Episode 74 - 8 Tips To Build Muscle

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast. Hello, this is Charles Colaw.

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You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about eight tips to build muscle. So the problem is, is most people don’t really know what to eat or how to work out, to really put on muscle. And I’m going to talk primarily about what you need to be doing as far as an eating, to put the muscle mass on, to really start putting some good quality size on your body.

So without further ado, I did some research on the internet and I looked at WW dot every one, active.com. They had an article on there on eight tips to build muscle. So I want to talk about their eight tips and then my take on it back in high school, I was started off high school, about 155 pounds. And I wanted to put some size on, I was about six foot, one, one 55, and I had a, a strength and conditioning coach.

He had gave me some tips on building muscle and I went from one 55 to three Oh three within two years. And so I put on a a hundred pounds in one year and then about another 30 or 40 pounds the next year. And then I turned around within a year after that, ripped it all off repel the fat off and competed in bodybuilding shows.

So literally within about five years, I went from one 55 to 303 to ripped and on the contest shape at about a two 25 and then competed for about eight or seven or eight years in bodybuilding.

So whether you’re wanting to put on weight or drop fat or put muscle on, I’ve done it all. I’ve trained thousands of clients over 5,000 clients in the history of me being a trainer and running Colaw fitness Arlington TX gyms in multiple States.

So without further ado, I want to tell you about the, what people, the, the, the, how to put on muscle and that people don’t know how to do that. And then we’re talking about these eight tips and my take on it. So solution is these are these eight tips that they talk about. It’s eating breakfast to help build muscle mass. And then my take on it.

So this talks about it gives you immediate burst of energy. It helps you stay full into your next meal or snack. It also basically stimulates your metabolism and it gets you a calories in early in the day, and you can choose healthy omelets and smoothies and cottage cheese kind of give you some options.

I would definitely agree with, if you want to put on muscle mass, you you’re going to have to really eat pretty much all waking hours until you are basically full all the time. So basically every three hours you’re eating until you’re basically stuffed of higher protein, rich calories, which protein are gonna be like chicken fish, steak and protein shakes and eggs and things like that.

But when you’re eating that high protein, rich food all throughout the day, your amino acids are high and that’s the healing repairing growth nutrients that after you work out helps repair the body. So number one is eating breakfast to help you build muscle mass. I agree with that.

I would encourage everybody to drink either a shake or have an egg meal that’s of most of my clients do have either have them do a shake meal. If it’s quick on the go and then do a large egg meal, if they’ve got some sit down time to do that. So that’s generally what I do for big breakfast.

The number two, it talks about eating every three hours, which you just mentioned that when you’re wanting to, to put on some size, you’ve got to put some muscle mass. You need to be eating every three hours eating the right thing at the right time is crucial for building muscle and boosting muscle mass protein. That is chick.

Like if you eat a muscle off an animal that, so let me clarify what protein is. It’s like a chicken you’re eating like a chicken breast. That’s the muscle off the animal, a steak reading the meat off of a cow like ham. Any of these meats that you’re eating are basically the muscles.

You are, what you eat. You’re eating a lot of the, the muscle off an animal to build muscle. So you are what you eat. And then protein shakes that comes from milk. It’s basically taking the fat and all the sugar and galactose and lactose taking all the sugar and carbs and taking all the fat out of milk in ways.

The byproduct of just the proteins that are left in milk, but super dense proteins are like whey protein concentrates with protein, isolates protein is that healing, repair and growth nutrients. It’s primarily just heals the body repairs, the body, and grows the body proteins are what does that?

So if you’re eating every three hours, massive amounts of that, you’re going to be putting on more muscle mass, especially when you’re weight training pretty heavy and intensely. So eating every three hours totally agree.

I actually used to eat every two and a half hours, and I tried to do that eight times a day when I was really going through that peak time where I put on a lot of size over a hundred pounds in one year or 90 pounds in one year at about 130 pounds within two years.

But you do want to be eating every three hours. So a number three, eat protein with each meal to boost your muscle mass. Totally agree with that. Like red meat, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, Turkey, duck, fish, tuna salmon, sardines, mackerel, eggs. Don’t, don’t worry about the cholesterol stuff. Just eat a lot of eggs, dairy milk, cheese, cottage, cheese melt products have a lot of protein, whey protein.

