Episode 77 - Eat carbs. When is it good to eat carbs?

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Hello, this is the Charles and Amber Colaw podcast. Today. We’re going to talk about eating carbs and when it’s good to eat them, so eating carbs and when it’s actually good to eat them, see the problem is a lot of people are learning. It’s bad to eat carbs, especially when trying to diet carbohydrates, give your body energy. If you’re eating carbs, your body’s not burning the stored energy on your body.

That’s like at the stored body fat. Well, the day I’m going to talk about when it’s good to actually eat carbohydrates can actually help you with energy and putting some muscle on. And I just want to make sure you’re timing them correctly so that you don’t store them as fat.

So I came across an article on precision nutrition.com and I kind of go through the article with you and give you my take. So you, the article is primarily about nutrient timing and that means nutrient tiny means what you’re eating the types of protein, carbs and fats, and when you’re supposed to be eating them.

And really the big takeaway on this article is that all diets that are the most successful, healthier for your body diets are higher in protein and higher and healthy fats, but lower and refined based sugar and starchy carbohydrates and paleo diets. Maker’s diet, South beach diets, ketogenic diets, bodybuilding diets. A lot of these diets are all fundamentally similar in principle, they’re lowering the refined carbohydrate.

So your body uses its own fat as energy, and you have a lower insulin levels in the body. Insulin is a hormone that can easily transport energy to fat if you’re pretty sedentary. So nutrient timing in this article that talks about what is nutrient timing.

Nutrient timing is a plant alteration of macronutrient intake in order to promote health workout performance, and to get and stay lean. So you actually can get leaner and stay leaner. When you add carbs at the right time, see what happens is, is your body needs elevated sugars or blood glucose.

When your body’s in really intense exercise, you’re working out so hard that your body can’t pull ketone bodies from your own fat as fast. And so if you eat hyperglycemic carbohydrates right at the right time, like right during workouts and right after workouts, you can actually energize your body and your muscles can work better and harder and higher performance.

So you’re also after your workout, your body can then refill the glycogen stores, which are energy in the muscle after a workout that will help you actually kind of speed up your metabolism. And so on.

But what you want to do is you’re going to go back to a lower carb, ketogenic reproach, or high protein, low carb approach all throughout your day, except for right before the workout and right after the workout and maybe during the workout. So really what you’re doing is you’re only eating the energy rich carbs, right?

When you’re getting ready to work out, working out and then right after you’re working out. So in this article, it talks about there’s many factors that influence energy balance with the law of thermodynamics being the most important determinant of weight gain and weight loss. Yes, it means how much we eat is number one priority when changing your body composition.

So what they’re talking about is like, if you’re eating way too many calories in general, your body will start getting bigger. And certain calories, especially carbohydrates, calories with insulin, then stores as fat really fast. So you only want to take those carbohydrates right before your workout during your workout.

And then right after your workout within that three hour window after your workout, after that, you want to go back to a low carb, high protein approach, a low carb, maybe moderate, fat ketogenic approach. But the bottom line is carbs are only elevated before your workout, during your workout and right after your workout. So I’ve used this tactic many, many years.

Myself and with a lot of my clients, so helps them get a little more energy for the workout. So they don’t feel tired, lethargic. It also helps rev up their metabolism as well. When they’ve been on a low carb diet for a period of time so continues in this article about nutrient timing. And why is it important when you manipulate your carb intake?

Your body actually releases insulin insulin than it can help those carbs shuttle into the muscles. When you’re working out your body will actually shuttle those, the energy into the muscle, more than the fat. And so your body can actually get a benefit for muscle gain and your body will prioritize carbohydrate metabolism and use the protein mainly for healing.

Repairing and growth to actually become real, more muscular and stimulate your metabolism. So your body regulates a lot of itself on the foods that you eat and the foods you eat affects the hormones that are affected in your body. So carbohydrate, it talks about carbohydrate use. You know, you want to be only adding like carbohydrates before in the middle and right after your workout at the best gym OKC offers.

