I make a big list. First. I got a big list of everything. And then three of the top personal and three of the top professional items that I’m going to for sure get done that day. And that makes sure that you are leaving that day.

Worked out, cleaned up with the list, top three, personal top three professional, ready to execute, and then you can time block that in your day. And you’re in full exhibit executive control of your day and your fitness. So take away here on making the list is waking up three to four hours before your first appointment, get your workout in, get back, cleaned up, make that list, prioritize the top three personal top three professional.

Then time block that throughout the day, and you will be successful. Now, go ahead and keep a full list of all items that you’re needing to do, but you need to prioritize that top three personal top three professional number two less can be more when you’re really trying to basically execute as a busy individual throughout your day.

Less can be more so doing those top important things first and always exercising. First thing in the day before your day gets started before your life gets held, hostage is going to be a huge, huge component. So less is more top three personal top three professional, making sure you get that workout done three, three to four hours before your first appointment.

Or basically waking up three to four hours before your first appointment, getting that all done, getting cleaned up, making that list, and it doesn’t have to be big list so less can be more that’s number two number is I’m learning some really quick and simple recipes.

What I do is mean vegetables. I’m on all sit down meals. I can pre prep that so I chicken and green beans and temporary containers and take that with me. And so if it’s a chicken or steak with generally green beans, those are like my go to meals like chicken, like 10 ounces of lean chicken. That’s for me, I’m a bigger guy and like one cup of green beans and that’s a great meal.

And then all the sit down meals where I can actually eat meat and vegetable combos, whether I’m out eating at a restaurant, taking it to go thing meat and vegetables are the sit down meals and then protein shakes and water away isolate low carb shake. I put a tablespoon of extra Virgin olive oil in it to kind of thick in the shaking and kind of slow down that I gestion of the protein peptides.

Think about that. Pepto-Bismol commercial when it coats your stomach that those little fats that you add to the shake, or basically slow that digestion down also slow down. The absorption of that whey protein kind of gave me the extended release for the next three are interval where you may not be eating again. So on the go. So super, super quick recipes, and then a high protein bar, low carb, high protein bars on the go.

Great for that as well. So I will literally put some Tupperware containers with meat and vegetables and little Tupperware containers. Then take a protein shake or two with one tablespoon of olive oil on each one of those pay two to four scoops of whey protein with a tablespoon of olive oil in it, shake it up, put ice in it, have one or two shakes in a container.

And then then a, then a 16 ounce bottle of water. I can keep refilling and then you can put one or two protein bars in it. So that’s super simple and quick. I’ve done that for myself, lots of clients. So meat and vegetable options, sit down, meals, protein shakes in water With a tablespoon of olive oil Or do the a protein bar like a high protein, low carb bar looking for anything break.

Like probably five impact carbs or less than 20 grams of protein or more on that bar. So five brands that impact carbs or less and 20 grams or more of protein. So those are some really great super quick recipes. That’s number three on the list that that I’ve kind of edited two for myself. Number four is using the loud speaker on your mobile on here.

It says, if you tend to talk on your phone a lot make sure that you’re getting out of your office and going for walks or even basically if, if you know, you’re going to be on the phone a lot, you can always be walking in active while you’re on a call. If you know, you’re sitting on a call, you can actually take a walk and be on a phone call.

I work a lot from my house and I’ll take calls and I’ll go and actually do a walk around the block as I’m on the phone and I’m engaged and listening. And maybe I’m not the participate in all the conversation, but I’m still on the phone. I’m still aware. And I’m getting some exercise in keeping my body moving and getting some exercise.

So you can put it on a phone, put it on mute, go for a walk, listen and chime in when they talked to you on a conference call or something. But I literally do that as well.

So number five is optimum foods. When you’re busy on a diet, your diet can suffer. So a lot of times like pizzas and takeaway foods and fast foods, making sure that you’re choosing the best options when you’re even on the go in a great way to do that is meat and vegetable combos at every restaurant, or even on fast food.