That’s like protein shakes like whey protein, isolates, whey protein concentrates explained that earlier, but those are all great protein options. What I would want to do is get at least one gram per pound of body weight. It talks about that. I agree with that. I actually will go even higher than that.

And, and what I found out with me and my clients, and a lot of trainers may disagree with me, but I have literally trained thousands of people, really the higher, the protein content spaced out as often as I can throughout the day, the more that person builds muscle.

Now, if I start combining it with a lot of fats and carbs and so on I mainly just put on more fat. So really the higher, the protein lowering the carbs and the fats, and mainly just adding excess proteins within that client’s ability to consume calories. I get them to be put on more muscle. So for example, like if I get somebody to, to eat a six ounce chicken breast and a six ounce potato for a meal.

I actually can get them and put onto a put on real lean muscle, not just weight, but lean muscle by just increasing that protein intake and not really focused as much on the potato. And, and Travis will disagree with me on it, but I promise I’ve done the body fat measurements weighed them.

Measured them, and may, they may put on more weight because of all extra carbs and fat, but they’re not really putting that much muscle on by the time they pull that fat back off, they really didn’t gain that much more muscle.

So I always push my clients very, very high protein is just a very moderate amount of carbs and a very moderate amount of fats just to kind of give them energy, but primarily ramped up that protein intake. So anyways, number three, eat protein with every meal. It is a must number four talks about eating fruit and vegetables with each meal.

I totally believe in eating vegetables with each meal. Some guys that eat a lot of fruits, if you’re more of an endomorph or you have a mesomorph endomorph, which is basically the ability to put muscle on, but you kind of get fat as well. When you eat a lot. Some like for myself, I can’t just eat lots of carbs and fruits with every meal and stay lean. I will get fat and I have lots of clients that will do that as well.

So I do believe the vegetables, especially STEM stock and leaf vegetables, you’ll stay extremely lean. And you get good vitamins minerals, but not a lot of high glycemic index sugar carbs. So fruit’s got sugar in it. So I kind of limit that. It says eat fruits and vegetable each meal. I would definitely do vegetables like a little bit of veggie with each meal.

So if you have fiber that helps push all of that high protein, rich food through your body fiber basically helps with digestion think of a swallowing, a marble. If you swallow a marble you’re going to eventually have the marble come out. The other end, a high fiber based foods are high fiber based carbohydrates are basically plants that you’re eating that your your, your body can’t fully digest.

So it’s just basically bulking fecal matter. That just goes through your intestinal tract cleanses the intestinal wall helps strengthen the muscles in the intestinal track, helps like the proteins are kind of gummy and it helps pull that gummy stuff all through your intestines cleanse you out.

So basically your, your, your intestines, your guts and, and so on. That way you regulate all bowel movements and everything comes through you on a regular basis. So very, very much encourage that, but it talks about fruits and vegetable leach mill. I mainly talk about veggies like two cups of green leafy STEM stock, or leaf veggies with every meal.

It’s the best, in my opinion, number five, they talk about eating carbs only after your workout. They’re wine hyperglycemic carbs. I do agree with that when you eat higher carbs, especially around your workout, they’re specifically saying after workout, I do very, very well with my workouts.

If I prime a workout with about 20 grams or 30 or less grams of carbohydrates, just a little bit of carbs before, and then about 50 or so after is about all, you really need to refill glycogen stores from about a 45 minute to an hour and 15 minute weight training session.

So other than that, you’re mainly eating more carbs. You kind of spill over and you can soften up and really mainly just gain start gaining fat. So I would say about 2030 cars pre-workout. And like 50 carbs post-workout then get back to high protein and high fiber rich vegetables.

Lots of, lots of meat and veggies meat, vegetables on sit down meals, protein shakes, and waters, and just stuff yourself with that stuff. So let me repeat that about 30 carbs or less pre-workout 50 carbs or less after your workout, and then all the rest of your meals. If it’s sit down, you eat the STEM stock leaf about two cups of that and green veggies with unlimited amount of protein.