Other than that, you want to go back to high protein, Low carb approach. This is pretty much what all of this says over and over. So what I want to do is my take, when is good to eat carbs, I would, I would encourage you guys to follow like the CF 30 diet plan that we have in all the best gym OKC offers. It’s low carb, high protein, and very moderate and only healthy fats.

And so that’s what you eat all the time. And then right before your workout, if you’re a guy you can have about 20 carbohydrates, right before you workout in 20 carbohydrates, right after your workout, when you do that, that helps your body’s blood sugar elevate a little bit. Insulin is released.

If you take a pre-workout drink or creatine or any of the popular muscle building and energy stimulating supplements, they actually become more effective because insulin is transport, hormone and transports with carbs into the muscle transports, this creatine, phosphate that hydrate the muscle, think of a raisin and a great, so the muscles are more full and turgid, and then can have more energy in it and they have more ATP.

And [inaudible] triphosphate. So those carbs actually give you energy glycogen and ATP in that muscle. So you can get a little better workout, have better energy and so on. And then you go right back, right after that workout, you go right back to your lower carb, higher protein approach for all the rest of your sedentary type day.

So nutrient timing and Wendy carbs is basically carbs are only used right around your high activities. So carbs are only used right around high activities. And my take is that most of you guys are wanting to work out just to look better. And so you’re going to go to the best gym OKC offers. You’re going to be eating your C3 diet for the most of the time.

And then right before you go to the best gym OKC offers, what I recommend like for most people is you get like a whole wheat, whole grain slice of bread. Cut it in half, just do half of one slice of bread with a little bit of honey on it, eat that, and then take your pre-workout drink.

And that’s just enough carbohydrates, a medium and high glycemic carbohydrates that your body is going to elevate the blood glucose. Your workouts, going to have plenty of energy for a workout. And for like a girl, just like I used to ask my women just do half a slice of like a nature zone, double fiber, a whole wheat bread. It’s only about five to 10 grams of impact carbs for the bread and then a honey on it.

So it’s about 10 to 15 grams of insulinogenic carbohydrates high-glycemic and kind of like a moderate glycaemic index. So that pulls the blood sugar up, gives them plenty of energy for a workout. And then some clients that I would also give them another 15 grams of like the other half of like one slice of bread as well with a little bit of honey on it, right after the workout.

And that gives them plenty of cars is about 30 grams of carbohydrates events, legit carbohydrates timed, 15 pre 15 posts. They, and they do well, man, it’s like one whole slice of bread with honey on it. And they eat that wholly whole grain bread and nature zone as a brand makes a double fiber bread.

And I would just have one guy eat like a slice of bread with honey on it. Then take a pre-workout drink with all this creatine phosphates, and then just keep sipping on fluids all throughout the workout. And he has plenty of energy for workout. Then Andy does the same thing once I saw wholly whole grain bread with honey on it.

And then his post-workout shake, which is his protein shake. And then within three hours, he just returns back to his lower normalcy of 30 diet. So another example could be, you know, like I could have a cup of rice is kind of medium. Glycaemic it’s not quite really fast, but any about 15 to 20 grams of carbohydrates, pre-workout 15 to 20 carbohydrates.

Post-Workout, that’s all you need. And some of my ladies only use like, just do the one pre just a one half a slice of bread with honey on it. And then we have plenty, I can work them up generally really hard for 45 minutes and that’s all they needed. Their energy was up. And then we go right back to that CF30 diet.

So that helps time the energy. So they have more contractile strength. It gets them right back to that low carb diet actually stimulate your metabolism as well because they’ve been not eating very many carbs for very long and actually get them, get them sometimes to fall off of kind of a plateau if they haven’t been losing.

So great, great take on that, but when to eat carbs and when it’s good to eat them. So this is going to be pre-workout and post-workout men could have 20 pre and 20 posts women no more than 15 per day, and no more than 15 posts. It’s still very low in carbohydrates, but that’s really all your body needs. At one given time.

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You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just follow the lower glycemic foods, follow it to a T and you’ll be really successful for weight loss. I encourage you to go to Google type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews, and read our Google reviews. Learn a little bit about us in the club and our clients and the results.

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This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. Have a wonderful day. Bye bye and see you at the best gym OKC offers.

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