When I say meat, vegetables, I’ll stay with that meat, vegetables at every restaurant, you can always choose like some sort of lean meat, like chicken fish, steak, pork chop, something like that off the menu, and then pick some sort of STEM stock or leaf vegetables like broccoli or green beans, just sticking to that meat and veggie combo is the biggest win on all sit down meals, even if you’re at restaurants.

And so on fast food, throw the bun go. Every place has got like a hamburger or chicken sandwich or something like that. Throw the bun off, throw all the carbs off, just eat the meat, just eat the veggies. If you’re really hungry, eat two or three sandwiches and then cut the carbs, just do the meat and veggies.

You’re going to be right on track. You can still eat optimum foods, fast foods, or at restaurants, think about meat, veggie combos, drink a water on that kind of stuff is huge to be successful. Now I also allow clients to use like a basically a diet soda like aspartame and all the different sweeteners are two amino acids. I’m not saying they’re healthy.

I’m just saying it doesn’t increase insulin in the body, which is basically from sugar, sugar increases the pancreas to secrete a hormone called insulin. Insulin is then huge at shuttling fat. So sugars in the bloodstream. So no regular sodas. If you have to do a sweet thing, do like a, a diet soda, but non calorie, non sugar drinks, preferably water, always.

So eating optimum foods is number five on this list. So meat and veggie combos, non sugar drinks, protein shakes, and water. On the go and then high protein bars With Five grams of impact carbs or less or 20 grams of protein or more. So I’m number six. And it talks about picking a healthy hotel. Basically this is where it talks about a study published in the journal of occupational and environmental medicine.

Then I know that people travel away from work more than 20 times per month, where 1.9, two times more likely to be obese. And 2.6, one times more likely to feel like they had poor to fair health than workers who not only traveled for six times per month for had poor health. Then those who only traveled for six times per month. So basically the more you’re traveling, the less they feel healthy.

If you travel away from home for work, try to book hotels with Topeka gyms or really close to gyms, healthy menu options. And when they’re there, they’re avoid comfort eating and reward yourself another way. So staying busy, not eating comfort foods. Okay. Basically. So it’s basically stay close to Topeka gyms or go to a hotel with a gym.

Then also picking those meat veggie combos when you’re out and about and sticking with your food plan if you want really mind, freedom on how to follow a really good food plan, we have a CF 30 that’s off fitness mindframe, well book that I’ve written it’s at all the clubs.

It’s only 10 bucks and it’s a day by day journal for 30 days tells you exactly what to eat, how to eat, right, how to be successful and what workouts to do that you could do at any Topeka gyms. So you can pick up one of those for 10 bucks and say, all clubs is complete mind, freedom. We’ve had tons of people get results on it. So pick up one of those CF Colaw fitness has said stands for C S stands for Colaw fitness, and it’s 30 days. [inaudible]

The book Colaw Fitness. And this is a 30 day diet and workout journal has a scorecard for every day, keeps you on track, keeps you accountable. So anyways, number seven, working out with her kids are another great way for busy individuals to be successful is working out with your kids. So that means they’re playing tag planted and trampoline going to dancing with them, having fun with them, playing tag with them.

There’s great ways to keep fitness in your life is to play with your kids. Still say, playing with your kids, or keep running around and goofing off their kids. My daughter’s 14. I shall try to mess with her and get her to do tag, try to chase with her. Try to go out on a walk with her. I’ll say, Hey, let’s go for it. Well, she was, Oh, I don’t want to do the, Hey, I just want you to walk with me.

It’s a great time to kind of connect. And that’s a tough age. It’s great just to listen as they start talking and have had that bond, but even even a while, okay. Is, is beneficial. So that’s number seven, working out with her kids. Number eight, relax. And this article talks about when you are chasing a day full of meetings with busy and with, with a busy evening, your stress levels are probably.

High and stress has a terrible impact on your health and well being. Therefore, one of the best things you can do to stay healthy and fit is to learn how to relax. If you don’t have time to meditate or take a hot bath. So he’s had studies have found that even anticipation and of the. Even the anticipation of laughter can help us relax and reduce stress in the body.