Like as much as you can possibly eat, preferably eight, 10, 12 ounces of cooked meat, every meal, and you’ll really start putting some good size on there’s a point where I remember if I taxed my body with super heavy, gorgeous, gorgeous emails, it’s hard on my body to just break down.

So I actually don’t gain more mass, but you want to be eating I would say 10 ounces or eight ounces, every two and a half to three hours of like a lean meat three to four, scoot protein, shake, anything outside of that, it’s almost hard on my body. It’s like work like, like stressful, almost irritates my body. So I can’t build on my body’s toxic because of eating too much all the time.

But but, but most people don’t really do that. So anyways, okay. Next number six, eating healthy fats is what they talk about. The sacrum mere or the, the, the, the around each muscle cell, there’s basically fats. Like you have a, each muscle fiber has a bundle. There is actually fats around the fibers of your muscles. It also, you have a healthy fats help with regulation of testosterone and hormones in the body.

So there are important parts of like a Mo mega three Omega six fatty acids and the D in the diet. And so I do encourage that the healthy fats help with fat loss and they digest slowly. I tell people what to put some fats in your protein shake, like a one tablespoon of dark bottle, extra Virgin olive oil in your whey protein isolate and shake it up because it’s like the Pepto-Bismol commercial kind of coach your stomach and go slower.

It gets into the small intestine, the cilia that pulls the nutrients through the intestinal track the, in the wall of the proteins to the wall of the intestinal small intestine, it basically digests slower. She kind of extend the release and your body can utilize those proteins a little bit better as well. So I do believe that those healthy fats are good.

I don’t like super focused on it. Main component. I tell people is eat a lot of protein as much as you possibly can. And then some of those healthy fats add to shakes or add a little bit of healthy fats to meals. I think it has some premise, but it really like if I’m taking measurements and you’re paying me a lot of money to get you muscular, I’m going to do three shakes a day and three solid meals a day.

I’m gonna ramp up the protein intake, protein whey isolate for the shakes. And I’m going to use like red meats really for, because the prostate gland is the inflammatory effect. You get the, the, the, the muscles seem to just build better off a red meats. And I would probably push a lot of red meat and chicken and that kind of stuff on your salt sit down meals, but number seven, it says, drink water to help build muscle mass.

Now I totally agree. So this thing, he talks about strength, training causes, water loss, sweating it, impairs muscle recovery, and thus helps you increase your muscle mass drinking water prevents dehydration. It also helps with hunger and empty. And since an empty stomach can make you think you’re hungry. Well, this guy has no idea how to really put on muscle.

You’re never going to be hungry because you’re always going to be full if you’re doing it right every two and a half hours, you’re eating a lot. So but drinking water is very important to 67% of your total body mass stuff. The top of my head is your water, 80% of muscle mass. So really what you’re doing is you’re weight training.

And then you’re taking in the two components that primarily make it muscle water. 80% of muscle is water drinking, a ton of water and to protein eating a ton of lean protein. So if you want to gain muscle, you’re going to do the simple two facts of basically what is muscle native, 80% water and 20% protein. So what are you doing drinking a bunch of water and eating a bunch of protein.

You are what you eat. It’s not rocket science. So this is where I kinda break it back down into simplicity. I’ve got eight national certifications as a trainer, I’m certified dietary guidance, nutrition. I got a master’s degree in business, and I built a multimillion dollar business from fitness and from fitness training that started that into Arlington TX gyms and multiple States.

And I’m telling you, like, it’s not rocket science. The more I learned the simpler, it is lots of fluids, a lot of lean quality proteins in your diet train, hard rest, well recover. And you’re going to put some good muscle mass on, okay. Number eight, eating whole foods, 90% of the time eating whole foods.

90% of the time. I do agree that whole foods help my body look leaner and fuller and so on. But I do think that even when I add lots of extra whey protein and the down downtime, I actually would take a lot of clients that they eat like eight meals a day that are high protein, like every two and a half hours, at least 60 to 80 grams of protein, every two and a half hours.

And then I actually dilute like a crystal light. It’s like a zero calorie fruit juice, and then mix in a way isolate that can sit on it all throughout the day. And so they actually get their water and a little bit of fast to absorb isolates all the time keeps her basically their muscles are super full.

They stay really tight. So I try to pull in another couple hundred grams of protein, like two or 300 grams of protein, just through sipping on a crystal lightweight, isolate shake.

A trust me, I’ve been over 300 pounds. I’ve put on over a hundred pounds around a hundred pounds in one year. You know, I’ve, I’ve tried and studied everything to get big. And yeah, if you eat whole foods 90% of the time, that’s great. But I also way isolate is very anabolic. And she sit on that, pulling that in your system all the time, you’re going to add to that muscle gain.

You can talk to even one of my trainers, Dave Palumbo in the past, you know, he really pushes weight. If you’re not really getting some whey protein in your diet, you’re missing out on a good 10 pounds of lean mass you could add to your body. So it’s just another easy, easy way to put on some muscle is whey proteins. So that’s the eighth. That is, those are the eight components we’ll briefly review.

Again, one, it says eat breakfast to build muscle mass. Totally agree to eaten every three hours. Totally agree. I’d say even every two and a half hours and you need to be getting about six to eight meals in then eating number three is eating protein with each meal, for sure. That is the primary ingredient you’d be eating. And then drinking lots of fluids, number forces, eat fruit and vegetables at each meal.

I, I say, yeah, you can fruits with Kenny can make you fat. So for sure, the STEM stock leaf vegetables about two cups, at least with every meal to kind of keep your digestive system running well, number five, eating carbs only after your workout, I’d say about 20 to 30, both pre and then about 50 posts.

And then that’s about the ticket and then get back into just ramming up that protein, all the other meals, number six, it says eaten healthy fats. Yeah, you can add it, but it’s not as important as you think for putting muscle man muscle mass on okay. Drinking water to help you build muscle mass that’s number seven. Yes, yes, yes.

And yes, if you’re drinking lots of protein, you definitely need more fluid. I can’t remember the exact ratio, but like for every a hundred grams of protein, you need to be drinking. Like, I can’t remember what it was like half a gallon or something, but it, protein is kind of a diuretic effect.

And so the more you eat your body will actually excrete more and more fluids, so it can be harder on your kidneys and so on. So you want to flush and flush your system, not saying you’re going to really damage them. They talk about how you’ll just kill your kidneys from protein. I highly doubt it.

I’ve never seen it really happen in real life. I mean, I’ve had over a thousand grams of protein. It took in one day for, for years, I would say at least 600 a day to a thousand a day for years. And I would tell some of these so-called trainers or doctors, and they say my kidneys had shut down and I always was fine, but I also drank about three gallons of water every day, just cause I was thirsty for it.

But protein I’m telling you, you need to drink a lot of water with, so I probably should try to put muscle mass. I definitely drink at least one gallon, probably for sure. Two gallons or more to really try to be a big guy, put a lot of muscle on. So you’ve got to flush, flush, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Also if your, if your urine is ever yellow or dark yellow, it means you’re dehydrated.

You need to keep it clear or just a very light yellow. So that’s the best thing to do is just look at your urine. If it’s ever dark or cloudy, very bad. Start ramping up that water, bring it low back pumps or low backaches, urine stark. You’re just not drinking enough water. You got to get that clear, clear, clear, or just slightly yellow in the morning. Cause you haven’t drank all evening all throughout the night.

So get that clear. Probably you have to drink at least a gallon, maybe two gallons. Certainly keep it clear. Okay. Number eight is eating whole foods diverse at the time.

I agree whole foods, but then I would also sip on way I slit all throughout the day or just add at least two shakes to that at least throughout the day. But I kinda keep shakes and saw food as interchangeable and a lot of my clients’ plans, just so cause it’s hard to eat solid meals like eight of them a day.

So like three solid and like four or five of liquid generally helps the client cause liquid meals digest easier. Cause you’re going to really struggle with just getting the quantity in to really put the size on. So the liquid shakes are easier to eat illiquid meals. I mean liquid meals, so solid meal, liquid meal, solid milled liquid meal. If you can alternate that. It’s a really huge home run.

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