So take a look at some funny YouTube, the YouTube videos can help you unwind. So just kind of making light of life, watching some videos, sending the funny YouTube video, your friend, something like that is what it talks about. Like relieving that stress I’m really big. On, on, on, on, on shutting off, it’s really good to shut off.

Also a great thing for me is I like to read the Bible and that’s for me and then prayer. So if I read a proverb, there’s Proverbs is a book in the Bible. I like to read that proverb for the day.

So it’s like the 15th of the month and read the 15th proper. And then I pray and I pray for myself and then I in my life. And I also pray about what I’m thankful for, thankful for my family.

Thank you for my job. Thank you for everything in life. And that kind of stuff helps me retrain and relax and, and reduce stress. Number nine supersets on those occasions, did you get to go to a Topeka gyms, do get to work out, setting up a different exercise, like two different work workouts. So like if you’re doing a chest press and a shoulder press, super setting, both of those together, you can maximize time and get a lot more done.

I actually like to do not super cyst, but I call them giant sets. This is where you take four exercises and put them all in a row. And you do like eight to 15 reps, eight to 15 reps, eight to 15 reps without us, without a break for four exercises. Then you rest and catch your breath for like four to five minutes or until your breathing and your heart rate returns to normal.

And then you attack that giant set again. So super sets and giant sets. It’s two workouts for a super set. It’s four more for a giant set. Three is a try set, but we need time. You set up a cluster of exercises. You can hit all of those in a row rest. So like I like for chest to do a chest press, chest incline, chest fly, and then a chest decline and then arrest four minutes and they hit that same thing again, rest four minutes.

They had again, four minutes now I’m done with four exercises and a lot more time efficient time blocks. So I do that thing almost every morning when I wake up at five in the morning. So I’ll wake up at five, go straight to the Topeka gyms, hit my giant sets and get in and get out in 45 minutes or less.

And I’ll crush a workout and be very efficient with my time. Number 10, live and active, active lifestyles. Number 10. If you’re struggling to find time to get to the gym or to get, to get to your dance class, then incorporating exercise into your lifestyle might help you stay healthy and fit. Even when your schedule is max, for example, carrying your shopping, it says, for example.

Carry your shopping home rather than grabbing a cab, do some gardening with the partner or on your date night, or go swimming with a friend. So those are great things to stay active. That’s wonderful. I like being super intentional and just trying to maximize my time by me and my time blocking and time efficient. That way I actually get that in, and then you can still do this stuff. So if you can’t yeah, you can go for a walk.

You can, you know, like for example, you could ride your bike to the gym and back from the Topeka gyms with an extra cardio thing. It just takes time to do that stuff. If, if, if you’re not real close. So, but always keeping an active lifestyle on the weekends, go do something active. Do a bike ride, go kayaking, canoeing or something instead of just, you know, sitting around.

So being active is huge for staying fit and healthy for a busy individual. Without further ado, I want to if, to kind of cap this off this is being busy, 10 fitness tips. So those are tips. So if you’re a busy person really maximizing that morning routine by, you know, waking up three to four hours before your first appointment, get your workout in and over with before anybody even wakes up.

Then clean up, then make your priority list of tasks, that task list item one, two, three, four, two, three, or three things, personally, three things professionally, and then time block that for the day that you want to get that stuff done.

And you’ll be way more efficient. You’ll be on top of your fitness. Take those healthy snacks with you. Make sure you plan those meals with you. You’ll be successful. Those are some of the calls to action. Last couple of things, you can join Colaw fitness. It’s only $1 down as low as $5 a month. That gets to people. The ability to work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month.

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If you follow it, just like it says no more, no less just felt like it says, and you’ll be real successful. You get some new habits started to follow the food plan and start exercising. Read those daily words of encouragement in that book for mental health. Also don’t believe me, go to Google, read some Google reviews on Colaw fitness type in Colaw fitness near me and Google read.

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Thank you for listening. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. Have a very blessed day. Thank you. Bye bye.